Auction #4


Participate in the 4th Kiasu Auction!

See the item offered for Auction here.  Bring your kids to the zoo every chance you get – during term holidays, or just over the weekends… and get free entry every time!  It’s an annual Family membership to the Wildlife Reserve of Singapore’s Friends of the Zoo programme.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Free entry to Singapore Zoo.
  • Free tram rides at Singapore Zoo. (not valid on Sat, Sun & PH)
  • Free quarterly ‘Wildlife Wonders” Magazine.
  • Free parking at Zoo only.
  • 10% discount at selected F&B/ retail outlets.
  • Email updates on latest happenings & promotions.

Note that Family membership is limited to 2 adults and up to 3 children (between the ages of 3 and 12 years).  Also, photographs are required for membership application (including ALL co-members for family application) Photos must be submitted within 14 days of application .

You don’t get to pay with money.  You have to pay with KiasuPoints!  Find out how you can earn KiasuPoints here.


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!!!

Glad u agree, ks2me and buds...

ks2me and buds, glad you guys agree with me!

Yes, THANK YOU Chief!! Great idea, great products, great reviews, and beautifully executed… what more with all the effort to put the autions at different hours etc etc…

KUDOS Chief!! 

5-star rating

Yes, RRMummy


You are RIGHT! This auction idea is 5-star quality!

Thank you, Chief for coming up with this superb perk for us!


Agree with RRMummy

I just voted before reading the post by RRMummy but I agree with her the auction deserves 5-star rating for its content and its intent.  My only issue is currently I have not seen anything I like to auction yet and hopefully by the time I want something in the auction I know how to do it…have not figured out how to do that yet. 😛

Alamak, voting not for points la

Heyya buds,

Thanks for the tips. I fiddled around with it last friday and managed to figure it out.. no la not voting for point collection la but really think this auction deserves the 5-star rating! 

Sorry, Chief... Wrong number!

Ops, sollie hor. Yup, overlooked the 2 points, Chief.


Got points

You do get 2 KiasuPoints every time you vote using the 5-star control.  See here.

Vote Ratings


To vote… just run your cursor over the stars under the word "Rate This" and click on the number of stars of your choice. Your ratings will then be cast. But no points for voting tho.


Congrats amylqf!

Congrats amylqf!

Told ya guys to beware the sleeping partners/participants…

But hey, SGD $180 for a mere 850 worth of KPs is a fantastic deal. I’m sure amylqf’s heart beat out of her chest throughout the entire auction and all that endless increasing bids. But well played and oso fast computer connection to secure that last minute bid at a last crucial cut-off time..

Moi, was having lunch at a restaurant with kiddies… Ordered for them ice cream for dessert to keep them quiet while i join in the fun at today’s auction. Wasn’t bidding since we can get the passes as and when we feel like going for a zoo trip, so think it is only fair that we make way for others.. like jedamum says, we dun go to the zoo every other day and the novelty is lost if going there too often to play, even tho if the Rainforest Kidz World does rock!

Great auction y’all!

Looking forward to the next one!

 bÜds is responsible for..

 Hey Chief, Kiasuparents has the following physical effect on me..

– franticly thinking of get-rich-quick schemes 

– anxiously waiting for auction 

– hair loss during/after auction..  

– while mutating into giraffe from waiting for buds hub’s love story posting (too bad no giraffe pix)

wah.. anxious giraffe-like kiasuparent with no hair.. 

Hair loss from Auctions?!

Whoah!  Serious!  Looks like we better cut back our Auctions lest we become a nation reliant on hair growth formulae.  

PS.  I think the hair may be due to the  at the end of the Auction lah.  Never mind.  Still got more hair to pull next week.

eh Chief..

Chief ah.. comparing physical sacrifice ah.. I think Titank and I also had alot of our heart cells killed from the agressive pumping for the ENTIRE 30min, we also didn’t take lunch during that time leh..

and uh.. I happen to find alot of my hair drop near and around my chair after the auction ended!! Must have been too kanchiong already.. so hair loss also physical loss hor..




Skip lunch some more...

OK… other than winth holding her pee throughout the Auction, I think you deserved to win given the physical sacrifice you have had to make for the Auction .



Thank you everyone!

I rushed back from my work, skipped my lunch and came back just in time for this auction. I thought I didn’t have the luck as others was bidding higher than me.

Surprise! When ChiefKiasuh announced the result, I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was the 1st time that I won the auction in my life. I am so happy!

Wish all of you a good luck for the next round auction.

Thanks all.

How to vote..

Err.. excuzie my ignorance… may I know how to vote on the ratings har?

