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P1 Registration (2012) – Phase 2C



For a child who is ineligible for or unsuccessful in earlier phases

Announcement of Results:
Friday 5 August 2011

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Updated 29 July 2011.  The last day of Phase 2C is over.  22 more schools joined this ballot list, making the final tally of 89 schools who will be in a cut-off or balloting situation.

South View continued to increase its red hot statistics today to an application rate of 486%!  That’s almost 5 times oversubscribed.  Assuming most of these applicants are within 1km, parents are looking at the stark prospect of having about 1 in 5 chance of getting their child a place in the school!

All the top 25 schools that we predicted earlier will be in some kind of ballot situation are now confirmed to require balloting once again. 

Choa Chu Kang and Tampines Primary joins Frontier Primary, Edgefield and Yangzheng in requiring balloting in Phase 2C for the first time in 6 years.

Just a little note to end off this year’s Phase 2C analysis.  For the first time in 6 years, Jurong West does not have balloting at 1km in Phase 2C.  In fact, it has no balloting at all!  It would appear that most of those who would be gone for JWPS have chosen to go to Frontier, the new school, which caused the new school to take brunt of the demand.

We hope our analysis has been useful for parents and have helped you all to make better informed decisions throughout the P1 registration exercise!

Good luck to all those who will need to ballot next Friday!  As long as you have a ready backup plan for contingency in Phase 2C(S), you shouldn’t have to worry too much.  Treat the winning of the ballot as a bonus, rather as a do or die situation, because it is your child that makes the school, as much as the school that makes the child.  No matter which school your child gets into, what he or she needs more is your full support and understanding for at least the next six years.

Notes on Table

Vacancies vs 2010 Column

This shows the difference in vacancies offered by the school in 2011 versus 2010. A negative value shows a decrease from the previous year, which would intensify the level of competition for the seats this year.

Phase App Column

This shows the total number of applicants for the Phase versus the total number of vacancies offered for that Phase. 100% means all the vacancies offered for the Phase is taken up. More than 100% means there are too many registrants, and balloting will happen for that Phase.

Ballot Risk Columns

1. The Ballot Risk index ranges from 0.0 to 1.0

2. You should read it as a 3-part scale:

0.0-0.36: (Green) Risk of balloting only for those staying beyond 2km. Parents staying within 2km should not worry too much. As the value approaches 0.36, chance of balloting at this distance is actually very high. Any value above 0.36 means balloting at any distance is quite likely for that specific school.

0.37-0.78: (Yellow) Risk of balloting only for those staying between 1-2km. Those staying beyond 2km may not even have a chance to ballot. Parents staying within 1km may not need to ballot at all. As the value approaches 0.78, chance of balloting at this distance is actually very high.

0.79-1.00: (Red) Risk of balloting only for those staying within 1km. Anyone staying beyond 1km may not even get a chance to ballot at all.

School Vacancies
vs 2010
Historical APP Historical Ballot Risk
2C 2C
South View Primary -10% 100% 486% 254% 1.00
Rosyth -9% 100% 450% 305% 1.00
Rulang Primary -10% 100% 438% 291% 1.00
Red Swastika -11% 100% 341% 195% 1.00
Ai Tong 0% 100% 340% 174% 1.00
Northland Primary 0% 100% 332% 215% 1.00
Temasek Primary -11% 100% 317% 153% 1.00
St Hilda’s Primary 0% 100% 303% 305% 1.00
Nan Hua Primary 0% 100% 300% 234% 1.00
Anderson Primary 0% 100% 267% 143% 0.80
Nan Chiau Primary 0% 100% 262% 300% 1.00
Catholic High 14% 100% 244% 294% 1.00
Admiralty Primary -11% 100% 234% 164% 1.00
Bukit Panjang Primary 0% 100% 230% 142% 0.93
Henry Park Primary -9% 100% 227% 150% 0.89
Canberra Primary 0% 100% 223% 167% 1.00
Princess Elizabeth Primary 0% 100% 221% 215% 1.00
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ 0% 100% 219% 172% 1.00
Yu Neng Primary 0% 100% 217% 156% 0.96
Endeavour Primary -22% 100% 199% 66% 0.42
West Grove Primary -10% 100% 195% 304% 1.00
Mee Toh 0% 100% 191% 194% 1.00
Shuqun Primary -10% 100% 189% 113% 0.78
Evergreen Primary 0% 100% 188% 167% 1.00
Xinmin Primary 0% 100% 187% 126% 0.98
Pei Chun Public 0% 100% 187% 188% 1.00
Rivervale Primary 14% 100% 185% 227% 1.00
Pasir Ris Primary 0% 100% 182% 139% 0.93
Tao Nan 0% 100% 180% 149% 1.00
Nanyang Primary 0% 100% 177% 145% 1.00
Hong Wen 0% 100% 175% 126% 0.89
Chongzheng Primary 0% 100% 174% 156% 1.00
Kong Hwa 0% 100% 171% 165% 0.91
St Joseph’s Institution Junior 0% 100% 157% 142% 0.67
Chongfu Primary 0% 100% 155% 152% 1.00
Gongshang Primary 0% 100% 154% 166% 1.00
Keming Primary 0% 100% 153% 119% 0.87
Fengshan Primary 0% 100% 149% 95% 0.38
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 0% 100% 146% 119% 0.91
Radin Mas Primary 0% 100% 146% 140% 0.87
Jiemin Primary 0% 100% 139% 127% 0.69
Hougang Primary 0% 100% 135% 138% 1.00
St Andrew’s Junior 0% 100% 135% 131% 0.84
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary -9% 100% 135% 132% 0.82
St Gabriel’s Primary 0% 100% 134% 84% 0.13
De La Salle 0% 100% 133% 186% 1.00
Innova Primary 0% 100% 132% 73% 0.40
Yangzheng Primary -14% 100% 130% 75% 0.00
Greenwood Primary -11% 100% 129% 99% 0.80
Edgefield Primary 13% 100% 127% 73% 0.00
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 0% 100% 125% 126% 0.78
Beacon Primary 0% 100% 125% 92% 0.60
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 0% 100% 125% 154% 0.91
Greenridge Primary 0% 100% 125% 97% 0.60
Holy Innocents’ Primary -10% 100% 125% 137% 0.91
Jurong Primary 0% 100% 124% 116% 0.69
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace 0% 100% 124% 128% 0.36
Maris Stella High -6% 100% 123% 122% 0.60
Maha Bodhi 0% 100% 123% 122% 0.96
St Anthony’s Primary -11% 100% 123% 196% 1.00
Unity Primary 0% 100% 120% 114% 0.87
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 0% 100% 120% 129% 0.89
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary 0% 100% 119% 116% 0.87
Frontier Primary 0% 100% 118% 0% 0.00
CHIJ (Kellock) 0% 100% 117% 109% 0.31
Zhangde Primary 0% 100% 117% 114% 0.56
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity 0% 100% 117% 120% 0.47
White Sands Primary 0% 100% 116% 115% 0.87
Fairfield Methodist Primary 0% 100% 114% 134% 0.91
St Margaret’s Primary 0% 100% 114% 112% 0.27
River Valley Primary 0% 100% 113% 115% 0.67
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary 0% 100% 111% 123% 0.67
Compassvale Primary 14% 100% 111% 134% 0.93
Raffles Girls’ Primary -10% 100% 110% 170% 0.58
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ 0% 100% 109% 123% 0.73
St Stephen’s 0% 100% 107% 129% 0.36
Ngee Ann Primary 0% 100% 107% 99% 0.13
Poi Ching -11% 100% 106% 108% 0.76
Yew Tee Primary 0% 100% 106% 110% 0.84
Geylang Methodist School 0% 100% 106% 113% 0.49
Chua Chu Kang Primary -11% 100% 105% 77% 0.00
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 0% 100% 105% 110% 0.38
CHIJ (Katong) Primary 0% 100% 105% 102% 0.18
Elias Park Primary 0% 100% 104% 90% 0.27
Tampines Primary 0% 100% 104% 48% 0.00
East Spring Primary 0% 100% 103% 149% 1.00
Fuchun Primary 0% 100% 103% 106% 0.62
Clementi Primary 0% 100% 100% 114% 0.62
Kheng Cheng 0% 100% 100% 84% 0.04
Woodgrove Primary 0% 99% 98% 113% 0.49
Tanjong Katong Primary -11% 98% 94% 79% 0.00
North Vista Primary 0% 97% 95% 52% 0.00
Telok Kurau Primary 0% 97% 94% 101% 0.49
Jurong West Primary 0% 95% 90% 222% 1.00
Teck Ghee Primary 14% 95% 91% 65% 0.00
Cedar Primary 0% 94% 89% 66% 0.02
Qifa Primary 0% 93% 88% 60% 0.11
Woodlands Primary 0% 91% 81% 61% 0.00
Xingnan Primary -10% 91% 82% 88% 0.18
Punggol Primary -13% 90% 83% 73% 0.02
Haig Girls’ 0% 90% 85% 64% 0.00
Lakeside Primary -10% 90% 80% 57% 0.00
Woodlands Ring Primary 13% 89% 79% 131% 0.69
Fernvale Primary 0% 88% 82% 40% 0.00
Bedok Green Primary 0% 87% 79% 55% 0.00
Concord Primary 0% 87% 76% 75% 0.00
Anchor Green Primary 0% 85% 78% 36% 0.00
Jing Shan Primary 0% 84% 74% 52% 0.00
Ang Mo Kio Primary 0% 84% 74% 79% 0.00
Gan Eng Seng Primary 0% 83% 71% 62% 0.00
Zhenghua Primary -10% 83% 70% 66% 0.00
Changkat Primary 0% 83% 73% 80% 0.00
St Anthony’s Canossian Primary 0% 81% 69% 89% 0.02
Marymount Convent 0% 78% 68% 70% 0.02
Bukit View Primary 0% 78% 65% 56% 0.00
Casuarina Primary 0% 77% 57% 65% 0.00
Qihua Primary 0% 76% 62% 42% 0.00
Peiying Primary 0% 76% 61% 50% 0.00
Horizon 22% 75% 70% 12% 0.00
New Town Primary 0% 74% 62% 47% 0.00
Yumin Primary 0% 73% 51% 51% 0.00
Corporation Primary -20% 72% 56% 28% 0.00
Junyuan Primary 17% 72% 55% 41% 0.00
North View Primary 0% 72% 58% 45% 0.00
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary 0% 71% 58% 48% 0.00
Yishun Primary 0% 71% 50% 63% 0.00
Queenstown Primary 0% 69% 54% 54% 0.00
Tampines North Primary 0% 69% 46% 71% 0.00
Pioneer Primary 0% 69% 45% 49% 0.00
Fuhua Primary 0% 68% 44% 53% 0.00
Townsville Primary 0% 68% 51% 67% 0.00
Park View Primary 0% 66% 47% 56% 0.00
Bendemeer Primary 0% 66% 53% 72% 0.07
Xishan Primary 0% 65% 41% 44% 0.00
Mayflower Primary 14% 63% 43% 49% 0.00
Greendale Primary 13% 62% 40% 34% 0.00
Pei Tong Primary 0% 62% 39% 44% 0.00
Wellington Primary 13% 61% 43% 56% 0.00
Marsiling Primary 0% 61% 42% 31% 0.00
Meridien Primary 0% 60% 38% 60% 0.00
Lianhua Primary 0% 59% 39% 52% 0.00
Si Ling Primary 0% 59% 36% 25% 0.00
Boon Lay Garden Primary -10% 57% 38% 30% 0.00
Huamin Primary 0% 57% 33% 46% 0.00
Cantonment Primary 0% 56% 51% 7% 0.00
Yuhua Primary 0% 55% 34% 41% 0.00
Canossa Convent Primary 0% 54% 35% 45% 0.00
Bukit Timah Primary 0% 53% 35% 35% 0.00
Kranji Primary -11% 52% 23% 21% 0.00
Seng Kang Primary 0% 51% 25% 45% 0.00
Xinghua Primary 14% 49% 29% 39% 0.00
West View Primary -11% 49% 28% 35% 0.00
North Spring Primary 13% 49% 29% 33% 0.00
Yio Chu Kang Primary 0% 48% 26% 24% 0.00
Naval Base Primary 0% 48% 26% 26% 0.00
Stamford Primary 17% 47% 33% 30% 0.00
Montfort Junior -13% 46% 30% 38% 0.00
Dazhong Primary 20% 45% 23% 24% 0.00
Juying Primary 14% 43% 15% 18% 0.00
Eunos Primary 17% 42% 23% 40% 0.00
Coral Primary 0% 42% 22% 26% 0.00
Zhonghua Primary 0% 42% 25% 25% 0.00
Sembawang Primary 25% 41% 21% 50% 0.00
Opera Estate Primary 0% 41% 22% 17% 0.00
Da Qiao Primary 0% 36% 19% 35% 0.00
Griffiths Primary 0% 36% 15% 15% 0.00
MacPherson Primary 17% 36% 21% 24% 0.00
Loyang Primary 0% 32% 18% 19% 0.00
Teck Whye Primary 0% 31% 12% 19% 0.00
Damai Primary 0% 28% 11% 24% 0.00
East Coast Primary 0% 28% 14% 21% 0.00
First Toa Payoh Primary 0% 28% 11% 18% 0.00
Blangah Rise Primary -14% 27% 11% 10% 0.00
East View Primary 0% 26% 8% 21% 0.00
Balestier Hill Primary 0% 26% 13% 19% 0.00
Guangyang Primary 20% 24% 14% 10% 0.00
Farrer Park Primary 0% 23% 12% 20% 0.00
Qiaonan Primary 0% 23% 9% 12% 0.00
Hong Kah Primary 0% 21% 9% 15% 0.00
Bedok West Primary 0% 14% 7% 6% 0.00

Best Primary School

Hi passionate parents,

I am a PR with a 6 year old girl, living next to Newton Hawker Centre.

I would like to register my daughter for P1.

Would be really grateful for your best advice for the best school to apply to?

Hugest thanks for pointing me in the right direction.





find the actual numbers

hi mummy,


maybe this will help?

or you can just google 1km from chij OUR LADY OF THE NATIVITY, it will bring you to

they have the actual numbers for past few years..

Hope it helps! 

good luck and dont be too worried! 

Which school to choose

There are 2 primary schools. north vista primary and sengkang primary. who can tell me which one is better for my boy? Both schools are <1km.

ST HILDAS Hi mummies, I am


Hi mummies,

I am trying to digest this table abv. I am staying within 1km of St Hildas, any one can help me to interpret this chart?

For example:
Our First choice, St Hildas
Second Choice: Tampines Primary
(Both within 1km from my place)

For St Hildas
1) We should be under Phase 2C, within 1km. Correct?

2) Looking at chart for 2012, the chances are as such: 295% / 100%
Does it Means for every place, there is 3 children vying for it? 

3) If i am unsuccessful with St Hildas after Balloting, and i will like to register with Tampines Primary (also within 1km to my place). 
Do i have to wait for another day to register under Phase 2C Supp?

OR Can i do the registration within the same day at Tampines Primary School?

Need to calculate our chances before making a decision if we would like to still go ahead with the balloting for St Hildas. Need some advise here.

Appreciate experience mummies to share their experience… 🙂

Preparing for P1 registration this year - 2013

Hi all,

My first day on this site! 🙂 Just spent the past few hours going through the loads of information available here and must admit, am a little lost. I am anxious about the registration exercise later this year for my DD1 who will be starting P1 next year. Would love to put her in my old school, CHIJ OLGC, but that’s still quite a distance from where I am now in Sengkang. The only other option for a convent/all girls is CHIJ Our Lady of Nativity (OLN) in Hougang, based on distance.

Can anyone advise where I will be able to see what’s last years’ registration results like for Phase 2C? Thought they’d still have the data up somewhere on MOE’s website but I just can’t seem to find it. 

Also, would I be able to get her a place at my old school in 2A, and then wait till morning of 2C and see how is the application like at CHIJ OLN? I mean, how does it work at 2C? The school collects applications till end of day then announces demand more than supply and a ballot is required? Or I go early in morning and if there are places available at CHIJ OLN, I can get hubby to cancel registration at CHIJ OLGC and apply immed with CHIJ OLN and hence secure a place?

Appreciate any advice ..

P1 registration process hld be further endhanced!!!


Fully agreed and support your suggestion, we are Singaporean and native born kids of ours should be given first pirioty. You are right, unless we plan to migrate, we got no where to go. Minister in charge of education, pls wake up and do something for Singaporean.

P1 registration process should be further enhanced!


I fully support on your suggestion, view on this year situation on P1 registration, think next year will be turn to more worst. If you found the way to complaint on this matter please count me in, just need to bring our Minister more concern on this issue & improve on current system.

I am successful to get into

I am unsuccessful to get into CHIJ (Toa Payoh) in phase 2c. Now i only have 2 choices <1km

1) Mary Mount Convent

2) Balestier Hill Pri

For 1), only left with 24 places. Chances are very low. Any suggestion?

I am very worried.

Hi, Your comments should be


Your comments should be look into. Ha, I am a Singaporean. My child is also a Singaporean. We have schools within 1km radius, however it seems like impossible to go in. Cos most of them are popular schools like Red Swastika and Yu Neng. Even Fengshan Primary also needs to ballot. Just imagine how fustrated parents can be that they could not get their children in their school of choice eventhough they fall within the 1 km radius?

Guess MOE should relook into this matter. For example, if the school has 50 vacancies left for Phase 2C. Parents could still come to register on those days of registration. Once the number of applicants has reached 50, they should advise the parents to try another school. It will be more practical so that the child could get a placement in a school.

Most parents are risk takers. Based on the number of applicants registered, you could see that even there is only 1%, 5%, 10% chances for their children to go into the preferred schools, they do not mind taking chances. This is the ‘kiasu’ mindset. For those unpopular schools, you could observe that there are still so many vacancies left after Phase 2C registration.  

