Registration for 2011 P1 – Phase 2B


For a child whose parent has joined the school as a parent volunteer not later than 1 July 2009 and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by 30 June 2010; or whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school; or whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader.

Registration: Thursday 22nd July 2010 and Friday 23rd July 2010

Announcement of Result: By Wednesday 28th July 2010

23 July 2010:

Phase 2B 2010 is over.  The only thing remaining is the balloting for those in the following school highlighted in RED.  A hearty congratulations those who managed to get into their desired schools in this round!  For those who have to sit through the nail-biting session of balloting, hang in there.  Even if you do not win the ballot, there’s still a Phase 2C to try again!

School Final Day Phase 2B 2010
Places Phase 1 Phase 2A Phase 2B
Catholic High 210 38% 86% 91% 533% 96%
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ 210 34% 68% 79% 182% 90%
Tao Nan 360 44% 38% 65% 181% 83%
St Hilda’s Primary 270 52% 33% 68% 158% 84%
West Grove Primary 300 48% 6% 51% 155% 75%
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 210 33% 47% 64% 155% 82%
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary 330 52% 44% 73% 155% 87%
Kong Hwa 270 41% 37% 63% 152% 82%
Ai Tong 330 45% 59% 78% 151% 89%
Fairfield Methodist Primary 270 36% 36% 59% 143% 80%
Nanyang Primary 390 46% 66% 82% 142% 91%
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 210 23% 35% 50% 134% 75%
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 270 29%

ACS(Junior) Balloting outcome for Phase 2C 2010

Does anyone have the result of Phase 2C for ACJS? Any balloting required within 1-2km?


I agree with you totally.

If only all schools practice what Henry Park does, then there won’t be disappointed parents who, after clocked up hours and get balloted out. That to me, is really very cruel.


Suprised that there are leftovers for HPPS in Phase 2B. Now dilemia between HPPS & FMPS??

Fairfield Methodist Pri

Hi,in this case, any more chances for Phase 2C for Fairfield Methodist?

Just hope that the twins

Just hope that the twins are the last one to be call out so that the school had to open extra places.Eg 39 then if twins being called the school have to open to 41. River Valley pri last year have such scenario where a twin or trio being called in the last. 

So the parent or the

So the parent or the children need to be either christain or Catholic then can register in Phase 2B?  Really the record is new in the 2010 registration.

The Singapore Megachurches

The Singapore Megachurches are not Methodist, Anglican or Presbyterian.

If birte rate has not

If birte rate has not increased, then it’s the new citizen’s effect.

Agree with

Agree with preciousmoments.  If you take a look, the churches which have affiliation to primary schools come mainly from the Methodist, Presbytarian (including Bible-Presbytarian) and Anglican churches.  Don’t forget the Roman Catholic church too.  There are many members in these denominations and thus it is not surprising that the affiliated primary schools receive such overwhelming response under Phase 2B.

Low registration for HPPS in phase 2b

The remaining places for HPPS is 70. I think the phase 2b was low because the School only took in about 22 PVs. The balance who registered were grassroots members. I wish all schools were as thoughtful as HPPS by taking in limited PVs so that all the hours spent by them in the school will be fruitful.

Past history

This year’s P1 registration has definitely surprised and SHOCKED many parents…esp when 2004 has been deemed the LOWEST birth rate in recent years. This year’s registration till today has been rather freaky.

Some schools have high take up rate at Phase 1. At Phase 2B, it’s also record high for schools like Catholic High, MGS, Fairfield . I understand some schools may be at a loss whether to take in that 1/2/3 children balloted out if their parents did PV. By taking these children in, it will mean there will be 3 places lesser for 2C.

Family support is very crucial for primary school children now. Parents have to do their part for their children, and not expect the teachers to do everything. Same goes for teachers too, they should also not presume that their students go for enrichment/tuition and ignore their purpose – TO TEACH.


Frankly, I believe that the

Frankly, I believe that the so called mega churches and prosperity gospel churches you are referring to are not methodist churches, hence these church goers are not entitled to register into methodist schools via church affiliation.

Nanhua Primary school


Some questions to clarify. I know there are 2 pairs of twins registering in nhps this year. I checked the MOE website that there are 40 applicants.

Are the 2 pairs of twins considered as 1 applicant each? So there are 38 single child and 2 pairs of twins? Or there are 36 single child and 2 pairs of twins?

Please advise.


Choosing Pri schs



I think it is our OWN EXPECTATIONS that is driving our quality of life down. I have seen pupils from top schools going into ‘not so gd/neighbour hood’ sec schs due to poor PSLE results. Then  there are also friends whose children who studied in ‘neighbourhood/not so gd’ pri schs performing well in PSLE. Ultimately the most  important  factor is the support from home.

Beacon or BPPS

But in absolute number terms, BPPS has only 65 places for 2C, while Beacon has 170.

