Auction #5


Participate in the 5th Kiasu Auction!  Guaranteed for you to see some ruffled feathers, and possibly a good chance for you to lose some feathers too .  And you get to earn an extra 100 KiasuPoints for the first valid bid you make!  How to lose like that?

See the item offered for Auction here.    Here’s your one and only chance to get a free 1 year Feather Friends membership and get free admission to the Jurong Bird Park every chance you get – during term holidays, or just over the weekends!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Free entry to Jurong Bird Park.
  • Free weekday Panorail rides (not valid on Sat, Sun & PH)
  • Free quarterly ‘Wildlife Wonders” Magazine.
  • 10% discount at selected F&B/ retail outlets.
  • Email updates on latest happenings & promotions

Note that Family membership is limited to 2 adults and up to 3 children (between the ages of 3 and 12 years).  Also, photographs are required for membership application (including ALL co-members for family application) Photos must be submitted within 14 days of application .

You don’t get to pay with money.  You have to pay with KiasuPoints!  Find out how you can earn KiasuPoints here.


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!!!

I purposely missed this

I purposely missed this auction as scared that people scolded me ‘greedy’. Anyway, personally, I guess it is fair enough to give other people chance for winning.

but I don’t think bar a bidder who has been successful in his/her previous bid will make thing better. In the end, the winning factor also depends on luck.

Auction Random Suggestion

Have not been following the auctions but think kind of quite happening when they were on.

Just a random thought of whether there is a ‘bar for a x number of times’ from a same bidder in the event a bidder has been successful in his/her previous bid?  Am thinking of as some of the forummers are having many KS points, others will have to wait long long in the event that the ‘strong’ ones are keen to bid in every item.

Not concerning me but just kpo only.  Maybe the bar has been in place that I am not aware of.

Have fun!

OIC... sianz.. next time


sianz.. next time liao lor…

If night time again, need to keep myself awake liao. 


Aiyo… no wonder you didn’t join… you snoring away already!  We missed you leh.  We did say it was on Wednesday lah: .

Anyway, jedamum has converted her win into a donation for Charmaine, so I guess we ALL win from this Auction!

WA LAO!!!!

I missed the auction!

Thot it’s every Friday leh…

Was already in bed by 1030 liao!!!!! 

WA LAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

No wonder jedamum pm-ed me to tell me that she’s bidding yesterday. WA LAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No...Do thank CKS! All the

No…Do thank CKS!

All the parents who do spread the word about the donation and donated out of their own pockets are all very generous. Chief’s dollar-to-dollar matching is also very kind.

I am just being creative and thankful that Chief is willing to accept my crazy idea. 🙂

Thank you.


hee hee the feather friends

hee hee the feather friends got me all excited glad you like it.


Wildlife Reserves?? Wow to

Wildlife Reserves?? Wow to be member as Wildlife Unlimited costs $430/year based on family.

Winner Highlights

Waaah, Mincy! Now the KSP Auction winner got nice highlights one arh? Glam leh..

Niwae, just thought to tell you I LIKE IT! Ooo-Ooo…. Ooo-Ooo…

(Like M1 advertisement’s chest throbbing thumbs up tune!)


No lah... I wish we are

No lah… I wish we are really that rich, but the fact of the matter is, we are not.  Scrapping the bottom of the barrel we are.

In any case, we are working out something with the Wildlife Reserve of Singapore and, who knows, you might be able to win free tickets to the Jurong Bird Park eventually.

Yes... Yes... RRMummy...

Value-added benefits!

You know very well now, aye…



Wah, now you’ve made titank all excited liao…


Chief KS, Convert to cash?

Chief KS,

Convert to cash? So the Bird Park can start  reintroduce as a bidding again?

No... no need to thank me

No… no need to thank me because it’s not me who is being generous… it’s jedamum  .