Guess MOE should also relook on the unpopular demand of some schools, and look into improving on the systems rather than having anxious & stressful parents praying to God before the balloting day hoping that their children could get to the popular (red index) schools.  


 Hi crystalbelle,  I have the

 Hi crystalbelle, 

I have the same problem too but intend to try for st Hilda since its the only 1km school within my vicinity. If cant get in, most likely will try either Bedok green or fengshan near my parents home since I think red swastika and yuneng will have no chance. 

P1 registration process should be further enhanced!

The P1 registration process is still not ensuring all singapore citizens can get their kid/s to the nearest school from their premises.  My child in question is due for registration in 2013.

Looking at the statistics so far, many for the schools are only left with miserable number of vacancies during phase 2B and 2C.

I stay within 5 mins walk to a primary school and had my PV application rejected. I was told by the school that they do not select PV based on address and even gave it to a few PRs!!! What the????

80% of vacancies are taken up before the phase even reached 2B for many many schools.

Is this giving singapore citizens priority to go to a school near their homes? Or are they trying to ensure school bus operators will have business? Is it WRONG to prefer a school within walking distance?

No other primary school is within 1km from my place. So I am really out of luck if I do not get in during phase 2C. What are parents like me gonna do? We have a primary school within walking distance, we are TRUE BLUE Singaporeans, yet we have NO chance to send our kids there? 

MOE should further enhance the registration process :

1) Singapore citizens only phase 1

2) Phase 2A only limit to Singapore citizens not more than certain distance from the school. Maybe within 4km or something.

3) Phase 2B and 2C also limit to singapore citizens not more than 2km from the school.

4) Open to PR for existing siblings, then for PR alumni, old boy/girl etc…..


Just my 2 cents worth to ensure citizens get a chance to go to a school near their house.  Where is the right place to submit such complaints? MOE Website or? 

PR has the option to pack up and go? Why are they given the Phase 1 and 2A/2B options? Most singaporeans DO NOT have the option to just pack up and go. We are pretty much stuck here unless we seek to migrate and be PR elsewhere. But where can we find another country that treats PR so nicely? 





Parents that are not successful in getting a place for their children in phase 2C, are to register in phase 2CS at any schools that still have vacancies.

If fails at phase 2CS, parents have a choice of either

– requesting MOE to allocate a place 

– register under phase 3

Good Luck!

Re: similar worries

Hi, I think we have the same fate with Tamasek Pri. I was rejected on my PV too. You are at least within 1Km, I am staying within 2km. Looking at the previous entrance datas. Phrase 2C’s chances seems rather slim. Besides, there seems to be not many Primary school around this area too 🙁 I am also hoping to know what are our alternatives? Does that means when the moment we know that the phrase 2C balloting fails, we can go to another school and tries for phrase 2Cs? Is that how it works? If both fails, the moe will post our kid to some other school? Kindly advise…


Yes. Confirmed. It has been like this for a number of years.

Phase 2B and 2C

I telephone MOE’s hotline this last week, and was told any remaining vacanies after 2A (2) will be allocated to 2B (50%) and 2C (50%).

Anyone can confirm this again?









your situation is not unique.

for old boys (girls), it is phase 2A (not phase 2B, 2B is for parents volunteers, clan, religion and grassroots).

a secured place from an earlier phase must be given up before registration can proceed at another school in later phase. once given up, the place is gone.

another word, if you are not successful at CHIJ under phase 2C, you can try Pei Chun again under phase 2CS, provided they still have vacancies for phase 2Cs. Your registration under phase 2Cs is not guaranteed, just the same as other parents.

Unique situation

Hi all,

I am an ex-boy of Pei Chun in Toa Payoh so I will be able to get a place there for my daughter under phase 2B.  However, we are planning to enrol her into CHIJ (Toa Payoh).  If during phase 2C, we are unsuccessful in the balloting for a place there, will I be able to enrol my daughter for a guaranteed place in Pei Chun under Phase 2C (S)?

Anybody have similar experiences? Is it worth the risk? 

Any comments / suggestions welcome.  Thanks!


choice between West Grove & Jurong west primary

Hi All

My girl is going to P1 in 2013 & my home is within 1Km from both West Grove & Jurong West Primary. Could you please share your opinion on which school will be better choice  based on overall performance (both academic & CCA)

Recommendations of primary schools in CCK


I need some advice from you experts. I stay at Teck Whye. Son is due for primary registration this year (2012) and we are eligible for phase 2C. Only a few schools such as Southview, Teck Whye Pri, CCK primary, bukit panjang are within 2km to my place.

As the demand for southview is high, am afraid that I do not have chance. Besides southview, any other recommendations ?

Where can i find more info on the rankings of these schools?

Thanks in advance!



Advise please

The new differentiation by citizenship system has a huge impact on me.

I am staying @ CCK, within 1 KM for both Concord & CCK primary school.  Not sure if it matters now, with the new system (though I have to agree Sg government did the right thing).

I am not sure if I should still try for CCK Primary School @ Phase 2C or should I just go for Concord.  CCK Primary School joined the balloting bangwagon last year for Phase 2C.

Any advise will be much appreciated.


P1 registration

 I have to register my daughter for P1 2013. Here is my dilemma, Haig Girls (my second choice,albeit a very good school) is in the 1 to 2km category, CHIJ Katong (my first choice) is in the >2km category. I have had all sorts of half baked ideas thrown at me by other parents and am thoroughly confused! I don’t want my daughter to be stuck with neither schools due to my misinformation. If anybody has any suggestions to a course of action,I would truly appreciate it!

Short by couple blocks for less than 1km

Hi, I am just couple blocks short and I miss the <1km, is there a chance to appeal to put myself as <1km? Based on the query, it is only 200m away…

Registration for Catholic


I have a boy and girl who are both baptised Catholics and I wish to send them to St Stephen’s and CHIJ (Katong) Primary. May I know if I am not staying within 1KM from the school now as I am still staying in AMK, can I still register for these schools? Also if I move to the East side next year but my house is not within 1KM, can I still register them using Catholic status? If yes, under which phase?


Full process of admission to Primary 1


My daughter is due in P1 in 2013. Cedar Primary is within 1 km from where we stay. It went for balloting last few years. I am eligible for 2C.

(1)Suppose I register for Cedar and do not get the seat. What will be the next thing to do?

(2) Do I have to register for schools withing 1 km or 1-2 km? Can I register for any other school, CHIJ-Our Lady of Nativity which is not within 2 km? If I do not get there, what will be the next thing to do?

Temasek Primary

Hi Parents. I am new here. I live within 1km of Temasek Primary School, but I got rejected on my PV.

I intend to put my son in Temasek for P1 – 2013. However, the chances to get in on 2C is rather slim.

Can you recommend other Primary Schools around Bedok area that I can consider if Temasek is not successful?

Which school stands a better chance?

Hi hi,

I have applied for PV for RS and Yuneng Pri in Bedok last year. Both are unsucessful. Decides to register my son in Yuneng or Fengshan this year. Both of within 1km. So can anyone kindly tell me which school stands a better chance in Phase 2C? Thanks Thanks!


Dear all,

I am pretty new here. Need advice from you experts. I am staying in CCK and my kids are taken care by my parents.

Both my place and my parents’ place are more than 1km but less than 2km from De La Salle and St Anthony Respectively.

Will be under 2C for both school. Was thinking if I should take my chance or not…wat are the chances..

Will it help if my kid excel in something for example swimming? will it increase the chance? thank you

help! what should i choose? **REVISED**

Hi, am staying within 1km of Tao Nan, Ngee Ann and CHIJ Katong

Our choices to try at 2C will be Tao nan however, i need to also prepare to go 2C supp for other schools.

Need advice or suggestions if i should try if we fail to get into Tao nan which other schools we can try base on their history for 2C supp??

Ngee Ann or CHIJ Katong

We really dont wish to have our P1 child travel too far.. we prefer walking distance

AND we prefer the school has after school care too..



Based on past years’ registration statistics, if the trend continues, your chances are as follow:

– St Hilda’s – No chance. Balloting likely for < 1km.

– Poi Ching – Likely need to ballot. Best chance out of these 3

– Gongshang – need to ballot. Balloting odds likely to be smaller than Poi Ching

Come join us in the forum. There is a thread for parents like yourself to discuss on which primary schools in Tampines to select.

Good luck !


Tampines schools dilemma

Hi Chief and all Parents


my boy will be going P1 next year but I am not PV nor staff or alumni of the schools in my vicinity:

St. Hilda’s: 1 – 2km

Poi Ching: 1 – 2km

Gongshang: <1km


guess my chances may not be high anywhere as I am too late to register as PV. Chief or any kind parent has any advice to share?


Hi Crystalbelle

Did anyone reply to your email to comment on it. Me too just like u staying in Tampines. I hv rejected by St Hildas for the parent volunter work. I hope my child can enter into the school but also afraid falling in phase 2C is might not be so lucky in the balloting. So hw……… I’m so worry now.


Re: Application in 2C

You are allowed to apply to only ONE school in each phase.

Application in 2C

Is there any limitation on how many schools can be applied in Phase 2C? Can we apply for two or three schools in the same phase? Thanks. 

Any other way out ?

Hi Chief and Parents,

Need expert advise on strategies for Next year P1 registration…Looking at the statistics / pass year balloting history. Know that St Hidal’s is out of question for me even though i am staying within 1km. Given these choices, please advise which school should be my first/second or even 3rd choice for phase 2C :

1km:St hidal’s ; Junyuan Pri ; East View Pri

1-2km: Tampines Pri, Yuneng Pri, Damai Pri, QiaoNan Pri, Bedok west Pri,Red Swastika Pri, Poi Ching Pri

<2Km : Fengshan Pri , Bedok Green Primary

<3km  : Telok Kura Pri ( Old boy )

really like your kind advise… ( almost going besek )..

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

warmest regard



Balloting is done after the close of registration of that phase. So by the time you know you have failed in balloting, phase 2C registration would have been over. Therefore, you can only proceed to phase 2C(S). 

balloting phases

for phase 2C, if the ballot is unsucessful for 1 school.

is there enough time for application for another school under phase 2C or we have to apply for schools which have phase 2C (S) ?



Dear Admin,

what are the chances of AT <1km under Phase 2C.

I can see the number of seats left under the entire 2C but I cannot see the breakdown between 1km and 2km.

Are you able to advise kindly please?

Maybe MOE shd be doing something over at their side

Maybe MOE shd be doing something over at their side

Going thru MOE Places Still left Over after Phase 2C(S)
There are MORE than 20 Schools ALL OVER Spore esp. in the New estates that have Over 100 even 120 Places ( 3 FULL CLASSES ) Nobody wants OR NOT FILLED OR RESERVED FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS in Ph 3???

If MOE can reserve THAT kind of Resources ( Facilities, teachers, support Staff ,etc, ect. for these nearly 2000 Places

Then why dont they channel some of these RESERVES ( like Our Gov. Own ) into those Popular Schools That People within 1KM Cant Even Get to Ballot themselves ??? ( ie. Bt Timah Zone , Marine Parade Zone , AMK , ie. The SAP Schools , even neighborhood Schools like Rulang ,Now even Choa Chu Kang Pri and ZhangDe????

Its Just That MOE decides WHAT TO DO WITHOUT regard to Whats Happening to people like U AND ME

Not to Mention resulting in some NEGLECTED Neighorhood schools with over 120places left WHY WHY WHY??

Can they explain why schools like BLANGAH RISE ? MacPherson Pri? First ToaPayoh? Tampines Zone 3 Schools total : Griffiths , QiaoNan ,EastView have over 100 leftover places when they say they cant allocate resources for those schools we cant get in within 1 to 2km?

Even 100Year Old Schools like ZHONGHUA??

Coral Pri, Loyang in Pasir Ris , Balestier Hill Pri, Farrer Park Pri???

TeckWhye Pri? Daqiao Pri in AMK? STAMFORD PRI Right in the City?

HongKah Pri and mine downstairs Blangah Rise Pri ??

Damai, East Coast , Bedok West Pri???


Hi Nattynatty,I agreed with

Hi Nattynatty,

I agreed with you totally that the existing P1 registration process require drastic improvement, especially on the Phase 2A eligibility. My girl’s school, about 80% of the total seats have been taken before Phase 2B. I do understand that it is good to have the kids to share & learn the value and culture of the parents by studying at the same school. However, without considering where are the kids staying now, most of them actually have to travel long distance everyday to the school.

And also, I have heard that some parents who only studied at that particular school for a few months, but eligibiled to register under Phase 2A2. Where are the value and culture came from then?

For us who did not ‘studied’ at the desired school previously, we have to contribute hours of volunteer work, shift house within 1km, or join grassroot organisation, just in order to be qualified to ballot for the remaining seats at Phase 2B. Is it too tough for us?


Hi all,

I totally agree with all on the frustrations of having no priority for staying within 1km from the primary school..

there is something very wrong with this system and it is high time it needs to be reviewed. May i know where and what can we do to air our views and highlight to the people that can make things happen?

I really feel that another few years down the road, all vacancies will be taken by the 1st 2 phases…. cos especially for alumnis, it is always an evergrowing number… and seriously, who is there to track that the alumni applicants are really true….??


At Ph 2 C(S) These Schools are Gems Left Waiting To Be Picked !

At Ph 2 C(S) These are Gems Leftover to be picked – Under-Valued Stocks in PRI schools for those still deciding where to go after failure at Phase 2 (C)

Nan Chiau and Rivervale are the..

Dear Chief,


Thank you very much for your recommendation  for asking me to choose AGPS during Phase 2C. My child get into the school which save me the trouble for balloting and going through phase 2C Supplement.

Thank you very much!



Yes, michyms has suggested a

Yes, michyms has suggested a very sound approach for your Phase 2C(S) planning.

Actually, if you had informed me that you were considering MCS earlier for Phase 2C, I would have told you to just register there at Phase 2C.  I did mention that both Kellock and St Margarets will require balloting for your distance.

In any case, MCS is likely to require balloting at Phase 2C(S) for >2km.  While its Phase 2C TUR this year is 5% lower than the same stage last year, it is still high enough for the risk of balloting to happen.

Dear LEEK5, It is necessary

Dear LEEK5,

It is necessary to get our facts right before posting in a public forum.  Otherwise, we run into the danger of misinforming others despite our best intentions.

For Singaporeans and PRs who did not succeed in getting a place after Phase 2C(S), they can either:

1) Request MOE to do the posting for their child (which MOE will assign the nearest school that still has vacancies).  There is really no need for them to participate in Phase 3, unless they do not like the school which MOE has identified.

2) or participate in Phase 3, which is a strange option to take.

Foreigners are not competing with Singaporean & PR for places


Foreigners are not competing with Singaporean & PR for school places, as unsuccessful Singaporean & PR phase 2C(s) applicants can opt for MOE to allocate school to them. This is done before phase 3. Only schools that still have balanced places after the allocations are available in phase 3.



Dear vinsharma1808, We do not

Dear vinsharma1808,

We do not keep Phase 3 data because it was previously on a first-come-first-served basis.  It is only changed this year to a ballot phase.

However, it is easy to infer Phase 3 vacancies from our Ballot History.  Simply look at the schools whose TUR has not reached 100% by the end of Phase 2C(S).

After Phase 2C(S)


Singaporean & PR who are unsuccessful in securing a place in phase 2C(S), can opt for MOE to allocate a place in a school that still have vacancies and is as closiest as possible to the applicant’s home. This allocation is done before start of phase 3.

Agree w this Think u

Agree w this

Think u better take advantage of your reserved 1km trumpcard for GESPS than risk anything further > 2km and end up at Ph 3 with those FOREIGNERS having the cheek to post asking for PHASE 3 Data ( This is first time For Phase 3 according to MOE 

That mens FIRST Time WE SPOREANS Need to FIGHT Tooth and NAil with the FOREIGNERS for the remaining Places in OUR OWN COUNTRY FOr Our Own Schools ????

Very sorry to say i am the one that took one of those places at IJ Kellock

BUT i Would rather ALL SPOREANS Get IN FIRST Minus the SPRs who got in BEFORE Ph2C with PV and during PHASE 2C With their 1KM Trump card !

Understand Fully your desire to get you DD into a Convent

But maybe you shd have gone straight to CHIJ Toa Payoh Since Even There Only 5 Got knocked Out Instead of 20 at kellock which was a shock to me also as i checked on FRIDAY end of Phase 2C 2PM and there is still 30 places left with 29Applicants But When day closed another 15 Girls’ parents pullted out from RMPS and took another 15 places leaving us 35 > 2km to fight for the 15 places left!!



Agree fully with Kidzme So Proximity betw. the 2 schools is crucial which is why i say Safe Bet GuanYang at Bishan ( for Both ) with a side Option to Withdraw your DD there and go over MaryMount within half an hr in a cab and get her registered in at the last minute But it will be VERY taxing But for your DD Future should consider But Both schools Staff MUST Help you Out by ensuring you can do it at the very last minute on FRIDAY ( although i think it may be safer to register then withdrawn from Marymount when Balloting seems imminent and get her in together at GuanYang since i think there shd be ample places ( 136!)

If there is Balloting at MM then it may be VERY risky to get involved and then go to GuanYang on Phase 3 First Come First Basis as We SPOREANS shouldnt be treated like this just because we want the BEST for our kids’ Future!


@pleasuremom: weight your options well...

We only left with 2 days to make our final decision and that is going to be with us forever…yucks! This is what happened when the current system forced us into despair. 

If you prefer Choice A, go register it on Day 1. Monitor the situation till Day 2. If your chance is slim (which we hope not- wish you the best), make sure you have enough time to withdraw and travel to Choice B to register your kids.

We need all the luck now and forever for our kids in the school we have decided for them. Just hope that they grow up to understand and appreciate the pain and effort we have to go through for them just to get them into primary school education in SG!

Study past balloting history

 Hi tabofamily, think the best thing to do would be to study the balloting history for the 3 schools you listed. 

