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PSLE Problem Sums Bootcamp (March Holidays) For P5/P6 Students


Math Acc bootcamp


This March school holidays, equip your child for PSLE Maths with a proven learning system and effective strategies for solving problem sums. A 2-day Bootcamp that is specifically designed for Pri 5 and Pri 6 students. Learn to tackle non-routine problem sums effectively in a fun and engaging manner.

Students will learn how to :

Master 8 must-know problem sums strategies that are commonly tested at major exams like the upcoming SA1 and PSLE.

Identify keywords in problem sums quickly and connect the keywords to relevant problem sums strategies

Apply our “secret strategy” to solve problem sums effectively with improved accuracy.

Bootcamp Details :

P6 Bootcamp

  • Revision of major topics (incl. Whole Numbers/Fractions/Ratio)
  • Headstart Topics (incl. Circles and Speed)
  • Must-know problem solving heuristics
  • PSLE Exam skills and answering techniques

Schedule (2 Days x 3 hrs)

Run 6.1 : 12-Mar (Mon) to 13-Mar (Tue), 10am to 1pm

Run 6.2 : 15-Mar (Thu) to 16-Mar (Fri), 2pm to 5pm

P5 Bootcamp

  • Revision of major topics (incl. Whole Numbers/Fractions)
  • Headstart Topics (incl. Ratio/ Volume/Triangles)
  • Tips on how to reduce careless mistakes during SA1
  • SA1 Exam skills and answering techniques

Schedule (2 Days x 3 hrs)

Run 5.1 : 15-Mar (Thu) to 16-Mar (Fri), 10am to 1pm


Maths Accelerator Centre

1 Marine Parade Central, #12-03  Parkway Centre, S 449408

Tel : 8725-7203 (Call/SMS)

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1 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 449408

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