WOW! Thank You jedamum and

WOW! Thank You jedamum and ChiefKiasu! for your act of kindness

jedamum converts her win into a cash donation to Charmaine!

jedamum has decided to convert her winning of Kiasu Auction #5 into a $180 cash donation to Charmaine!  We will accede to her request, and because of her selfless act, will match her donation dollar for dollar into a $360 donation to Charmaine in jedamum’s name.

Thanks, jedamum!


buds, at one point, i was thinking along the same line too. but then concluded that unless the person is a superb contributor like yourself, after a few consequective wins, the KSPoints sure will deplete fast (like me ).

Agree with Chief KS, should

Agree with Chief KS, should not barred repeated winners.

That could be counter-productive

Personally, I don’t think we should discriminate anyone from participating in the Auctions.  Why bar a person from winning as many Auctions as he/she can, as long as he/she has enough KPs to do so?  The key is to get people to contribute more so that the distribution of KPs become more equitable so that the Auctions are more exciting and meaningful.

hahaha... err. how to offer Paris Hilton?!

Hahaha.. depends on how bad you need it.. 

But I guess you can surely get it FOC from hubs with ‘value-added services’ eh ..  


Barring from Kiasu Auctions

Chief, any plans to introduce barring repeating winners from Kiasu Auctions anot…


How many KPs... hmmmm....

buds is wondering how many KPs that back rub’s gonna cost….


Buy Kiasu Points?

There used to be someone trading her stuff in exchange for Kiasu Points.  Maybe you can try selling your Science Centre membership to some "rich" member for Kiasu Points .

Gotta hand it to ya, Chief!

Gotta hand it to ya, Chief!


Fuuuuunny man!


Speech... 1. Am very happy


1. Am very happy to see new bidders this round.

2. Think the removal of the list of points is great cos i think i do see someone using some strategy this round if i am not over sensitive.

3. Thank you all once again for this heartpumping event. This is the most adrenelin charged event for me (as compared to the past few).

Looking forward to more future auctions.

Hi titank, feel like

Hi titank, feel like throwing the computer right?! Mine can even suddenly have no connection, had to reconnect.. haiz…

Bidding for P1, scary leh..


Buds, u need back rub?!

Your highness buds, may I humbly give you a back rub?! 

Donate KPs

Due to the bulging wallet, buds generously donated to 1st deserving parent >nonKiasu< during the 2nd auction. More deserving parents on my list… heehee…

So citizens of KSP… be nice to moi.



Buy Kiasu Points?

Can buy KS points a not?

Chief ah, Angmoh country!

No woh.. the toes wrestling in some angmoh country.. didn’t get the name thou”

Finally the winner appears...

Screech… I mean… speech!!

Should had get a better PC

Should had get a better PC qith quad performance to bid in the kiasu auctions!

Anyway it was rather fun. If P1 registeration can bid to enroll how good it is.

Thanks everyone. My heart

Thanks everyone.

My heart beating as fast as my super fast computer.

Fainted…just recovered consciousness and regular heartbeat.

Toes wrestling?!

What will they think of next?  I take it that it is a Japanese "invention" 

Ya! Very shiok!

Ya, EN… very shiok and very addictive!

Must join in! Never bid oso never mind.

Can join in for chat and jia-you everyone

else who are bidding.. Still can get heart

pumping action. buds hubs hands were

in cold sweat play-play for fun for this auction.


CKS, yeap my points have

CKS, yeap my points have been increased. Thank you.

Ya, dont want Kiasu Parents to close down because of my heart failure. Must make it a point to join the next bidding.


Displaying list of KiasuPoint owners

> I thought last time when I click my kiasu points I able to see the top scorer in KS points
> This function is not available?

Yes, it was enabled previously, before the Kiasu Auctions.  We turned it off because we felt that it might discourage members from participating in the Auctions, thinking that they have no chance given all the members who have KPs dripping from their bulging wallets… aka buds.

Maybe have a chart to see

Maybe have a chart to see all members KS points would be great.