1) MCS – traditionally balloting >2 km at 2C (S)

2) Canossa – no balloting in 2C (S)

3) GES – no balloting in 2C (S) for less than 1km

To save yourself the heartache and pain, your best bets are really Canossa or GES. If going to an all girls school is top priority, Canossa would be it. If distance is the priroty, GES would be ideal. All the best!





Pleasure Mom Make use of your valuable time at MOE and School

Pleasure Mom

Do Make use of your remaining 1 Day ( tomorrow )valuable time at MOE and School you have decided to check on Distance Numbers Registered during Ph2C

Time running out and next D-DAY is On FRIDAY

And YES ; we still have Foreigners Having the cheek to ask Mr Chief KIASU for PHASE 3 Data????

Dun think He shd WASTE His TIME even REPLYING to HIM When We Have People Like You Having Sleepless Nights WORRYING OVER WAHT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR KID’S NEXT 6 YEARS FUTURE


AND RISK ENDING UP Together with these FOREIGNERS Fighting For the Remaining Places in OUR OWN COUNTRY’s SCHOOLS???


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Thank you kidznme

Yes. I agree. If you see that its just affecting their currect chance, it’s not true. It’s not just my DD / DS, its their siblings, kids, and again their kids… etc. If you think that way, it makes you even more frustrating. The system should be reviewed again for a fair admission. Why MOE is not doing anything about it? It’s like richer getting more richer. I am even ok if richer getting more richer. But why should be the same theory in studies. 

Thanks for suggesting the options. Gan Eng Seng is good but i wonder whether they will have any seats for more than 2Km without balloting. Otherwise, it looks good as I have twins. My first preference is still a "decent" school for my twin kids, so mixed school. Still figuring out the backup options for Guangyang.


Couldn't agree more.  That

Couldn’t agree more.  That will be giving an equal chance for the pple staying near the school.  Each of phase 2 should have the same number of vacancies. 


Kudos n congrats, fattymamalove

That’s the spirit. Was urs a case over too many PRs vying for the vacancies or it was about close proximity? What was ur justification to MOE?

We should fight for our rights! I dread and am sure my children too will feel dreadful having to travel far just to go to school. Why should we put up with this ineffective/unjust system we have. I will not give up either…it’s our kids’ future we are talking about here!

Unsuccessful Phase 2C - Distance

I’ve been in yr shoe being sooo frustrated. Firstly I seeked my MP help but useless (put on waiting list), MOE replied "It is fair balloting between PRs and S’poreans.

Then directly went to MOE, their replied " Hope u have a speedy recovery".

At last, thank God , I won.  If MOE has their law, I too has my own motherly law. I fought till the end.. for my children.  End of the day, it is u who decides.


Didn't manage to ballot in :( what is next?

Dear Chief…

We are also one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get to ballot into IJ Kellocks.

After the results were announced… i simply do not know what is the next step now.

We were weighing between St Margs and IJ Kellocks…

Dtstance wise, IJ is definitely nearer… but still its a lost battle.

We like our DD to go to a girls school.. and the nearest now is Marymount (up Farrer Road) or Canossa (PIE!)

Our backup plan

1) MaryMount Convent -with only 53 seats up for grabs and we are out of 2KM. 

2) Canossa Convent – with only 55 seats up for grabs and we are out of 2KM. 

3) Gan Eng Seng – With 40 seats and we are within 1KM.

If we choose to go with Marymount… will we be making the wrong choice again?

I do not know if we can withstand the agony of not going through the same ballot episode again.

Also, my dd being dissappointed , yet again.

Can you kindly advice please?

Thank you

Tabo mama

@pleasuremom: Wish you luck

@pleasuremom: Wish you luck too. I have not been sleeping well too, ever since I know I need to go through balloting and even now after the unsuccessful outcome. Even though I have Plan B (girl-school) and C (co-ed school) for my DD but they are not the most ideal options because they are far away from where we are living now and they do not meet our top criteria but we have no choice 🙁 

Like you, I was looking for a school with both academic and character development excellence. Plus, it must be a co-ed school so that my DS will enjoy priority registration later.

Whether it is Plan B or C for my DD, it means we have to move house. We are very reluctant but for our kids’ future, we have no choice but to consider this costly and stressful option. It is really unfair to people like us, don’t you think? Being balloted out of a school nearby and watching our kids being sent to a school far away instead.

I am not from your zone so I can’t really advise you much. But if you are looking for a "decent" school, Guangyang, Gan Eng Seng and Marymount Convent are ok. Some friends’ kids are in the latter two. So far their learning and behavior are pleasant. You can’t compare them with those elite ones, you know what I mean.

Yeah.. Must change the

Yeah.. Must change the admission criteria…Will there be a point where there is no vacancy for phase 2B and 2C? By next generation, all popular school will be occupy by old boys n girls at phase 2A1 n 2A2.

Unti you tell me about

Unti you tell me about GuanYang, I didn’t realize it. I chose Townsville after seeing the onemap. But looks GuanYang is better but I couldn’t see their PSLE results. Yes. you are right. I doubt whether MM will still be available without balloting. Let me check more on this option.

May i know what’s your thoughts on Queenstown / New Town primary?

Really touched by your time in this matter. Thanks a bunch.

i think u must study also the

i think u must study also the list under MOE for Ph2C(S)

Dunno where you are staying and which school you lost the ballot in ;

as nearby Bt Merah got 2 Balloting Mixed schools RMPS ( Within 1km) and ZhangDe (1~2km) and further west at Dover/QueensTown got Fairfield ( 1~2Km?)

So those 2nd line schools like Gan Eng Seng will be attacked by them soon total > 60 for the 40Places left and all within 2km radius since both schools ballot <2km

For CHIJ Kellock Ballot 20 was Out but they are all > 2km so no way to predict where they will head to.

Think Bishan GuanYang Pri and Serangoon Central ChungHua Pri is safest with the highest numbers of vacancies unless you still have the energy to run 2 schools last minute

MaryMount Convent and TownsvillE?(dunno where is this one ; AMK?)

MaryMount and other mixed school just in case Your DD cant get in MaryMount then last minute withdraw and put both in the mixed school ( ie. Townsville , GuanYang,  depends on which one nearest and highest chance without balloting )

If you are residing near central area , this one

You may want to consider this new school at cantonment

Cantonment Primary School Yes Yes Yes 210 19 0 2 0 96 93

Good Luck and All the best


@kidznme, I understand your

@kidznme, I understand your situation completely. Wish you good luck.  Hope you get what you wish for this time. I am so blank about the choice that we have currently. Not sure where I will end up… Lost sleeps for few weeks already.  

@Leek5, ‘m from BT. I can’t be happy about the brave defeat 🙁 What I am hoping is to choose a school (from the available ones) that has a good history especially in character development. Hope that choice is still open for me.

PleasureMom - Consider MaryMount With GuanYang as Backup

After checking the One Map and these 2 schools

Think You Wait for last Day Fri see if your girl can get in safely into MaryMount Convernt with your son safely in GuanYang over at Bishan just 1km away ; else if Marymount seems balloting or no chance Put both into GuanYang Pri

Dunno why Townsville backup you put for your DD but GuanYang in Bishan both convenient Above Average and QUite safe with over 100 Places although you still can try for MaryMount for your DD see if they can take her in with the 53 places ( No competition from some races and boys also like my twin’s CHIJ convent choice )

You must Open up the One Map from MOE Site and start analysing the radius from MaryMount Convent and looks like the balloting stats from other girls’ school shoudlnt be too much to worry ie. CHIJ TP , CHIJ st Nic , Other Convents nearby ?)

Good Luck just my suggestion


@Pleasuremom: u are not alone...

We are also planning to put our kids in our school of choice which is a good school that provides all-rounded program. It is within walking distance but it is one of the most sought after schools in SG and in my neighbothood!

Now that we were unsuccessful in Phase 2C balloting, we have to search for the next best option for our DD. This happens to be a convent school and most likely a balloting will be conducted becos everyone else who failed to put their kid in their first choice will be vying the same too!

So if we were to succeed in putting our DD in the convent school, that means we would have to worry for our DS future 🙁 Need to restart again…

This is not the best strategy but looking at what the remaining schools have to offer to our kids are simply not what we are looking for…* Sigh*…stress, frustratuon, anger….really feeling sick!

Thank you Leek5 for your

Thank you Leek5 for your concern and inputs. Yes. It purely depends on the status of the schools on the DAY. The choices you mentioned especially the last one with some additional info is helpful.

Now I have no choice but to look at ONLY THE NUMBERS. I have no choice but to look at ONLY GETTING IN WITHOUT BALLOTING.

Certainly, LUCK is not the factor to measure a kid’s fate. It’s true that I might not be telling this if I would have secured the place for kids in 2C. What all I can do now is to hope for "Good if not the BEST"

pleasureMom sympathise with you since you have BoyGirl Twins

i really Sympathise with you PleasureMom

since you got Boy-Girl twins

so u cant go for a Girls School and try with better luck since there a few with vacancies > 2km in Ph 2C

Now you really have a headache having to send both kids in 2 directions i really empathise with your predicament

Guess you balloted for RMPS or FairField ?

Then i think best bet ( forget about Qifa )

Go for MaryMount Convent For the girl if were you( 53Places left good chance hopefully but must study the surrounding schools ballot refugee situation to avoid another dreaded Ballot at Ph2C(S)

Also consider Canossian Primary for both of them based on last MOE available figures ( 55Places )

You are even prepared to Move for their sake ;

i am really touched hope all the others out there already secured places can  help you out Before Friday D-DAY for Ph 2 C(S)

Last Choice if you want to be really sure of a place for Both of them together is ChongHua Primary School at Serangoon Central ( 122 Places )Why not popular is really a question ?? If you prepared to move to Serangoon or nearby.

Oh Forget to mention GuanYang Pri in Bishan 136 places and featured in Sunday times Not Top But Above Average.

School Mother Tongue Total Vacancy Places Taken Up at Phase Vacancy For Phase 2C Supp
Chinese Malay Tamil 1 2A1 2A2 2B 2C
Canossa Convent Primary School Yes Yes Yes 120 24 4 3 4 30 55
Marymount Convent School Yes Yes Yes 240 44 1 9 21 112 53
Gan Eng Seng Primary School Yes Yes Yes 240 90 0 8 2 100 40

Zhonghua Primary School Yes Yes Yes 210 38 0 10 0 40 122

Guangyang Primary School Yes Yes Yes 180 19 0 3 0 22 136

Dear Chief, I am one of the

Dear Chief,

I am one of the victims(Singaporean) who didn’t manage to win the ballot for my twins. Now I am not with any GOOD choice school as all those schools in my area are popular and I am left with 0 chance in schools <2KM.

So I had no choice but to plan those outside 2Km. Any suggestion for my consideration, as i have a boy and a girl?

East / West / South / North – Distance is not an issue as I can move for the sake of kids. What I am looking for is a GOOD School & Safe bet.

Some options I thought are

1. Queenstown

2. New Town

3. Marymount and Townsville (2 diff schools for my daughter and son)

4. Qifa??? (Not sure whether I get this as it’s very limited no of seats)

It’s very painful when you are not getting a school just 500m apart 🙁


I can't agree with you more.

I can’t agree with you more. Whole system need to be reviewed, PR is a problem but not main issue.Fo those entitled to enroll at 2A1,2A2 enjoy unlimited gurantee to get a seat in a school of choice regarless the home school distance, this is really unfair…

Phase 3 Data

Can you please provide data for Phase 3 only numbers last year..?



Dear LEEK5,


While we are happy you managed to get your twins into the school you desired, you are mistaken if you thought you had 2 ballots per twin or 4 ballot slips total in the ballot pool.

If you had opted to place your twins under a single vote, you will only have 2 ballot slips for BOTH your twins, which means you had as much chance of winning a ballot as a normal Singaporean with 1 child.

Also, given that you had won the places for your children, I’m not sure why you are continuing your crusade against PRs and the MOE.  Would you prefer the system to be changed so you may not even get those places you have gotten even if you are very lucky?

Hi All Sporeans Parents

Hi All Sporeans Parents Ballot Refugees From Ph 2C

For those who didnt make it during last FRI Balloting

My advice is

Dun Ever bank on your luck and try for luck in Phase 2 C Balloting

If you fail Really You are in with the Lions and Wolves in the arena come THU and FRI Ph 2 C (S)

you will loose your backup 2nd choice School in Ph2C(S) also becuase of the Ballot Refugees from within 1~2Km of that remaining school of your choice

Case Eg. for Bt Merah

3 Schools Balloting

RMPS 37 Kids will be left without Places

ZDPS another about 20

And CHIJ Kellok where i got in another 20

Presuming The Girls from CHIJ Kellok ( out of 2km ) would not go for the remaining Bt Merah School West of CHIJ

that leaves hopefully 57 Kids ( boys n girls ) fighting for the nearest School available GAN ENG SENG ( 40 places )

That Means ANOZTHER BALLOTING Since all RMPS are within 1Km of RMPS and 1~2Km of GESPS and not to mention ZDPS ( Ballot 1`2Km ) and within 2Km of GESPS

For the girls who didnt get in CHIJ Kellock 20 of them my advice is to proceed towards town for Canossian Convent Vacancies in Geylang OR even MaryMount Convent up North and not try to fight with the remaining boys elsewhere like in Gan Eng Seng!!

Thats my only advice i can give to those defeated 15 to 20 ( 15 IN 20 OUT ) at CHIJ on FRI

For the Ballot Stats


i have TWIN Kids means i have 2XBallot ( 4 Votes )Chances than Sporeans balloting not to mention SPRs ( 1 Vote )

AND yet for the 15 Places Left balloted by 33 other people excluding my 2 kids , my only 1 out 4 ballots was ONLY fished out from the heap on the 12th go with ONLY 4 places left meaning the next go left with 2 places as i took 2 ! With Double Odds AND with a lot of luck i got one vote which ensured BOTH my kifs got in

Fyi , also Dun bet on your luck and try to bring ur kids to the ballot , as far as i can noticed

MOST if NOT ALL Balloted IN Parents PRESENT was without their kids in tow

NONE if NOT only 1 Parent with Kids got IN and

For LUCK sake ; 2 Ballots was fished OUT TWICE ( AND one of them was the 3 Sets of PARENTS Balloted IN AND NOT PRESENT!!)

SO much to say about giving SPOREANS another Ballot to Play Russian Roulette Wonder whether they would play it themselves and say hey i remove 1 bullet from PRs Gun and 2 Bullets from SC’s gun , Would They Dare to pull the trigger themselves if they are the Sporean holding the gun? Yeah tell that to those MOE guys and say IF they dare to play the Russian Roulette this way then they can make us to do Over Again and Agin Evry Year???

Review on admission Criteria

The admission criteria is way over due for a review, especially phase 2A1 and 2A2. Shouldnt it be also subject seats allocation as well? I.e. Balance of seats from Phrase one will be equally divided into 2A, 2B to 2C.

This will also help LTA on traffic congestion problem. Too many old boys and girls are sending their children into their former school despite leaving <2km away.




Dear manyoo692005, Thank

Dear manyoo692005,

Thank you!  Your happiness in being able to get your child into your choice school is reward enough for us.  We hope your child will enjoy her school and vindicate the efforts you have made to put her there.

While we have been doing this for the past 3 years, this year is quite unlike other years, where the overall take-up rate across all schools versus the last 5 years have changed quite dramatically.  Parents are also a lot more vocal this year regarding their dissatisfaction with the system, probably due to the "new-found" openness brought about by the GE.

We believe there is enormous pressure on MOE to change or at least tweak the system.  However, we do not believe there is any way MOE can hope to satisfy everybody.  This is about the allocation of limited resources to too many people.  There is no way to make everyone happy.

What we hope is that when MOE does change the system, it is more in terms of providing greater transparency in the entire process and allow parents to make more informed decisions about the risks they are taking and the alternatives they have.  At least, let people go into balloting with their eyes wide open, and give those who baulk at any form of balloting a chance to register in other schools before the end of the Phase 2C.

Thanks Chief

Dear Kiasu Chief,

thanks for having such a great website that serves as a wonderful resource for us parents. I dare say apart from MOE website, yours is the most frequented for parents who are concerned with their children’s education.

Having followed the analysis and information posted, we got our DD into our first choice school.  In no small part, DW and i think a lot of credit came from the website, without which we would never have been able to fanthom an adequate and correct strategy.

Kudos to you Chief. Long may u continue to help the parents as an ‘unofficial guide’ for everyone’s benefit. 

On the current hot topics here, yes, i do agree the entire system of allocating spaces to our kids (esp <2km) needs to be re-looked at by MOE. There is a growing discontent brewing and the kids are the ones who suffer the most from the bizarre scenarios we are faced with today and esp in this year’s balloting. Really hope MOE reviews and finetunes the rules w.r.t distance, PRs, etc.



Hi there, i didnt manage to

Hi there, i didnt manage to get my son into school of choice which is <1km away…

however, i doubt it is the PRs. For my choice of school, i know there are many parents are former students and thus enrol their kids in that school in central… But they live in various parts of the island, west, east, northeast… and i live within walking distance!!!! Why do the the parents wanna make their kids travel i wonder.. I feel sad i have to get my son up early and travel to God knows where he will be enrolled….

Feel like a 2nd Class Citizen in my own country

Balloted out of the nearest primary school to my house in P2C and cannot explained the super low after feeling and frustration seeing so many PR vying for same slot during balloting. Now I have to face inconvenience for the next 6 years if my child ends up in "who know where" school. I’m not against PRs attending our primary school but priority must be given to Singaporean then PRs in difference phases. Afterall, we grew up here, spent best few years of our life serving the NS and contributed to the nation building and this is what we got. What is happening to our country?

