Registration for 2010 P1 – Phase 2A2


For a child whose parent or sibling has studied in the school of choice; or whose parent is a staff member of the school of choice.

Registration: Thursday 15th July 2010 and Friday 16th July 2010

Announcement of Result: By Tuesday 20th July 2010


sure get?

I happens to fall in phrase 2A(2) for NYPS, does it gurantee a "sure get in" or I should join the alumni and get myself into 2A(1)?

Phase 2 C

st hilda with 1 km is balloting. 2km has less chance.

Phase 2 C

Since I have to register my son under Phase 2C ,can anyone advise which school should I choose for my son? Chongzheng is within 1 km but GongShang,St Hilda, Tampanies Primary, East Spring are within 2 km. Unfortunately Poi Ching is not within 2km.


this kiasuparents forum is a good place where all the parents really share their experience and advise but by knowing more n more had made one really stress …. that’s why people always say that ignorance is a blessing ….


Stress ....

Wow! seem like chances of getting into Ai Tong School ( 330 149 34 147 62 ) is getting lesser n lesser already …. really stress although already had plan B …..I throt most people mentioned 2010 is the lowest birth rates but seem like still got a lot of children in this 2004 year …..

St Hildas had been the

St Hildas had been the hottest school in Tampines over the past few years. Last year, there were 10 applicants for every 3 vacancies in phase 2C. Those parents eyeing St Hildas should have a backup plan.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

St Hildas Phase 1 (6 and 7

St Hildas

Phase 1 (6 and 7 Jul 2010)

Total Vacancies for P1 270
Total admitted for Phase 1 143
Vacancies for Phase 2A(1) 127

Phase 2 (9 Jul 2010)

Total Vacancies for P1 270
Total admitted for Phase 1 143
Total admitted for Phase 2A(1) 6
Vacancies for Phase 2A(2) 121 left

Phase 2A(2) will be held on 15 and 16 Jul 2010. Result on 20 Jul for Phase 2A2.

Getting less for those in 2B and looks like fierce balloting for 2C.

IMO - in my opinion,

IMO – in my opinion, sometimes people will write IMHO – in my humble opinion



Thanks for the assurance, a bit kancheong because I’ve not registered under this phase before. BTW, what does IMO stand for ?

Phase 2A2 do not need luck

Hi Janet_lee88
IMO, phase 2A2 do not need luck. All phases before phase 2B are purely administrative. 

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Wish me luck

We are going to register daughter under this phase. Wish me luck.