Thanks chief!

Thanks Chief, yup checked and it is there..

Hey just caught something very funny on U Channel news, toes wrestling (ladies somemore)!!

KiasuParents holding one of those competition anytime soon???


Ooooh buds hubs darling...

Oooooh buds hubs darling…

buds don’t need petty free points like dat hor.

buds is one independent woman, can earn her own keep.

buds can contribute to the forum constructively and deserve

the points she owns.

here… talk to the hand. Wuakakkakakaah!



You should have it already

RRMummy… I oredi gave you early in the Auction… check your account?


Today was my VIRGIN KSP auction…

I must say that it is quiet an adreneline rush..

Thanks chief for the 100 KPs.

Check your account

> CKS, this is EN first time bidding. Adrenaline rushing until I feel my heart stop pumping.
> Lucky still breathing.

Kekeke… now, we don’t want the Straits Times’ headlines tomorrow to say: "Website shut down for causing heart attack", do we?

> "Wait… I think I owe EN some KPs :)" …….Why?

You get 100 KPs for placing a valid bid.  Check your account.

Top KiasuPoints

Yah lor titank, i ever asked Chief the same question…

That one long list easier to see and with this regular auction in place, it is easier to check out and sift your competition. And plus, it’s always nice to see MY nick on the top leh.

I lurve being on top woh!



I watch the show by holding my breath too… Exciting… hahaha… Muz try to earn more kp so can participate in future ya…

Chief, I have extra 100 KPS too?

Hey Chief, I do get the 100KPS bonus too right? 

I thought last time when I

I thought last time when I click my kiasu points I able to see the top scorer in KS points?

This function is not available?

Congrats Jedamum

Hi Jedamum,

Congratulations!! Kudos to your super fast computer again…


Yes, titank!

Yes, titank.

Just click on the member’s profile.

You’ll see everything they own!


Missed by how many seconds?

Tried to synchronize the time by minutes. However, can’t estimate by the seconds. Better luck next time.

Jedamum, CONGRATS in winning the bid 🙂


CKS, this is EN first time bidding. Adrenaline rushing until I feel my heart stop pumping. Lucky still breathing.

"Wait… I think I owe EN some KPs :)" …….Why?

Nope, she does not get any

Nope, she does not get any "interest" points but I did make 100 KPs of her… hehee. We are a husband & wife tag team leh..

She was just knocking her head on the wall saying that she should have made a valid bid and earn 100 KPs on her own.Ahakz.

Just view the person's profile

Click on the person’s profile button.  His/her KiasuPoints is listed on the same page.

Chief, Sorry agreed that


Sorry agreed that 2259hr Jedamum wins. May I know possible to check member’s KS points?


buds get "interest" points anot har?

You made 100 KPs off her leh.  Kekeke

Time checks

When we post Time Check, it is to check if the clock has already past the end bid time.  Sorry titank, better luck next time 🙂

Narrow Finish

buds actually told me to try the bidding as my connection was faster. Very generous of her to give me her KPs but I dont think that I would need them. 

Actually I didnt need the pass as I have access to free passes but buds was thinking of presenting it as a gift had we won the auction. She has shortlisted a few deserving parents.

Like a true gentleman, I would give her back all her points & save my $50/-.. Ahahakz..

Congrats jedamum!! it was a narrow finish. buds was right about your super fast connection.

Chief, I thought check time


I thought check time is 2259hr? Wow lost many hair liao! 


We have to let the clock

We have to let the clock run until it shows after 2259 to determine which is the last bidder at 2259.

jedamum wins!

This is a pretty interesting Auction… we see all kinds of strategies coming in… and jedamum wins with a masterful stroke at the last minute with 1111 KPs!

Wait… I think I owe EN some KPs 🙂

Time Check?

Thought time check close suppose to be 2259hr?


Told ya guys it’s the super fast connection!!!