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Primary and Secondary Term 4 School Holidays for 2012


School Holidays for 2012

Semester 1
After Term 1 Saturday 10th March to Sunday 18th March
After Term 2 Saturday 26th May to Sunday 24th June
Semester 2
After Term 3 Saturday 1st September to Sunday 9th September
After Term 4 Saturday 17th November to Monday 31st December

Science Camp in November 2011

Enriching and fun-filled Science camps for pupils. Zoo escape to the scene behind. Learn to rock climb. Sleep with the sharks in Underwater World Sentosa. Learn multi-skills and how to solve problems through hands-on activities.
Limited vacancies.

DAY 1:

Ice Breaker through basic rock climbing
-To develop psychomotor, cognitive as well as affective skills.

-Toy Invention Activities
• Stimulate create thinking through invention
• Develop tactile & co-ordination skills by building mock-up

DAY 2:
Underwater camp (UWS)

-Set off to Sentosa for camp
-Educational tour with in-house UWS facilitators
-Marine conservation talk
-Sleeping amongst the fishes in the tunnel with sleeping bag each

DAY 3:
Underwater camp (UWS)

-Educational games in UWS

-Reflection on Camp
• Values Education
• What they learnt
• Collaboration

-Toy Invention Activities
• Develop problem-solving mindset to improve design
• Understand and utilize scientific principles through experimentations

DAY 4:
Follow up activity and team work

-Toy Invention Finale
• Brainstorm to improve on prototypes
• Final touch up
• Test / Put to challenge the prototypes
• Present unique features of their creations

DAY 5:
Zoo Camp

-Jobs in the Zoo
-Guided tour with facilitators of the Zoo
-Behind the scene tours with facilitators of the Zoo
-Elephants @ work and play show
-Tram ride around the Zoo
-Home sweet home

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