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Primary and Secondary Term 2 School Holidays for 2012


School Holidays for 2012

Semester 1
After Term 1 Saturday 10th March to Sunday 18th March
After Term 2 Saturday 26th May to Sunday 24th June
Semester 2
After Term 3 Saturday 1st September to Sunday 9th September
After Term 4 Saturday 17th November to Monday 31st December

Holiday programme for my sons

Anyone can share with me good holidays programme for my 6th years old son; going to primary 1 next year .

Also, for my primary 5 , 11 years old son. 

Do not want them to waste time at home doing nothing..


Worried Mum


2012 June holidays

 My girl is P1 this year. I m working in the morning till 1pm. Really at a loss if I should leave her alone at home? I have no family support. Staying near McPherson. Anyone can share with me what arrangement I can do?  

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