Same .... :(

Likewise situation happened to me too years ago. I am staying directly
Opposite and my girl can reach the school within one
Minute! ( seriously no exaggerating !) Naturally we decided
To enrol her there. What happened? Super bad luck to get ballot
Out!!! Now every morning from Monday to fri, my blood
Still boiling hot inside me whenever I see the students flowing
Into the school while my poor child has to travel several kilometers
Away just to attend school…
Every year ard this time, I guess many complaints of such
Will surface but so far, all complaints come to nothing done.
So sad. 🙁

Distance should be the priority

I was unsuccessful in the Phase 2C ballot for the nearest school from my house.  The school is just approx 250m away. 

The school has a total vacancy of 240.  Approx 50% of the students admitted are staying outside the 2 km radius, which are admitted <2C.

We now have to go for schools which are further away.  The MOE policies have caused students being displaced to further schools.  Distance should be one of the major factors in allocating places for schools!!  MOE should relook at the allocation criteria!!!


Hi Parents here,I can see

Hi Parents here,

I can see this year P1 registration is more competitive than last year. I was juz like you who was so stress in 2010 unsuccessful phase2C staying less than 1Km away from the school and understood that 2004 birth rate is the lowest before the BB Bonus introduced in OCT 2004 and yet the response was overwhelming. It turned out more PRs… its a disappointment. For those who are unsuccessful, don’t stress too much. 🙂

Totally very VERY disappointed!!!!

Beacon is the only school within 1km. Now left with only Zhenghua & West View which are 1-2km within. Can anyone tell me what are my chances with those staying within 1km to these schools that are left???? My kid will lose out to those unsuccessful from Bukit Panjang Primary, which have more than 100 unsuccessful kids if i’m not wrong + Greenridge,approx 40 kids, + Beacon, 30 kids- this is juz approx number, might be more…….vying for 169 places left in these 2 schools. Zhenghua = 6, West View = 123. So will be the unsuccessful kids end??????!!!!!! CCK???????

Totally agree.. I was also

Totally agree.. I was also balloted out. There were only 6 PR out of 108 in our balloting but you know what. The first that is balloted in is the PR. Sign.. This is all depend on luck. Bad luck… I am just 200m from the school. Now my son has to go a much further school. MOE — do

absolutely agree...

sucks BIG time!

Totally disappointed with this system

Same here. Lost faith after being balloted out even we are within 1km. The school and MOE obviously know that the school is a top school in SG. So they should further distinguish the registration phases or even consider having an extended branch for popular schools.

Both schools within my 1km have been over-subscribed. Now I am left with no choice but to make my kid travel far. Is this a fair education system SG can offer to us? My poor kid has to suffer for the next 6 years, thanks to the current system. It just irks me…

Queenstown or New Town Primary

I don’t know how’s the standard of New Town Primary now. Some friends who were from New Town now are Professors, govt. scholars, lawyers, IT Managers. Recently, they held a class gathering and invited their 63 years old form teacher to show their appreciation for her. This gathering was later featured in Zhaobao (chinese paper).




Balloting between Singaporean and PR children

Forget the 2 ballot slips to Singaporeans and 1 ballot slip to PR. There ought to be more distinction between citizens and PR.

Singaporeans should be allocated first. PR can take or ballot for what’s remaining thereafter. If there isn’t enough vacancy in the first place, then ballot among Singaporeans first. PR can look at other schools.

MOE, wake up please!

BALLOTTED IN------ chij katong

dear chief and parents….

   Thks for the advices and replies ….due to kiasuparents only ,,,I got enough advice to put my DD in one of good schools.We r >2km,today had balotting in chij katong,started sharply at 9am,We were there at sharp 9 am.There are 38 applicants for 33 vacancies  >2km.When my DD name came,got 2 slips for balloting ,since we r citizen,(but there were 9 PR,)…after all slips were put in bucket ,balloting started…thank God,My DD name was called  and she was "in "as a third child.

   Just to share my happiness to chief and kiasuparents…


Did not get in as well

Hi Kaxhong,

Like you, the school I went for KH which is 500m away from where I stay.  Now, I have to consider schools that are further away from where I stay. 

During the balloting session, I really wonder how many applicants are genuinely staying within 1 km of the school!!  MOE keep pushing us to place our kids in the nearest school, yet, it’s a see but can’t touch situation looking at all the entries in this forum here.

Now I’m at a catch 22 situation because there are only schools 1-2km from where I stay and there are no vacancies or limited vacancies left in these schools!!  I would have to settle for more than 2km category which is really ridiculous!!

MOE needs to remember to give Singapore CITIZENS priority and may be even change the use of grandparents/siblings address rules.

Did not get in as well for my

Did not get in as well for my girl. CHIJ Pri (Toa Payoh) 5 out of 55 failed to get in.

I was one of them. Just less than 600m from the school. There is seriously something wrong with this system.

Why can’t they just accept the extra 5 students?

At phase 2C only, 48 vacancies left with at least 11 new 40 storey blocks (at least 3000 household) of new condo/flats bulit within 1 km of the school.

Is 1 km rule still valid with the current density of housing around each primary school ?

This is just me trying to vent my frustration and disappointment with our education system. What to do, but to accept this?

System sucks big time!

Hi all,

I share the same sentiment with some of the parents here.

My first 2 child were not successful with our first choice of school when they were about to go into P1.

They had to go to a school which is further away.

Each time, when I see all these foreigners that attend the school that I wanted for my children, it just PISSES me off!

I have no faith in the system anymore.

Ridiculous, ain’t it?!

And tomorrow, I have to go for another balloting for my third child.

God help me.

Agree with you. The schools

Agree with you. The schools in my neighbourhood 2 of them needs balloting within 1 km and the others are left with a few places for 2C(S). This year’s registration is crazy and we are not even talking about branded schools, just good Neighbourhood schools! Govt said birth rate is low?

Suggest to not just have different phases for Singaporean vs PR but further into Newly converted Citizens, 3rd generation Citizens (born & bred & served NS & reservist) and PRs. Not just PRs, even some New citizens have no long term view here and are just trying their luck and ended up we true blue Citizens need to do PV or risk ballot together with them. 

Btw, I called MOE and the officer who answered said that PR parents also want best for their child and SG child has been given 1 more ballot slip.

Queens Town / New Town Primary for P2C(S)

Me too is a Singaporean. In the event, I don’t get a choice of my school tomorrow (which I expect very much), I might also need to go for New Town / Queenstown Primary which are little more than 2+ Kms.

Few queries,

Anyone recommend which school is better among the two?

Anyone suggest me which would be a good bet for me as I have twin kids & stay more than 2Km.

Appreciate anyone’s help.





Not THIS YEAR and MOE Actually Got the Decency to take away 50 Places Overall for this year COMPARED to Last year All time LOW WHY Because there were some vacancies not called for ( ie. CHIJ Kellock actually ahve leftover for Ph2C(S) ???) Dont they know its the LOWEST Birth Rate Year OR Too few girls last year???

Wonder those PHDs , Master Planners come up with tthe allocations since you came up with the OVERALL analysis of the vacancies according to ZONES !!!

Me Too Stressed to even have time for that


Becuase they didnt check the Stats with ICA or They think moving us around like White Mice on a Maze is FUN????

We Are NOT like the NEW Foreign PRs who can easily DeBUNK and Just move to another Address Happily so they can register their Kids (Hidden from MOE’s Radar or were they underwater all the time to escape detection?)

within 1Km radius of their targetted schools??? 

Think you may be better trained to analyse that since from MOE Data without checking with the schools YOU WONT KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE BALLOTING FOR HOW



MOE ; Ministry of What OE have to think of a better Acroynm for them


MOE, please do something

I would like to point out that the data given in the following website can be misleading.

They may claim to have 1900 vacancies in the east zone, 994 vacanies in the north east zone.  But on closer look, areas like Serangoon, Bt Timah, Marine parade,

These areas do not even have enough places for all the 2C registered students in their own zone!  Not to forget this year happen to be the lowest birth rate year.  What will happen after this year??  Also there are areas like Bt Panjang, Bishan, Central, Punggol, Novena with less than 100 vacancies left after 2C.  They are also areas with high risks once more PRs shift to these area.

For PRs, its easy for them to rent as most of them will be renting anyway.  For us, citizens, we cannot be moving just because our kids are being allocated out of our current area when there are not enough vacancies within our zone!!

Why do we have to be treated like this when we are faithful sporeans staying in our own homeland.

Shldnt we be given priority over PRs?

I know of many many PRs turned Citizen in recent years and theres no way we can turn the situation around.

I just hope to have some priority over the remaining PRs for my child’s 6 yrs of education. 


Maybe We shd be telling our

Maybe We shd be telling our kids Not to take every word for granted they recite come school opens next Year

Wherever Our kids end up, God help Us

BECAUSE the people on top UP There dun Care  anyway Since When??did they tell u they had a covenant with you or your parents or grandparents when they were still alive if they can be grateful enough to recall ??

They EVEN have to check what did you do in May OR WHAT the people Collectively Do within that 1 Km 2 Km or 3km radius in your precinct ;

even before handing out goodies from our own pockets!

So Dun even dream or expect them to HELP us ;

WE Sporeans have to be United and HELP ourselves ,

IF i loose my PRI Place to a True Blue Sporean’s kid whos dad did NS reservist paid Tax , Maid Levy, etc. etc.

Then i would say its my luck!! No Hard Feelings

But to loose it to them New Immigrants even before Phase 2C ????

( ie. PVs in Ph2B , Even Ph1 Next year after they did a 1-2 on you this year!!)

Alas What is the meaning of those words???


Pledged Ourselves AS ONE UNITED PEOPLE

To Build A Nation based on JUSTICE AND EQUALITY


Can u stomach these words when all you get is this ???Sleepless nights , High BP , Anxiety , Despair , Desperation , InJustice , Frustration, …..for you and your wives and NOT even able to tell our poor kids Can u tell them 100% SURE where is their NEXT School after K2 Closed this Dec????

Sigh … AGAIN Its Just Our damn Complacency……

Singapore Citizens should be

Singapore Citizens should be given the priority to register FIRST..!!!!! Fill up the vacancies FIRST for the SINGAPORE CITIZENS.

FIRST for SINGAPORE CITIZEN…..we are here for living… there’s no way for us to "go back home"…. this is MY HOME.

Sad thing is if this is your

Sad thing is if this is your Only child or youngest child ( Not since you would hv got in via phase 1 )

If you dun come across the litany of posts under LEEK5 i have contributed again again and again , may be i will email the whole list of my cries of frustration for us

Those people at MOE just plan watching charts , past data BUT had they worked with ICA , Stats from other govt agencies even racial composition of the NEW Foreign PRs within certain area and Schools ; i for one had to forgo the backup choice of 3rd choice of a school right downstairs not because of results BUT due to concentration of descendents from Makati Iloilo if you can guess where!

Ram it down yes i wish but most would pick the poor NEW MOE minister But its not his fault its the ONE BEfore him u know who?

No point having Musical chairs of the guys in charged although the new MOE guy is fresh and prepared to listen but by then you kid would have reached PSLE!

Its Just Too Late for us to realise we have been Swarmed by these NEW immigrants who can out-plan , out-smart, out-do us in using this unfair system to avoid competing with us during Balloting which they shdnt have been allowed to be in the first place, 1 Vote or 2 Votes makes no difference They are just here to TRY their luck since we are so damn stupid and complacent to let them do so.

Yet there are still people still pondering which school is better at Phase 2(C) Ballot stage???? Those New immigrants would have laughed all the way home to their addresses ( RENTED Most probably) at our gullible state??

Sigh ….. again

@mamageri - Registration for 2C(S)

hi mamageri

Registration for phase 2C(S) is on 11 & 12 August 2011

Results will be announced on 16 August 2011.

The school can be of any distance away, but with vacancies. Do note that balloting will occur, just like in earlier phases, should there be more applicants than vacancies. Same balloting rules are phase 2C.

If you are using sibling’s address, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Both parents are working full-time at the time the statutory declaration was made; and
  • The child is under the full time care of a grandparent or a parent’s sibling; and
  • The child’s grandparent or the parent’s sibling is not employed
  •  address is within 2km of selected school

If you do, your sibling and one of the child’s parents are required to make a statutory declaration at the MOE Customer Service Centre by 12Aug.

Do note that if statutory declaration is used, children who are registered using either the grandparent’s or the parent’s sibling’s address and residing within 1 km or between 1 km and 2 km of the school of choice are balloted together with the other children residing between 1 km and 2 km of the school.

Good Luck in your phase 2C balloting ! 🙂

@chooz - Not residing within 1km

hi chooz

there definitely will be students in any school not staying within 1km, or even beyond 2km.

So far, there is no balloting required for any school for phase 1 to phase 2A2, which are siblings, ex-student and children of staff. Thus, these students are probably those that are staying > 1km.

Count on me S'poreans

If u want to ram down those guys in MOE , u can count on me..

I share my sentiments....

I share my sentiments…. there are only 4 schools in my central estate. The school within 1km is highly contested. (I am awaiting balloting results this Friday)… the other 3 schools are 1-2km or beyond….

The best news? As I was snooping around forums here, apparently there are will-be students of the school <1km of my abode residing as far as EAST and WEST!

I cannot help feeling despair and upset…. yes, i feel unfair for my kid. He could easily walk to school (if selected). But he is at the risk of having to travel further… what for? 

I'm fully on this.!!!! U BET WE MUST SPEAK UP

Hi EdTan

In case you missed my reply to fellow bro hollywood on the next street post

So good to have bros out there who sing in rhythm over this Gross Unfairness Just for pleasing all those

NEW FORIEGN TALENT (PRs) just to boost our Economy and Take away our Jobs , Opportunities , MRT Breathing Space , HDB resale Affordability AND NOW Even our poor kids’ Pirmary School Chances.

Hope More of you Bros out there can standup and speak up and we can collect all these posts and Ram in down the guys at MOE and say Hey ; How did this happen??

Was it Foreseen , Did you planned to cater for this Or you simply let it be and people like us die having Heartattack and insomnia High BP whatever due to their negligence , miscalculations or simply Nah , they are just a small fraction of the crowd , dont worry it will just go off after the Balloting , they will obediently fall back in line and

WE have to spend the next 6 years fetching ourkids > 2km away to some ordinary schools just because we have not been smart enough like them NEW FOREIGN PRs to plan and beat the system becuase they think we are just plain stupid or complacent???

Sigh……. Waht say u all My sympathisers.

Think GUY In charged Wish Us To be Living in Hollywood Instead

Thanks a lot Hollywood

So good to have bros out there who sing in rhythm over this Gross Unfairness Just for pleasing all those

NEW FORIEGN TALENT (PRs) just to boost our Economy and Take away our Jobs , Opportunities , MRT Breathing Space , HDB resale Affordability

AND NOW Even our poor kids’ Pirmary School Chances.

Hope More of you Bros out there can standup and speak up and we can collect all these posts and Ram in down the guys at MOE and say Hey ; How did this happen??

Was it Foreseen , Did you planned to cater for this Or you simply let it be and people like us die having Heartattack and insomnia High BP whatever due to their negligence , miscalculations or simply Nah , they are just a small fraction of the crowd , dont worry it will just go off after the Balloting , they will obediently fall back in line and

WE have to spend the next 6 years fetching ourkids > 2km away to some ordinary schools just because we have not been smart enough like them NEW FOREIGN PRs to plan and beat the system becuase they think we are just plain stupid or complacent???

Sigh……. Waht say u all My sympathisers.



Like What they recited with much tears of Injustice and Emotion in Hougang the last GE

( pardon me without reference IF i can still remember verbatim what MR RAJARATNAM had wrote for us )







Hope You are not turning in your grave for what is happening to us now.

For us we are already turning in our beds at night even before we meet you there!!


Thanks Leeks , we are

Thanks Leeks , we are Singaporean chinese and this is really insane ! Now I really wish I am leaving else where, including Hollywood and not Singapore ! Its really stressful for all parents , its just crazy , I have a few options of school within 2 km , but all very limited as well .. so its really do or die , like you put it , anyway all the best to you and your kid too >   

I'm fully on this.!!!!

I’m fully on this.!!!! Singaporeans here are staying forever in Singapore, whereas PRs might not be here for long.

Already we are fighting for survival globally and because of PRs here, we have to fight for a place locally in our own soil..!!!!!

It’s time for the MOE and Government to review the system for Phase 2B and Phase 2C, giving PRIORITY to SINGAPORE CITIZENS.

Hi hollywood Hope you are not

Hi hollywood

Hope you are not a Bollywood PR ?

If not we are in the SAME Boat Sporeans thrown into the lion’s Pit with each other Kill or Be Killed Balloting against

Each Other fellow Sporeans

Based on your info , think you better switch your 2nd choice to your 3rd choice school as 18 places and u are not even within 1km ( Shd be sure win?) now you are same as me , 2nd choice within 2km But there will be Ballot refugees from other nearby Schools like yours that also within 2km and most likely you will be subjected to a 2nd BALLOT ( mine got 40Places and i am crossing my fingers before Fri)

For me its Do or Die as i Dont have any other 3rd choice to worth not trying for the remaining 40places , for you better re-examine the Map and draw a 2km circle from the other Balloting schools around and see if they intersect wtih the 2km circle from your 2nd choice school.

If all 3 circles intersect , good luck most likely it will be Balloting AGAIN for us within 2km in Ph2C(S) if u reach there on FRI!

Dear Chief, I am balloting

Dear Chief,

I am balloting this friday and freaking out as well . If my DD is not able to get to this school of choice and my second option have 18 placing and not within 1 km ( slightly above ) as I do not have any school within 1km anymore . My actual second choice is full for the first time 🙁 and going for my 3rd choice which is not within 1km . do i need to ballot again since they have only 18 placing left ? this is really getting crazy , 

@Durianfreak - what's a pm


PM = private message

It is the member to member messaging system on this portal. You can access your private messages on the following link

And it is also located on the right most column of the webpage, below the google advertisement and Invite a Friend, within the box with your user id.


