Registration for 2011 P1 – Phase 2C



For a child who is ineligible for or unsuccessful in earlier phases.

Registration: Monday 2nd August 2010, Tuesday 3rd August 2010 and Wednesday 4th August 2010

Announcement of Result: By Friday 13th August 2010

Update: 27 July 2010

Updated 9 Aug 2010.  Phase 2C is completed.  2010 has been a most competitive year where over 80 schools require balloting in Phase 2C, most within 1km!

The final chart now allows us to compare the effectiveness of using historical data for estimating the chances of balloting in a school.  As we can see, almost all those with a rating of 1.0 ended up in balloting with 1km.  The only exception was Temasek Primary, but registrant hopefuls’ fates were not much better there – there was a cut off at 1km, which means that no one above 1km was registered in Phase 2C for 2010, even though there was no balloting.

For the magenta group the projections were more or less accurate.  There were 2 clear outlyers:
– Woodgrove Primary (No balloting required, but final TUR at 99%!)
– Woodlands Ring Primary (Balloting for >2km instead of the usual <2km)

For the yellow group, things were less clear.  We have a number of schools going into <1km balloting:
– Yew Tee
– Shuqun
– Jiemin
– Jurong
– River Valley
– Greenwood
– Raffles Girls’

We also have a couple of schools in this group escaping balloting this year:
– CHIJ Kellock

Finally, for the green group, 8 schools escaped balloting, while 3 schools went into <1km balloting which was uncharacteristics of these schools.  The accuracy of the projection is only 4 out of 17.

From this, we can safely say that it is much easier to predict the schools that will be going into <1km balloting than others.

Ballot History (2006-2009) in Phase 2C

=1.0 (RED)
Chance of balloting in Phase 2C for under 1km is VERY HIGH.  No chance for anyone who is outside of 1km

From 0.75 – 0.96 (MAGENTA)
Chance of balloting in Phase 2C for under 1km is HIGH.  Small chance for anyone who is between 1-2km.  No chance for anyone staying beyond 2km to participate in the balloting.

From 0.38 and 0.67 (YELLOW)
Chance of balloting in Phase 2C for between 1km-2km is HIGH.  Great for those staying within 1km because they may not need to ballot.  A little chance for those staying outside of 2km to participate in the balloting.

Below 0.33
Chance of balloting in Phase 2C for above 2km is HIGH.  Great for those staying within 2km because they may not need to ballot.  Those staying above 2km may have to ballot.

Schools ranked higher in the group has a higher probability for the group’s stated outcome.

If the school is not listed here, it means it has not undergone balloting for the last 4 years in Phase 2C.

These measures are purely indicative. takes no responsibility for the actual outcomes of Phase 2C.  Please use this table with caution.

