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Learning & adventure Programmes CAMP 2018


Come June school holidays equip your child with social skills and hone their emotional intelligence with proven activities and techniques! Themed after the famous TV series, our SURVIVOR camps are tailored to challenge, engage and empower campers with exciting activities and games.

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At Metropolitan YMCA Singapore (MYMCA) our programmes are guided by our core value of Caring, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect. What is unique about our camps is the focus on equipping children with the skills to explore and learn from nature, and tackle challenges with a can-do attitude. Your child will learn important life skills in a fun and engaging manner with fellow campers!

In our camps your child will learn how to:

  • Identity their bad habits
  • Self-motivate when they do not do well
  • Self-manage when they are stressed
  • Manage their time effectively
  • Be confidence when uncertain
  • Be patience with others
  • Be more resilience to obstacles
  • Maintain physical fitness in everyday life
  • Manage money & resource wisely
  • Have the right mental attitude to challenges

Highlights of activities (Superhero, Overnight, Secret Agent):

  • Basic International Chess Workshop
  • Forest Adventure Challenge
  • Bounce Singapore & X-Park Challenge
  • Outdoor Survivor Cooking
  • Movie Night (The Road to El Dorado, An American Tail)
  • World Environmental Day Challenge
  • Pulau Ubin Overnight Experience (Ubin Living Lab Campsite)
  • Ultimate High Element Challenge (Forest Adventure)
  • Tribal Laser Battle
  • Tribal Nerf Battle
  • Secret Agent Dress Up
  • Science Centre, RSAF and Navy Museum and Quest
  • Time Traveller (Amazing Race around Singapore)
  • Super Zombie Nerf War

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Camps information
All camps are held at Metropolitan YMCA Singapore, 60 Stevens Road Singapore 257854

SURVIVOR: Superhero, 5 to 12 years old
28-31 May (day camp)
Daily 0830hrs to 1630
Limited to 30 campers

SURVIVOR Camp 2018, 7 to 12 years old
4-7 June (overnight camp)
Starts on 1st Day 0830hrs, Ends on last day 1300hrs
Limited to 40 campers

SURVIVOR: Secret Agent, 5 to 12 years old
11-14 June (day camp)
Daily 0830hrs to 1630
Limited to 30 campers

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Cannot make it this June?
Save a date for our upcoming Camps in 2018!!

Sports Camp 2018  
3rd to 6th September (5-12 years old)
What is better than exercising to reduce stress and improves concentration? Laughing and having fun! Join us in the September holidays to rock climb, Nerf War, kayak and dragonboat! Enjoy your break by learning fun and useful skills while keeping fit!

Superkids Camp 2018
19th to 22nd Nov (5-12 years old)
A successful and unique day camp packed with wacky games, silly role play, team track & field, communicating training, music & dance lesson and much much more!
With a focus on creativity and problem solving, the activities will bring out the super in your kids!
We will provide a special Multiple Intelligence Exploration Review for every camper at the end of the camp.

Commando Camp 2018 – very popular
3rd to 6th Dec (5-12 years old)
This is only children camp in Singapore that can get kids to love becoming more discipline!
Focusing on Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving, our camper will have to work together and rough it out!
We will teach thinking strategies and challenge our camper to be a critical thinker. They will have to be more independent and do things like packing their belongings all by themselves and cleaning their sleeping area!
In 2017 it was the largest camp that MYMCA held with a total of 57 campers. Furthermore we will give a very special reward to all campers who return for 2018’s camp!

Metropolitan YMCA Singapore

60 Stevens Rd, Singapore 257854

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