P1 Registration (2012) – Phase 1


For a child who has a sibling studying in the school of choice.

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P1 Registration madness is upon us, once again.  This year we see the birth of a new school in Jurong West – Frontier Primary, bringing an additional 240 places to the precinct.

And more good news for parents eyeing the hotly contested Catholic High, Rivervale and Horizon Primary schools.  Each have added at least 1 more class to its 2012 cohort.

But not so good news for parents eyeing the venerable schools like Pei Hwa Presbyterian, Poi Ching, Raffles’ Girls, Red Swastika, Rosyth, Rulang, South View and West Grove Primary schools.  These schools, which habitually requires balloting in Phase 2C, will be even harder to get in, having lost an entire class of 30 students each.

Here is the full list of schools which have lost or gained vacancies compared with last year’s enrollment.

School 2011 2010 Difference
Corporation Primary 240 300 -60
Endeavour Primary 210 270 -60
Admiralty Primary 240 270 -30
Blangah Rise Primary 180 210 -30
Boon Lay Garden Primary 270 300 -30
Chua Chu Kang Primary 240 270 -30
Greenwood Primary 240 270 -30
Henry Park Primary 300 330 -30
Holy Innocents’ Primary 270 300 -30
Kranji Primary 240 270 -30
Lakeside Primary 270 300 -30
Montfort Junior 210 240 -30
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary 300 330 -30
Poi Ching 240 270 -30
Punggol Primary 210 240 -30
Raffles Girls’ Primary 270 300 -30
Red Swastika 240 270 -30
Rosyth 300 330 -30
Rulang Primary 270 300 -30
Shuqun Primary 270 300 -30
South View Primary 270 300 -30
St Anthony’s Primary 240 270 -30
Tanjong Katong Primary 240 270 -30
Temasek Primary 240 270 -30
West Grove Primary 270 300 -30
West View Primary 240 270 -30
Xingnan Primary 270 300 -30
Yangzheng Primary 180 210 -30
Zhenghua Primary 270 300 -30
Maris Stella High 300 320 -20
Catholic High 240 210 30
Compassvale Primary 240 210 30
Dazhong Primary 180 150 30
Edgefield Primary 270 240 30
Eunos Primary 210 180 30
Greendale Primary 270 240 30
Guangyang Primary 180 150 30
Junyuan Primary 210 180 30
Juying Primary 240 210 30
MacPherson Primary 210 180 30
Mayflower Primary 240 210 30
North Spring Primary 270 240 30
Rivervale Primary 240 210 30
Stamford Primary 210 180 30
Teck Ghee Primary 240 210 30
Wellington Primary 270 240 30
Woodlands Ring Primary 270 240 30
Xinghua Primary 240 210 30
Horizon 330 270 60
Sembawang Primary 300 240 60
Frontier Primary 240 0 240



 Looking at the P1 vacancies

 Looking at the P1 vacancies in JW area really makes one nervous! Reducing the number to add on to the new Frontier Primary School might not solve the problem at all!

I can forsee that there will be a big "hoo-haa" at the Phase 2C in West Grove Primary (think more intense than when i was registering DD1 3 years ago).

School expansion

Single session deadline is but only one of the reasons.

Expansion to suit single session is another reason for smaller intake.

Schools will be undergoing renovation works to meet the space demands of future single session for all schools. Due to this reason, some schools for example like De La Salle had to move to Teck Whye premise for 2 years which is smaller in space as compared to the actual grounds. So they cannot possibly maintain intake, what more to increase.

Frontier Primary soft launch

am going to the soft launch tomorrow….want to find out more about this single session school. We’re choosing between Shuqun and Frontier…not going to try rulang at phase 2C…the chance is so slim.


Jurong West

Yes BigD… juying is not very popular school… I would have thought not to reduce the intake from Rulang and/West Grove due to their popularity and also the way they are situated surrounded by so many HDB’s!!

Hope you can keep us

Hope you can keep us up-to-date information. At least dun have to check teletext

This year P1 registration

This year P1 registration would be very tough as quite many schools had reduced 1 class. Is the reduce intake due to single session for all primary schools by 2016?

Jurong West

You are indeed right, LKVM.

240 places were reduced from Jurong West schools, and replaced by the 240 places provided by Frontier. But Juying also added 30 places, so there is a net increase of 30 places for Jurong West.

Then of course Juying is not a highly demanded school, so it is not going to ease the situation at the highly demanded schools like Rulang and West Grove, which should see an intense phase 2C.

P1 registeration

Thanks for the info Chief! It’s gonna be my turn this year hence super stress. Keeping a close tab on this forum 🙂

Frontier Primary

Hi Chief,

I would like to inform you that even though we have new school in our vicinity but if you look at all the old schools in Jurong West they have actually cut almost 30 seats from each school to add Frontier so dunno if they really added!!

Infact they actually reduced 60 seats from Corporation primary school this year.. which is also under jurong west…

Infact I just did the calculation all the 240 seats that Frontier school have is the added sum of all the seats reduced from schools that are oredi there in Jurong West…

So guess it wont be right to say that we have additional 240 seats..

I am sure this time P1 will be extremely tough cause good schools like Rulang and West Grove have reduced intake of 1 class each!!

Useful info for P1

Useful info for P1 registrants. Thanks Chief.