School 2010
Places Phase 1 Phase 2A Phase 2B Phase 2C Ballot Hist
Catholic High 210 38% 86% 91% 533% 96% 644% 100% 1.00
Princess Elizabeth Primary 210 61% 51% 81% 15% 82% 373% 100% 1.00
South View Primary 300 52% 53% 78% 124% 89% 367% 100% 1.00
West Grove Primary 300 47% 6% 50% 153% 75% 355% 100% 1.00
Nan Chiau Primary 300 44% 23% 57% 122% 78% 314% 100% 1.00
St Hilda’s Primary 270 52% 33% 68% 155% 84% 295% 100% 1.00
Rosyth 330 42% 41% 66% 100% 83% 291% 100% 1.00
Rulang Primary 300 44% 46% 70% 113% 85% 287% 100% 1.00
Nan Hua Primary 240 43% 48% 70% 111% 85% 233% 100% 1.00
Red Swastika 270 44% 53% 74% 78% 84% 230% 100% 1.00
Rivervale Primary 210 43% 8% 48% 73% 67% 206% 100% 1.00
Pei Chun Public 360 43% 52% 73% 120% 86% 200% 100% 1.00
Jurong West Primary 270 38% 13% 46% 43% 57% 196% 100% 1.00
Admiralty Primary 270 49% 10% 54% 65% 69% 194% 100% 1.00
Mee Toh 300 42% 5% 45% 89% 70% 191% 100% 1.00
Gongshang Primary 240 53% 27% 66% 95% 82% 191% 100% 1.00
Northland Primary 240 44% 14% 52% 60% 67% 171% 100% 1.00
Ai Tong 330 45% 58% 77% 144% 88% 170% 100% 1.00
Evergreen Primary 240 43% 12% 50% 56% 63% 158% 100% 1.00
Tao Nan 360 44% 38% 65% 181% 83% 157% 100% 1.00
Hougang Primary 240 45% 8% 50% 47% 62% 150% 100% 1.00
Chongzheng Primary 180 47% 27% 61% 17% 64% 142% 100% 1.00
Chongfu Primary 300 39% 15% 48% 122% 74% 134% 100% 1.00
De La Salle 270 41% 16% 50% 85% 71% 131% 100% 1.00
Canberra Primary 270 43% 11% 50% 34% 58% 124% 100% 1.00
St Anthony’s Primary 270 35% 11% 42% 64% 61% 122% 100% 1.00
East Spring Primary 180 43% 16% 52% 9% 54% 109% 100% 1.00
Temasek Primary 270 39% 28% 56% 83% 74% 106% 100% 1.00
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ 210 34% 68% 79% 174% 89% 209% 100% 0.96
Nanyang Primary 390 46% 66% 82% 142% 91% 189% 100% 0.96
Henry Park Primary 330 40% 45% 67% 67% 78% 149% 100% 0.96
Yu Neng Primary 180 54% 39% 72% 92% 85% 263% 100% 0.92
Kong Hwa 270 41% 36% 62% 149% 81% 154% 100% 0.92
Holy Innocents’ Primary 300 40% 37% 63% 104% 81% 143% 100% 0.92
Xinmin Primary 210 50% 26% 63% 21% 67% 133% 100% 0.92
Pasir Ris Primary 180 48% 12% 54% 52% 66% 128% 100% 0.92
Fairfield Methodist Primary 270 36% 36% 59% 143% 80% 118% 100% 0.92
Maha Bodhi 330 45% 38% 66% 98% 83% 118% 100% 0.92
White Sands Primary 180 38% 11% 45% 16% 49% 108% 100% 0.92
Woodlands Ring Primary 240 44% 6% 47% 8% 49% 102% 100% 0.92
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 240 23% 79% 84% 125% 92% 158% 100% 0.83
Bukit Panjang Primary 270 44% 24% 57% 78% 74% 146% 100% 0.83
Compassvale Primary 210 47% 11% 52% 18% 57% 144% 100% 0.83
Keming Primary 210 46% 15% 54% 38% 63% 132% 100% 0.83
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ 270 25% 18% 39% 114% 69% 130% 100% 0.83
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 210 23% 33% 49% 131% 74% 125% 100% 0.83
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 210 33% 47% 64% 155% 82% 114% 100% 0.83
Unity Primary 210 41% 6% 45% 0% 45% 109% 100% 0.83
St Andrew’s Junior 240 20% 25% 40% 110% 70% 108% 100% 0.83
Woodgrove Primary 270 49% 6% 52% 38% 61% 98% 99% 0.83
Poi Ching 270 40% 15% 49% 45% 60% 112% 100% 0.79
Anderson Primary 210 43% 25% 57% 64% 71% 156% 100% 0.75
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary 330 52% 44% 73% 155% 87% 152% 100% 0.75
Radin Mas Primary 240 40% 15% 50% 49% 62% 138% 100% 0.75
Hong Wen 210 32% 6% 36% 64% 56% 120% 100% 0.75
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 270 29% 34% 53% 130% 76% 119% 100% 0.75
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary 200 28% 47% 62% 74% 76% 113% 100% 0.75
Yew Tee Primary 240 45% 6% 48% 17% 53% 138% 100% 0.67
Shuqun Primary 300 41% 11% 48% 11% 51% 131% 100% 0.67
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary 240 40% 6% 44% 24% 50% 123% 100% 0.67
St Joseph’s Institution Junior 240 23% 32% 47% 125% 72% 122% 100% 0.67
Jiemin Primary 180 51% 19% 60% 3% 61% 155% 100% 0.58
Clementi Primary 240 45% 22% 57% 10% 59% 125% 100% 0.58
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity 240 17% 13% 28% 64% 50% 108% 100% 0.58
Jurong Primary 270 46% 29% 61% 27% 66% 133% 100% 0.50
Fuchun Primary 270 49% 16% 57% 3% 58% 116% 100% 0.50
Maris Stella High 320 27% 22% 43% 107% 71% 113% 100% 0.50
River Valley Primary 240 43% 37% 64% 91% 80% 109% 100% 0.50
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 150 16% 18% 31% 81% 59% 107% 100% 0.50
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace 180 20% 7% 26% 58% 47% 99% 99% 0.50
Greenwood Primary 270 50% 6% 53% 13% 56% 103% 100% 0.46
Zhangde Primary 240 40% 10% 47% 6% 48% 122% 100% 0.42
Geylang Methodist School 270 36% 12% 44% 8% 46% 119% 100% 0.42
St Stephen’s 210 19% 14% 30% 76% 57% 110% 100% 0.42
CHIJ (Kellock) 200 20% 7% 25% 32% 37% 98% 99% 0.42
Raffles Girls’ Primary 300 30% 41% 59% 100% 79% 121% 100% 0.38
Beacon Primary 240 25% 1% 25% 10% 29% 108% 100% 0.38
Telok Kurau Primary 210 45% 17% 54% 2% 55% 111% 100% 0.33
Greenridge Primary 270 43% 16% 52% 2% 52% 123% 100% 0.25
St Margaret’s Primary 210 24% 12% 33% 46% 49% 120% 100% 0.25
Xingnan Primary 300 33% 12% 41% 1% 41% 95% 97% 0.25
Elias Park Primary 180 37% 8% 42% 0% 42% 86% 92% 0.25
Bendemeer Primary 150 31% 6% 35% 0% 35% 52% 69% 0.25
Innova Primary 240 37% 0% 37% 8% 40% 122% 100% 0.17
Fengshan Primary 210 50% 17% 58% 7% 60% 107% 100% 0.17
Kheng Cheng 240 37% 9% 43% 3% 43% 79% 88% 0.17
Endeavour Primary 270 41% 0% 41% 15% 45% 125% 100% 0.08
CHIJ (Katong) Primary 240 20% 22% 37% 82% 62% 110% 100% 0.08
Ngee Ann Primary 240 35% 9% 41% 23% 48% 108% 100% 0.08
St Gabriel’s Primary 150 23% 11% 32% 45% 47% 105% 100% 0.08
St Anthony’s Canossian Primary 210 26% 6% 30% 38% 44% 78% 88% 0.08
Marymount Convent 240 23% 8% 28% 21% 36% 73% 83% 0.08
Cedar Primary 120 31% 10% 38% 0% 38% 69% 81% 0.08
Punggol Primary 240 38% 6% 42% 0% 42% 62% 78% 0.08
Qifa Primary 210 40% 18% 51% 4% 52% 118% 100% 0.00



when that happens, the only thing we can do is to cast our net wider & further, and secure a place from the nearest possible school.

then register at a nearby school’s waiting list and pray.

