PSLE Results Day 2010


Good luck to all students and parents of students who have participated in the PSLE 2010. For those who have done well, congratulations! For those who were disappointed, do remember that your academic journey does not end here and there will be many more opportunities to learn and perform. After all, the road to success is not a sprint but a marathon.

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Post PSLE blues



Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing




Any one knows how many students got 260 and above  in Pei Hwa Presbyterian ?


269 for west grove.

269 for west grove.

Park view primary school PSLE performance

anyone know about " Park view primary school PSLE performance this year and previously"? 


xinghua primary highest score

does anybody know xinghua pri top scorer T-score?

Also, MM Lee mentioned about average -scores of two pri schools he visited. Where can we get such figures for the pri sch we interested in? Thanks!

AMK school lowest point is

AMK school lowest point is 227 in 2009. My son scored 218 for 4As. At first I thought something wrong with the scores but now I have to accept that. I make a first choice as Mayflower though AMK Sec is just close to my home. Second will be Peirce Sec, some of his school teacher recommended as improve characterwise for the students. At least if he can’t go in to Mayflower, he has place for Peirce. Good luck with your choice.

what  do you expect?? We

what  do you expect?? We must encourage them more..All students….Well done!!

can go Ang Mo Kio Sec?

Hi, my son scores 213 (4As) is it possible for him to get into Ang Mo Kio Sec? Anyone can advise please? Thanks. 

Psle result

Any one knows the highest score for westgrove pri ?

lowest is 43

lowest is 43

so low ? 282 only

so low ? 282 only

Top PSLE student is from Rosyth

Well, just got confirmation that the top student is from Rosyth with aggregate of 282