P1 Registration (2012) – Phase 2B



a) For a child whose parent has joined the school as a parent volunteer not later than 1 Jul 2010 and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by 30 Jun 2011

b) For a child whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school

c) For a child whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader

Announcement of Results:
Friday 22 July 2011

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UPDATED 19 July after the end of Phase 2B. Phase 2B has ended.  We have compiled the results.


More schools joined the ballot list after the close of the 2nd and final day of Phase 2B. As predicted, all schools either stayed the same or increased in their TUR, with the exception of Red Swastika where a lone parent withdrew from the heavily oversubscribed school.

Chongfu school has the highest take-up in the 2nd day of Phase 2B registration, with 31 registered, or 34% of the total number registered for Phase 2B.

Overall, about 17% of registrants in the 2011 P1 Registration Exercise for Phase 2B registered on the 2nd day.  This is very similar to the trend for Phase 2A2.

Notes on Table

Vacancies vs 2010 Column

This shows the difference in vacancies offered by the school in 2011 versus 2010.  A negative value shows a decrease from the previous year, which would intensify the level of competition for the seats this year.

Phase App Column

This shows the total number of applicants for the Phase versus the total number of vacancies offered for that Phase.  100% means all the vacancies offered for the Phase is taken up.  More than 100% means there are too many registrants, and balloting will happen for that Phase.

Ballot Risk Columns

1. The Ballot Risk index ranges from 0.0 to 1.0

2. You should read it as a 3-part scale:

0.0-0.36: (Green) Risk of balloting only for those staying beyond 2km.  Parents staying within 2km should not worry too much.  As the value approaches 0.36, chance of balloting at this distance is actually very high.  Any value above 0.36 means balloting at any distance is quite likely for that specific school.

0.37-0.78: (Yellow) Risk of balloting only for those staying between 1-2km.  Those staying beyond 2km may not even have a chance to ballot.  Parents staying within 1km may not need to ballot at all.  As the value approaches 0.78, chance of balloting at this distance is actually very high.

0.79-1.00: (Red) Risk of balloting only for those staying within 1km.  Anyone staying beyond 1km may not even get a chance to ballot at all.

