MOE ExCEL Fest is back on 11 and 12 April 2014!


MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates and shares exciting and innovative practices in schools.

It is also a platform for parents and members of the public to find out more about the latest developments in our education landscape.

There are 70 sharing sessions, 65 exhibition booths and 35 seminars in this year’s ExCEL Fest. There is also a photo contest currently open; winning entries will be showcased at the exhibition area in Suntec Singapore Hall 401-402.

Visit to register for the Sharing Sessions and Seminars!


Exhibition  Booths by Schools and MOE HQ Divisions will feature how our schools:

  • Cater to the different ways a child learns by having innovative teaching programmes
  • Strive to develop and assess your child holistically
  • Deliver a Student-Centric,Values-Driven Education guided by the following three areas: Breadth, Depth  and Length


Sign up for the free Sharing Sessions, conducted by our experienced educators, practitioners and MOE HQ officers, to learn more about:

  • Creative strategies to develop your child to become a confident and self-directed learner
  • Latest teaching practices and developments in various subjects
  • Different educational initiatives to prepare your child to meet the challenges in a globalised world


Attend our Seminars to hear from renowned speakers and expert practitioners on:

  • Perspectives of parenting and nurturing healthy parent-child relationships
  • Preparing your child for Primary One
  • Selecting the right secondary school for your child
  • Teaching and Learning strategies to support your  child’s holistic learning


  • Visit the MOE Pavilion to see the Singapore education journey through the eyes of a child and learn more  about the Breadth, Depth and Length aspects of our  education system
  • Find out more about the new Character and Citizenship Education Syllabus and how parents can reinforce their child’s learning
  • Find out more about our MOE Kindergartens, the Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum and how you can partner pre-school centres to nurture your child’s love for learning
  • Come and take part in the fun-filled activities at the exhibition area