Another chance to transfer would be when & if your child qualify for GEP.

good luck !

Hi parents, may I check with

Hi parents, may I check with parents who were unsuccessful in getting a place after balloting in first choice, example TaoNanSch, and in supplementary phase, the nearby school are also filled up, what shall I do? Any parents encountered this, can share with me? Thanks

adrianho - and your point is??

 Yes, they do and quite a number better than certain Singaporeans. Your point exactly??? What has this got to do with anything? That is just plain petty 😛

@noprob - APP & TUR


TUR = Cumulative Take-Up Rate at the end of the Phase
APP = Number of Applicants versus available places for that Phase


What does APP and TUR mean in this table?

First day in Da La Salle Primary School


when we went for the orientation in DLS, we were very disappointed that parents are not allowed to stay with our children even for 1 day. Although they have the buddy to be with them but its still a stranger to them and they are also not familiar with the food that they have in the canteen.

my boy came back from school on the first day and he told me that the buddy didnt even tell him what are the different food that they sell in the canteen and worst of all is that my boy has to carry his own food in a tray by himself and his buddy will just stand or walk with him.

i seriously think that DLS should allow parents to go during the first few days so that parents can tell the children what type of food does the canteen serve?

because of this, i am thinking whether should i put my girl in the DLS


distance from home to school

I feel that the distance between the house and the school should be the critical deciding factors.  We are less than 1 km to a neighhbourhood "favourable" school and yet we need to ballot and if lady luck is not on our side then my kid will have to study in schools that are more than 2km away…time and money wasted….and hassle for the children for the next 6 years…… btw have been living there years ago….


i am also rooting for the idea that SC should not be competing with PR in balloting as there shouldn’t be allow in the first place as SC should be accorded the right and benefit above PR. I believe that balloting should be done in according to grouping whereby SC ballot with SC and PR ballot with PR. I am currently waiting for MOE to reply to me on this policy.

Bravo! Cybertaz

Yeah, Singapore Citizens MUST hv more priority than PRs for primary schools selections. Otherwise, watz the point of being a citizens of singapore. Due to many foreign influx, as a singaporean we hv to compete with PRs & FRs for places of pri schools. Ridiculous!

I strongly believe the balloting should only be classified for PRs and NOT for SINGAPORE CITIZENS.

Well Said Cbyertaz!!! One

Well Said Cbyertaz!!!

One more point to add on what you have mentioned. Does PR recites our pledge and sing our national anthem!!!!

Well said, Cyber!

Well said, Cyber!

Paying taxes seemed to be the PRs favourite justification in getting the same quality education as the citizens.  All these PRs will only fight for seats in schools, I wonder how many of them will fight for a place to serve National Service.  Let alone fight for Singapore.  They’ll probably pack their bags and leave once they’re done with the schools here.

I had to go through the balloting process, just like the PRs.  Frankly, why should I?  I am born in Singapore and this is my home.  My son’s future is here.  Why do I have to go through the stress of balloting just so that my son can get into a school in his own country, and within 1km of his residence??? 

Education should be the basic priviledge given to citizens.  How else can we produce competent professionals for our future?  How else can we have a competent nation who doesn’t need PRs?  How else can we show PRs that paying taxes is the basic requirement for them to be PRs? 

I want to be a proud Singaporean who knows that the country values it’s citizens.  The MOE system of balloting has to change to keep it’s citizens.  Otherwise, Singapore will always be a country of "migrants", never a country with citizens.

I agreed, maybe a separate

I agreed, maybe a separate phase should be created for PRs only ,not nec to be constrain at only Phase 2C but all Phases.  Having an extra ballot slip actually does not help much for the locals…Well, having so many suggestions contributed by our KS parents, hope indeed it will help change the system a little and benefits the future batch of P1 kids ; )

I think MOE should create

I think MOE should create another Phase 2C for PRs only.

For those PRs who think they have paid taxes ....

To those PRs who think they have paid taxes and should enjoy the same high quality education as citizens, let me ask you :

1.  What’s holding you back from converting to citizen NOW?

2. Will you send your son to serve NS??

3. Will you and defend Singapore to your last breath when Singapore is under attack?? Or will you be the first to run when the country is in trouble?? I

I’m born and bred here and I serve my NS whole heartedly because I’ll defend this country to my last breath. My family and my roots are here and this is my homeland. Paying taxes is a minimum requirement and that doesn’t give you the full rights.


ballot within 1 km

thats the reason y some parents didnt even try to register in their nearest sch.sure ballot.i am upset that this registration process is yet like  buying 4d or toto."lucky? or not".Halro…we are talking bt our kids future education………..we are just another typical singaporean gambler in the eyes of foreigners.think so?

 hi ddtan   You can only

 hi ddtan
You can only register with 1 school at any one time.
Say you are successful in your phase 2B registration with School A and if you decide to register with School B under phase 2C, you would need to go to School A to withdraw your registration before you are able to register with School B. Once withdrawn, your child’s place in School A will be allocated to other child under phase 2C.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

can i register for phase 2B (PV) for school A and also register

Can I register for phase 2b (PV) for school A and also register for phase 2C for school B ?