  School Vacancies
vs 2010
TUR TUR Difference Ballot Risk
Historical 2010 2B 2C
Bishan Ai Tong 0% 305% 94% 7% 6% 0.80 1.00
Jurong West Rulang Primary -10% 184% 93% 10% 8% 0.20 1.00
Marine Parade Tao Nan 0% 179% 87% 7% 4% 0.71 1.00
Bishan Catholic High 14% 169% 90% 2% -6% 1.00 1.00
Serangoon Rosyth -9% 164% 92% 9% 9% 0.07 1.00
Bukit Timah Nanyang Primary 0% 161% 93% 5% 2% 0.18 1.00
Bukit Timah Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary -9% 159% 86% 5% -1% 0.20 0.82
Novena St Joseph’s Institution Junior 0% 157% 80% 3% 8% 0.33 0.67
Ang Mo Kio CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ 0% 154% 88% 3% -1% 0.91 1.00
Geylang Kong Hwa 0% 147% 83% 1% 2% 0.40 0.91
Bukit Timah Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 0% 143% 83% 2% 1% 0.60 0.91
Queenstown Fairfield Methodist Primary 0% 140% 83% 2% 3% 0.13 0.91
Novena Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 0% 140% 90% -2% -2% 0.73 0.91
Clementi Nan Hua Primary 0% 136% 88% 6% 3% 0.18 1.00
Yishun Chongfu Primary 0% 134% 78% 2% 3% 0.33 1.00
Bedok Red Swastika -11% 132% 91% 7% 7% 0.07 1.00
Toa Payoh CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 0% 131% 77% 2% 3% 0.36 0.89
Tampines St Hilda’s Primary 0% 129% 86% 3% 2% 0.51 1.00
Central Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 0% 127% 77% -1% 0% 0.33 0.78
Bukit Panjang Bukit Panjang Primary 0% 124% 85% 15% 11% 0.00 0.93
Toa Payoh St Andrew’s Junior 0% 124% 74% 2% 5% 0.18 0.84
Bedok Temasek Primary -11% 124% 88% 10% 14% 0.07 1.00
Yishun Northland Primary 0% 123% 82% 10% 15% 0.02 1.00
Seng Kang Nan Chiau Primary 0% 122% 77% -1% -1% 0.44 1.00
Bukit Timah Raffles Girls’ Primary -10% 120% 85% 10% 6% 0.00 0.58
Toa Payoh Maris Stella High -6% 119% 75% 9% 4% 0.11 0.60
Toa Payoh Pei Chun Public 0% 114% 84% 1% -3% 0.27 1.00
Hougang Holy Innocents’ Primary -10% 113% 79% 0% -2% 0.22 0.91
Bukit Timah Henry Park Primary -9% 107% 91% 6% 12% 0.02 0.89
Geylang Maha Bodhi 0% 100% 84% 2% 1% 0.00 0.96
Ang Mo Kio Anderson Primary 0% 97% 84% 19% 13% 0.00 0.80
Punggol Mee Toh 0% 96% 74% 8% 4% 0.00 1.00
Choa Chu Kang South View Primary -10% 94% 93% 12% 4% 0.49 1.00
Kallang Hong Wen 0% 94% 73% 16% 17% 0.00 0.89
Bedok St Stephen’s 0% 94% 68% -1% 11% 0.07 0.36
Novena Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary 0% 93% 79% 8% 3% 0.00 0.87
Hougang Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ 0% 88% 65% -7% -4% 0.27 0.73
Tampines Gongshang Primary 0% 85% 74% 0% -8% 0.00 1.00
Choa Chu Kang De La Salle 0% 82% 71% -2% 0% 0.20 1.00
Bukit Panjang CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace 0% 81% 59% 5% 12% 0.00 0.36
Central River Valley Primary 0% 78% 73% 7% -8% 0.00 0.67
Serangoon CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 0% 78% 63% 7% 4% 0.00 0.38
Bedok Yu Neng Primary 0% 75% 78% 12% -7% 0.00 0.96
Bedok CHIJ (Katong) Primary 0% 72% 60% -3% -3% 0.07 0.18
Woodlands Admiralty Primary -11% 69% 75% 7% 7% 0.00 1.00
Pasir Ris Pasir Ris Primary 0% 68% 73% 9% 7% 0.00 0.93
Bukit Merah Radin Mas Primary 0% 68% 68% 9% 5% 0.00 0.87
Hougang CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity 0% 65% 56% -2% 5% 0.00 0.47
Tampines Poi Ching -11% 61% 69% 8% 8% 0.00 0.76
Sembawang Canberra Primary 0% 61% 74% 9% 16% 0.00 1.00
Bukit Batok St Anthony’s Primary -11% 54% 59% -14% -2% 0.02 1.00
Seng Kang Rivervale Primary 14% 53% 63% -2% -3% 0.00 1.00
Serangoon St Gabriel’s Primary 0% 52% 51% 13% 5% 0.00 0.13
Jurong West West Grove Primary -10% 48% 59% -10% -16% 0.33 1.00
Bukit Batok Keming Primary 0% 47% 59% 3% -4% 0.00 0.87
Bishan Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary 0% 47% 55% 1% 5% 0.00 0.67
Hougang Hougang Primary 0% 46% 61% 2% 0% 0.00 1.00
Seng Kang Compassvale Primary 14% 45% 50% -7% -7% 0.00 0.93
Sembawang Endeavour Primary -22% 44% 63% 47% 18% 0.00 0.42
Woodlands Evergreen Primary 0% 44% 65% -5% 1% 0.00 1.00
Jurong West Jurong West Primary 0% 43% 53% -8% -5% 0.00 1.00
Woodlands Woodgrove Primary 0% 42% 60% -3% -1% 0.00 0.49
Jurong West Shuqun Primary -10% 40% 66% 17% 16% 0.00 0.78
Bedok St Anthony’s Canossian Primary 0% 40% 41% -9% -3% 0.00 0.02
Marine Parade Ngee Ann Primary 0% 38% 58% 13% 10% 0.00 0.13
Bukit Merah CHIJ (Kellock) 0% 38% 43% -5% 6% 0.00 0.31
Central St Margaret’s Primary 0% 36% 44% 0% -5% 0.00 0.27
Pasir Ris White Sands Primary 0% 34% 60% 1% 11% 0.00 0.87
Choa Chu Kang Yew Tee Primary 0% 31% 51% -3% -1% 0.00 0.84
Tampines Chongzheng Primary 0% 31% 66% 1% 2% 0.00 1.00
Jurong West Corporation Primary -20% 30% 39% 14% 9% 0.00 0.00
Serangoon Yangzheng Primary -14% 26% 63% 21% 16% 0.00 0.00
Hougang Xinmin Primary 0% 23% 71% 11% 4% 0.00 0.98
Toa Payoh Marymount Convent 0% 23% 31% -1% -5% 0.00 0.02
Jurong East Jurong Primary 0% 21% 65% 4% -1% 0.00 0.69
Woodlands Innova Primary 0% 19% 53% 35% 13% 0.00 0.40
Bukit Batok Princess Elizabeth Primary 0% 18% 76% 11% -7% 0.00 1.00
Choa Chu Kang Unity Primary 0% 16% 51% -3% 6% 0.00 0.87
Punggol Edgefield Primary 13% 16% 56% 19% 22% 0.00 0.00
Woodlands Greenwood Primary -11% 14% 68% 13% 12% 0.00 0.80
Marine Parade Tanjong Katong Primary -11% 13% 58% 13% 5% 0.00 0.00
Geylang Geylang Methodist School 0% 12% 55% 6% 9% 0.00 0.49
Clementi Qifa Primary 0% 12% 47% 10% -5% 0.00 0.11
Bukit Panjang Beacon Primary 0% 11% 52% 37% 23% 0.00 0.60
Tampines East Spring Primary 0% 11% 51% -13% -4% 0.00 1.00
Bukit Panjang Greenridge Primary 0% 10% 53% 1% 1% 0.00 0.60
Clementi Clementi Primary 0% 10% 43% -9% -16% 0.00 0.62
Woodlands Woodlands Ring Primary 13% 9% 46% -15% -3% 0.00 0.69
Toa Payoh Cedar Primary 0% 9% 48% 12% 11% 0.00 0.02
Geylang Canossa Convent Primary 0% 9% 29% 7% 10% 0.00 0.00
Hougang Montfort Junior -13% 8% 23% -4% -3% 0.00 0.00
Seng Kang North Vista Primary 0% 8% 29% 17% -3% 0.00 0.00
Woodlands Fuchun Primary 0% 8% 53% 2% -5% 0.00 0.62
Bukit Merah Zhangde Primary 0% 6% 48% 6% 0% 0.00 0.56
Jurong West Xingnan Primary -10% 6% 51% 5% 9% 0.00 0.18
Tampines Changkat Primary 0% 5% 37% -9% -11% 0.00 0.00
Bedok Fengshan Primary 0% 5% 64% 12% 4% 0.00 0.38
Jurong West Frontier Primary 0% 4% 2% 2% 2% 0.00 0.00
Toa Payoh Kheng Cheng 0% 4% 39% -4% -5% 0.00 0.04
Ang Mo Kio Jing Shan Primary 0% 4% 41% 5% 7% 0.00 0.00
Yishun Peiying Primary 0% 4% 38% 5% 1% 0.00 0.00
Woodlands Si Ling Primary 0% 3% 36% -1% 6% 0.00 0.00
Yishun Huamin Primary 0% 3% 36% 3% 0% 0.00 0.00
Tampines Tampines Primary 0% 3% 44% 6% 5% 0.00 0.00
Yishun North View Primary 0% 3% 34% 2% -3% 0.00 0.00
Bedok Bedok Green Primary 0% 3% 38% -2% -2% 0.00 0.00
Choa Chu Kang Chua Chu Kang Primary -11% 3% 45% 0% 1% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Merah Gan Eng Seng Primary 0% 3% 43% 6% 8% 0.00 0.00
Clementi Pei Tong Primary 0% 3% 38% 12% 11% 0.00 0.00
Ang Mo Kio Teck Ghee Primary 14% 3% 38% 5% 5% 0.00 0.00
Kallang Farrer Park Primary 0% 3% 14% -1% -1% 0.00 0.00
Yishun Jiemin Primary 0% 2% 51% 0% -9% 0.00 0.69
Punggol Horizon 22% 2% 17% 16% 14% 0.00 0.00
Bedok Telok Kurau Primary 0% 2% 47% -6% -8% 0.00 0.49
Choa Chu Kang Concord Primary 0% 2% 46% -6% -8% 0.00 0.00
Pasir Ris Park View Primary 0% 2% 36% -4% 3% 0.00 0.00
Geylang Haig Girls’ 0% 2% 34% 5% 1% 0.00 0.00
Hougang Punggol Primary -13% 2% 43% 1% 1% 0.00 0.02
Yishun Ahmad Ibrahim Primary 0% 2% 33% 5% 2% 0.00 0.00
Woodlands Woodlands Primary 0% 2% 55% 2% 6% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Batok Dazhong Primary 20% 2% 29% -2% 11% 0.00 0.00
Ang Mo Kio Ang Mo Kio Primary 0% 2% 39% -3% -10% 0.00 0.00
Tampines Junyuan Primary 17% 2% 38% -2% -2% 0.00 0.00
Ang Mo Kio Da Qiao Primary 0% 1% 21% -4% -11% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Merah Blangah Rise Primary -14% 1% 19% 2% -3% 0.00 0.00
Choa Chu Kang Kranji Primary -11% 1% 37% 4% 5% 0.00 0.00
Jurong West Pioneer Primary 0% 1% 44% -3% -1% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Panjang Zhenghua Primary -10% 1% 43% -3% -5% 0.00 0.00
Ang Mo Kio Townsville Primary 0% 1% 35% -1% -1% 0.00 0.00
Seng Kang Seng Kang Primary 0% 1% 35% -4% -3% 0.00 0.00
Ang Mo Kio Mayflower Primary 14% 1% 35% 1% -2% 0.00 0.00
Geylang Eunos Primary 17% 1% 26% -8% -10% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Panjang West View Primary -11% 1% 29% -5% -1% 0.00 0.00
Seng Kang Fernvale Primary 0% 1% 34% 14% 15% 0.00 0.00
Sembawang Wellington Primary 13% 1% 33% -4% -5% 0.00 0.00
Seng Kang Anchor Green Primary 0% 1% 33% 21% 3% 0.00 0.00
Woodlands Marsiling Primary 0% 1% 33% 5% 9% 0.00 0.00
Jurong West Boon Lay Garden Primary -10% 1% 32% -1% -2% 0.00 0.00
Choa Chu Kang Teck Whye Primary 0% 1% 22% -7% -2% 0.00 0.00
Sembawang Sembawang Primary 25% 1% 25% -13% -8% 0.00 0.00
Pasir Ris Elias Park Primary 0% 0% 48% -1% 7% 0.00 0.27
Jurong West Lakeside Primary -10% 0% 47% 1% -4% 0.00 0.00
Pasir Ris Casuarina Primary 0% 0% 47% 8% 16% 0.00 0.00
Tampines Yumin Primary 0% 0% 44% 3% 2% 0.00 0.00
Jurong East Fuhua Primary 0% 0% 44% 4% 1% 0.00 0.00
Tampines Tampines North Primary 0% 0% 42% -5% -6% 0.00 0.00
Yishun Yishun Primary 0% 0% 42% -3% 2% 0.00 0.00
Yishun Xishan Primary 0% 0% 41% 3% 7% 0.00 0.00
Woodlands Qihua Primary 0% 0% 39% -3% -3% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Batok Bukit View Primary 0% 0% 37% 3% 7% 0.00 0.00
Pasir Ris Meridien Primary 0% 0% 37% -5% 2% 0.00 0.00
Punggol Greendale Primary 13% 0% 36% 25% 10% 0.00 0.00
Jurong West Juying Primary 14% 0% 35% 5% 1% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Batok Lianhua Primary 0% 0% 33% -3% -2% 0.00 0.00
Queenstown Queenstown Primary 0% 0% 32% -4% -9% 0.00 0.00
Jurong East Yuhua Primary 0% 0% 32% -3% -1% 0.00 0.00
Queenstown New Town Primary 0% 0% 31% 3% 0% 0.00 0.00
Hougang Yio Chu Kang Primary 0% 0% 31% 1% -6% 0.00 0.00
Yishun Naval Base Primary 0% 0% 29% 2% 6% 0.00 0.00
Hougang Xinghua Primary 14% 0% 29% -5% -2% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Timah Bukit Timah Primary 0% 0% 28% -3% -2% 0.00 0.00
Kallang Bendemeer Primary 0% 0% 28% -17% -7% 0.00 0.07
Seng Kang North Spring Primary 13% 0% 27% -9% -8% 0.00 0.00
Pasir Ris Coral Primary 0% 0% 26% -5% 7% 0.00 0.00
Tampines Griffiths Primary 0% 0% 25% 7% -3% 0.00 0.00
Bedok Opera Estate Primary 0% 0% 24% -1% 2% 0.00 0.00
Serangoon Zhonghua Primary 0% 0% 24% -1% 0% 0.00 0.00
Central Stamford Primary 17% 0% 22% 0% -5% 0.00 0.00
Tampines East View Primary 0% 0% 20% -9% -4% 0.00 0.00
Bedok Damai Primary 0% 0% 19% -3% 2% 0.00 0.00
Geylang MacPherson Primary 17% 0% 19% -3% -4% 0.00 0.00
Toa Payoh First Toa Payoh Primary 0% 0% 19% -2% -1% 0.00 0.00
Pasir Ris Loyang Primary 0% 0% 17% -6% -6% 0.00 0.00
Novena Balestier Hill Primary 0% 0% 17% -1% 0% 0.00 0.00
Bedok East Coast Primary 0% 0% 16% -1% -2% 0.00 0.00
Tampines Qiaonan Primary 0% 0% 15% 0% 4% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Batok Hong Kah Primary 0% 0% 13% -4% -8% 0.00 0.00
Bishan Guangyang Primary 20% 0% 12% 1% -2% 0.00 0.00
Bukit Merah Cantonment Primary 0% 0% 10% 10% 9% 0.00 0.00
Bedok Bedok West Primary 0% 0% 8% -1% -1% 0.00 0.00

