Auction #1


Participate in the first ever Kiasu Auction!  See the item offered for Auction here.   You don’t get to pay with money.  You have to pay with KiasuPoints!  Find out how you can earn KiasuPoints here.

Sponsored by Wink To Learn.  Get discount vouchers from our Kiasu Mall with your KiasuPoints for the Wink To Learn online store.

Auction has ended at 2200hrs.  Winner is jedamum at 401 KiasuPoints!  Congratulations to jedamum!  Check out the proceedings here to relive the excitement. 


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!!!

Server Time

Ya, i think the server time cut-off is fair and easier to monitor since we’re posting in the forum aniwaes. I was so hyped up that i kept looking at my hph clock and the house clock so many times until Chief said, look at the time on your post… But by then, the thread was immediately locked. Blaaah..

Looking back at the thread, i realised i missed a few of the posts myself? That shows how slow my system was at that time. So, wanna be next winner… guess gotta go upgrade! Hehehee!


Thanks jedamum

Hi jedamum, thanks for the clarification.  OOps, I didn’t even try to figure out. I thought it was just typo coz Chief wanted to zz.zzz… already… ;p

Same DVD?

Hi amylqf, we are likely to have the same Wink To Learn Chinese DVD again for auction, but it will not be so soon.  In the meantime, why not exchange your points for a $10 voucher and get it right away from the Wink To Learn online store?

Missed auction

so sad. hope to catch the next auction and hopefully still have the same DVD available.

Given different home

Given different home computers may have different set of time, I thought using server time is the ‘standard’ one.

the bid of 450 and 451 is received on server time 22:00 which mean it could be anytime between 22:00:01 to 22:00:59 which is already past 22:00:00 closing time. As the auction end time is 22:00, Chief is taking the highest bid that is received before 22:00 ie on 21:59. It took me sometime to figure this out too. 😉

Feedback on Auction

Chief, on "server time to dictate the winner.  Is that fair?" Definitely, then we all have a standard..haiz, now how to solve the lag for my computer..  btw, I lost to 451 not 401…

Can't wait for next auction, Chief!

Ya, i realised there were a few bids i actually missed. Still gave me the heart palpitations reliving the moments [reading the proceedings]. Can’t wait for the next one!


thanks sunflower! i nearly

thanks sunflower!

i nearly missed the auction too. luckily my husband decided to pack his supper home instead of bringing the whole family out for supper. 😛

the first auction was exciting! especially the last one minute! I was refreshing the pages, and was wondering how come noticed no new bids….then realised that I was still at page 3 when there is already a page 4!

Aiya, actually wanted to

Aiya, actually wanted to join the auction but was out with my family and came home too late, so missed out on all the fun! Am happy that jedamum won. Congrats!

How to earn KiasuPoints

The info is right here, or here.  See you then… hopefully you’ll be better "armed" then 

14 May! okie, on la!  Now

14 May! okie, on la! 

Now have to start thinking what to contribute to gain points for the next 2 weeks!  How to we contribute articles? 

Also, suggest that you put up a link "about KiasuPoints".  I remember reading about the point system but now hmmm…. where is it huh?

Thanks for the fun


Eee ha!!!

Sorry for the late speech….my husband has to defend his online empire from attacks. 😛

I would like to thank:

– CKS for arranging the auction;

– Sponsors for sponsoring the product (must butter them up a bit then next time more sponsor products :P)

– KSP’s Paris Hilton (aka Buds) for being an audience (I would have lost to her :P)

– mod_toomuch and nonkiasu for participating despite your limited points

– RRmummy for that close fight

Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback!