Queenstown o r New Town Primary School for P2C (S)

Hi sh2010

Looks like you are balloting for Fairfield i supposed

i sympathise with u cos i am facing mine at CHIJ but seems ur chances are much higher in ratio

Even i have to consider Queenstown as a backup if my Bt Merah Ph2C(S) Choice is over-subscribed due to the spillover from the balloting from the other 2 bt Merah Popular Schools RMPS and ZDPS

Hope we dun have to cross swords at Queenstown since its the system that forced us Sporeans to fight each other during Balloting at Ph2C and thereafter at Ph2C(S) cos the New PRs ready got their place on virtue of their 1Km addresses ( How they do it IF they dun have to BUY that property when we have to stake our livelihood to do that!)

Melken Too bad Back in May


Too bad Back in May the message was sent to the people up there regarding Jobs, Rising Resale HDB prices ( again due to the new Foreign PRs ) and for MRT breathing space

But too few people like us to make a whimper heard.

just Hope we could atleast get by the Ballot or hopefully not the Ph2C(S) of our choice as there will be an avalanche of Ballot refugees from other nearby schools on Fri. 

( ALL SPOREAN WHY??? cos i found out my School 35 Balloting Only 4 PRs , they have all sneaked pass the Ph2C to be involved ???) from the other 2 Very popoluar schools within 2km of my Ph2C(S) choice to make the scenario of ANOTHER ballotting at Ph2 C(S) And All Sporeans!

Like i said we all SPOREANs are SLEEPING and let someone else from outside come and Moved Our Cheese Away (More like Took it away) AND Now MOVED Our PRI School Away for Good also ???

Sigh … Waht can we all do wait for the next May in 2016?

Queenstown o r New Town Primary School for P2C (S)

Hi all,

Appreciate your great help to advise which school should I go for Phase2C (s), Queenstown (1-2km) or New Town (1km)? As I am not confident enough on my luck for balloting in P2C.

Your soonest reply is most appreciated.

Worried Mummy


What's a pm

Hi apple crumble,

Pardon me that I am a computer idiot. What’s a pm you mention in ur reply? And how do I retrieve it? I don seem to be able to find it….

Giving priority to citizens

Well Kash, I think you misunderstood the point here. PRs are not unwelcomed to study in Singapore schools but Singapore citizens should have first right to register their children in a primary school nearest their homes. Getting into a primary should never be based on luck for all in the first place. The gvt’s solution of 1 extra ballot slip was just a quick solution to appease unhappy Singaporeans during the high influx of foreign talents.

But if we as citizens cannot even successfully register in an average neighbourhood school right next to out homes, which is exactly what the gvt has been pushing us citizens to do, doesn’t it show the system of balloting does not work for the good of the people?

It is ture PR will lower the

Like i said its becuase MOE forgot to factor in the New PR’s children of School going age when they accepted them in the first place thats why this year’s Total No. is even less than last year an alltime low birth rate year by 50 places!!

Where do we put all those New PR’s Kids that came along from India, Philipines , Myanma or China???


Mamager Sporeans Stressful U Bet

yes it is stressful for us Sporeans since we dunno how to manipulate the system to our advantage and got tied down with our daily committments til Registration date when all the New PRs have got their 1Km addresses and PV done in time for Ph2B mind u and then grab our places in Ph2C within the 1Km catefory

Thats why the school just next door also balloting for you.

Unfortunately i thnk you better plan for Ph2C(S) cause the tide will turn when all of those Ballot refugees will come scrambling for the remaining schools ( hopefully for you within 1km to safely ensure your kid endup somewhere nearby )



Thanks De Mum.

I pray for the best in phase 2C. Hopefully, I don’t need to worry for 2C(S). Will take one step at a time.



It is ture PR will lower the

It is ture PR will lower the chances, but without PR in 2c, Singaporeans still can’t escapte ballotting for the poprlar schools, right? The main problem is the vancancies for 2c are too little, so MOE should set a quota for phase 2A.

PRs shouldn't be given the same priority as S'pore citizens

Totally agreed the PRs should not be given the same priority as s’pore citizens,

Given equal chance and opportunity to PR  are deriving our own Singapore citizens of their places.  Totally unfair system.  These children are born here and not the PR. 

PR/Foreigners all should be in the last phrases. 

Keep Primary 1 Registration STRICITY for SINGAPORE CITIZEN. 




Registration for 2C(S)

The school of our choice, which is only opposite our flat, will be balloting. If our daughter cannot get into the school, when can we register for Phase 2C(S)?  Is it on the same day?  Does the 2nd choice school has to be within 1km fm our home? If yes, can we use our sibling address in order to register for the 2nd school? Pri one registration is really stressful especially for all SINGAPOREANS …..

if you really think balloting

 kash – I personally DO NOT blame the PR for balloting.  Only feels that shouldn’t Singaporean get priority during registration to LOCAL school instead of putting all in the balloting bucket.  Of course, once in the balloting bucket, it’s about luck lor.  Talking about NS… most of the PRs I come across, will send their son out of this country before they are due to do NS.  

PRs shouldn't be given the same priority as S'pore citizens

Leek5 – I agreed, since this is already Ph2C BALLOT period , it will be too late to make any changes.  Although my ONLY child is registering for P1 and we won’t benefit from the changes (if any), I hope someone involved will look into this issue so that the future young Singaporeans can benefit from a fairer registration to P1. Since the registrations is already break down into various phases, should there be a phase allowing the Singaporean chilldren (our future) to register to their choice of school before others?  


Any recommendation?

Hi Chief & all,
I am staying at Bedok Reservoir View and of course my first sure would be Red Swastika. But seeing the current situation which 75 applicants fight for 22 limited seats, I totally freak out and have countless nightmares since the date I submitted the application. I dare not even dare to include Yu Neng or Fengshen to be our second choice. Can anyone give me a recommendation, if my son cannot get into Red Swastika, which school can I choose?
Thanks so much!

if you really think balloting

if you really think balloting is all about luck then why blame PR? If government give them PR they have right that their kids can study here too. dont they send their DS to NS as singaporeans do? and BTW there are no special benefits they get anymore being a  PR as citizen kids get.

Singaporeans got no value

We are all in the same boat Hendy

New PRs come Planned everything . even where to rent a place and REGISTER their address within 1Km fo Your favourite School , Do PV and grab the place even before Sporeans PVs due to the 1Km Advantage ????

Sad, sad, We will all go the way of the Dodos since Nobody protect us and We cant fly Home like these new Foreign PRs in times of trouble and remember the book

"Who Mooved My Cheese??" I repeat again here for our kids " WHO moved my Primary School??"

We shd do something to end this unfair treatment of us.


Singaporeans got no value

Singaporean got too many commitent that why we lost out.we are not so call mobile as those and when we go like the herds.our value have lost the sensation n importantness that the govt used to have on us.all we have done hope the govt appreciate one day

Worried sick

I sympathised with u Worried Sick

Your location is exactly like ours at Telok Blangah Hghts and Drive where the 1km radius will get you only the whole of Sentosa Island , Labrador Pk and Telok Blangah Hill Park which in also within your 1km radius besides the woods in Hort Park and GillMan Hghts?

I agree with you Blangah Rise is not the choice at all due to concentration of some new residents not to be mentioned here But unfortunately Gan Eng Seng and further afield Queenstown Pri maybe our only choice if all fails as Radin Mas is OUT if u r out of 1Km ; same for the other school ZhangDe for 2Km

You just have to do PV at a school out of 2km next year ie. CHIJ or Radin Mas to hopefully bypass Ph2C else if this rule still applies , i am afraid you will have to register your kid at ISS International school which is only one within 1Km if that counts but then the Fees will kill u although i dun think they have decided to run Primary level yet.

We are in the same Boat Worried Sick Good Luck!

PRs shouldn't be given the same priority as S'pore citizens

Yes u R Right ON Winx Club

Its Sporeans FIRST PRs 2nd Then Others

We dun blame the Traditional PRs who come to share and integrate eg. Malaysians , Indonesians , Hongkongers since 1997 as this problem did not occur until recently when the flood gates opened for NonTraditional Source PRs ie. Expatriate Indians , Myanma Nationals , Filipino PRs , etc. who just converted to get the privileges yet have somewhere to go back to in their homeland ;

ie. our so called New Foreign Talent PRs that have upset this delicate balance since we had no problem before with our Malaysian PR Cousins, Indonesians or Hongkongers? 

Too bad now the thing boil downs to the unfair advantage these new PRs have during phase 2A 2B and 2C because of them being able to manipulate their registered address able to be within the 1km ~ 2km radius of the targeted schools

But is their address a Owned Property in the first place , we can easily Rent a place and register it as within 1km but we will get penalised for this unlike them?

Since this is already Ph2C BALLOT period , it only benefits the Next Year’s Registration of this Unfairness can be corrected for the benefit of our Loyal Sporeans who worked hard and sacrificed and yet get thrown in the same ballot bucket as these new Foreign PR (Talents?)

Hope this gets into the ears of MOE as this has been around for just too long , too bad my daugther is the poor Goldilocks who sighed " Who Moved My Primary School??"


Dear Durianfreak


I am fellow parent living nearby and have sent you a pm. Hope that it will help you with your dd’s registration next year.

PRs shouldn't be given the same priority as S'pore citizens

I strongly feel that PRs shouldn’t be given priority as S’pore citizens to enter local schools. By giving extra balloting slips doesn’t make any difference as in the end it’s luck that counts. Think MOE should only allow PRs to register a place under phrase 2C(S). The govt should protect the citizens’ rights!

Worried sick - your choice

I am in this year’s registration exercise. Realistically, you don’t stand a chance in the 3 schools IJ, FMPS, RGPS if u are not within 1km address. RGPS is in transition to single session in 2 years time. Not sure will the enrollment being cut. So think twice. I am not sure about IJ. Unless a drastic change in the system. U may want to consider other options.


Dear berrysweet, Only CHIJ

Dear berrysweet,

Only CHIJ Kellock is suitable as a candidate for your consideration.  Do not attempt HPPS or FMPS because they are too likely to feature balloting under 1km for Phase 2C.

Dear Durianfreak...

… since you are 2km away, and going by historical and this year’s rates, I would rate your CHIJ Kellock chances to be "somewhat possible", while your chances for FMPS and RGPS are "low" bordering on "impossible".

Remember that balloting at more than 2km is actually more competitive than balloting at less than 1km, since a number of vacancies available in the Phase would already have been consumed by those less than 2km.

If you want inner peace, you have to consider going for schools that are within 1km or that do not feature balloting in Phase 2C, assuming that is the only Phase you qualify for.  Standby a school that don’t have a history of balloting in Phase 2C(S) if you go for CHIJ Kellock.

Join next year’s P1 registration parents in this thread:

Extra balloting slip for citizen makes 0 difference

 bekithia – I share your sentiments.  It’s depressing to know as citizens, we are not given priority to enter local school but have to go through balloting with PRs. Why wait till registration phase 3 to prioritise Singaporean/PRs/Non Singaporean or PRs?  Just trying to get my only child into a local school (within 1km) already causing me so much stress and frustration.  Sigh!!!  Is anyone seeing a problem here?

Worried sick

Hi chief,

This is my first time here. Been reading your comments to the queries of other parents and have found that you are indeed a blessing to us as parents. Thank you so much.

I have a daughter born in 2006 and would be undergoing the same stressful period as most parents have been going through the past one month. I am planning to register my girl for Chij kellock, Fairfield methodist and RGPS. Wonder which is our best bet? We are staying at depot road. My understanding all these schools are beyond 2 km. If not these 3, what school would you advise?

Gan Eng seng and blangah rise are not our choice at all.

Thanks. And look forward to your reply.

God bless.

Which school stand a higher chance?

My gal will register for p1 next year. Below are our schools of choice but all fall within 1-2km 1. Henry park 2. Fairfield methodist 3. Chij kellock (using mum address) I am at a loss since all seems difficult to enter

So what about all these NEW FOREIGN Talented PRs

So what about all these NEW FOREIGN Talented PRs getting in during Balloting and Before Ph 2C all together when they PV or other means and then get themselves registered within 1~2Km by a RENTED Address since they havent bght any property???

And also our dear planning Dept didnt even take into account these additional Competitions the New Foreign PR Talents brought in escpaing the ICA Birth registration Base data MOE have been working with ALL these years??

The School planners even taken out 50 places from last year’s ( which is a record Low Birth rate Year based ONLY on ICA’s Birth and DEATH registry ; maybe they track the dead better than the new PRI1 Cohorts which has came from Overseas with their Foreign Talent PR parents???


It may not be a good idea

U Bet

How to explain to your 6 year Olds WHY the Others got in AND She didnt when she is happy running around the school doing her own Orientation???

It will make you even more GUILTY for not PVing or getting urself a 1Km registered address which the new Foreign PRs may have it all Planned out When they decided to Settle Down 

Its "WHo Moved My Cheese??" or more correctly 

Goldilocks saying "Who Moved My Primary School?" 

It may not be a good idea

 It’s great if your dd gets in, but if touchwood, you get balloted out, its hard to explain to her why she isn’t going to that school, and why the school isn’t accepting her… isn’t it better to avoid these questions? 

Extra balloting slip for citizen makes 0 difference

I had 2 experiences in balloting for my daughter. As citizens, we are supposed to have a better chance in balloting as compared to PRs, as assured by MOE. For my dd’s balloting in her 1st choice sch, there were abt 4 PRs compared to 20+ citizens. All the PRs got in even though they had only 1 balloting slip each.

In her 2nd choice sch under phase 2C(s), only 1 was PR out of abt 13 applicants vying for 6-7 places, the only PR got in too!

I think this 1 extra ballot slip for citizens suck big time as balloting is all about luck.

Balloting on Friday

Sure treat it as a carnival except them people all there to see each other go down unfortunately

Thats the problem of Pri 1 vacancies planning putting the Cart before the Horse and find out there are Too many Carts to be drawn by the same number of horses; where did the extras come from? They forgot to count in those un-registered births brought in by the NEW PR Talents.

If the vacancies take into account of them no one will complain since chances also go up for everyone??? r ?


Balloting on Friday

Just want to check how many parents here will be bringing your DD or DS to the balloting on this Friday? Thought of bringing my DD but not sure is it ok.

You cannot just add up

You cannot just add up the

Hi Chief

The total vacancies this year is 41,500.  Compared with last year’s 41,550,

there is a loss of 50 vacancies this year, which is about -0.12%.

But what about the New PR’s Children that is not within the birth stats (Last Year was also a Low-Birth Rate Year)

So isnt all these New PR’s children of School going age missed out from the planning stage ?

Maybe Thats why SO Many Neighborhood Schools have to Ballot and some like SouthView even Ballot 4 to 1 i cant imagine most Sporeans would want to stand that kind of risk and would have withdrawn and went to a readily available school by FRI afternoon.


This Year Places actually 50 Less Than Last Year a LOw-Birth Yr?

I like to post a question to all

Last year was a Low-Birth Rate Year and This years’ Vacancy is actually 50 Nos. less tahn last Year

And If the MOE Plan their PRI1 Vacancy Based on LOCAL Registered Births and Then allow New Foreign PRs to register their 6year old child in the same cohort , Then it is Taking away our local Borned Sporeans ( & Local borned PRs ‘ places if theirs were not born here and hence reflected in MOE’s stats )

Can someone from MOE or related enlighten us on how on earth can this happen ??

Melken - U r damn right

Just to share with u my case

i live in Telok Blangah Hts near to Pasir panjang and Sentosa

So within 1 Km all Telok Bkangah Dr and some Hghts Blks including mine only 1 very unpopular School stands

The 1~2Km circle seawards covers the whole of Sentosa island So If the New Foreign PRs(Talents) that can register their kids within 1 ~2Km using a RENTED address is very unfair to us Sporeans who spend half our lives slogging for our country and doing NS for 2+ years not to mention Reservists time

If there shd be a 1Km 1~2 Km priority then Sporeans and PRs ( esp. those new Foreign Talent Ones ) shd be properly prioritised why then the just converted PRs can have advantage over us just because they can rent a place within 2Km or even 1 Km of the school???

We should all bring this up to MOE agree?


Same feeling here.

I got the same situation as you. I am just wondering, when the govt increases the intake of PR, why they decrease the number of vacancies? Would there be a case like MRT, there would be one day having overcrowded situation? Based on some post in the forum, if it is Singaporean first education, then I will not need balloting but able to go in my school of choice, which is 5 mins walk. Now I need to ballot, I will have to think of the worst situation that requires him to travel 2km and more coz there isn’t anymore neighborhood school nearby my area.

Balloting between Singaporean & PR kid

Best of luck (including myself) for Phace 2C parents. 

My one and only child registering for P1 next year, need balloting even when the neighbourhood school is within 1km. As local school, shouldn’t the vacancy be given to Singaporean first?  It is disappointing to know that our name will be thrown into the same bucket as PRs for balloting. SO, I agreed with other parents that Singaporeans are treated just like PRs in this prospect.  

You cannot just add up the

You cannot just add up the percentages because the values have all different bases.

The total vacancies this year is 41,500.  Compared with last year’s 41,550, there is a loss of 50 vacancies this year, which is about -0.12%.


You can’t just add up the percentages. Let me give you an example:

School A’s 2010 intake is 330, 2011 intake is 300…a difference of -30, or -9.1%

School B’s 2010 intake is 210, 2011 intake is 240…net difference +30, or +14.3%

From the above, you can see the total number of students taken is the same (330+210)=(300+240)=540 for both years. So should be 0% change. But if you add up the individual %, it is +5.2%.

Hi Chief, I did a total of

Hi Chief, I did a total of the above table for the Vacancy vs 2010, and it is a -21%. Does this means that there is a reduction in the total vacancy for this year registration. Any idea why?

Date of article

Hi, date of article shows Updated 29 July 2010,is it a typo? Should it read 2011? Thanks

You should call the school

You should call the school for this information.  They will let you know especially if you have registered there.