That's a difficult choice.

That’s a difficult choice.  Obviously, MGS would be the better choice for you since you are within 1km of it, but the risk of balloting in Phase 2C is ever present.  Perhaps you should first secure a place in CHIJ Toa Payoh in Phase 2B and then monitor MGS in Phase 2C to see what your odds are.  You may then take the plunge and go for balloting.  Also, if you are an SC, you will have a distinct advantage in Phase 2C.

Good luck.

MGS or CHIJ (toa Payoh)

Im staying within 1 km of MGS but have no other affliation to the school. Do I still qualify under Phase 2B? As we re catholics we are able to qualify under Phase 2B of CHIJ Toa Payoh.

What should I choose? short distance (MGS) or CHIJ?

Would appreciate feedback

grandparents address

What happen if I have a church affiliation to my school of choice but I stay out of the 2 km range?


Can I use my parents address which is within the 1-2 km range and also use the church letter to apply in Phase 2B?



parent voluntary program


My son borned in 2009. May i know when he will need to register for P1. If i want to qualify for the parent voluntary program (and go for Phase 2B), when and how to join in? Am i need to contact the school directly? Thanks.

Criteria for Parent Volunteering Acceptance

from what i know, there is no specific criteria to be a parent volunteer.  however, my gut feel is that some schools want only professionals.
i had gone for an interview and the principal was telling me she had professors, doctors, lawyers doing PV like traffic duty etc.  so i had the impression that she was trying to "show off".

i think it depends.

in terms of house, my understanding is that you have up to end of 2nd year to move in, ie. if you register in June 2012, you need to show your new property TOP is before 31 December 2014.  you can review MOE’s website for this.

