MINDCHAMPS Champion Parenting Workshop


Curious about what Mindchamps is all about?  Want to learn about how to parent a champion student?  Here’s your chance to hear all about it from the Mindchamps founder David Chiem at the Mindchamps Champion Parenting Workshop.

20 Jan 2008 1:30pm – 6:30pm NTUC Centre, Rm 701

Fees: (Early bird before 10 Jan) S$49 for 2 persons.  Subsequently it is S$98 for 2 tickets.

The Champion Parenting Workshop™ has been created to equip parents – the leaders of the Home Nation – with the latest scientifically-validated parenting strategies. Create, within your Home, an environment which can inspire the Champion Mindset in your children and help prepare them for success in the demanding and rapidly-changing world of the 21st Century.

Parenting is the most significant role that we will ever undertake, and yet most people enter the field with little or no training. MindChamps’ Champion Parenting Workshop is the first step into your ‘university of parenting’.


What is the Champion Mindset™ and how do I instill it in my child.
How to create the best learning environment to maximise my child’s learning capacity.
How to build a meaningful and long lasting relationship with my child.


"The 3 steps to becoming a Champion Parent
are so simple, yet powerful."

-Ong Bee Heng, Parent


By UNDERSTANDING key aspects of:

The brain’s evolution and structure
‘Left-brain’, ‘right-brain’ and ‘whole-brain’ learning
The vitally-important RAS system and its influence on the creation of mindset – our ‘world-view’
How and why ‘attitude’ influences performance
The ‘life-changing’ power of positive psychology and the strategies we can use to instil it in our children
Changing perspectives and controlling mindset to create a more positive approach for future learning – to create ‘the Champion Mindset’