P1 Registration (2012) – Phase 2C(S)


For a child who fails to get a place in a school of choice at Phase 2C

Announcement of Results:
Tuesday 16 August 2011

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What happens if one fails to

What happens if one fails to get in during Phase 2C(Sup) balloting? Do I wait for Phase 3 or approach any school directly immediately after the Phase 2C(Sup) balloting results and register there and then? Will the schools accept registrations or tell us to wait until Phase 3 is over??? Thanks.

@shyb - what next after 2C(S)


for those who failed to secure a place after phase 2C(s),  they have 2 options:

1. let MOE post their children to a nearest possible school that still have vacancies or

2. Apply to a school that still have vacancies according to their choice in phase 3, and fight for a place with non-Singaporean / PR. 

What next after 2C(s)

The school has left with 6 places. Guess have to be in the ballot draw for distant 1km again. Result will be out on 16 Aug. What happen for those who do not get in. Is it able to register for another school on the same day?


mamPride Percentage of getting into Hongwen

U are already in Balloting stage for within 1km , all else doesnt matter as all of you are in 1Km category

Its goodluck for you and me also and hope we dun need to go for the backup Supp plan after 5Aug


What is the procedure for 2C(s)


This is my first time registering for Primary. could any one please advise what is the procedure of 2C Supplementary.


Percentage of getting into the school

Hong Wen primary school has got 56 vacancies but 100 ppl registered.

I’m staying within 1km, how high is my chance on getting my son into Hong Wen.

Please advice. I’m so nervous.