My preference is to go to school B due to shorter distance from my home but I missed the 2B  PV registration for next year registration. And School B is a highly popular school – always need to ballot within 1 km for phase 2C.

To be secure, like to secure a place in school A doing PV but can I still try balloting for school B in phase 2C ? Anyone advise ?



With US aside, advanced

With US aside, advanced countries like UK, France are notoriously famous for extremely strict immigration laws.  It is not easy to become a PR of those countries, so the number of PRs is not significant and if they have what it take to become PRs in those countries, they deserved to have the same opportunities as citizens.  So don’t compare Singapore’s situation with those countries.  It is definitely not difficult to become a PR of Singapore. 

If the PR donates ridiculous amount of money to the school and the community, then his/her child definitely deserves a spot in the school of his/her school.

Citizens should get the priority over PRs

The taxes PRs pay also go into the buliding and maintenance of the public facilities; the pavements you walk on, the trees that shade you from the sun, the MOM which process your application for PR, etc.  Can’t say that PRs are paying the taxes for nothing, and paying taxes is thus not a good reason for entitlement to compete with the citizens for places in the good primary schools. 

PRs, don't grumble about the system

PR can also opt to become a citizen to secure a place for the child in a good primary school.  No point complaining about it. 

The taxes PRs pay also go into the buliding and maintenance of the public facilities; the pavements you walk on, the trees that shade you from the sun, the MOM which process your application for PR, etc.  Can’t say that PRs are paying the taxes for nothing, and paying taxes is thus not a good reason for entitlement to compete with the citizens for places in the good primary schools.  

I totally agreed!My hse is

I totally agreed!My hse is just ONE minute walk to my preferred school but what happened?  need to undergo balloting and was unlucky enough not to secure a place for my poor child. Now i have to join in the "fun" in phase2C Supp and pray hard that i do not have to ballot again for the second nearest school to my hse. What is this man!

P1 registration

Sound like CAR COE to reduce the number of car on road to jerk up car price but then the demand is still there.

PR's also a taxpayer and move on please!

In many other advanced countries like the US, UK and France… PR and Citizens have equal access to education and health care. In Singapore, Citizens have better chances in balloting when the number of applicants exceeds the vacancies. Yet, some people are still not happy. I can understand… people’s emotions runs high because they want the best for their kids. But let’s face it, PRs also pay taxes and should have equal right and access to education. I’m a PR and my child didn’t get in the school of our choice but although we are disappointed, we’re moving on… looking at what’s the next best alternative for her.

One of the reasons why it’s getting harder to get into your school of choice is because most schools have been reducing the number of intakes as they move towards single sessions. That’s the price we have to pay to move to single sessions: lower intakes and lower chances of getting in popular schools.

If you take a look at the

If you take a look at the above table again, the top 10 popular schools are already showing high take-up rate at 2A and this have resulted in lesser vacancies for phase 2B and 2C!

I think at phase 2A, if the parents want to enrol their children into their old schools, they should serve as PV for the schools instead of having the schools to recruit for more PV to compete in phase 2B. 

Also, the number of seats allocated to phase 2B should be reduced if this phase need to stay because of the strong financial support from clan/church. Currently 50% of the balance seats goes to 2B!

With the reduction from 2A and 2B, more seats will be available for 2C which is more direct and fair competition.

For those that are registrating their children at 2C supplement, I hope you are successful this time. If not, you can try calling MOE for help before phase 3 opens. 


Balloting Exercise

I have already shot 2 letter to MOE, I am sorry for locals who got balloted out and the PRs getting the place. MOE must wake up. Balloting is purely based on luck, it should not be applied to citizens.

PR's also taxpayer


Thanx for the update. I am writing this post becos, i believ the MOE must review the current situations ands look into the matter. Fact is that there is no point  if you build a neighbourhood school, but you cant get admission into the school.You hv to start looking far away schools and it defeat the purpose.

The Bottom Line – you will go to the nearest school and the changes for nearest school is  higher, but is not the case now. Even if you stay in front of the school, you won’t get it. That goes to say, the system doesn’t work.


PR's also taxpayer

Hi ssdmvannan,

Hope MOE will consider to change the balloting procedure as you wish. 

One thing I need to correct you that our PR also taxpayer. Please don’t forget


PR working mother of 2



Dear cookkiemonster, I love

Dear cookkiemonster,

I love what you have wrote, your kids will be so proud to have you as their mother! Tthere’s no lousy school in Singapore, dun think MOE would allow this to happen too, yes I agreed "good" schools usually produce students with "good" results but how much stress are they putting on the students,  will be the next challenge after one has successfully enrolled one kid into such school. 

We can always make up by sending our kid to good enrichment centre like around.