Phase 2C balloting

Good luck!!! Phase 2c parents.. If u got the luck, be happy.. if not don’t waste yr time seeing the MP or MOE b’cos they’ll said it is fair balloting between S’poreans n PRs.. haha.. so S’poreans u are just like those immigrants.

break up

 Sorry, it shoud be " we are in 1-2 km range". Would really appreciate your help as we have not decided on a back up school yet if this doesnot get through 

the breakup

Dear Chief,

Is it possible to know the breakup of registrants according to the km range for Tampines primary school. Is balloting needed for 1- 2km or more than  2km… I’ve registered my kid in this school and we r in 1- km 🙁



Congratulations, Dumbledore!

Congratulations, Dumbledore!  At TUR 78%, it will be very difficult for AGPS to escape balloting at within 1km in Phase 2C(S).  You have made the right choice.

Congratulations on making the

Congratulations on making the rational choice!  We are happy if we have helped you to sleep better in whatever little way we could.

I'm sure the school will tell

I’m sure the school will tell you if you ask nicely.  But I’m not sure how it will help you, since there is absolutely nothing you can do about your situation at this point.  Better to spend your time mapping out your contingency plan.

Thank you.

Dear Chief, thank you on the strategy. I make my 2nd choice Horizon >2km as my first choice after studying the situation in sengkang and punggol. Can’t imagine if I fail to win a seat in IJ, and fighting in 2cs in Sengkang and punggol will br another super hot situation. Once again thank you,


Dear Chief,


based on moe records, there are 68 kids fighting for 20 vacancies for Ai Tong. Do u think we are able to call sch n check how many singaporeans and pr there are?


If my kid dont get in, i dun know which sch to choose from le. sian.

thanks for ur reply

at last registered my kid at chij katong today afternoon at 3pm…total applicants applied exceed 3 than the no of vacancies at the end of phase2C…so still have chances to get in chij right for >2km????


Sorry u r Sporean i missed that line

But since u r > 2KM out of St Margaret think you shd make use of your Citizen advantage like to go for Katong Convent since even balloting > 2KM u stand 2X higher chance than a PR dont try St MArgaret unless you prepared to make a trip down 3PM now to check on latest Stats of within 2KM Applicants ( PR Too have prriority over Sporean )

Good Luck to u fello Sporean

SHd Complaint to MOE like me about the new FOREIGN PRs taking away Citizen;s places when they can choose to stay within 1 Km or even 1`2KM of the school ; Not Fair isnt it ??

End up like me > 2KM have to Ballot with the rest of the fellow sporeans > 2KM ??


thanks chief

 going to withdraw from ms now and go SGPS


Made the choice!

Dear Chief

Following your advice and after much consideration, we have made the choice. It’s AGPS!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You must be very busy with all these questions coming in.

Take care.:)




Go for St Gabriels' and save

Go for St Gabriels’ and save yourself sleepless nights going through 2 ballots.

 22 out of 38, can try?

 22 out of 38, can try?

Just called ST Gabriel n plenty of vacancies left

Since I’m within 1-2km, it’s no need ballot. Should go direct there or stay n ballot at ms?
Sharing In case you guys also trying:
Within 1km: 8 applicants
1-2km: 18applicants
Above 2km : 45

So guess I’ll be seeing if will pull out of ms n try Sgps.. Sigh sigh

The limited places

The limited places could be due to reduction in vacancy for the schools around the area. If the people who applied for Rulang and Shuqun failed in phase 2C, some of them will be applying for Lakeside in phase 2CS. There is a high possibility that lakeside might get into a ballot situation in phase 2CS. The unknown is whether within 1km or 1-2km. Have u considered Boon Lay Gdn Pri in 2CS? Check out the website of the various schools to know more about the schools.

Feel like pulling out of Maris Stella n going for ST gabriel's..

Cos 54 out of 76 spaces is under 1km alr.. Seems very skim chance n risk of no spaces after 2CS at both schools

Sorry Chief but I cannot find

Sorry Chief but I cannot find your reply as to how & when we can approach the schools to put us on a wait list ie. now that they informed those >2km no chance or after phase 3.
And do we just call up the school or we have to personally go register at the school?

Thank you.

st margaret ot chij katong...advice me plz...


Dear chief

confirm balloting for st.margaret…I called the school now,they told,no of applicants exceeded in morning…anybody advice me to choose St.maragret  or chij (katong) both >2km for me.which one is better?…being a singapore citizen ,have chances to get in st.margaret?becoz have 2 slips….or go to chij(katong) without balloting>2km…still have seats …anyone advice plz?



need ur advice

dear chief,

   I’m a singapore citizen,for st .margaret even if there is ballot for >2km, is there chance to get in ,since citizen have to slips for balloting….confused to choose st.margaret  or chij (katong)..accoding to ur advice,planning to go register in one of the above…in the noon…ur valuable adive plz….

  if I go directly to chij katong,,seems chances to get in directly without balloting>2km since citizen???

or can go St.margaret to take the risk to get in?





Hi, I’m interested in KCPS (within 1km – 2km), is the chances high?

Any recommendation for Ang Mio Kio Schools (within 1km)

1. Jing Shan Pri

2. Da Qiao Pri

3. Teck Ghee Pri

4. Townsville Pri

Which one would i try?

Thanx for the reply, just

Thanx for the reply, just checked out with Gongshang, they are conducting ballotting for applications within 1 km.

You can call

Unlike Nan chiau, Gongshang’s Principal and Admin are more than happy to tell the situation at any point of time. You should call.

ACS Junior is going to

ACS Junior is going to require balloting. This is reflected in the above chart since last night.

You can call the school

 I think most schools are willing to tell you how many applicants they have within 1km…. 

Need your advise


are U PR or Sporean

If u are PR then better go to Katong Convent u got better chance there then cause a traffic jam at St Margaret

Hello Chief,Can we call up


Hello Chief,

Can we call up the school to find out if there’s going to be balloting for children staying within 1 km, would they respond.  The tension is building up too much, finding it difficult to wait till tonight.

Have registered my daughter at Gongshang?  What are the chances of her getting in?


 Is going to ballot at less than 1km (which isn’t reflected in your chart).  Already 5 people over the number according the school last night.

I seriously doubt SCGS can

I seriously doubt SCGS can escape balloting.  We’ll know by tonight 🙂 .

It is highly unlikely you

It is highly unlikely you will have any chance for KCPS at greater than 2km.  Go for either AMK or Teck Ghee.

It is highly unlikely that St

It is highly unlikely that St Margaret’s will have any vacancies left over from Phase 2C.



1st and 2nd day, only 34 applicants, where 2C supply is 43. Will this school "escape” ballot, all along had been balloting at 1km or 1-2km for past few yrs? I will be surprised if there is no ballot.

34 within 1km after day 2

So far 34 applicants for 50 vacancies after day 2.

Sjij will update the stats on a board outside the registration centre, if you want to be more certain, wait till noon tomorrow and see if there are more applicants before deciding. Not sure your other choices, but be prepared anyway. Best of luck to you.

Need your advise

Dear Chief,

I am staying near Bendeemer.I am plan to decide CHIJ(katong) which have around 30 seats available and St.margaret which have 10 seats available both greater than 2 km

This case, it is okay to choose CHIJ(katong) now?

Which school is better to choose?

Please give me advise, I am so Confused






Chance in 2CS for St. Margret that is 1-2km

Hi. If I missed out in my 2c choice school which is >2km. What is my chance in the 2CS phase, to get into ST Margret which is between 1km to 2km. Pls advise if I should take the risk in waiting to get into St Margret in 2cs phase? 

still torn between rulang n lakeside pri

Dear Chief,
Both schools are <1km for me. Original thought is to go ballot at rulang. Worst case lakeside in 2c(s) - never need to ballot at 2c(s) for < 1km in history. But now only 50 places at lakeside after 2 days. Is it worth taking the risk? Thank u for advice.


Hi Chief

I am very keen to register my son at KCPS(>2km) but is within <1km & 1-2km for the following schools:
1)AMK Primary & Teck Ghee-<1km
2) Mayflower-1-2km
What is your opinion?


how balloting works

 Adaline, yes, that’s quite literally how it works. You will verify that your kid’s name is in the bucket, and if it gets drawn out, you’re in. All the best!

balloting process

Hi i want to check how will the balloting process take place. I’m enrolling my son into Ai Tong, and up to date there are 38 kids fighting for 20 places.

So balloting will be done. But the process will be like picking out your name and you will be in?

Hong Wen or Kheng Cheng

Dear Chief

Thank you for your advice.

I just have to pray hard…………both situations not good….as of yesterday.

Between, are you trying to say that we can call the school to check, will they be helpful enough to tell us the data.

Thank you.




So there are more than...

…235 applicants living within 2km of the school?

Really surprised to see such support for a new school. Last year, Cantonment only managed to fill 36% at the end of 2C.

Hi, I Juz reg my dd for

Hi, I Juz reg my dd for frontier. For >2km, the staff says tt there’s no chance alr. Cos applicants more than vacancies alr since this morn. So, u prob hv to use ur plan B.

The situation in Rivervale

Dear chief, thks for the advice. Base on the situation in rivervale, I might consider CHIJ OLN which is within 1-2km. Do u think I hv better chance?

Rulang is most likely to

Rulang is most likely to ballot within 1km.  If you are 1-2km, you have no chance.

New or not, if Frontier’s applicants are more than its availability, it will ballot like any other school.  Why not call Frontier and find out from them what the TUR is for those less than 1km, 1-2km and beyond 2km?  That will give you a better picture of your chances.

The situation in Rivervale is

The situation in Rivervale is likely to get even more competitive.  Average success rate with balloting within 1km at Rivervale is below 50%.  Track the 3 schools TUR for under 1km till tomorrow noon.  Pick the school with the lowest APP rate for under 1km and register in that school.  Alternatively, search for the nearest school around you that will not get into a ballot situation in Phase 2C and just register in that school.  This is the best you can do at this point.


Dear chief, im staying within 1km for rivervale primary(opposite my blk), nan chiau & compassvale primary… I’m thinking of reg my gal to rivervale pri but as of now there is 140 applicants & abt 128 applicants are 1km vs only available seats of 88! Do u think I shld stil go ahead & reg at rivervale or ? Pls help. Thanks.

Frontier Pri

Hi hi…as of 27th July, Frontier had reached 227 out of 235vacancy…i’m v worried n not v sure how it’s gg to work…can u advise me? I’m stayi beyond 2km, in cases like that do i still have a chance to go in??? I mean my kid…

I’ve given up the chance to register earlier … now i’m so worried..Rulang is within 2km n as of 27th, 55 out of 21vacancy…it seems like Rulang have a higher chances but then of course have to see how’s the results of 2nd day registration….

Can you advise me for Frontier? Cos it’s new sch…since it reaches more than 235, what will they do?


Hi Chief,

We are within 1km for St.Hilda’s  as well as Tampines Primary.


What are our chances to get into St.Hildas?

What are our chances to get into Tampines Primary?

Which one to choose?



How is RGPS

Hi hi How is the chance for RGPS within 1km. Currently the take up rate is 33 out of 41. What is the chance of no balloting. Also how come SCGS take up rate is so low ? Currently only 26 applied for 43 places. There was 3 flow over from 2B. Thanks for the advice.

How now?

Aiyo, after viewing the result, it make me want to change my plan. 1st choice ballot (IJ OLN) for sure for 1-2km, and 2nd choice (NVP) < 1km only left with 50seats for 1st day. Should I go for my 2nd choice for a safer bet. Stress >_<

Pei Chun Public School

Dear all parents,

Just came back from Pei Chun this afternoon after 1st Day P2C-  already 82 applicants for 60 avaliable seats. I took a U Turn and decided to come back to re-consider for KCPPS. Both within 1km.

Just a piece of information I thought to share with anxious parents!


You are correct that priority...

Thank you very much!

You are correct that priority...

….is given to those living nearer to the school.

So for eg, a school with 50 vacancies for 2C, and has 35 applicants living within 1km, 18 applicants between 1 and 2km, and 20 applicants outside 2km.

The 35 applicants will get first crack at the available places. Since supply > demand, all 35 applicants will get a place in the school, leaving 15 places for 1-2km.

Since 18 > 15, there will be balloting for those living between 1 and 2 km. Those 20 applicants living outside 2km will have no chance to ballot at all.


Hi Chief,

I would like to know how is balloting been conducted? Is it applicant living within 1km has more priority than 1-2km when it comes to balloting? or Balloting includes every distance and no priority is given to applicant living nearer.




My nephew is registering at

My nephew is registering at St Gab this Phase 2C. We are staying within 2km range.  Any chance?

Your computation is correct

Your computation is correct except for the last part.  MOE does not distinguish someone who is 2.1 km away from another person who is 10km away.  Both are in the >2km bucket.  Both will have to ballot together.

Thank you chief for ur reply.....

Dear Chief,

Thanks for your Valuable reply. Appreciate it.

I have a small doubt in balloting for >2km..Can u plz clarify it.

Now St margaret have 119 seats remaining for Phase  2C.

In case if there are  50 applications under <1km ,all 50  applicants go in.

Remaining 69 seats available  for 1-2km,>2km.

Again if there are 50 applications for 1-2km,all 50 applicants will go in.

So there will be no balloting for <1km,1-2km….correct??

So remaining 19 seats are there.if there are 25 applications >2km,

all these 25 applicants will go for balloting for 19 seats,6 will be out,19 will go in.

My doubt is in this 25 applicants,I fall in with distance 2.4km,other applicants are all >3 km,here they will consider distance?,or put all 25 applicants all together in a single balloting whatever the distance may be >2km,>3km etc…

Just want to know how balloting >2km workout.





Thank you

Thank you for the info. That’s so nice 

Maris Stella or ST Gabriel primary


Dear chief,


I’m so stressed up!! But more from the uncertainty than wanting my son to get into a ‘top’ school. 


If I use my SD address which is <1km from MS n 1-2km from St gabes, I know both will be treated as 1-2km. Which one do I have a higher chance based on historical data for phase 2c?


Thanks for your advice! 

Poi Ching

Hi Chief,

I stay within 1 km of Poi Ching Primary School. May I know the chances of balloting in Phase 2C? The vacancies this year in Phase 2C (76) is much lower than that in Phase 2C last year (106).

Appreciate your advice!


Historical rate of successful balloting

Thanks for the advice.

Do you also have the rate of successful balloting for these 3 schools last year?

Sorry..chief did you mean

……I will stand a chance in Teck Ghee under 2CS?
May I know what will be my chances like for Marymount convent in 2C


PeiChun & KhengCheng

Chief, What do u think are the chances of balloting within 1km for Pei Chun? and chances of balloting for Kheng Cheng in Phase 2CS within 1km?


Release of seats to wait list

Thanks chief.

Does it means that I can call up the school anytime to put me in their wait list?

When will the school release their vacanies to those on the wait list? Do I have to wait till all registration phases are completed before I know my chance in the wait list?

That sounds like a good

That sounds like a good strategy.  Why not wait until the 3rd day before deciding whether to go for St. Margaret’s or Canossa, if you don’t want to go through any balloting?

If you do try for St Margaret’s and get balloted out, Canossa convent should be quite straight forward to get in, even at more than 2km.  Marymount would be a bit harder at above 2km for Phase 2C(S).

The historical odds of

The historical odds of successful ballot for HIP under 1km is 69%, based on the last 5 year’s data.

Yes, you may.  Waiting lists

Yes, you may.  Waiting lists are managed purely by the schools, so you can put yourself in as many schools’ waiting lists as you like. 

How to get into waiting list?

If worst come to worst, I fail to secure a seat in Phase 2C in the school of my favor, can I request the school to put me in the wait list?  Can I do that to a few schools?

My chances for phase 2c

Dear chief,

 My DD will go under phase 2c,since i dont have chance for earlier phases  upto phase 2B.

    I have choosen the following schools for phase 2C which are all above 2 km.

1)St.MArgaret primary school 2.4km from my home

2)Canossa Convent 2.5km from my home

3)Marymount convent 3.1km from my home.

 Can u suggest me which school can i select for phase 2C?I’m sure St.Margaret have balloting for >2km,but i think have a little chance to get into the school becoz ,TUR for St.margaret have a drop down of 4% this yr,and have shown that .27% have risk for balloting >2km.

 Or else, Can I go directly to canossa convent for phase 2C?


If i dont get into phase 2C in St.Margaret,in P2CS which school i have chance to get into,whether canossa convent or marymount convent?

can u please give me ur advice

Thank you very much chief


Holy Innocent's Primary

 Hi Chief,


sorry for being such a nuisance and asking another question. I am getting nervous just thinking of the odds of getting my kids into Holy Innocent’s Pri.  I am living within 1 km, and wonder what is the percentage of a successful balloting this year?

sleepless nights nowadays..


Chief Thanks for your

Chief Thanks for your advise,

Till now still have not decided on which to go.

Roysth is just 100 m away and Hougang is 990m away

Feeling to go for the nearest one and if cannot get it will just get any other that have available place.

else P2CS go YCK pri 1-2 km. I guess this is the gamble I need to take. Still considering.

Hi Pleasuremon, Would like to

Hi Pleasuremon,

Would like to share with you a similar situation happened in 2B balloting at CHIJ St. Nicholas this year. There is pair of twins opt for one balloting ticket. And their ticket was the last one to be drew out. So, both of them got in, and took one seat from Phase 2C.

You have a tough choice...

… amongst those you have listed, all have increased their TUR this year vs last year’s except for CHS.  There is no reason to believe why the competition should be lower this year for KCPS and SGPS.  And remember that balloting at distances greater than 1km is mostly more competitive than balloting within 1km.

I suggest you prepare a 3rd choice which is none of the above.  Then monitor the TUR until the 3rd day for each school.  If bot KCPS and SGPS are likely to feature balloting, you may have to choose between balloting in CHS, or just registering in your 3rd choice school without any balloting.