OK… if there’re no objections, the next Auction will have the following parameters:

  • Time: 2230pm – 2259pm (Server time)
  • Period: 30minutes
  • 1st bidder gets 100 KiasuPoints awarded on the spot
  • Time is based on server time.  I actually think that last minute uncertainty about when the auction will end is quite nail-biting 🙂
  • Auction will close when the final post has a timestamp at 23:00hr

We will hold our next auction 2 weeks from now, on 14 May 2009 at 2230 – 2259hrs.  It will be a simultaneous auction of 2 products, again sponsored by Wink To Learn.  We are also hoping to get other companies to sponsor their services and products, eg. free 1 month training in enrichment courses or trial in childcare services.  If anyone has any other ideas, please suggest.

ok, my reply on your 5

ok, my reply on your 5 points.

1 & 2.  Yes, 9pm is too early.  I reached home late today and only login at 9.30pm.  Without thinking and luckily no bids to read, I just bid lor.  10.30 pm to 11pm will be excellent.

3. Hmm, I thot it should be want’s available for us to bid rather than how often there is a bid.  If there are so much products for us to go for, what stop us from doing daily?

4. yes.

5. yes



what's the auction abt?

what’s the auction abt?

Great Stuff! Yeeeah! Exciting as h***!!!

401 points for $129 worth of great stuff is definitely worth it!

Please cue us in on your progress with your kiddies,

using the product. Ala before and after development

feedback. Can?


Feedback on the Auction?

Having gone through the first Auction, there are quite a number things we have learnt.

1. Timing – Is 1hr too long?  The first bid only came in after 35minutes.

2. Is 9pm-10pm ok?  Should we make it to start at 10pm and end at 10:30pm for the next round?

3. Do we want to do this every 2 weeks?  Or every month?

4. To encourage people to start bid first, the first bidder will be automatically awarded 100 KiasuPoints for every Auction.  Would that be fair?

5. I was using my own time before I realized that our own server time is behind by about 3 minutes.  So I left it to the server time to dictate the winner.  Is that fair?

Hi, RRMummy.  Hee, for my

Hi, RRMummy.  Hee, for my case. It’s not luck but not enough points…pei say.  Want to hug buddha last minute also can’t make it.  So, have to work harder from now onwards.  But still figuring out how to post articles….

I just went back to the auction list and take a good look.  As for for your case, I think maybe your PC or network is too slow and your bid seems to be behind the real time.  So, time to upgrade your hardware?

So exciting,,,,,


Was hoping,,,I got it,,,…. next time maybe ….

2 auctions at a time???

Mine oso took that auction time to lag!

Wah lao! But the countdown commentary helpful leh Chief!

I was in between slow turning pages wor.. When i saw

jedamum’s bidding, i thought… it’s hers liao. While waiting

for other bidders, i managed to check out everybody’s

accounts… I was secretly rooting for someone till the last

minute lag. Yes, near heart attack woh!! TWO auctions in

one?? Wah liao, dunno this old heart can take it or not…


For me, luckily it was 1 hr...

Hi nonkiasu, better luck for us three next time.. 🙂

Luckily it was 1 hour otherwise I wouldn’t even have had the chance to take part!! ;P

2 simultaneous, wah!! Double the fun. Kudos Chief!

We'll be doing the Memory Magic next time

2 auctions simultaneously… that would be more fun 🙂

ya lor, you all so fast!

ya lor, you all so fast! Really lao jiao.  Last minute, so many new bids come in.  Really gan chiong.

So, 1 hr bid is actually too long!  Looks like duration of 5 mins is more than enough.

Speech? Where?

jedamum… still waiting for your speech leh… 


Jedamum, it was a close shave eh.. ;p

Eh, no speech from Chief ah?

mod_toomuch, wish us 2 better luck next time.. 🙂


Congrats jedamum! Thanks Chief!

wah!! was very kan chiong and fun!! Rush back from gals berries in time to join in the fun!

Thanks for the adrenalin rush!! Can get addicted!!

After the official

After the official announcement, do I get to make a speech? 😀

Congrats jedamum!

Wah lao! On the dot close auction leh..

Can’t even leave comments liao.

Congrats, jedamum!

First winner for KSP’s first auction!