Eventually, if they are really good… good secondary schools will eventually come looking for them after their PSLE or at least, they can find their ways to be enrolled into better Sec Sch.

Yes, 6yrs is not short.  Believe problem with not so popular school is usually make up by not so good students, lack of discipline, problem kids etc… which we do not want our kids to be near with.   Every parents want a good head start for their little ones… but sometime it just not going the way we planned and we get very upset indeed.

What can be done is to face the reality and provide alternative make up solution.  We should try not to get angry and be grummy over it as this will affect our little ones who is starting their next level of challenge soon.  They can sense and feel our feelings, cannot be a "not yet fight already lost" that type of attitude or thinking…

Make good use of the remaining months to prep our little ones, especially mental support.  I did not come from any popular pri sch… I was told by my pri sch (my 2nd Pri school actually) to leave because i did so badly, my mum, my precious mum go all the way to find a school that is willing to keep me and I end up in a "gangster" pri sch in the west side… only then, I realise : "What have i done!!!"… but its never too late to start, I got very good  and sincere teacher who knows how to handle "ah lian and ah bengs"…. thereafter, I strive to do my best in an average sch and emerge as the top student for serveral years : )


Our littles one needs our support regardless of where, which school they are going… We, parents, CAN Make a Different when the School cannot. 

We may have suffered (going thru all the ballotings and still, cannot get)  But dun let this be passed down to them…


Balloting Exercise


I agree with your points. I wld like to stress that, MOE shld revise their balloting procedure. They shld categorized based on those living less than <1KM and NOT WITHIN 1 KM. If a particular school, be it popular or not the the MOE/School shld allocate for more classes so that there wont be any over quota for the number of applicants. As you mentioned,  those living nearest SHOULD NOT be considered for balloting at all.

Balloting must be classified for PRs & FTs ONLY. As a singaporean why shld we do balloting. Even if you are a  parent volunteer, after successfully getting their  kid for the preferred school and they discontinue. This sia known issue, & yet MOE are not taking any action.This is disadvantages for parents like me. MOE shld not give priority for parent volunteers, grass root memebrs etc.

I was unfortunate not to get the prefered school for my kid even though i stay just opposite the school. I was very fustrated & puzzled. Whatz the point of MOE implementing 2:1 ratio for balloting? i strongly believed that SINGAPOREANS SHOULD NOT BE CATEGORIZED for ballting process.




Balloting Exercise

In the 1st place, balloting process should ONLY be applicable for "PRs" and NOT for Singaporeans. Balloting shld not be classified for Singaporeans. Singaporeans shld be given priority, & d remaining places shld go to "PRs".

As a parent, i was one of those unfortunate not to get the preferred school for my kid.It’s very fustrating. i believe the palces are taken up by "PRS" & foreigners. True that, the MOE do not witnessed the balloting process.

The MOE shld refined their balloting framework system otherwise, its going to affect us. all the good schools are taken up by PRs, & FTs. Not forgetting that , we are a taxpayer.

But, m not going to give up, i’ll pursue this matter with MOE.


I have been reading the

I have been reading the comments about the need to put citizens first in the balloting system with much interest.
One thing to clarify is that PRs in Singapore DO NOT work in UNWANTED JOBS shunned by locals. They are mostly people with good education and well-paid jobs to be able to successfully become Singapore PRs in the first place.
But whether or not one is a Singaporean or PR is not the crux here. Both had to contribute equally to our society.
I am a Singaporean mother of 2 kids who had been unlucky in phase 2C balloting not once but TWICE. I felt it is time MOE should revise this whole Primary 1 registration process. With the help of advance technology, I don’t see why MOE cannot allocate places to children according to their exact distance from the school of choice. In my first balloting experience, we had to ballot for a place even though we lived not only within 1km but right next to the school gate. In the end, my son had to study in a school 2km away and he had to travel by school bus everyday. And as the school bus does not provide transport for extra classes, my son was not able to participate in many of the extra programs offered by the school! His kindergarten schoolmate who lived within 1km too but much further away actually got balloted successfully but yet need to take school bus too.

So if a school is left with 50 places for 100 applicants, shouldn’t it be more effective if instead of balloting, places are allocated to those living nearest first?

Cookiemonster, I salute you !

 I applause cookiemonster for not lossing track of her ultimate goal of nurturing her children for a brighter future despite the recent setbacks, and for having the courage to speak up. With your positive attittude, wisdom and dedication, I am certain that your children will be successful in life. And they have a very good role model, you, to learn from.
I agree with minnie2004 that there will be balloting at popular schools no matter how MOE change the rules. And, there will always be unhappy parents.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Home support is what matters most

cookiemonster, I think your kids are the luckiest in the world to have such a supportive and positive parent. You have definately not let them down. On the other hand, your never say die attitude, is going to make a difference in their lives.

Granted that some schools are better than others, there is no such thing as a lousy school in Singapore.  It’s the support, love and home environment that makes the most difference and will be the key factor in detemining how children turn out in life.    


ohmbak2, I'm very sorry to

ohmbak2, I’m very sorry to read about what you and some of the other parents had/are going through… i agree with you totally… we have a kid entering pri 1 next year too and were appalled by the p1 registration stats this year too given the very low birthrate in 2004… so we gave up trying for a place in a good school very much nearer our home…  life’s tough for us these days and at the rate we are going, it will only get tougher for our children… i’m not trying to flame anyone here, but really based on what i have observed, the prs really get the best of both worlds… i know a number of foreigners who happily declare they are prs becos it costs them nothing and they have everything to gain…

Stop complaining and start acting

I agree with cookiemonster. I admire her positive attitude despite her child being ballot out. 