Phase 2B

I would like to know if my son and I are Catholics, does it mean we naturally fall under phase 2B?
If not, what documentation do I need to prove it?
Any kindergardens which links to Maris Stella that guarantees a place there? 



I’m a bit confused between the 2 info. I’m looking at SCGS. If the 2B APP is 93%, that means 93% of vacancies available in phase 2B is taken up right? Then why is the take up rate (TUR) only 79%?

Thanks in advance.


Balloting history for 2011

Dear Chief, is above info available yet?


Many thanks.


Criteria for Parent Volunteering Acceptance

Hi all,


Am just starting out to do research for my soon to be 3 yo (born 2008).


To qualify for the parent voluntary program (and go for Phase 2B), do i need to stay closer to the school to qualify for it? If yes, what’s the criteria for selecting parent voluntary, is it based on the <1km, 1-2km, >2km consideration?


What if I have not move there yet and I plan to buy a place (which is still in construction) near that school? Checking this because i don’t want to buy that place already (within 1km) and not able to participate in phase 2B. then i’ll be stuck with the property (yes, choosing property location based on the school!).


Can somebody advice on this?



Agree to the recommendation

My D is in Lakeside while years later my S is in Rulang. Mainly because one got the ballot while the other did not. However, going through both schools allowed me to understand that its not a very great deal of difference and learning is also very much dependant on the character of your child; or which environment he suits. My D is happily in Lakeside & I do not have the intention to switch school, not even for logistic convenience. I value her happiness level in her current school.

Confirmation of Ballot for Rulang PVs <1km in 2011

This year is indeed exceptional for Rulang; as it ballotted for PVs staying within 1 km. Which also meant that all PVs staying outside of 1km actually did not even had the chance to be ballotted under phase 2B. Indeed a waste of the efforts for more than half of the PVs. But then again, it was emphasized by the school many times, that PVs does not guarantee a successful seat, yet still many flocked in to volunteer yearly.

is there a balloting history

is there a balloting history chart for phase 2Cs?

Thanks for clarifying. :D

Thanks for clarifying. 😀

Please see Chief's reply below..

"The Ballot Risk…

… is a statistical measure that is based on historical data (2006-2010).  It does not take the current (2011) situation into consideration.  It is necessary for parents to review all the given parameters (Change in 2011 vacancies vs 2010, difference in 2011 TUR vs historical and 2010) to form their own decisions on whether to take the risk.

ChiefKiasu | Fri, 15/07/2011 – 4:09pm"

Is there a mistake on the

Is there a mistake on the list? I know for a fact that under Phase 2B, balloting is required for those < 1km for NYPS. But on the list, it is indicated as green ie balloting is required for those outside of 2km only.

But seeing no one has pointed this out, have I interpreted the chart wrongly?

Hi Angelight, I'm pretty sure

Hi Angelight, I’m pretty sure your dd won’t blame you at all 🙂 For kids, the most important thing in the world to them is knowing their parents love them and care for them, and spend time with them. The school would not make that much difference. Even if she goes to PLMGS, your dd may make it to a good secondary school on her own merit, as alot of my friends and my dh have done —  from neighbourhood primary schools to branded secondary schools 🙂 My dh has never blamed his parents for not sending him to a branded primary school. He made it to a top secondary school, then to JC and Uni by his own efforts. Besides, PLMGS and MGS are not that different. I know its a hard decision, and we all want the best for our kids. So do think carefully, and weigh all pros and cons.

Money No Enough

Hi michyms,

thanks for your advice. To be honest, I’m not quite keen to move to Bt Timah just to get DD into MGS (no guarantee also) cos DH is sole breadwinner and I’m a SAHM (money not enough! ).

But DH feels that he is shortchanging DD if we dont get her into the best school (MGS better than PLMGS in terms of standard). He himself went to a top boys’ school, so he also wants his girl to have the best. But he also worries abt the financial burden if we buy a property near MGS. So now in dilemna loh.  We also don’t want DD to blame us next time for not sending her to the best pri school…


Good Morning BigDevil. Yours

Good Morning BigDevil. Yours reply really help and make us more confidence with the planning for my gal . But still have to keep my fingers cross, cos Poi Ching also not easy to get in.

Pei Chun Public School

Dear Parents,

I am registring my son on P2C for Pei Chun, and we stay within 1km. Looking at the trending, can anyone share with me what is the likelihood of balloting for those within 1km in Pei Chun??

We are torn between Pei Chun, or going directly to Kou Chuan, which likely do not need to ballot for less than 1km.(we live in Bishan- but both school within 1km)

Apperciate some wise advice !!


Mummy Ah Kuan

Rulang PV

This yr Rulang PVs need to ballot even for those staying within 1km.

Phase 2C for ACSP

Dear Chief, Do you have the past statistics for ACSP’s phase 2C? I live within 1km. Based on your analysis, ballot risk is 0.91. In the last few years, were those within 1 km under balloting? Your reply is very much appreciated. BH


I’m not Chief.

But the answer to your question is yes. By next year’s registration, the date will read 31 Dec 2014.

So the guideline is that the new place must TOP before the start of P3.

Flat under construction, can I still use the address?

Hello Chief,

Thank you very much for the reply. Does the date for (TOP) much not be later than 31 Dec 2013 apply to this year registration of P1 for 2012? Will the date move according for next year P1 registration for 2013?

best regards,


I believe you already know

I believe you already know all along what you should do. You just need another voice to help make up your mind, and to provide support for what you are going to do.

Well, you have my support.

Best of luck!

Hi Angelight, I hope you dun

Hi Angelight, I hope you dun mind me jumping to provide a humble opinion. You’ll probably have to consider if you are well able to afford the bank loan for an expensive property near MGS, and whether you have any regrets if your dd does not end up getting there if it is over subscribed. It’s extremely stressful to have to support a big loan unless you and your spouse are earning alot. And if you are, then its a no brainer to buy an expensive property in that case. If u are stressed over the loan in future, it’ll affect your dd and cause her to be stressed out even if she is in MGS. So whatever u decide, its best to make a decision that is comfortable for your family and the least stressful. 

Thank you BigDevil. (let

Thank you BigDevil. (let go… let go) Sometimes, I just feel so wasted not to try within 1KM. Now, I understand the anxiety of those parents.

Please Advice

Dear Chief

My kids will be under Phase 2C. I would like to seek your advice / view on getting into HPPS & we come under 1KM. I understand only the % risk. But what’s the % success. Can advice me?

Is there any alternate that you can recommend?


Pleasure Mom


Your worry is not unfounded.

