PSLE 2009 Results Day

The above image is contributed by our talented parent-artist chillycrab.  Thanks for the wonderful light-hearted humor your have provided for our community!

Good luck to all students and parents of students who have participated in the PSLE 2009.  May you get the results you deserve.  Celebrate if you achieve what you wanted.  Reflect on how you will improve yourself if you get less than what you hoped for.  And regardless of whatever you score, plan on what you want to achieve 4 to 6 years down the road and start preparing TODAY towards that goal.

Achieving academic excellence is a marathon, not a sprint.



Hi everyone! My daughter is in p6 this year and quite well in her PSLE. She scored 241+2. She got into PLMGS successfully. Well, my first choice was St. Nicks. I was hoping she would get in. But, PLMGS is PLMGS. It is quite okay. Heard there was a girl scored 274 went there before. Is that true?

Top Score

Eh… Top Score for SCGS 275?  But it’s not in the MOE list of schools with at least 1 or more with 275 and above

Yes, Mathsparks... always

Yes, Mathsparks… always take it with a pinch of salt… maybe even less than 50% . 

ya, and i know of 2

ya, and i know of 2 wait-listed RI boys who got confirmed offers too. but they’re more than 260. lesson learned from your little experiment..50% of grapevine news is accurate.

Yes, Mathsparks... half

Yes, Mathsparks… half correct…. It’s a good experiment to test how reliable grapevine news are… hmm maybe they dare not say 290 in case it’s being tracked down to the source.  Ha.ha.ha.   From the start of the 1st break to what I wrote… it took less than 18hrs…. less 8-10hrs for sleeping hours… then I would say that it took about 8-9 hrs for some to get more out from wherever they could get the news from.  Amazing!   I don’t bother to check how and who they get the news from.  Generally the news I hear is that most schools did not do that well on the whole.  My fren compiled this:  PSLE TOP Score for Ai Tong 280, Fuhua 271, Holy Innocent 272, Hougang 281, Juying 263, Chongfu 270, Nan Chiau 282, South View 286, Qifa, 290, Greenridge 285, Nan Hua 285, St Nic 280, SCGS 275, River Valley 282, Catholic high 280.   So does it look like the cut off  points going to go down? –  maybe RI 253 , RGS 252, NYGS 251 and Hwa Chong 250.   I heard from a fren that a boy was offered wait-list for Hwa Chong and got place confirmed with PSLE result even with a T-score of 249.  Wow!

Quite accurate!

Quite accurate!

Top PSLE girl from China and in neigbourhood school

Qiu Biqing, 13, from Qifa Primary School, achieved an aggregate score of 290, with four A*s and a Distinction in Higher Chinese.

The top Indian pupil this year is Muhammad Saad Siddiqui from Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), and the top Malay pupil is Syafiqah Nabilah Bte Shamshera from Raffles Girls’ Primary School.


  So 2centsworthy, yr


So 2centsworthy, yr grapevine news half correct? It’s amazing how news leak ya? I was shocked to hear of tuition centre calling back their students a day before chinese exam to do a compre paper that turns out to be same as the psle one. moe need to plug these leaks. unfair to those who did the paper fair and square. ditto for the chinese oral which was unfair for the day2 kids. what nonsense farewell party. My boy’s chinese grade pulled down becoz of these.


2centsworthy : wah great

2centsworthy : wah great news, at least from neighbourhood school. It is a good news though as Maths was extremely difficult this year but the top score of 289 is higher than last year. Cheers… which school u know ??

GOOD LUCK to all P6

GOOD LUCK to all P6 students and their parents here.

Yes, PSLE is a marathon not a SPRINT!

CKS, Well Said !! Ehm… mine will be Loooooonnnnnnngggg Marathon – not even in P1. Lol.

Thank you chillycrab

Thank you chillycrab, for your contributions.

All the best to P6 students.

When i saw this drawing,

When i saw this drawing, thought enter wrong forum.
No pri6 kids yet, but drawing is soothing, reminds me that Adults must also relax..

I remembered a few years

I remembered a few years back, I accompanied my nephew to receive his PSLE results. His class teacher arrange the results in such a way that the highest aggregate score in his class will receive first, followed by second and so forth. Very stressed for the students and parents. No wonder my sis don’t want to go. All the best to all students taking their PSLE. 

The lowest score was lower than last year's lowest!?

Scary. Could it be NYPS? Anyway, my child is not a GEPer. I got this feeling this year’s top 10 from NYPS will not be dominated by GEPers for NYPS. ( if the trend is similar to their Prelim)

Thank you chillicrab for

Thank you chillicrab for the image.  It caught my attention this morning.  Well Done!


By the way, principals from

By the way, principals from GEP centres have seen the scores of all GEPers…. they need to advise MOE about their GEP promotion…. they knew about it last week… ask your GEP teachers… they  MAY  know or give you an idea.   Was told Nan Hua priincipal said  to all present in their P6 Graduation  that the GEPers did better than last year’s….   one other centre said the GEPer in that school did not do that well as compared with last year… the lowest score was lower than last year’s lowest….

So sorry... the news came

So sorry… the news came from my friend… and her friends… just post it… thought it would be fun to see how true grapevine news are….. 

psle 2009 results day

Wah…so scary..see aggregate score before my very eyes ..hope I don’t pass my hubby says , it’s out of our hands..must try to relax…

Hi 2centsworthy, insider

Hi 2centsworthy, insider news eh? you must know some very important people. can check my son’s score?  I guess not. If can I pm you his name?

Here's something from the

Here’s something from the grapevine and let’s  see whether this is true ….

TOP PSLE SCORE is 289  … from neighbourhood school

TOP GEPer SCORE is 287  with initials C.K.   from RGPS.


Chief, you very mean leh.

Chief, you very mean leh. Wait till yr son is in P6; I’ll be here to remind you to rein him in. 

Kiasu Spirit

Must stick to Kiasu spirit lah, mathsparks.  Must prepare today.  Time to rein in your kids, parents

(yeah… now all kids are going to hate

Hey chief,don't say

Hey chief,

don’t say start  preparing TODAY, can? ah boy still playing computer game everyday. I’m not nagging him either.


chillicrab, thanks for all your nice drawings. this one in color somemore.

well said..I am

well said..I am anticipating the result too and very excited to be part of this with my girl.  1st time and the feeling is really strange