Auction #2


Participate in the 2nd Kiasu Auction!  This is a simultaneous Auction with 2 items being offered at the same time!  See the items offered for Auction here and here.  Don’t miss this Auction if you are looking at boosting your child’s memory in the comfort of your own home!  You don’t get to pay with money.  You have to pay with KiasuPoints!  Find out how you can earn KiasuPoints here.

Sponsored by Wink To Learn.  Get discount vouchers from our Kiasu Mall with your KiasuPoints for the Wink To Learn online store.


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!!!

Good idea, csc!

Good idea, csc!

This wud give some time for others to collect KPs.

Me and Jedamum can sit back and watch for the

bigger presents.. hehehee..


Congratulations to the

Congratulations to the winners!

When is the next auction, huh? And can the next item be something suitable for my kids’ age group ?

Loads of fun!

Yup, you bet you were just in time, jedamum. T’was no fun without a levelled player.. with as much riches as moi! Wuahahahah! Yah, now the silly people can follow the dots to get to the silly story! Kekekekekeh.. But i do think ds2 will enjoy this one!

I had enormous fun! Wouldn have been that fun without you joining in.. I missed RRMummy’s playing along too! Guess she must’ve been tied up tonight..


I wud have ya know, clarabella.. kekeke..

I wud have ya know clarabella… had the auction lasted more than the 30 minutes! It sucks not being able to see the biddings from others while multi-tasking between two browsers, endlessly glancing at server time, tapping kiddie (younger) to sleep to get her to stop talking… and trying to log in twice after re-starting to keep up. But sure heck was palpitating fun, aye! I read the thread back a few times myself and gone gaping-mouthed! I sure did splurge hor. If you cud pay with boogers, YOU wud have won, girl!


Lost Paris position ah, Chief?

I lose Paris position ah Chief? Didn’t realise that until you mentioned. It’s ok. Joy of giving is in moi. Giving points away to hardworking momma of triplets who is also a great sport feels good. 😉 Aniwaes, the chihuahua was hard to care for. High maintenance wor! Jedamum, here… take the leash! Rrrrr… ruf…ruf..


Tks sunflower..

Thanks, sunflower! Yah, at least i got one.. and the one that i preferred anyways. The other one bid for fun oni.. Yah, when i splurge like that other bidders oso kancheong rite, wuakakakakaa! Shiok ah like dat! Got points to burn mah.. suka suka play and burn lor. Kekekeke! At least not real money.

Seriously tho, like i shared with the rest… i couldn read all the posting or bids that came in promptly… throughout the half hour auction. Very sianz. 


buds, i l was laughing

buds, i l was laughing myself silly when I saw your hysterical biddings! Was waiting to see if you plonk down 2000 KP and give everyone heart palpitations 🙂

Fun mah, nonKiasu.

Fun mah, nonKiasu.. Hahahaa!

I seriously share with you lah, my connection kena hang

twice during the auction that i had to restart : twice!

Sick you know… each time auction it moves at snail’s

speed. Sigh. So i’m like 3 to 4 postings behind time

each time i post a new bid/general comment.. Fed up.

So, no choice have to work blind bid since cannot see.

So really dunno what the last bidding stood at. Hence,

a few times it seemed i outbidded myself.. kekekekekeh..

Anyway, shiok rite? Watching the post come in oredi



Wow...I almost missed the

Wow…I almost missed the Auction….ds1 woke up from his sleep looking for me and I ended up falling asleep while accompanying him…..I guess someone must be missing me, so I woke up just in time.


For the anti-flood thingy, I guess ‘Silly People have Silly Fortune’ 


Paris Hilton I am not…I cannot afford to anyhow splurge points you know…cos I only good as traffic directing….can’t earn as much as the original Paris who can write great articles

Had great fun!



Congrats Buds! At least you

Congrats Buds! At least you got one of the CD-ROM. You ah…anyhow splurge points wan ah…

Haven't run off yet! 

Haven’t run off yet!  Switch to work again.  Have to work hard to earn hard cash to purchase all the goodies since the chance of winning looks slim.  But will certainly be joining in all future auctions to see all the kan chiong or anyhow chiong Grandmaster in action!

Thanks, Buds.  Will sure

Thanks, Buds.  Will sure play next round.  Actually, laughing and wah lao thoughout the auction period.

You think easy to pick nose

You think easy to pick nose with one hand and type with one hand meh? Some more must keep an at eye on the server time hahahahahahaha.

Talking is useless, cannot out-bid buds!

Too diligent?

 Too diligent with your professional duties?

Nosebleed, that's why

Nosebleed, that’s why hyperventilating.

jedamum is now the new paris hilton

buds has just given away her pole position 🙂

Professional Debator

Clarabella is the professional debator.

I’m sure she can out-talk herself out of the hyperventilation.

Oh! And pick her nose at the same time!



I think nonKiasu has run off

… hiding from clarabella, having called her a professional, um, gold digger… better give something to clarabella too, buds – she’s hyperventilating. 

200 KPs has been wired, girl! ;)

Heyya nonKiasu,

Your 200 KPs have been wired.

Your account just doubled.

Consider it bi-annual dividends.

From moi..


Wow... buds giving away KiasuPoints!

Looks like nonKiasu is a big winner tonight too 




Wah seh.. Obvious alliance here, boy. 



 I forgot to turn off the anti-flood timer… guess someone up there is looking after jedamum 

I am donating 200 KPs to....

For being a fantastic sport, i like donate 200 KP to nonKiasu!

Heads up for you to play next round!


1 second!

Darn! By 1 second wor!!!


Know why, the auto reply came up…

"You cannot post another reply too quickly after your next one!"

What’s up with that, boss! Wah lao!


And the winners are...

buds for the Memory Magic! Super Flash at 1777 KiasuPoints (Wah!), and

jedamum for the Memory Magic! Silly Story and Follow That Dot at 300 KiasuPoints.

That was a close one jedamum… almost got knocked off by bulldozing paris hilton buds who came in a fraction toooo late…. kekekkekke.

Thanks guys, it’s been really fun!  Now jedamum can go back to beating her ds1’s backside.