So is it advisable to try BPPS?

precisely because Beacon

precisely because Beacon has been in the news, it is likely that there will be less chance for u since 1km to 2 km category.

go for bt panjang pri

Ihoste, Totally agree with


Totally agree with you…the education system here in Spore is really driving our quality of live down…

Our son is due for registration next year, we have applied to about 8-10 schools for PV (hoping to register under Phase 2B next year), but only 1 replied – that too, asking us to attend a briefing before being shortlisted for an interview. We have been through so much anxiety, agony, worry, and sacrifice, all because we wanted our child to have the best for his education.

And right now, we are also house-hunting (within 1 km) to the school of choice, to ensure that we secure a place after completing our PV. Bearing in mind that our chosen school now, is no longer those 8 or 10 that we have written in. It was just too much for us…we, as parents have to plan ahead, not only in the form of choosing the right school…many other factors come into play…for instance, our finacial status…- moving within 1 km from Tao Nan, even in a HDB flat can take away substantial amount of our $$! Which then translate to longer working years, more loan, etc…all this is in fact, leading to poorer quality of live here in Spore.

This kind of competition, undoubtedly made a lot of parents anxious, or like what we call here, kiasu…it is so disheartening…children are our gifts from God…in comparing all the schools and trying to do so many things to put our child into these schools are like treating our kids as commodities…we put them there, simply for the reason we think that they can be good…scoring high PSLEs and etc…

Ultimately, what’s more important in a child’s education success is their parents’direct commitment to their child…it is important that we, as parents know that we are the primary educator of our child..not the teachers, even they are from their good schools…

That is why, we settle down in a relatively good school, moving within 1 km (for the quality time of our child and family), and decided not to compete into trying to get our child into those hot schools…

Some food for thoughts…


Beacon Primary School

Have not decided to register my son in which school.Either Beacon or Bukit Panjang Pri School in the coming Phase 2C…I live within 1-2km from Beacon Pri and within 1km of Bukit Panjang Pri…  Based on past history, both needs balloting.

Just food of thought of Beacon pri

Here are some of my queries of Beacon Pri School.

Just to check with you in Beacon Pri, they use computer technology to teach students.. and I assume that most of their time they do their work, test,exam using computers. Will these students have less opportunites to practice hand-written work and Will the students able handle   with the hand written work exam (eg PSLE). Also the syllabus used in the school the same as other main stream (not future school) school . Are Beacon Pri syllabus being covered in the PSLE sylalbus..? How can beacon Pri 6 students able to integrate well to the secondary school academically when they study in the secondary school?

However, I am impressed by Beacon pri school technology based teaching as shown on News yesterday night….


Very disheartening

I really feel sorry for parents this year.    There are so many surprising results in terms of so many schools having so few vacancies come phase 2C.  

Although my son is not due for primary one next year, I am already feeling disheartened.   Here are my reasons:

a.   If freak results like this year can occur, it would mean that many years of planning by the parent would have come to naught   This is scary coz we are talking about our children’s education.

b.   For most parents, missing out on a school of their choice would mean their child goes to a school at the other end of the spectrum.   Its the difference between a good school and a mediocre one (and dont tell me that all primary schools are the same – we all know that just isnt so).

I have nothing against the policy giving priortiy to siblings or ex students.  But I am against the whole idea of phase 2B.  I just think there ought to be a more level playing field after phase phase 2A.   As things currently stand, most parents who live within one km of the school of their choice may not even get to send their child there.

Low Registration for Henry Park Primary 2011

Surprisingly, it has turned out that Phase 2B has extra vacancies which will spill over to Phase 2C. That means about 80 vancancies left for Phase 2C which hadn’t happened in recent years.

Just too bad Henry Park is not affiliated like Fairfield Methodist. I can have a choice between them as I’m living within 1km of these 2 schools. I would prefer Fairfield as they have a more holistic approach.

I know I’m very lucky to at least have a choice of 2 good schools. If can’t get one, then just choose the other one. But as kiasu parent, we’d always think we’d want the best for our children.


Surge in Fairfield Methodist

Too bad for people like me who live within 1km of Fairfield Methodist. I was still thinking that due to lowest birth rate for 2004, my son will stand a very high chance to get in especially when the housing within 1km is so scarce.

Now even Phase 2B is going to spill over to Phase 2C. Hopefully, they’re all living >1km, otherwise it’ll be very disappointing.

Reasons for Fairfield Methodist Surge

There seems to be a surge for applications not only for Fairfield but also PLMGS and MGS Pri (never conducted balloting for Phase 2B below 1km before) – all the methodist schools…

Looks like the increase in Mega Churches, prosperity gospel etc has enlarged the number of candidates for P2B.

So those that can’t get into ACJS, ACPS, MGS Pri or even PLMGS flood over to Fairfield.