All schools in JW (except Juying) reduced intake this year, so you can expect more intense competition at West Grove than before. And all who failed at various other schools are going to flock to Xingnan in Phase 2CS, so you will again see intense competition.

My opinion is not to risk it, but just go for a sure bet in Xingnan during phase 2C.


Hi Chief,

It looks like MGS is much more difficult to get in than Paya Lebar MGS. Need your wise advice.

I don’t live within 1km of MGS or PLMGS, so i will have to move to Bt Timah in order to get DD into MGS, which means take bank loan and buy an expensive property there. Or I shld stay put in my current place and register DD in PLMGS?


Anyone got good advice for

Anyone got good advice for me? Should I take the chance?


This is taken from http://www.moe.edu.sg/education/admissions/primary-one-registration/required-documents/

Proof of Purchase of Yet-to-be Completed Property

An original Sales and Purchase document is required if the address of a yet-to-be completed private property is used for registration. The date of commitment by the developer in the Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P.) must not be later than 31 Dec 2013. In the case of a yet-to-be completed HDB flat, the Agreement for Lease is required.

Parents must move into the new property within two years of the child’s entry into Primary One.

Flat under construction, can I still use the address?

Hell Chief,

Recently had decided to move near Poi Ching School at Tampines. But the newly booked flat is under construction till 2014. But my gal is ready for P1 in 2013. I do not want her to switch school. Can I still register under the P2C using the newly booked address cos the new flat is <1km distance from Poi Ching School.

Please advise,



Called the sschool. The ballot is conducting for 1-2km.



at the end of phase 2B, there are 54 applicants for the 44 available vacancies. So balloting is more or less confirmed, unless after the allocation by distance, the cutoff happens to be exactly at 44.



West Grove or Xingnan

Dear Chief,

I will be going to 2C on July 27. I do not know which school should I go. I stay within 1km to West Grove but based on the above table, I might need to ballot for 111 seats.  Whereas Xingnan is 1k-2km from my home and seats available are 134. I’m worried that if I can’t get into WG, Xingnan will not be available in 2C(S) too.  Pls advice.



at end of phase 2B, there are 29 applicants for the 22 places at Red Swastika. balloting is more or less confirmed unless after allocation by distance, the cutoff happened to be exactly at 22.

unsuccessful applicants of any earlier phase can always apply back at same school in subsequent phases.

good luck


@Twins Closet

hi twins closet

it is not true that PR can only ballot once.

the only difference between PR & Citizen in balloting, is that when balloting occurs and both are within the distance requiring balloting, the PR gets to place 1 slip into the ballot bowl while the citizen gets to place 2 slips into the same ballot bowl.

there is no more first come first serve in registration. with effect from this year, all phases will conduct ballot should number of applicants exceed available vacancies.

good luck !


for phase 2B balloting, it

for phase 2B balloting, it depends on how many of them stay <1km among these 30 Red Swastika applicants. if there are less than 22 of them staying <1km, then no balloting needed for those. e.g. 20 apps stay <1km, they can all get in. then left 2 vac for those stay 1-2km. if there’re 5 of them, then they need to ballot for these 2 vac. no chance for balloting for those >2km.

for those who can’t get in during phase 2B, who may not necessary be staying >1km, they can still register for phase 2C but then will be competing with more applicants staying <1km.

hope it answers your questions…

PeiChun & KhengCheng


Im staying within 1km from PeiChun & KhengCheng. What do you think are the chances of getting in Peichun for phase 2C? If cant get into Pei Chun i will have to opt for Kheng Cheng at Phase 2Cb. Any likelyhood that KhengCheng will ballot for phase 2Cb?

Btw, Im a Pr so can only ballot once.

During registration, is it base on first come first serve basis? Or its better to view the situation first and register on the 2nd day?


balloting for phase 2C

As of first day of Phase 2B, number applied (30) for Red Swastika as outnumber the vanancies (22).  There will be balloting even for this phase.  Therefore 8 of them will not get the places. 

Can the 8 of them join in the ballot for phase 2C.

If yes, i suppose they are within 1km right.  If they are more than 1km then totally no chance.  Am I right to say that?


North Land Primary Phase 2B

 North Land Primary Phase 2B :

As per the above table it is mentioned as 0.02 for Ballot Risk, what does it mean.



thanks a lot, Chief. Can

thanks a lot, Chief. Can sleep well tonight 🙂

Congratulations, SKJ...

… your hardwork as a PV has paid off.

2010 Bukit Panjang Phase 2B Registration

Yipee !!!, No balloting for staying within 1km.

2010 Bukit Panjang Phase 2B Registration

Hi, Chief ,

Thanks for your reply !

I hope so… just called the gen office , total 33 are staying within 1km.

Agree that this year there

Agree that this year there are many suprises that in Phase 2B balloting situation surfacing out. Guess this could be due to more property being constructed near these ‘popular schools" & also the school reduce the intake.

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

I am looking to register my girl in Phase 2C to CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace.  How good is this school?  I am staying out of the 2km zone, what is my chance of getting in?

2010 Bukit Panjang Phase 2B registrations...

… there were 45 seats taken up in Phase 2B last year.

Somehow, I don’t believe that balloting will occur for those within 1km for BPPS in Phase 2B this year.  It is more likely for those beyond 2km.

We will know by tonight 🙂 


Hi, Chief,


I am PV of BPPS stay within 1 km but seems like there will be balloting for this year as just called gen office that 30/41 are staying within 1km as for yesterday.

Can you advise the how many seats taken on last year phase 2b ?

I am really worried…


Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it.


I think Rulang may undergo balloting for those within 1KM this time…

Hi, in my own opinion and

Hi, in my own opinion and looking at the history – West Grove is sure to have balloting for those staying within 1 km. This is mainly becauses the school is surrounded by many HDB flats and it’s 1km radius does cover quite fair bit of areas. Do have a back-up plan if you are planning for Phase 2C In WGPS.

West Grove

Hi Chief

I am one of the Ruilang PV living more than 2km..hence no choice. Now, thinking of West Grove which is less than 1 km from where I stay for Phase 2C.

Do you have any comments on West Grove, whether it is a good school?

Looking at the current vancanies, do you I stand a choice for West Gove under Phase 2C?





Dear Baby Elle...

… you may change your NRIC address to the rental address provided you are physically staying there.  It is a chargeable offence if you cannot be located in the address you provide in your NRIC.

If you want to use that address for P1 Registration, your child is expected to be physically staying there for all of the 6 years of Primary school education.  If you move within the 1st 2 years, you could be subject to investigation by MOE.

Renting House Near School of Choice

Hi there,

Given the current property market prices so high, we are not able to purchase a flat near to the primary school of our choice, and is thinking of renting a flat within the 1km radius. Will we be able to update our IC to the new address and use it for the registration of the school?