Jedamum, thanks for the tips- then I’ve gotta make sure they wear flip-flops if we go!

Titank, think if you have ntuc card then may have discount.. check out the website..



titank, i’m not sure if they have any discount.


ample sunblock and water. actually we usually go very early. water is actually cold. do all the necessary preemptive measures against fever.

another thing to note is blisters. the other time when we spent the whole day there, my boy came home with blisters cos he was running around the hot and rough floor barefooted.

Great WWW TRIP We went to


We went to WWW too during our chalet trip on new year’s day.

Went in first thing in the morning…

Waa… the kiddos really had fun (the weather then wasn’t too bad, so it was really fun!)

jedamum, can only do weekends

Jedamum, ya we are kinda use to the crowd.. can only do weekends… http://WWW... err.. scared kiddos get sun-burn or fever woh.. ;p

Wild WIld Wet

WIld Wild Wet? Have any special discount on tne entrance fee?


RRmummy, outings over the weekends…must be prepared for crowds ah.

i personally find that given the hot weather, going to WWW is good!! if you bring the grandparents along…free entry for senior citizen. even if it’s crowded, the wave pool or lazy river sure will have place for you de. 🙂

if you win, can surely drive straightaway now to meet Chief to take the voucher!!

Winth, can go

Winth can, the card you apply on the spot with photo-taking on the spot…

Oh.. ya hor… have to receive the voucher first hor… me blur blur..

Science Centre

I can sell you Science Centre entrance you want?


Cash auctions?

Um… you can always run your own auction in a thread under the Trading Post Forum.  But dunno how you are going to collect money from the winner leh.

You are always welcome to donate it to us and let us auction it off to the community with KiasuPoints .

actually even if you win

actually even if you win the auction, you still need to apply for the card leh…

so tomorrow sure cannot go zoo one…

hmm.. any suggestions?

Err.. since my zoo trip for tomorrow now kaput.. anyone got any suggestions for a family outing tomorrow?

winth, mean the

winth, mean the birdpark thingy ah….

wa..i auction my services then!!! my service go to the highest bidder!!

titank ah…auction stuff that needs cash, must be really attractive stuff leh.

Chief,If I have something

Chief,If I have something to offer can put up here auctions? Auction is cash $ ok a not?


err... jedamum  can bid on

err… jedamum 

can bid on my behalf too???

maybe Chief have some

maybe Chief have some dealings with the Heart Specialist or the PC coy to get us all worked up to patronise their services!!!

Winner still preparing the speech??

Or went for celebration already?

Aiyo Chief, you obviously

Aiyo Chief, you obviously missed out moi’s comments. Potty for DD2 lah!

Wow must go see Heart

Wow must go see Heart Specilaist already! I thought 861 RRMummy won since the time at 1300hr she action in?

My PC got hang during the auction period. Maybe time to upgrade a more powerful PC?


Thanks for the fun titank!

Hi titank, thanks for the adrenalin rush. No la…effectively 1.00pm means close leow..

LOLz!!! later chief ban


later chief ban (for life!) me for rigging/submitting non-genuine bid leh.

(whisper : go underground…go underground…)

I kept all the pee in while

I kept all the pee in while watching the auctions!

lucky boys are at school.

Potty for who arh?

For DS or DD, or yourself? 

Sunflower next time..

Sunflower, aiyo I thought you just came in for the 100KPs. .. next round put a potty beside u… 

And the winner is...

amylqf for the Friends of The Zoo Family Membership at 850 KiasuPoints!

Incredible performance… she waited and she went for the jugular… and struck everyone out!  I’m speechless.

Congratulations to amylqf… and thanks everyone for participating and making this auction the most fun to date!

Jedamum you want to bid for me :)

Jedamum, got proposition for u.

I gotta throw away this law-yah computer.. next time u bid for me with your super fast computer. I pay u +100KSP.. 

wa... next week's BP siao

wa… next week’s BP siao liao…

Ai ya! Last min DD2 asked

Ai ya! Last min DD2 asked me bring her go toilet. So missed out liao! Am surprised by the "black horse" too!

Congratulations amylqf!!

Hey, good strategy!

cheer up RRMummy, next

cheer up RRMummy,

next week’s BirdPark we cheer you on again k??

(*busy preparing for side bet….)

haiz.. so sad..

SO sad.. but I saw it coming thou… sure kena whack from behind.. but did not expect it to be amylqf

it's based on 12:59 bid

it’s based on 12:59 bid right?

who's the winner?

who’s the winner?

dark horse

wa..this round dark horse wins!!