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Information last updated on 22 August


Sex education conducted by Primary schools for P4 & above


My girl’s primary school asking for consent for students to attend – she is in P4. Anyone with kids who had attended such a class ? Is it good to let them join the class? There is an opt-out option if parents so desire …

My friend's daughter has

My friend’s daughter has been offered a place to a Sec school via DSA sports. Heard the daughter very good at all sorts of sports…  My friend is not sure if her daughter should accept the DSA offer..bec the school to her is just so-so…  her concern is what if her daughter’s PSLE results come out super good, can the daughter then appeal to a much better school even though she has accepted the DSA offer before the PSLE results were out?… I don’t think can… but some other friends say possible…so we don’t know who is right and who is wrong…anyone knows…??