Yes, not being able to get into your 1st choice school is disappointing/frustrating/infuriating, but it’s not the end of the world. Even if all PRs, FTs, and even new citizens are banned from local schools, some schools will always see more applicants than vacancies. And no matter how you change the rules of the game, there will always be unhappy parents. C’est la vie.

It’s an irresponsible thing to say that PRs/FTs have the choice to go to international schools. For the majority of them (especially the ones from 3rd world countries filling the unwanted jobs here), this simply isn’t an option in reality. Even if the government starts giving all citizens the same "privilege", how many do you think have the financial resources to send their kids to an international school??

It’s easy to find scapegoats on PRs, FTs, MOE, kids-who-live-thousands-of-miles-away-but-fighting-for-your-neighbouhood-school, or whoever or whatever you can think of just b/c you lost in a ballot, turning into a sour grape or a bitter gourd is not going to do any good to yourself or your kids. So chill out! Stop complaining and start acting – by helping your kids prepare for bigger battles going forward.

Spend time nurturing our kids

I was 1 of those unfortunate 31 balloted out of TNS at both phase 2B as well as 2C 🙁

It’s only natural to expect parents to do what we think is best for our kids..and increasingly, getting them into a good primary school has become 1 of the milestone for what is to be providing a good foundation and headstart for our children’s eventual development. much as I’m disappointed(even to the point of feeling dat I’ve let my children down!) and continue on with the final phase of registration w no more avail vacancies in the supposed ‘good’ schools – i try to think of tis as a long journey off on a bumpy start but it doesn’t mean my children’s future is written off simply so. To those fellow ‘unsuccessful’ parents – tis not the be all & end all… let’s better spend time thinking and doing what’s within control ….to continue nurturing our children to best of our abilities, and help bring out the best in them.

And to the ‘successful’ parents, congratulations and make the most of this opportunity of ‘privilege’.

Ohmbak2, I strongly agreed


I strongly agreed with u.

Parent volunteer may not be selected

You may choose to do PV. Many parent choose this option one year before registration.
Too many Parent volunteer, you may be rejected.
Even if we do volunteer work, we may not stand a chance all within 1kn again still ballot!!!!

Hell with MOE....!!!!

This whole system of balloting by MOE is really crap. Firstly, if you were to study the statistics of vacancies by MOE over the years, we can see that the no. of vacancies alloted by MOE is decreasing, to provide a so called ‘quality education’, MOE says.

Next, we are forced to contend with PRs for the very same place in schools for our children. Though we SCs are given 2 ballot slips, but with this dimishing vacancies in schools, the chances are practically negated.

I have already highlighted this to our Minister George Yeo, who have sinced forwarded this to MOE. But all MOE could do was to quote their rule book with a standard answer. What kind of crap is this??

Almost all the schools, popular or neighborhood schools 0-1km from my house have to undergo balloting!!!

As SC, I feel we do not enjoy any privileges at all… not to mention now that we have to share our pie with the PRs. I will give our government an answer come voting time…

MOE assured that all schools provide highest standard of education. But look at their academic results and you will see the apalling disparity in results. Some schools have environment that have students behaving like a gangland. Ask our ministers to send their own children to these neighborhood schools lah!! I challenge MOE to reveal the schools our ministers send their children and I bet you, none belongs to any of these neighborhood schools.

My son’s future is ruined by this crap system. Thanks to MOE, for moulding a future of nation with their so called elite education system. I should have migrated when I had the chance and be some other country’s PR. For all you know,I may enjoy better privileges than being an SC here!



Not a forum for you to chide the users!

Ashamed to be a singaporean!!! Give up your citizenship!!!

A forum for anxious parents to share one’s experience and not for you to being proud or

ashamed of!!! get out of the site if you are cant stand it!!!

Just wondering, if you were

Just wondering, if you were one of the lucky ones who managed to get a place at the school, would you still say that the system’s unfair to Citizens?


You people are all so

You people are all so biased against the PRs! Just because all of you are SIngaporeans, (and before anyone flames me, yes, I am a Singaporean too) you think you have the god-forsaken right that everything must go your way only, must benefit you only, and if the policies don’t, well, to heck with the PRs! They must be eliminated from the competition! While conveniently forgetting that it is the actually the PRs who are doing all the jobs deemed (by Singaporeans) low-class but jobs that are necessary nonetheless to keep Singapore running.

Anyway, if all of you narrow-minded Singaporeans really want a good primary school for your kids, then work for it! Take the time to become parent volunteers, or transfer your kids to a better primary school in P3 or P4 based on his/her results, and STOP expecting everything to be handed over to you on a silver platter!

Honestly it’s just so shameful and embarrassing to see how ridiculously small-minded and selfish (as well as unfair and biased) some fellow Singaporeans can be, only knowing how to complain, complain and complain without thinking of any practical solutions to solve the problems other than pointing finger at the government to change to more "fair" policies which of course only benefit themselves and only themselves.