Dear jaymom...

… it is not possible to say which is a "better" school because the parameters for comparison is different for different parents.  We can only tell you which school is more popular or which school has got more top national students.

Most parents select schools based on the following criteria, and with different weightages.

  • Distance from home
  • Affiliation with Secondary schools
  • Religious bias
  • Character building (very subjective)
  • Academic performance in PSLE
  • Excellence in certain sports
  • Excellence in certain programmes (aesthetics, IT, mother tongue, etc)
  • Experienced and passionate teachers (very subjective)
  • Facilities (eg. well equipped classrooms, swimming pools and stadiums, etc)

So I hope you can see why we cannot respond to questions such as "Is XXX school better than YYY school"

You can, however take comfort in the knowledge that all Primary schools are well regulated by MOE.  There is no such thing as a "bad" school in Singapore.

To gauge historical ballot competitiveness for Phase 2C...

… all you have to do is to refer to the ballot history for the school.

Look at the APP column for Phase 2C.  If it involves balloting within 1km, then the APP value will directly represent the total number of people vying for the available seats in Phase 2C.  So if it is 150%, it means only 10 out of every 15 applicants will be successful, or a success rate of 2/3.  If it is 400%, it means only a quarter of the applicants will be successful.

If balloting is beyond 1km, the APP column does NOT represent the level of competitiveness for the ballot, or at least not directly.  This is because it also includes applicants who will not need to ballot (ie. they stay within 1km).  MOE does not publish the total number of successfully registered children before the ballot. In such situations, it is very likely that the competiveness is much higher, since the participants for the ballot is vying for what remains after allocation to those within 1km or even 1-2km.


Hi Chief Do you happen to have some historical numbers pertaining to those staying within with from HPPS? The nos. for P2C aren’t looking good, looking at the current situation, those staying >1km may not stand a chance and am trying to gauge what is the success rate like for those staying within 1km. Thanks!

Needing to make a rational decision

dear chief

I’m one of the unfortunate one that is almost certain to be ousted in P2B for Rulang due to within 1-2km. I’m left with not much choice. Within 1km, i can only choose either JWPS and the new school, Frontier Pr. Judging from historical data, high chance to even ballot < 1km at P2C for JWPS. I’m quite terrified to be relegated to P2Csup, that leaves me with even lesser options. I’m considering Lakeside Pr but the distance is  within 1-2km at P2C. RL recommended that we give the new school a shot but i’m really skeptical about new set-up, teething issues, nothing to benchmark on. It can be a risk to be a pioneer and i’m just trying to make a rational decision. … I’m really vexed, what’s your opinion of the 3 schools that are left for consideration? I couldn’t quite gather much info on JWPS and LSP in the forum.. Thanx in adv..


Dear volcano...

… Phase 2B is a wild-card, an extra chance for parents to try their luck before Phase 2C.  BPPS has traditionally managed Phase 2B very well, as indicated by the lack of balloting in that Phase for the last 5 years.

However, the very high TUR this year in the earlier phases is worrying, as it puts pressure on the remaining places.  Last year, there were about 45 registrations in Phase 2B.  If the same number applies for this year’s available 40 places in Phase 2B, BPPS will get its first ballot situation in Phase 2B for the first time in 6 years.

Perhaps you can call the school to ask about the number of PVs eligible for this year’s Phase 2B.  However, even that may not be indicative of the actual number since there is that unknown number from grassroots leaders. 


Thanks for the clarification Chief!

You can put yourself on Rulang's wait list...

… at the end of Phase 2C and hope that some registered kids may decide to go to other schools before the end of this year.  This wait-list, however, can be quite long.  So it’s a really slim chance.

Alternatively, you can approach Rulang at the end of Pri 1 with your child’s report card to see if the school would accept the transfer.  It would be best if you stay within 1km of Rulang for the school to consider your case. 

Dear lims...

… your calculations are accurate.

Hi chief, tks! btw i can

Hi chief, tks! btw i can check wif you on the following

Pei Hwa in total only has 300 vacanies..

158 vacanies taken by p1 ,then

p2A &2A2  total is = 55 ,

p2B = 44

therefore balance is 300-158-1-54-44= 43 only

43 vacanies open only for p2c izzit?

Am i rite?



Bukit Panjang Primary School

Hi Chief,

Any comments on BPPS? Do you think required balloting for phase2B?

Haiz, some parents commented need to ballot for phase 2B espically for those living within 1-2km. The no. of PVs seem to be over-subscribe for this year.

Really hope no balloting is requried….

The Ballot Risk...

… is a statistical measure that is based on historical data (2006-2010).  It does not take the current (2011) situation into consideration.  It is necessary for parents to review all the given parameters (Change in 2011 vacancies vs 2010, difference in 2011 TUR vs historical and 2010) to form their own decisions on whether to take the risk.

Rulang hot seats

I had areadi secured a place under phase 2A for my gal at Fuhua Primary.  But I wanted very much to try n get her into Rulang which is within 2km from my house.  But after reading this forum, I think I better give up and stay put.  I would like to know, how to do a transfer after all the allocation.



Dear quietmom...

Lakeside Primary had balloting within 1-2km for Phase 2C(S) in 2010 and 2006.

Given the fact that there are only 19 places left in Rulang for Phase 2C, and there is likely going to be a lot of applicants for Rulang for Phase 2C (those PVs who failed in Phase 2B are likely to try again in Phase 2C), your chances are going to be 1 in 5 at best.  Most of those that try and fail in Rulang will likely opt for Lakeside Primary in Phase 2C(S).

So you must decide for yourself.  Would you like to try your luck (getting into Rulang will be quite difficult, and may risk you getting into another ballot situation for Lakeside), or would you just go for Lakeside Primary and be done with this Primary Exercise so that you can focus on preparing your child for Primary 1?

Rulang balloting

Hi Chief,

With the confirmation from forummer that >2km will not have a chance to ballot, do you reckon that there is a need to change the above highlighting for Rulang to either yellow or red?

There is no minimum requirement...

… for you to have ALREADY stayed in the place.  However, you ARE expected to stay in the rented place for the next 6 years.

Rulang is obviously...

… in an exceptional situation this year.  It cut 30 places from its vacancies which is 10% of the 2010 vacancies – but the increase in TUR vs 2010 is 16%!  With 19 places left for Phase 2B, it is safe to say that those staying beyond 2km is unlikely to even get to ballot.

The only question left is whether balloting will happen within 1km.  In my humble opinion, that is the most likely scenario.

Rulang Phase 2B

Hi Chief and viviana,

Hope you don’t mind me answering.

From the sharings of fellow forummers, it is now known that those PVs staying >2km will not have a chance to ballot.

As for those 1-2km, a meeting was held but no one came in to share if the situation is also the same for them(as in no chance to ballot).