Thank You So Much

Ok got it. Thank you Chief for clarification. I am now confused with which option to choose.

If you are more than 2km from

If you are more than 2km from St Gabriels’, there is a strong possibility that you might be in a ballot situation, or worse, you may not even get a chance to ballot.  SGPS’s TUR has increased by 5% from last year’s TUR.

Your twins will apply as separate individuals...

… so they will count as 2 separate applications when you register them.

In case of a ballot situation, you will have a choice to put your twins together under a single vote, or under separate votes.

If you choose separate votes, your twins will each get 2 ballot slips (assuming you are a Singaporean), and they will ballot as separate individuals.  You may end up only having 1 twin in the school.

If you choose a single vote, your set of twins will only get 2 ballot slips.  If the slip gets chosen, both twins will be in the school.

If the slip is chosen before the last vacancy, then your twins will take up 2 of the available spaces in Phase 2C.  If the slip is the last to be selected, the school will open up 1 more space just to accomodate both twins.  This is the only condition by which schools may increase their published vacancies.

Thank you Chief for your

Thank you Chief for your immediate response. Really appreciate. May I know how will the application for twins be treated? If you highlight the details, that would be helpful.


It is not possible for HPPS to escape...

… balloting at 1km in Phase 2C this year.  Its TUR is already 12% higher than last year, and at 91%, the TUR is the highest history for HPPS in the last 5 years.  At best, you can hope for a cut-off situation should there be just enough applicants for Phase 2C at 1km.

Historical balloting success rate for HPPS at 1km in Phase 2C is about 64%.

I seriously doubt Pei Hwa will have any vacancies for those more than 1km in Phase 2C this year.

Which one has higher chance?

Thanks Chief.

My current situation now:
Catholic High : < 1 km Kuo Chuan : 1-2 km St Gabriel : > 2 km

All 3 has balloting history in their respective distance.

Which one do I stand a higher chance in a balloting for that respective distance?

I am seriously considering giving CHS a miss although it is just opposite my block.



Dear Chief

May I know your advice to try for my twins in HPPS in Phase 2C?  I am not sure of the success rate. We stay within 1Km from HPPS. Really appreciate your advice. The other school in consideration is Pei Hwa which is 1-2Km.



Pleasure Mom

ST Gabriel

Chief, what’s your analysis of ST gab to have ballot > 2 km? Their intake has reduced from 180 to 150 and hence ballot last year. I am >2 km. Is it risky?

Dear Chief, Thanks for the

Dear Chief,

Thanks for the informative reply.

Choices of School in Phase 2C (s) within ChuaChuKang,BukitPanjan

Dear Chief,

Thanks for the informative reply. I would like to seek your advice, if I’m not success in phase 2c, under the phase 2c(s), what are the schools are better to apply in term of their popularity and reputation within the Chua Chu Kang and Bukit panjang area? (My phase 2C will apply Yew Tee or De Lasalle)Thanks.

SJIJ take up rate is the same as 2007

That year, staying more than 1km need to ballot. If the school is nearer I would go for it first. You may feel regret if everybody avoid this school and go some where else which also need balloting. End up you knew that it does not need ballot at all within 1km.


… we no longer comment on, nor do we compare the qualities of schools.  Perhaps you can get an idea by visiting the Parents’ Networking Group for AGPS?  There’re some pretty good reviews of the school there.

Nan Chiau and Rivervale are the..

Thank you very much for the reply!

My worry is the ballot for AGPS in Phase 2C(S) if I am not succesful for NCPS. Looks like it is a safer bet for AGPS.

I wonder if you know the strength for AGPS?






Nan Chiau and Rivervale are the...

… 2 hottest schools in Seng Kang when it comes to Phase 2C.  Balloting under 1km is pretty much a sure thing, and the average success rate is only 33%.

If you try for Nan Chiau in Phase 2C, you run the risk of missing out on AGPS, which is now used as the 3rd choice by most parents in the area when it comes to Phase 2C(S).  You are likely to have to ballot again in Phase 2C(S) for AGPS even though you are staying within 1km.  That is what happened last year. 


Hi Chief,

I had read in the earlier post regarding both NCPS and AGPS. You advice is to go for AGPS. I am living within 1km for both school.

1) What is the chances for NCPS if I were to apply for it?

2) If I can’t get a place in NCPS after phase 2C, do you think I can get a place in AGPS in Phase 2C supplement?


Thanks you!





SJIJ has had a much higher TUR this year...

… and I strongly suspect it will require balloting under 1km in Phase 2C this year. 

Yu Neng is traditionally more popular than...

… Fengshan, but this year the TUR has dropped from last years’ super high numbers, by some 7%.  Still, there is likely to be balloting at 1-2km or even 1km.  Last years’ balloting for Yu Neng was rather crazy, with a success rate of on 38%!  But on the average, historical successful balloting under 1km for Yu Neng is about 60%.

I have talked about Fengshan in a few posts below.  You should understand your risk now.

SJI Junior

Hi Chief,

I’m staying within 1km of SJIJ and planning to register my son in the coming P2C. Do you think it would required balloting for within 1km this year. Appreciate your comment.

Thanks Chief...

What are my chances for Yu Neng or Fengshan? Both within 1km

Dear WorriedParent1977...

… we’re sorry and we understand your predicament, but we cannot do recommendations in terms of selecting the schools.  You will need to state the schools you are going for and how far you are from them and we can give you an analysis of your chances to get into those schools.

Instructions on how to find schools closest to you can be found in this article.

Seeking your kind advice...

Hi Chief,

Firstly, thanks for the information provided.

As much as we wanna send my son to St. Hilda’s, but looking at your risk columns, I don’t think my kiddo stand any chance coz we live 1-2km within the school near Bedok Reservoir View. 

What other options would you recommend in selecting the other schools around my area?

I’m pretty worried for him now. 

Maris Stella has been getting rather popular...

… over the last 2 years.  There was balloting for those over 2km last year.  It’s TUR this year is 4% higher than last year.  So I suspect there will be balloting for those higher than 2km this year, if not 1-2km.

I cannot comment on KCPS or St Gabriel as you did not indicate how far you are from them. 

Marris Stella

Hi Chief,

I am staying at amk ave 3, do you think i stand a chance for Marris Stella for Phase 2C outside 2Km?

Besides Marris Stella, i am also thinking of Kuochuan & St Gabriel, any comments?

Your safest bet is...

… St Anthony’s Canossian.  It’s TUR to-date is even lower than last year where there is no balloting.

If you are feeling adventurous, you may even consider Fengshan.  Balloting under 1km last year has a success rate of 93%.  This year will be more competitive, but I’m not anticipating anything less than 80%.

Need your advise...

Hi Chief, would appreciate your advise on which is a better school for Phase 2C and within the safety net.

Feng Shan – within 1 km

ST Anthony Canossian -within 1-2km

Never think of Red Swastika (within 1km) cos the balloting risk is too high!




Actually, it is liddat every year :)

We only feel it is more competitive because we are personally involved and can now fully appreciate the reality of the odds against us.

No, it has never been easy getting a kid into a popular school if you are not already part of the school.  Not even during OUR parents’ time.

You are right...

… Fengshan has been quite popular in the last 2 years, and the increase of TUR by 4% can only mean that parents should expect even more intense competition for Fengshan which already had balloting within 1km in Phase 2C last year.

You need to look for a school other than Fengshan as your 3rd choice.  This school should be as close to you as possible, and should have no history of balloting in Phase 2C.

Monitor the TUR closely for the 3 schools.  If by the 3rd day, a miracle happens and Fengshan looks likely to escape balloting, go for Fengshan.  Otherwise, you must decide if you can stomach the 51% success rate for balloting in RSS, or to go for the 3rd choice school.

I understand what you mean....

Thanks for the advice, Chief.  Hubby & I will be gunning for KHS. Do or die and wait for the outcome. 

alternative maybe

Feel that this year Phase 2C will be filled with intense competition.  There are at least 4 friends of mine within 1 km who are going to give a try for Rosyth under Phase 2C. Just to share the alternative from my friends, they are looking at Hougang primary, Yangzheng and xin min.  According to them, all the above schools mentioned are of certain std and quality….  Wish all phase 2C good luck!

Catholic schools

 Hi Ango, I live near your area, and having done my homework, there isn’t any other catholic school within 2km. Nearest would be Marymount Convent. But at 2CS, you may end up balloting. Your best bet would be a non catholic school at 2CS (there are plenty of options in this case)

Which School to Choose?

Hi Chief,

I stay within 1 km of Red Swastika School and 1-2 km of Fengshan Primary.  May I know your views on which to try for Phase 2C?  Understand that there’s balloting for Fengshan for those within 1 km last year, so afraid may not even be eligible for ballot……

Appreciate your kind inputs!  Thanks!

If you are referring to our academic ranking of schools...

… do keep in mind that it is a very rough measure of the consistency of schools in being able to churn out top scorers in PSLE.  CHIJ (Katong) managed to develop a student that scored more than 275 in last years’ PSLE, after 10 years.  Compare that with a schools like NYPS which turns out such students like clockwork almost every year.

These are just statistics.  In the end, you have to ask yourself which school you FEEL is a better school.  Go visit the schools and talk to the teachers and principal.  That will give you a much better idea than looking at the statistics. 

 thanks chief. St gabriel is

 thanks chief.

St gabriel is > 2km for me. how?

The historical rate of success balloting

… within 1km for De La Salle is 54% while for Yew Tee, it is about 82%.

You have to decide for yourself if De La Salle is worth the additional risk of failure.

That said, we must stress that Yew Tee has been getting quite a bit more popular over the last 2 years, so it is possible that balloting could be more competitive this year.

CHIJ OLQP is likely...

… to require balloting at above 2km or even 1-2km this year.  Yew Tee is very likely to require balloting at 1km this year.

The historical average success rate for Yew Tee balloting under 1km for Yew Tee is about 82%.  Remember that the odds of winning a ballot under 1km is usually much higher than winning a ballot beyond 1km.

Monitor the situation closely and register on the last day.  If it looks like OLQP does not require balloting, go for it.  Otherwise, you may be better off with Yew Tee.

CHIJ Katong or Haig Girl?

Dear Chief,

I was failed in P2B Tao Nan. I am considering not to take the risk of Tao Nan in 2C. Now my choices are CHIJ katong or Haig Girl, both schools are within 1 km. 

I need your kind advice: which school is better? CHIJ looks more popular, but the academic ranking shows that they are only at 70+? why? 

Yee Tee Vs De La Salle (Chua Chu Kang) for 2c phase

Dear Cheif,


I’m in the phase to register my kid at 2c, I’m staying within 1km for both school. May I know which will be the best opportunity for me? Can I know the chances for getting in the both school during the registration? Base on the history, that Yew tee will be higher chance, is it worth to try De Salle?


Which should I choose?

I am staying within one km from Yew Tee Primary but in a favor of sending my girl to CHIJ OLQP in Bukit Panjang which is more than 2km away.  Should I try for CHIJ or just go for Yew Tee?

I don't think you have a chance...

… for Rosyth or Nan Chiau in Phase 2C, given that you are more than 1km away.

As for Hougang, the historical average odds of winning a ballot in Phase 2C is about 72%.  You should have no problems getting into YCK, St Gabriel or Punggol in Phase 2C.

Ask yourself if you can stomach the 28% chance of not getting a place in Hougang and having to go for Phase 2C(S), during which your 2nd choice schools will become a lot more competitive at greater than 1km.

That should help you make your decision.

Hong Wen is very likely...

… to ballot within 1km this year.

As for Kheng Cheng, it is unlikely to require balloting since its TUR has dropped 5% compared to last year and the last time there was balloting in Phase 2C was in 2006.

You can register in Kheng Cheng on the 1st day, and then monitor the situation.  If the school admin inform you that balloting may be required for those beyond 2km, you should withdraw from Kheng Cheng and register in Hong Wen, because your odds for winning a place in Hong Wen within 1km is likely to be higher than Kheng Cheng beyond 2km!

Hong Wen or Kheng Cheng?

Dear Chief

Please advise, which is of better chance.

I am staying within 1km from Hong Wen……

But I am afraid of the chances……so intend to go Kheng Cheng (more than 2 km is using onemap as guide)but might need to ballot basing on your chart.

Please help?

Thank you.



Thanks, Chief!

Thanks for the info, Chief. I do hope they’re not too busy to answer my phone calls though

Will place my bet......

k…will try my luck on AT
Thank for the advise

Bukit Timah Primary should be...

… a sure bet for you in Phase 2C.  Some others in your position might even try for BPPS first in Phase 2C and go for BTPS in Phase 2CS, since BTPS only had one instance of balloting in Phase 2CS for more than 2km back in 2006.  But if you want to be sure, just go for BTPS in Phase 2C and sleep well for the next 3 days. 

P2C- Hougang primary school

 hi chief,

I’m within 1-2 km from both Nan Chiau and Rosyth and applied for NC due to its 68 vacancies vs 25 for rosyth. we failed (1 out of 14). do you know how many for rosyth during 2B ballot for 1-2 km?

Anyway, to move on. we are in 2C now. Hougang is within 1 km but from your valuable statistics, looks like it is likely to ballot as well.

do you think we should go for YCK primary/St gabriel as backup? or ponggol which is within 1 km from my mum’s?

the whole process is way more complex than i imagine.

appreciate your advice.



ps: just checking…i should try NC or rosyth again right? 😉



Bukit Panjang Primary vs Bukit Timah Primary


I live just across from BPPS but I know they ballot for less than 1 km every year. Should I forget about trying and apply at Bukit Timah Primary School which is more than 2 km from my home? From the balloting history, there is no balloting so far for phase 2C (more than 2 km) right? But some friends tell me things might be different this year as the school has raised its profile, and the number of places at other nearby top schools have been reduced. What is your advice?






Admission to primary schools

I m surprised when I am enrolling my daughter to primary school that there are various phases in admission to a primary school, it is not as simple as enrolling to a school like many years ago….phases A to Cs and parents moving house to their preferred school of choice…..I feel sad for those schools who are not a popular school and how would the school teachers n pupils feel?

In theory, all the places

In theory, all the places would be given to those staying at more than 1Km Demand > supply would require balloting.

Some of you may worry whether if you are 1-2 km or more than 2km would require balloting. Best is to call the school or personally head down get live answer result. Suggest that both dad & mum work hand in hand if not 1 parent running around like mad would be very siong.

Just to share 1 example of my friend that in Phase 2C suffered 100% lost. Here the scenario:

Day 1 = Register in XXX school where she staying more than 2Km.

Day 2= School XXX called said she no chance to ballot. Withdraw & register at YYY school.

Day 3 = School YYY called said no chance ballot & register at ZZZ school.

Day 3 = As she is more than 2km, last minute many 1km , 1-2 km registered & force her out. Resulted that do not have chance to register any otjher school.

In the end, have to ended for register in Phase 2CS in which the chice very limited.


Thanks chief, very stressed

Thanks chief, very stressed

Ngee Ann...

… has not required balloting for those staying less than 2km in the last 5 years.  However, this year’s TUR to date is 10% higher than the TUR at same stage last year.  Competition in Phase 2C is therefore likely to be quite intense for Ngee Ann this year.

Please refer to the following link for info you requested:


If you are prepared...

… to go to Teck Ghee, you can try to go for AT in Phase 2C, failing which Teck Ghee is pretty much a shoo-in for you in Phase 2CS. 

Please refer to the

Please refer to the schools’ balloting history.

It is likely that most of these are under 1km...

… in 2010, we had 58 families fighting for 9 vacancies in Phase 2C. 

phase 2C - my chances

Dear chief,  I am staying near Tao Nan Sch  (less than 1km) and Nee Ann Primary (1-2km). May i have the total applicants vs vacancies for last year for both schools? I know is difficult to get in TN so I plan to go NA, but I heard last year NA also needs balloting, furthermore I stay within 1-2km. Since both school needs ballooting why not try for TN. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

Catholic High

Dear Chief,

Catholic High has 644% APP in P2C in 2010 – are all of these APP < 1 km?

How many vacancies vs applications back then?


Pei chun

Dear chief , Do you have the figure for Pei chun 2010 P2C applicants vs vacancies? Any vacancies left for Kheng Cheng 2010 after P2C? Thank you

Should I try AT

Hi Chief Should I try AT (<1pm) at 2C? Then Teck Ghee (1-2km) or Maryconvent (2km) in 2CS. Appreciate yr advise. Thank

The best bet would be AGPS,

The best bet would be AGPS, hands down.  Go for it! 

Don't be mistaken that balloting...

at 1-2km is less competitive than at under 1km.  Actually, it is the opposite!

Consider this: 100 parents going for 50 places.  45 parents are within 1km, the rest between 1-2km.  This means that 55 people will be balloting for the 5 remaining seats!!!  That’s odds of 1 in 11. 

Unfortunately, the only means...

… by which you can get the information you need is by calling the school.  It is ludicrous in this day and age of the Internet.  We have no idea why MOE does not release this information openly on the Internet, as it would help both parents and school administrators A LOT.

Some parents do update the registration information in our Forums under the P1 Registration threads.  Ask around there, and you might get the info.

@sh2010 - Rulang P2C 2010

hi Xiaoxiao’s mama&papa,

in 2010, under P2C for Rulang, there were

Vacancies 45

Applicants 129


YR2010 Rulang P2C vacancies and applications

Dear Chief,

Do you have the figure for Rulang 2010 P2C vacancies vs applications?


Xiaoxiao’s mama&papa

Shuqun is likely to require balloting...

… for those under 1km in the coming Phase 2C.  That’s what happened last year and with the loss of 30 vacancies this year, the TUR is much higher this year compared to last years.  You do the math.

West Grove also lost 30 vacancies this year, but strangely, the TUR has dropped significantly in both Phase 1 and Phase 2B.  So the competitive situation for Phase 2C for West Grove should be a bit better this year.  Even so, West Grove has traditionally very competitive Phase 2C – the average APP is over 300%!  That means a 1 in 3 chance of getting into the school via ballot.

