P1 Registration (2012) – Phase 3



For children who are not Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.

Announcement of Results:
Friday 26 August 2011


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For transfer, just approach

For transfer, just approach the target school to indicate your interest. If the school is popular, then most certainly there’s a waitlist of students wanting to transfer in.

Transfer is not controlled by MOE, and not first-come-first-serve. The school can pick and choose whoever they want from the waitlist. So it would likely help if your daughter has very good P1 result.

If you are required to file an official form to be placed on the waitlist, then perhaps you can submit her P1 result (and other certs or achievements) together with the form?

Primary 2 admission

My daughter currently studing in a local school which is too far from my home. She is in pri 1. I would like to transfer her in to a different school in 2012. Please could u advise me what should I need to do? Thx