So either balloting only for <1km or for 1-2km for Rulang under Phase 2B we are not sure..also there is still the unknown factor of how many GRL will be applying.

Maybe you can check with the school directly and let us know.

I understand your stress viviana. Good luck and all the best!

Hi Chief , thanks for all the

Hi Chief , thanks for all the clarification, does anyone know the numbers of PV for Tao Nan for this year ? thanks   

Rulang Phase 2B

Dear Chieft,

From MOE website, the places of Rulang phase 2B is only 19. And each year the school will accept 50 parental volunteers. I think many of them living within 2km and the ballot risk of less than 1km is also high. Am I correct?

Thank you very much for your clarification.

Stressed mother.




Justa note if you opt out of PeiChun and did not....

get in ACSP, you will lose even the possibility of getting to a hot school. Looking at the odds, ACSP is very slim since balloting is required for 1 km as well

Rental house address

Hi Chief,

If I use a rented house address on my IC and to register my son, do you know what is the minimum time the house  has to be rented for before registration to be eligible?

Please advise, thanks. Much appreciated.


Pei Chun is a GOOD school

Stay in there. My girls are there and I am happy so far. The teachers are very motivated at least for my kids’ class…

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the prompt reply

You are right...

…and this is taken from http://www.moe.edu.sg/education/admissions/primary-one-registration/allocation/

At the end of Phase 2A(2), 50% of the remaining places will be allocated for Phase 2B and the other 50% for Phase 2C registrants in a school. In the event that less than 50% of the allocated vacancies are taken up at Phase 2B, the remaining vacancies will be carried forward to Phase 2C.


Just wanted to clarify on the vacancies indicated for Phase 2B.

The total vacancies in school                      –  240

Vacancies filled during Phase 1, 2A1, 2A2   –  132

Total vacancies for PHase 2B (should be)    –  108

However, the vacancies shown is about 54 (exactly half).  This is how it has been worked for all schools.  Does it mean that the other half has been reserved for those applying under Phase 2C

Rulang or Lakeside

Hi Chief,

I stayed within 1 km from Rulang pri and will be registering under Phase 2C.  According to your analysis, there is very high chance of balloting.  If i fail in the ballot, I will go for Lakeside pri under Phase 2C(S) which is also within 1 km of my house.

Should I take the chance of balloting Rulang in Phase 2C or should I go straight to Lakeside pri?  What is the likelyhood that I will not get into Lakeside at Phase 2C(S)?

Thank you for your advice!



Hi Madhu,

According to balloting history, Canossa Convent does not conduct balloting for any of the phases. In fact, it still had places available for Phase 2CS and there’s no balloting at that phase either.

So what you could do is to register at Canossa Convent in phase 2C, and save yourself the worry of having to go through balloting.

However, if you do feel like taking your chances with St Margaret’s, then you will still have a great backup in Canossa Convent should you fail in the balloting for St Margaret’s.

High values for GREEN section...

… ie. values between 0-0.36, mean high chance of balloting for those beyond 2km.  Because ACJS consistently requires balloting for those beyond 2km in the last 5 years for Phase 2B, it has a high "green" value.  This means it is very likely that those staying beyond 2km will need to ballot.  Conversely, it also means those staying within 2km are "safe".

As long as it is under 0.38, the risk of balloting at 1-2km or even 2km is minimal.

Again, this is only a technical analysis.  There is no guarantee that freak events won’t happen during any P1 registration. 

Some clarifications on the risk classification for balloting


Hi Chief Just wanna ask some clarification on your risk classification for balloting. I am trying for ACJS in P2B and I stay within 1-2km. According to your classification, the risk is 0.33 which means I shouldn’t have to ballot. But the value is still quite near 0.36. So just wanna find out what’s the likelihood of balloting in my case. According to the historical data, there wasn’t any balloting for 1-2 km in 2B for the past 5 years. I would expect the value closer to 0 Please advice. Many thanks


  100 applicants for 50

100 applicants for 50 places.

  • 20 are more than 2km
  • 20 are between 1-2km
  • 60 are within 1km

In this case, the 40 beyond 1km will be OUT of contention – they don’t even join the ballot.

The 60 within 1km will ballot for 50 places, which means 83% chance of success.

Chances are high that you may not even get a chance to ballot for CHIJ TPY in Phase 2C if you stay beyond 1km.  You can make your decision after Phase 2B results are released.

Thank you, Mental...

… for the great points you have in your post.  We believe most parents are in agreement with your views.

A number of parents are just "trying their luck" with the hot schools where they don’t really have a very good chance of winning the ballot, and I’m sure they are mentally prepared to go for their next best choice in Phase 2CS.

phase 2C


please help to clarify my doubt. Those fail in Phase 2B can register in Phase 2C along Phase 2C applicants. How does this ballot works. Does the school do the balloting based on :

1) staying within 1km

2)staying within 1-2km

3)staying exceeds 2km

eg: If the avaible slots balance is 40 and those applicants staying within 1km is 45 the rest of the applicants will no longer stand a chance?

Stress parents for Phase 2C. Looking at the statistics please also advise what are my chances for CHIJ toa Payoh in phase 2C staying within 1-2km (1st choice) if it is BAD then I will try to go for St Margaret.

Pei Chun vs ACS

I got in Pei Chun in phase 2a2 but i lived with 1km of ACS primary, given the statistics.. what is the best way to do this? Most friends advised to stay in Pei Chun as its a great school. Am worried about the high chinese standard and the work load, not sure if DS can cope.


Dear fookmun

The answer is Yes for both of your questions.

The ballot risk...

… is based on the past 5 years’ data on each school.  There has been NO history of balloting at any distance for RGPS between 2005 and 2010 in Phase 2B.  Hence the ballot risk for RGPS in Phase 2B is ZERO.

This can happen because the school has placed strict controls on its PV numbers to prevent ballot situations in Phase 2B.

However, the school has no control over Grassroots Leaders who may qualify for Phase 2B, and of course, no control over the numbers of Phase 1 and Phase 2A applicants.  With the increased TUR (due to the loss of 30 vacancies), there is always that risk that RGPS may require balloting this year, even for Phase 2B.

Primary 1 Registration

Dear Chief

If my son secured a place in Phase 2A2, can he try for a place in the latter phase?  ‘cos I am old boy in 1 school but my house is next to a popular primary school.  do I need to withdraw from the earlier school in order to "try" for the school near my house?  pls advise.  thks



I’m a p2b parent for RGPS, based on the numbers, the available slots are 41 for P2B, don’t really understand why the risk of Balloting at 2B is 0.0 as I believe there are more than 41 eligible p2b parents.

Please clarify.


Dear lims...

