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PSLE Written Exams

  • Wednesday, 6 October : English/ Foundation English
  • Thursday, 7 October : Mathematics/Foundation Mathematics
  • Friday, 8 October : Chinese / Malay / Tamil/ Bengali / Gujarati / Hindi / Panjabi / Urdu/Foundation Chinese/ Foundation Malay/ Foundation Tamil
  • Monday, 11 October :  Science, Foundation Science
  • Tuesday,12 October : Higher Chinese / Higher Malay / Higher Tamil

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no if is series connected,

no if is series connected, yes if it if parallel connected

Science Electricity circuit

Will electricity flow through a circuit if it the switch is closed?

PSLE result release date

Thank you very much for your insight. I can now go on the trip with DS and hubby with a peace of mind. Have a nice weekend!

PSLE 2010 Science


Final lap to go ! Anyone wants to share on tips on answering Science questions? Thank you.

Sch will give out proxy

Sch will give out proxy form which u can authorise relative to collect result fr sch. Must produce photocopies of U & your spouse NRIC, your child’s birth cert on collection day. The authorised person must also bring original NRIC. U should also inform your child’s form teacher

PSLE result release date

We will be going on a trip from 21st to 26th Nov 2010. Heard PSLE result might be out on 25th Nov 2010. Is it true? If really so will it still be ok if we come back on 26th Nov one day later to collect it from sch? Will sch keep the result slip for us? Someone pls help.

dun think so  

dun think so


My daughter says that the

My daughter says that the paper was easy 

(a)is 11 n (b) is 31

(a)is 11 n (b) is 31

PSLE Maths

Any idea what’s the final answer for the "Nurul & Peilin" Qn in Paper II? 

it was easy according to my

it was easy according to my classmates

PSLE Math...

I bet that more parents will complain about this year’s Math paper. (I just did it and Paper Two is difficult.)

 One down! Get ready for

 One down!

Get ready for Maths!!




Good luck and Best wishes to all PSLE 2010 Boys and Girls


Anorther 8 mins to start…rock girls and boys of PSLE 2010


Stay cool… stay calm… grab more rest and zz  early !!!

Good Luck !!

Red Dot   Finally the day

Red Dot
Finally the day we all have been working so so hard has come – Lets wish all PSLE students and the Kiasu Parents all the best and good luck

Best of Luck for PSLE 2010 batch

Dear Class 2010,

You need not go anywhere else to know the Secrets of Success….Just sit in your room, take a deep breath and take a  look around…..and you can find them right in front of you!!!!

Look at the Roof…the Ceiling… …can’t  U hear it saying, "Aim High?"

Look at the Fan ….. Everytime U switch it on, it says : "Be CooooL!"

Look at the Clock….Doesn’t it say : "Don’t waste time….ever minute is precious!"

Look at the Mirror ….it says : Reflect before you Act!

Look out throught the Window ….and SEE the World!

Look at the Calendar …..look at the dates on it….it says "Be Up-to-date!!!"

Look at the Door……….it says…"Push Hard…..Harder to achieve your goals"

On behalf of all parents and well-wishers,

Here’s wishing you all the very best!


Count down to PSLE

I was thinking of setting up a count down clock to PSLE …. discovered it here.

Great ! My dd and I cant wait for this to be over

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