Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres Auction #3


Participate in the 3rd Kiasu Auction!  See the item offered for Auction here.  Don’t miss this Auction if you are looking to teach your preschooler English in the comfort of your own home.  The product is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years of age.

This is our first morning Auction.  We are still experimenting to see which is the best time to hold our Auctions, so your feedback would be most valuable.

You don’t get to pay with money.  You have to pay with KiasuPoints!  Find out how you can earn KiasuPoints here.

Sponsored by Wink To Learn.  Get discount vouchers from our Kiasu Mall with your KiasuPoints for the Wink To Learn online store.  Note that the discount vouchers can be used with ANY product in the Wink To Learn online store, so it can represent discounts of up to 40% for some of the products!

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Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!!!

Wa... talking about me

Wa… talking about me while me away…

Actually this one really a lucky win. Only 2 bidders! hehehehehehehehehe…

Dun think I’ll be so lucky again, with all these anticipation.

Of course we missed u

The non existence of nonKiasu at the event was definitely felt .  I thought you gave up when jedamum beat you to the 1st bidder award …  and winth really got a windfall this time.

We’ll probably do lunch hour bidding next time.  No more mornings 🙂 .

nonKiasu, buds missed you... can or not?

Got lah nonKiasu…

buds missed you.. gave you KPs to play some more remember.. 😉


Morning Auctions

Morning auctions are tough on me, the ol’ bird. We owls sleep in the day to catch up with the hawt nites actions here. But think its fair that the timing of the auctions are varied to benefit others who are active at different times of the day. I’ve noticed quite a traffic during lunch hour. How about that? Chief! D’ya think our KS parents will skip lunch to take part in our auctions? Hehehee!

Oh yeah, CONGRATS winth, sista!! On being the most recent winner of the DVD! I was out on Parent Teacher Conference lah. Couldn even get a chance to get live telecast of all the action. Only delayed telecast somewhere in the afternoon. But still better than never..

More chatting than bidding this time around tho. 


Hey, no one missed me? ok,

Hey, no one missed me?

ok, I missed the fun.

I was presenting in meeting from 9am to 10 am and don’t even have a chance to eat snake. Not even a chance to see the ‘live telecast’ of this auction.

So, what’s the comment after this trial?  Still going to do the future actions in weekday morning? 

ya man! so exciting that my

ya man! so exciting that my grammar and sentence structure went hay-wire.

I enjoy doing it...

… administering the Kiasu Auctions.  It’s my privilege.

It’s actually not too difficult to get the KPs… you just have to post articles in the Forums that are meaningful to us as KiasuParents so that we can promote you up to KiasuParent status.  That will give you a cool 1100 KPs to play with right away.

Well Done

Looks like fun and good work done in organizing this auction, chief. too bad i dont have enough KPs to participate.

Well done everybody :)

Just read the process for the aution…too exciting…Well done everybody..kudos to all of you 🙂

winth, i worship my husband


i worship my husband and is a devotee to my kids….so my religion is????

Hi RRMummy, Yup. Heartbeat

Hi RRMummy,

Yup. Heartbeat resuming to normal. Going back to work liao.

Hi Jedamum,

Dunno leh? What religion are you? Dun think you have mentioned it in the forums.

hey chief too off just for

hey chief took off just for this auction?!!! wahahaha..this forum must really be making good money!!!!

jedamum's so nice lah...

She’s obviously stepped aside for winth.  So nice.  Well… I’m off to watch Monsters and Aliens with my son.  Cheers everyone!

Winth, No win it


No la…you win it fair and square la…will not say we rig the auction right? btw, you don’t happen to be in the same religion as me right?


I thought maybe the Wink DVD may entice Winth to buy a tv set for her kids! heehee…

Good 'nite' Jedamum

Hi jedamum,

Good nite!! Err.. you purposely back out huh?

And the winner is indeed...

winth for the Wink To Learn Read And Speak English at 210 KiasuPoints!

No last minute rush this time… so winth has had an easy time!  Thanks all for participating.

Congrats Winth

Hi Winth, heart still pumping hard?

Congratulations on your first win!

Thanks jedamum!

Thanks! I know you give me some leeway for my first auction here!

Almost fainted just now when connection had some problems.

Congrats to WINth for

Congrats to WINth for WINNING……heehee. 😀

enjoy the dvd. my boy enjoys the chinese one. 😀

Come lah...

Aiyo… jedamum… just come and bid lah… we’ve got more in the wings.

Yah hor... 30min only...

Wah… thanks RRMummy!  Problem with cut and paste, and cutter and paster.

30mins only, people.  And  as usual, the first bidder automatically gets 100 extra KiasuPoints to play with.  This time, I will try to open the bidding on time.  It seems our server time is like 3 minutes slower than the standard time.

Typo.. 30min la...

Hi Chief, sorry to point out your typo error.. duration should read 30min la… err.. or did you mean 1 hour so 930am – 1030am…

sorry to nitpick ah, but I figured better to correct than have bidders claim you gave wrong info…

We sponsor lor :)

kekekeke…. sorry jedamum…. forgot you were the one suggesting the exam papers.  According to our Class Treasurer, we have a bit funds thanks to people clicking on the little Googly ads we have been embedding all over the place in like graffiti, so we can afford to sponsor some of these items ourselves lor.

I have started a thread in the Auctions Forum for people to suggest things that they want here: thanks for

chief…no thanks for telling me that i am not creative hor.

how about those origami books or logico (is that the correct spelling?), tangram type of activities for older kids stuff? science experiment set?

i wonder how you get the sponsers…

Products for older kids

Can.  Why not suggest some things that you are eyeing and we see if we can make it available?  I’m sure we can be more creative than :  Past-Year Exam Papers 🙂 .

Ai ya! I have to attend

Ai ya! I have to attend Parents-Teachers Meeting leh. So will miss the fun. Enjoy.

Finally, there is an

Finally, there is an auction in the morning!

Have missed the previous 2 auctions simply bec couldn’t be bothered to switch on PC at night. 

Any future products for older kids?

Chief, so far I see products meant for younger kids leh. My DD is P1 already so even though I’m itching to spend my KiasuPoints, don’t have anything for me. So any hope of products for older kids next time?

don't write it too

don’t write it too well…i may not be able to resist the temptation of participating in the auction.

…argh…must control…waiting for Wink’s singing dvd…..control…

Hard at work

Product review?  Sure… my evil twin will be working on it feverishly while I sleep   Should be up by tomorrow.! Any product


Any product review from your goodself?

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