… if you don’t expect, you shouldn’t have any pressure.  Treat your possibility of getting into PHPS as a bonus – a gift from the divine powers.

And remember to thank the divine powers you have the safety net of another great school in BTPS. 

Dear Pigrabbit...

… I’m sorry you did not get into Phase 2B.

Your chance of getting into GMPS is higher than KHS in Phase 2C, if you are staying within 1km of both schools.  Based on that distance and the past 5 years history, GMPS does not feature any balloting within 1km for Phase 2C.

Dear Hollywood...

… if you fail at Phase 2B in a school, you have to register yourself in Phase 2C with all other parents if you wish to try for the same school again.  Registration in the same school is allowed, but NOT automatic.

You may of course choose to try other schools in Phase 2C or later phases. 

Choosing a school

Hello parents.  I am new here.  I can’t help but noticed the desperation, anxiety, frustration of parents who can’t get to select the school of their choice.  I’ve a daughter who is now in P3.  Truth be told, I did go through the same emotional rollercoaster that some of you are going through; fretting about whether we will be successful in the ballot or did we choose the right school.

On hindset, I think to some extent, we probably created a stressful situation for ourselves.  Most primary schools are more or less similar in their objectives ie., to provide a well-rounded education for the little ones.  It does not mean that if your little one does not get into the school of your choice, she/he will be at a disadvantage. 

We parents, are also educators ie., educators of life.  We can teach our children the importance of values like responsibility, diligence, fair play, humility, having fun, flexibility, etc., which can only have a positive ripple effect on your child’s attitude towards everything they do. The best thing about this ‘school’ is that it doesn’t need balloting or volunteering hours.  So who’s to say your child will be at a disadvantage if the school of choice is not successful.  Your child is already unconditionally accepted into a very special school which is located in the very premise of your own home.

So fret not, parents because when one door is closed, another (read exciting) will open.

where Can I register for phase 2C ST.MArgeret or Canossa convent

dear chief, 

  i have been following the threads for last few months.My DD will be in phase2c for St.margarets girls school and also for canossa convent both > 2km ,sure have balloting,though Bendemeer  primary is within 1km,want to go anyone of the above girls school.If in the case of balloting ,when   will the balloting take place?on the result  announcement date August 5th ?I’m living  near Boon keng MRT…so both girls  schools  are of 2.2km distance ,Can u please advise where I can register for my DD for phase 2c?


Hi Mummies My situation abit

Hi Mummies

My situation abit dif…my nearest is Pei hwa..therefore i have no choice but to go for this PRESSURE as i know if i dun even try i will regrat if….  really if we are out my backup would be Bukit timah Pri 2 km plus ….this is should have vacanies avail by P2CS coz according to the history not a problem.


Any comments…very very gan cheong too

I failed in 2B SHHK recommendation

Chief – thanks for your stats and experienced analysis. I’ve been following this thread. Today I found out I did not get SHHK’s recommendation for phase 2B for Kong Hwa, they advise that I lost out to longer tenureship members. I am within 1km of the school. I’m undoubtedly very disappointed and would like your more experienced advise on best route to take now. I’m wondering if I should still try Kong Hwa under 2C (there’s balloting for within 1km) or should I try Geylang Methodist (also balloting for within 1km)? Based on calculated risk, either way .. still risky. I’m having palpitations just thinking about this.

2B and 2C ? - Question

Hi , can anyone let me know , if parents are unsuccessful in 2B , do they go to 2C and reballot again ? Is this how the system work or once you are unsuccessful in 2B, you are not allow to particpate in 2C of the same school ? Thanks  

Dear [email protected] and Kitty Bone...

All Phases from Phase 1 to Phase 2C(S) are based on the ballot concept, and not first-come-first-served.  So there is no difference whether you register on the 1st or last day of the Phase.

However, if you register in the 1st day and live beyond 1km, you must stand by your phone as the school may notify you if you are likely to be unsuccessful because balloting may occur even for those staying within 1km.

For this reason, some parents prefer to register in the 2nd day, so that they can see the statistics for the first day before doing the registration.  This can help to save the hassle of withdrawing from the 1st school in order to register in the 2nd choice school.

1st , 2nd or 3rd Day?

Under phase 2C, is it better to get register on 1st , 2nd or 3rd day?


Pls advice.Thanks

1st or 2nd day

Can anyone be so helpful to tell me, does it make any difference if i register under 2b on the 1st or 2nd day?

 'Believe me, unless you like

 ‘Believe me, unless you like living on the edge, you DON’T want to be in a ballot situation.’

I TOTALLY agree with this statement.  2 years ago, I accompanied a lady friend to a P2C balloting exercise for a popular all girls school.  Then, the success rate was > 80% which I thought was quite good.

On the day itself, when I was at the school hall, the atmosphere was so super duper TENSE!! Each time the VP announces a name, you could see 1 very relieved and happy parent but many other ‘getting more and more nervous’ parents.  The agony of waiting for your name to be called is beyond description.  It’s totally scary!!

My friend’s gal’s name was amongst the last few to be called.  My friend almost broke down and cried after being so tense up the past few days.  She told me that she could not sleep the previous few nights as she kept wondering anxiously if she would be successful with her gal’s registration.

After this episode, I am thankful that I have been spared of balloting for my kids’ P1 registration as I have put them into my hubby’s and my alma mata.  Also, I don’t think that I would want to witness another P1 balloting exercise.  I can’t take the pressure!!!


You're most welcome

Dear wimdils

You are most welcome.

Our intent of putting up the stats is to show parents the hard facts about trying to get into some of the really hot schools.  It may better to plan earlier to get into some other schools at Phase 2C than to try one’s luck at squeezing into a "top" school, making it stressful for everyone involved.

Remember, there is ALSO balloting in Phase 2C(S).  To avoid that situation, parents can look at all the schools which require balloting in Phase 2C(S), and go for these schools in Phase 2C, rather than to risk balloting in Phase 2C AND Phase 2C(S).  Believe me, unless you like living on the edge, you DON’T want to be in a ballot situation.

thank you!

dear chief,

I think i speak for all parents that we are truly grateful to you for doing the analysis and churning out the data as soon as made available.

Thank you sooo much..

being in Phase 2c is a scary thought. but at least with the data made available, parents will be able to make a sound decision.

The popular schools

On the whole this year is going to be a tough year even for the 2Bs for the popular schools .. so not much to be said even for 2C , chances is not good at all 🙁 . I wanted to enrol my daughter at Tao Nan , but am really thinking very hard nowld take the risk  !  

looks like we have to give up

looks like we have to give up our 1st choice if base on this yr n history….

Stressful P1 registraton!

IT is really a stressful year for the parents who has to go under P2C!!!!


Very scary this year

Looks like by each passing year the situation also becomes difficult!!