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KiasuParents CNY Get-together: 16 Feb 2020 Fengshui Talk for Parents


Join us for a get-together where we have invited a Fengshui master to share with us fengshui tips parents can use to enhance their children’s learning and development environment.

Synopsis of talk

Discover: the power of living with intention when you know what is coming your way in the Year of the Rat, and learn how to:

  • Live in harmony with one’s environment, & tap positive energies around
  • Nurture young minds, discover child’s potential through Chinese astrology
  • Tap Fengshui’s Wen Chang positions to deliver breakthroughs in child’s learning
  • Gain insights into colour applications and how they can calm hyperactive children
  • Gain Fengshui tips for you and your children’s bedrooms

Date: 16 Feb 2020

Time: 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Venue: 261 Waterloo St #02-27, Singapore 180263


9.30 am: Registration

9.45 am: 2020 Fengshui Talk Part 1 (Mandarin Session)

10.30 am: KiasuParents follower dialogue over Tea

11.00 am: Fengshui Talk Part 2 (Mandarin Session)

11.45 am:  FAQ 

Activities for kids:

Free painting class for kids (aged 6 & above) accompanying parents attending the talk. Each child will bring home a portrait after the class. (Limited to 2 per family; max 18 kids, first-come-first-served.)

Introduction of Master Ang


Popular Geomancer Master Ang is a renowned Life Destiny Astrology Master and Feng Shui expert in Yuan Zhong Siu. With more than 20 years of experience, he is known for his highly accurate analysis and proficiency on Zi Wei Astrology. Till date, Master Ang has serviced more than 1000 clients and his client base includes corporate leaders, high-ranking government officers, lawyers, specialists, and families, seeking solutions to their geomantic and life issues. With his wealth of knowledge in the field of Astrology, Master Ang is widely applauded and respected by his customers.

Terms & Conditions

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  • Limit to 4 attendees per account.
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Waterloo Centre

261 Waterloo St, 02, Singapore 180261

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