If I’m you, I would look for another school in the area (not Shuqun) that looks "safe" for Phase 2C.  Then I would monitor the situation until the 3rd day of registration.  If it looks like West Grove will require balloting in Phase 2C and if the odds don’t look good, just go register in your 2nd choice school in Phase 2C.  Otherwise, you may be stuck with another ballot situation in Phase 2CS.

It makes a big difference...

… if Hougang is under 1km or between 1-2km away.  If you are 1-2km away, you may not even get a chance to ballot for Hougang which usually require balloting under 1km in Phase 2C.  Use to find out the exact distance you are from Hougang Pri.

Yes, that's right...

… parents must withdraw from the earlier school if they wish to register in other schools in later phases.  It is actually a risk they are taking, and it does not disadvantage anyone else. 

West Grove and Shu Qun

Dear Chief,
Unsuccessful in P2B in Rulang.
Option left is West Grove ( < 1 km) or ShuQun (> 2pm) during coming P2C..
Understanding West Grove may be very competitive..any kind advices in this case? Many thanks!

Why is it allowed to have a

Why is it allowed to have a child who has already secured a place in some other school to compete with others, who have not secured anything, for a place in another school?

Does that mean he/she will forsake the first school, before he/she apply for the second school?

Ballot within 1 km?

Dear Chief

What is the most efficient and effective way to know if a sch needs balloting within 1 km during the 3 days’ application period before the application closes? I’ve a place in Phase 2A2 which requires my child to take school bus and I am looking at another school which is near my PIL’s house (which will then fall in the category of 1-2km). If I know for sure there’s balloting within 1 km, I don’t even need to think of submitting application in that school. I’m working so going down personally to the sch may not be a good idea. Calling the school up? Or is there a link here which I can find with almost instant update? Thanks lots.


Roysth is 100 meter away and the next nearest one is ~1km away whic is hougang pri. Need ur advice

Kong Hwa vs Geylang Methodist Pri Sch

Hi Chief,

Where I’m staying is within 1km from Kong Hwa & 1-2km from GMPS.  Which school do you think will have a better chance of securing a place for my son?  Based on history, KHS will definitely have balloting for 1km and for GMPS, balloting for 1-2km.  Stressed!

Thanks for the valuable

Thanks for the valuable advice. Will do so.
May take my chance on st nicks. Have failed
2B so might as well bulldoze all the way
till the end. My reservation on MCS is the distance.
will think hard on tis. Thanks!!

Nan Chiau or Anchor Green Primary School

Hi Chief

Both NCPS and AGPS are within 1km from my place, should I try for NCPS first or AGPS which most likely guarantee a place in 2C?

Thank you.


You will have no chance for CHIJ TPY...

… because it has always required balloting at under 1km.  Last year there was no balloting only because the number of places available for Phase 2C was exactly enough to fit all those under 1km.

Stay with what you already have. 

Marymount is particularly difficult to predict...

… as it has wild swings in its TUR and balloting over the last 5 years.  However, it appears that a Phase 2B TUR of over 29% greatly increases the likelihood that it will require balloting at Phase 2CS for more than 2km.  So I would lay my bets that if you opt for MCS in Phase 2CS, you will likely be in a ballot situation.  Whereas if you go for MCS in Phase 2C, you should be able to get in without any problems.

The odds for St Nicks does not look good at all, although you can take comfort that it is marginally better than last year’s.  Historically, average odds in balloting under 1km is almost 2 for 1.

Why not wait till the last day of Phase 2C to look at the situation at St Nicks before making your decision?



Hi Chief,


secured a place at a sch already but possible to try CHIJToaPayoh, which is outside 2km? There is only 48 vacancies for 2C. Kindly advise. Tks.

Marymount Convent

Hi Chief. Pardon if tis is resend. I like to know my chances to register for MCS under P2C suppl of more than 2km. Vacancy for 2 C is 165. Shd i take my little hope for P2C @ st nicks within 1km, n try for MCS under P2CS? Cant take the stress if i lost both…thanks for any advice.

Good for you...

… but my personal view is that you are still taking quite a big risk and you may end up not getting into AT AND CHS.  There is no guarantee the CHS will not become hot again, especially if it does well for PSLE this year.

We do not comment or compare schools.  All I can say is that you already have the upper hand in getting into one of the most popular schools in your area, which could be a source of regret should your child end up in a 3rd choice school. 

Backup plans...?

P2B I will have no issues about it as am a Catholic and is grassroot leader for quite somewhile hence doesnt matter if intake for PV is closed. Now it’s more of a matter wanting to take the chance after looking at this year slightly more positive CHS statistics as compared to last year…

Would appreciate if you could suggest any other good schools around this area for back up plan? Thanks!

Dear ango...

… you need to do a bit of homework yourself to identify the schools within 1km, 1-2km and beyond 2km around your area, using the SLA onemap service which is described by others in this article.

Then come back to us with your list of choices and we can give you our opinions of your odds of getting into those schools in Phase 2CS. 

catholic school

Hi Chief,

My daughter failed to enter St Nic under phase 2B today and I intend to try phase 2C. If she does not get in, what would our options and chances be for a catholic school under phase 2CS near our home? I live a stone’s throw from St Nic where parents park their cars to send their daughters to school.

Both AT and CHS are top schools...

… in the Bishan area.  Both are very difficult to get in via Phase 2B and 2C.

1. Since you will be registering next year, if you are considering to enter in Phase 2B via PV, you have passed the window of opportunity.  Application for PVs for next year is already closed.

2. CHS’s competition in Phase 2B is historically one of the most competitive, if not the most competitive, in the country.  Being in Phase 2B and staying within 1km is no guarantee of getting into CHS at all!

Again, if you want to sleep better, stick with AT, since you already have an advantage that lots of other parents would kill for.  If religious affiliation is what you value more and if you don’t mind the odds, then go for CHS. 

Both Rosyth and Holy Innocent are...

… likely to require balloting within 1km this year.  Since you are 1-2km from Holy Innocent, that means you are in a dangerous position because Rosyth’s ballot competitive is likely to be very hot (probably 1 in 5) and you may not even get to ballot for Holy Innocent.

Punggol is the catch all school and hot favorite for parents in Phase 2CS when they fail to get into HI and Rosyth in Phase 2C.  If you want to sleep better, why not go for Punggol in Phase 2C which is pretty much guaranteed, rather than to risk going through 2 ballots in Phase 2C and 2CS?

In a dilemma...AT vs CHS

Chief, need your advice as am in a dilemma looking at this year’s statistics…

My boy was born in year 2006 and we will be doing the P1 registration next year for 2013 intake. Hubby is an alumni of AT but we would prefer CHS as it’s walking distance to our home and due to it’s reputation & religious teachings. What are my chances if I take my bet with CHS at P2b (within 1km) or AT at P2A1?

Anyone with firsthand advise on these two schools please? And also appreciate if can suggest any other good schools around this area for back up plan? My kids are all boys. Thanks!


Phase 2C - Rosyth or Holy

Phase 2C – Rosyth or Holy Innocent Pri School?

Hi Chief,

I need your advise.

Should I go for Rosyth within 1km (24 vacancy) or HIPS within 1-2km (56 vacancy) from my house?

If lucky star is not with me for my choice of school. For phase 2CS, can I go for Punggol Pri School within 1-2km?

I’m worried….


Thank you Chief!!!

Dear Chief

Thank you so much, we will try the one with the biggest probabilty Appreciate that you took time off to help us analyse the situation.


Tabo mama & papa

Dear Fresher...

… there is not enough information for us to help you.  You should state the distance that you are from these schools, and at least tell us if you are participating in this year’s exercise. 

If these are the only 2 choices you have...

… I would stick to the school that is within 1km.  Hougang has been balloting in Phase 2C within 1km for the last 5 years.  You won’t even get to ballot if you stay outside of 1km. 

Yes, there is always the "satisficing" effect...

… or the "no fish prawns also ok" effect.  Only the gahmen has the immigration and manpower data to predict how large this effect will be.  For mortals like us, we can only wait and tell.

Hong Wen is very likely...

… to require balloting within 1km this year as its TUR this year is significantly higher than other years.  I would rate your ballot chance to be about 1 in 2.

Kheng Cheng would be the safer bet.  The last time it had balloting in Phase 2C is for more than 2km, and that was 4 years ago.  The TUR this year is also lower than last years’.

Unless you are a gambling person...

… Ai Tong is not a real option for you this year.  You will go for Ai Tong only if you are well prepared to go into Phase 2CS.

Historically, there will be no more places left for CHIJ Kellock and St Margarets after Phase 2C.  Kellock had a one-off anomaly last year where it only closed 99% of its places in Phase 2C, but I doubt that will be repeated this year.  So you must be ready to activate another choice which is the school nearest to you that you can be sure to get your child in.

I do not comment or compare schools because that would be a subjective opinion.  Everyone uses different parameters for deciding which is a better school. 

just follow these steps:

just follow these steps: ""–"Services"–"SchoolQuery"–"Find Schools near a building" or "Find buildings near a School"

how to use the

Hi Chief,


I tried to use the  onemap to log in for my school distance , but do not seem to know how to use this map ,can u advise me how to search , thanks 

Nearest Rosyth or distance away school?

Dear Chief,

I am worry now. Rosyth is just downstairs. Then the next nearest one is Hougang Pri or Xinmin Pri.

What can I do?

My mum also have difficult for distance walk.

Should I risked for the nearest one or a distance away school?

Very Worry now.


Holy Innocent's Primary

Dear Chief,


 I am living within 1 km from HIPS, and I heard that this school traditionally have balloting within 1km.  The vacancies for phase 2C is 56.  I am not sure if I should take the chance at HIPS? or go for Hougang Primary which have more vacancies left but is 1-2km from my place.

Any advice?




CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

Hi Chief,

Do you think the number of applicants for this year phase 2C going for CHIJ be more than last year due to the highout rate in Bukit Panjang Pri?

Phase 2C

Dear Chief

Need your advice. I am staying near Hong Wen School(less than 1km) but understand might need to ballot. Another alternative school which I am keen will be Kheng Cheng Primary(more than 2km). Which do you think I will have better chance. Thanks.

Phase 2C

Thanks so much Chief

Actually, i have another option… which is Ai Tong and its within 0.5km… its a property which we rented out and if we can get into the school, we can move back in there by end of the year,

However looking at the odds… even though its within 0.5km… do you think we have a chance at all?

if we miss this chance…. we can only wait for 2CS for St Margarets or IJ Kellocks… which is risky too 🙁

In terms of academic excellence, Ai Tong is tops.. but its co ed and we are also worry that they are too academic focused. Based on your research and experience… is St Margarets or IJ Kellocks a good choice too?

Thank you so much, tabo :'( mama

towner rd

Hi Chief,


We staying near towner road(boon keng MRT).Possible to get CHIJ (Katong) or CHIJ(Kellock) or any CHIJ near by?

Or only chance St.margaret only?





Dear Zsmummy...

… since Shuqun has lost 30 places this year of 10% of 2010’s vacancies, its TUR has actually increased 16%, which is 6% more than what one would expect.  Demand is higher this year than 2010, where balloting occured within 1km!

I think your chances are slim.  Be prepared to activate your 2nd choice.  If you stay more than 2km, you should monitor the registration until the 3rd day and make your decision then.

TUR vs column...

… shows the difference of the current phase TUR vs the same phase last year (2010), or the historical average from (2006-2010).

A negative number is good news for parents.  It means the TUR has dropped, ie. more places available for Phase 2C this year compared to last year. 

Dear tabofamily...

… your best bet is St Margarets.  It is the only school in your list this year which registered a drop in its TUR compared to last year.

CHIJ Kellock would be your next good bet.

Even so, both schools are likely to require balloting at beyond 2km, so you cannot run away from that.

As for RGS and SCGS, you are unlikely to even get to ballot in Phase 2C since you are beyond 2km. 

Phase 2 C.... what are my chances

Dear Chief….


Good day!

Need to seek some advice from you as this is our first time and we are really at a loss which school we should pick for our only daughter

We are beyond 2 km for all these schools…staying at Bukit Merah



3) CHIJ Kellocks

4) St Margarets

Any advice is greatly appreciated. You mentioned earlier…one way is to wait til PM of 3rd day to see if any of these schools allow ballot for > 2KM… at least i stand a chance…

Are we allow to register at 2 schools? If not… after i go to IJ on Day 1 and register… then later on Day 3… i found that my chances at RGPS is looking good, can i register at RGPS then?

Thanks so much

tabo at a loss…

How to interprete


Hi Chief

How to interprete the columns "TUR Difference", Historical vs 2010? A negative % means ?

Pei Chun Public School

Dear Chief,

Thanks for the advice. We stay within 1km for both Pei Chun (0.8km) and Kou Chuan (0.5km). Which is the reason why we r kind of still complentating if we should go for PC or KCPPS for P2C. 

My 1st choice has been always PC. What do you think will the chances be? What is the P2C siutation like last year?? Can you kindly give me some more insights?? 



ShuQun Pri

Hi Cheif,

stay beyond 2km… do u think there’s any chance for P2C?

There's no borderline or not.

There’s no borderline or not. Please go to check if your home is under 1km or 1-2km. Just go under school query, click on the Primary school name and it will show you the map of ALL the buildings within 1km and those within 1-2km. This is the ONLY form of distance calculating the school recognises.


 I am looking at registering for next year for 2013 P1. Looking at the stats, do you think i should move within 1km just for ACSJ? or will i still need to ballot for next year? Worth the move?

Hi Chief Do you know for 2010

Hi Chief

Do you know for 2010 Pri 1 registration for jurong west Pri Sch, how many applicants are staying less than 1km for phase 2C and how many vacancies was there for 2C?


Depend on the chance of

Depend on the chance of getting a place & if you dare to take the risk. If not just go enroll at alternative school in which yr winning is high. Don’t have to stress again at Phase 2CS This is the

This is the offical map which the school recognise. If rally have in doubt then the best is to check with the school directly.

They should put a map ot outside together with the registration details.

RVPS, Don't Try If More Than 2km

Hendy 75

Suggest you monitor how many staying more than 2km have to ballot. The risk seem too high & I would suggest you register in an alternative school rather that later add more pressure in Phase 2C supplementary stage.

Home-School Distance

Hi chief,

I have always thought that the home-school distance is measured by the radius but the moe website goes by travelling distance.  If going by moe website, it put us in the category of 1 – 2 km instead 1 km.

Any idea which to trust?

Vacancy for Nan Chiau balloting under Phase 2B

Any body have idea how many applicants vs vancancies is available for 2B balloting for Nan Chiau


thanks really appreciate the advice, actually I just call West Grove, they expect more applicants this year than last year

Saw the new table. Simple and

Saw the new table. Simple and clear. Ya, most likely into ballot as I m sitting on the borderline 1.02km sigh. Thank you Chief.

Should I try Woodgrove Primary School?

I stay > 2 km from Woodgrove Primary School. The school nearer to my house is Greenwood and Admirality Pri School. All these schoos need balloting. So what should I do? 

Dear yarex...

… at a TUR of 90% so far, I find it difficult to believe that ACS(P) can escape balloting under 1km this year.

Then again, the TUR is marginally down 2% from last year’s hot numbers.  So for all you know, you might get lucky. 

Dear Hendy75...

… while the TUR this year for RVPS is lower than last years’ red hot numbers, it is still quite high at 71%.  If you look at RVPS’ history, any TUR at Phase 2B that is higher than 67% will require balloting at 1-2km.

Hence it is quite risky for you to try for RVPS since you are more than 2km away.

If you insist on trying for RVPS, you will need to monitor closely the registrants and apply on the 3rd day’s afternoon if you are confident that you will at least get a chance to ballot. 

Dear ahkuanlh...

… we have already flagged Pei Chun as a candidate for balloting under 1km for Phase 2C.

You did not indicate how far you are from Kuo Chuan, but if you stay within 1km of the school, it should be a safe bet.  However, Kuo Chuan has been balloting in Phase 2C for those between 1-2km, for the past 5 years.  Just so you know.

Dear Happy73...

… if you are less than 1km, it would be quite safe to go for CHIJ OLN.  But if you are between 1-2km, chances are high that you might get into a ballot situation.

IJ OLN or Horizon?

< 2km from IJ. Wondering should I go for IJ and have Horizon >2km as back up since the school within 1km all need balloting. Confuse.

Pei Chun Public School

Dear KaiSu Chief,

I am not-so-kiasu mum – and will be registering my son for P2C for Pei Chun , and i am staying within 1km.

We are stuck now- to decide that we either save the stress of balloting for Pei Chun, and to go straight to Kou Chuan (which likely do not need to ballot in P2C)

Please kindly advice and we need some insight/ eveluation (after today’s 2B results) on the coming P2C registration.


Mummy Ah Kuan!!


river valley pri

stay beyond 2km,will be registering for p2c,how slim is the chances?please help as 1st child.worrying daddy


West Grove

As far as I can remember… for West Grove last year.. there were 75 seats remaining for P2C and there were more than 250 ppl registered… all less 1KM…

You may refer this link for more information

This year situation seems to be better..but its better to have a backup plan.

All the best


No Need to queue!!

None of the phases are first come first serve. As long as you register on either of days of 27,28 or 29th July its ok!!..

All the best!

Kiasu.. wat time to start queueing

I’m a kiasu mummy.


I’m going for the Phase 2C. What time do you think I should go to register? Is it a first come first serve basis?


Kiasu Mummy!

acs primary

Hi chief,


Are there any chances for Phase 2c within lkm at ACS primary no balloting.

Getting very excited. 24 places available compared to 19 places last year.

Hope good chance

West Grove

Hi Chief

Do you know for 2010 Pri 1 registration for West Grove Pri Sch, how many applicants are staying less than 1km for phase 2C and how many vacancies was there for 2C?






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