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Parenting and Entrepreneurship Talk


Entrepreneurs for parents workshop

Date: 27 June 2018 (Wed)

Time: 6pm

Venue:  Apex@Henderson – Carrot Patch, 201 Henderson Rd, #02-09 Singapore 159545

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Tips on Becoming Entrepreneurs For Parents:

On 27 June, this important Founder Family Talk will focus on helping seed/early stage entrepreneurs align their long-term strategic goals with the immediate family responsibilities needed to start off on the right foot.


6.00 Welcome and Networking
6.45 Opening 
7.00 Founders and Family
7.45 Q&A
8.00 Networking
9.00 Close

Why is it important? We’ll tackle some critical topics in this talk:


The importance of early and holistic planning is required for both starting a family as well as entrepreneurship, but what do you when you are planning for both?

  • Why you can’t plan your startup finances in a vacuum – your personal and family life matters!
  • How to build your financial runway while bootstrapping
  • How to tell good advice from bad
  • The most common mistakes that early entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them
  • The potentially uncomfortable but critical conversations to have with your family when becoming an entrepreneur
  • To allow quality discussion and interaction, audience size will be limited so we have plenty of time to devote to answering your questions.


Apex@Henderson - Carrot Patch

201 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159545

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