I do not think that the PR

I do not think that the PR is the cause alone. The property boom with more higher density housing in proximity of popular schools is also a contributing factor.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

returning singaporeans

It seems one of the main reasons why this is an abnormal year is due to a lot of returning Singaporeans, thanks to the gloomy economy in the west. The school I registered explained that the reduction in 2B & 2C vacancies was due to a sudden turnout of alumni this year. Foreign talent is not very likely to be a factor as their impact will only be seen in 2C and phase 3.

Influx of foreign talent

Yes, birth rate is the lowest for Monkey year..but guess, we may have overlook the influx of foreign talents..bringing along their kids and fighting for a seat in popular schools…. alot of shocking and unexpected results for this year Phase 2B..I’m also a very disappointed parent…not even a chance to ballot despite being a PV..:(

Maris Stella

Maris Stella – good news for those within 1km & 1-2km but not so good news for those outside 2km. 74 applicants will ballot for 67 seats.

This seems alittle abnormal since the past few years did not see any balloting during this phase.

Sorry to hear about this.

Sorry to hear about this. the best thing to do is weigh in both options, make the choice you feel most comfortable and move on. Both schools are great, but parents nurture, care and attention is greater. Main thing is dont let your disappointment become the child’s failure b4 they even step into sch. good luck!


Hi Tankee,
Just clarified with the school. They did not reduce the number of spaces. 2B this year sees a sudden and surprising surge of number of Church members and Grassroot leaders 🙂

Catholic High

 Give up means totally no chance
PV sure to register and pray for the best during ballot.
Catholics and Grassroots may switch school for a surer chance.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

catholic high

this year cat high seems to have broken a new record..

there are only 9 places (SINGLE DIGIT !!!!) for phase 2B…. to-date 44 register for these 9 places….

i think those who have PV are really in a dilemma.. should they even register and ‘fight’ given the slim chance…

if you have done PV and within 1 km, would u register ??


Fairfield balloting at 2B?

Hi Tankee
I stay in a part of the Holland area where it’s NOT within 1km of any school. HP and FMPS are the only ones within 1-2km. If I don’t get balloted in 2B for fairfield, where can I go?

West Grove

though this year west grove’s intake for PV exceed its quota, but if the school provides, like what RGS did in their web site, breakdown the number of application against the home-school distance (eg, xx no of app for those less or within 1km so on …), so parents will have a better understanding on where their chances in getting a place.  I called the sch a few time, not very helpful, just keep giving the general total no of application which i can also easily get from this web site… sigh…


 hi starshine
Fairfield Methodist Primary did not reduce its intake. Its intake is and has been 270 for the past few years. The increase could be due to new housing development in the area.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Fairfield balloting at 2B?

I’ve diligently followed the 2B history for Fairfield Methodist for the past few years and was lulled into comfort knowing that there had been no balloting in 2B phase. This year’s results for 2B is shocking!!! Why? Did they decrease the number of spaces? I thought the birth rate is the lowest for the Monkey year 🙁

Tanjong Katong or Ngee Ann?

My hopes for TNS have just been crushed. I qualify for phase 2b but >1km.

So, am considering either Tanjong Katong or Ngee Ann. Any advice?

KCPPS is still a very good

KCPPS is still a very good choice.

It is one of the top 20 schools in Singapore based on awards given by MOE. I tried the paste the link here without success. But you could google "unofficial singapore primary school guide" and find the info.

Good luck.

ai tong or kcpps

I am eligible for both under phase 2b. With ai tong, i will need to ballot. With kcpps, it is guaranteed judging by the vacancy vs applicants. Is kcpps a good school? I heard the average psle score for the top 2 classes for 2009 is only 240 – 250. Is this true?

thks all... i went to St

thks all… i went to St Marg today to register.

St M under 2B will be a

St M under 2B will be a safer bet.

Past couple of years HW had to undergo ballot at less than 1km – so if you are not within 1km of HW, no chance at all.

St Margaret or Hong Wen


Being in an all girls school also allows girls to be girls without worrying about what the boys would think or being shy, so you can just be yourself and excel.  For  secondary sch, it’s even better to be in an all girls environment as girls mature earlier , you get the relationship issues & crushes to worry about and getting them to focus on studies will be a problem I assume.. Most important of all,  they can make lifetime friends.

i'm worry she might become

i’m worry she might become lesbia or not lady like.. hahaha.. on the other hand most her current kinder mates are gg for Hong Wen.

St Margaret or Hong Wen

Go for St.Marg as is affiliated to St Margaret secondary school. The primary sch provide a balanced environment and they produce happier kids at this tender age.

St Margaret or Hong Wen

Whenever someone has the option to register in 2 different phases, the standard advice here at this forum is to first secure a place at school A in the earlier phase. Then during the later phase, monitor your chance of getting into school B before deciding whether to give up the secured place, and register at school B.

But looking at the past 2 years’ balloting history of Hong Wen, it had required balloting for those living within 1km. So if you are between 1 and 2km, then you likely don’t even have a chance to ballot.

St Margaret or Hong Wen

Shd i go for st Margaret which is under phase 2B or Hong Wen 2C <2KM???