I am ashamed that I am a Singaporean.

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you and I too, wrote to MOE about the system that is based on luck. All SIngaporeans should be placed in their school of choice before the PRs. Balloting only when there are more applicants than vacancies – either between Singaporeans only or between PRs only. Not between Singaporeans and PRs.

My daughter was one of the unfortunate ones. Now we have to go through another round at Phase 2C Supplementary and hope that she will not have to ballot at that school. Again she is competing to PRs who did not get a place in the earlier round. This country does not look after its own people enough. More and more PRs are here to boost the economy and what is cost? Our children.

disappointed with p1 balloting

i personally felt extremely disappointed with the system. 

For those who allocated a seat for their child, I congrats.  Singapore Citizen like me are voted OUT during the ballot.  Most of the PRs IN except one!  If any parents are in our shoes, please spare some feelings into this situation. As a mummy now, I am at the total distressed.  I understand PR is also part of us and they are paying tax.  But am I right to say that they have another option and able to return back their country in future?  How about us, singapore citizens?  I am not coming from a golden spoon background, so I cant be like anyone contribute to schools nor I can volunteer in any school as a working mother or migrate to other country anytime or young enough to start from scratch.

Again a working mothers need to take care of the domestic matter, children’s academic matter, handle work stress, finance matter etc.  now i have to go through the stress of finding school since im ballot out?

we are less than 1km and move to a school that we thought we can manage especially the children just require to cross the road and attend a school.  it supposed to be convenient!  now i have to resort to finding another school that is further. 

i hope that moe and look into this matter.   Few matters for MOE to consider (i hope)

1)PR’s child who is SC, can they bring their child back their country? Why base on child’s nationality and not considering of parent and child’s nationality to ballot (if MOE still think is option is the best to keep PR or to be fair)?

2)probably they can catagorise such as eg PR/SC not just basing of a child but also parents, working parents especially working mother, living distance (whether they own that house instead of rental) so that if they can minimise the balloting.

To be honest:  If these are the troubles I have to go through, I guess no more kids will I consider to have. 


Priority for Citizens over PRs; not with extra ballot only

I too agree with Augy and gealal.

My daughter was not successful in getting a place under the 2C Phase due to balloting. There were 54 applicants for 48 vacancies at SCGS, all within 1km. There were 10 PRs who applied and 7 out of the 10 managed to get a place at SCGS. I am very frustrated that my child who is a Singaporean did not get a place. If priority was given to Singaporean first, my daughter would now be going to SCGS and no balloting necessary. Balloting is based on LUCK. The extra ballot slip mean nothing. Our Singapore children have sacrificed their basic right to education for the PRs.
Now we have to apply at another school under the 2C Supplementary phase on Wed. Again she would have to compete with other PRs who did not get a place in the earlier Phase 2C. How fair is that?
This year 80 schools went for balloting at Phase 2C. This year is supposedly a low birth rate year for Singaporeans. Why are there so many schools balloting? Because in recent years, there are more PRs in Singapore. Take a look around.
The PRs pay income tax. So what? Singaporeans pay taxes too. Our Singaporean men and boys do National Service but only second generation PRs are required to do National Service.
PRs have a choice to go to either a local or international school while Singaporeans are discouraged to do so. PRs have greater flexibility in their choice of education than Singaporeans do.
If the PRs really want the same privileges as Singaporeans, then they should become Singaporeans. But since PRs have the same privileges as Singaporeans, there is no need to do so. They have the best of both worlds while a Singaporeans in Singapore don’t. Our Singaporean children are competing with the PRs for education, housing and later work. Some people have it lucky but not a Singaporean in these days.

I totally agreed with

I totally agreed with gealal. Citizen should has the priority and not having 2 ballot slips. Why does citizen need to fight for places in their own land? Isn’t citizen’s future is more important than PR? How long does these PR going to stay here?

PR also pay taxes as

PR also pay taxes as Citizens

Lesson learnt from this p1 registration exercise

I made a mistake during my phase 2c p1 registration.
I am confident that if my popular school choice is not successful I can backup
with neighbourhood school still less 1km.this is not true.

Only on day 3 phase 2c then I know all neighbourhood school
left only a few vancancy. Neighbourhood school all taken up because many parent from
more than 1km also apply. This worry me.

I am actually gamble with my choice. If I dun get it during ballot phase 2c,I need to go more than 1km and even moren than 2km to register my child

After phase 2c ballot alot of parent stuck with limited choice near their place.
The lesson learnt is if go for popular school I may end up at a school more than 1km if ballot fail.this affect my logistic and also if I want to wake up 5am to catch a bus to school.

It is a price to pay to opt for popular school. Study yr strategy carefully before action.the journey just begin…….

Embrace Our Dear PR Foreign "Talents" to take our kids place

I was at Compassvale Pri. Was shocked to see the number of PRs applying for the place. Although I felt happy as it means Citizens will stand a better chance.

But all the nonsense should not be even there in the first place. The whole system is crap and flawed. Citizens should not even go through this nerve wrecking process.

Scenario: 91 vacancies left for 2C. 76 CITIZENS. 55 PRS.

A person with a tiny brain simply needs to tell you all 76 citizens should get the place. Remaining places then shall be balloted among the PRs. Do I need to say more? I have shot MOE 2 emails already, before and after the balloting.

