Primary and Secondary Term 3 School Holidays for 2012


School Holidays for 2012

Semester 1
After Term 1 Saturday 10th March to Sunday 18th March
After Term 2 Saturday 26th May to Sunday 24th June
Semester 2
After Term 3 Saturday 1st September to Sunday 9th September
After Term 4 Saturday 17th November to Monday 31st December

Chinese Helper do not need to stay over

I am working mum, I am looking for,local Chinese helper to do cleaning and at the sametime look after my 10 year old twin girl when they are back from school, if anyone come across please kindly email me or call me at 90058334 . Urgent !

student care center

My nephew was taken care by my sister as his mum passed away last July’11.

My sister is working PT and some days my brother will hv to take care of his son in the morning and send him to school when my sister is working.  However, it will be a headache when school holidays coming.

Does River Valley primary has a student care center that we can place my nephew full day during school holidays?  or is there a student care center cater nearby River Valley Pri or near Dawson place where my sister stays.