Thanks GOD my son got the place at 30 somthing ballot. For the first 20 ballots, 4 went to PRs. This is not a TOTO or 4D thing, luck should never be a element in the first place.

I do not know how many of you feel the same way as I feel. I am sorry for the citizens who did not get a place. So, all of us should let our voices heard. Embrace the PRs only if the system is fair.

Shuqun Primary School Balloting

Yay, my son got a place in Shuqun……

there were 148 vacancies…. but at the last vacancy, the ballot that was called was for a pair of siblings…. so Shuqun had to open 1 more space for the fella…..


That means enrollment is now 301 instead of 300

Phase 2C ballot @ Rosyth Primary


Total available  seats 56 and registered 163 and out of them 142 are singaporeans.

We are picked  at 42 and happy.

Thanks for  all the feedback and comments






Phase 2C ballot @kong hwa school

The tension is there for many parents.the ballot process
is well organize.if parent look at ballot box to see and pick,neutral part will come forward

with two ballot slip, a few go pick twice. however no place for the 2nd pick.this give chance to others

not many pr but still one or two pr got in.

I am the 47 out of 52 picked.

The feeling is great when picked. It is better than striking lottery

my anxiety for many parent is 17 place available
for tanjong katong and haig girl. This will stress many parent to go beyond 2km for a place.

good luck to all for

good luck to all for tomorrow balloting!what ever outcome is,you have all done your best!

PHASE 2C Ballot chances

Hi Choon Seng, your question is also everyone question here as there is currently no avenue to get the ‘PR vs SC’ application info as MOE is not releasing this sensitive info out. So the only way to get the info is thru the school unless they are willing to divulge the info to you.

ACS(Primary) or Nan Hua Pri ?


I am confused, have not decided to register my son to ACS (Pri) or Nan Hua Pri.

Can anyone give yr comments?

I am staying in the west.




PHASE 2C Ballot chances

What is the ballot chance where SC got 2 ballot slip and PR got only one slip ?  

The chance for SC will be higher if PR is reduce signifcantly in the ballot group.

On the other hand, if no PR is in the ballot group then my question is = no different is chance since all SC are ballot in the same group

On the other hand, if majority are PR and only a few SC, then my question is = PR will get higher chance.

I need to know how many PR in the ballot group then I can calculate my probability(SC)  to get a place.


— Choon Seng






Anyone know how many SPR register nan hua pri 2C

I also wish to know and kindly update if you know. Thks!

Marymount Convent

Hi Funkymonkey,

We can’t wait for the confirmation letter fr sch. 🙂

Both DH and I are working parents so have to send by sch bus.  We had called the bus operator b4 registering, so confirm have route plying to Hougang.

How abt U?


Nan Hua

Hi ADave, if you are going to register under priority phase then you i think you need not worry at all esp it is Phase 2a2. I won’t even need to wish you good luck as you won’t need luck to get your child in.

One has to understand the

One has to understand the nature of the child and determine the best for them. Perhaps the parent thought the good natured child will do even better lor. However pity the traveling to and fro.

Anyone know how Many SPR register nanyang primary 2C

Please update.. If u have any information. Thank you!

West Grove Primary School

Hi Novena, these three school you had listed went thru the "peak" of 2C suppl yearly !!! hahaha. 

Do you perfer morning session?  Which is the next most convenient for yr kid to come home  when there are CCA in later years?

I wish you all the best.

West Grove Primary School

Yes, cfm you can call up to check on balloting results.  Both DH and I didnt go to the school, and I called to find out.

Agreed that a far distance

Agreed that a far distance that causes the children to have sleep derive is really bad for their physical health.

I have a collegue stays at Pasir Ris, her husband has to do PV just to get her children into Red Swastika. Her children has to wake up 5.30am just to catch school bus at 6am. Do you think this is necessary? 

In nature, her children is very well-discipline type, therefore they can even excel in a normal neighbourhood school. 


RE: Temasek Primary

 hi Happymoon
The increase in vacancies should be due to sudden withdrawal of successful applicants registered in earlier phases.
Although the places have increased to 70, they are all filled up by applicants within 1km. TPS is not conducting balloting. All applicants above 1km are not successful.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Joining as a PV to

Joining as a PV to understand the school, yes, it is def good for the child. But not because we want to “buy” additional chances to get in at phase 2B. Renting houses, using relatives’s address falsely are also a booboo. The morals we try to incalculate in our kids, but what morals are we teaching in such instances?
I pity those kids who genuinely stayed their whole life near popular schools.
We had a choice, with only 2 schools within 1km, we chose the less popular one and still end up balloting. No one to blame, except I seriously wonder why I have to send my child to somewhere half hour by bus when we could walk???

Wonder why?

Registered my son at Temasek Pri & was told  they hv 68 places & all filled up by those living within 1km….so I withdrew my son. After updating,  MOE put the number at 70. What happened?

Balloting for Beacon


I’m new member here.I register for my son at Beacon Primary School.Right now so stress as to go for balloting for those within 1km to 2km.Any one can update me how many vacancy left  for the1km to 2km.


West Grove Primary School

Understand the anxiety of all the parent who came
for the phase 2C registration at West Grove Pri,
indeed there will be many cheerful and disappointment
looks on 13 Aug,the balloting day.Only 74 parents will go
away happy.
I think all the school around JW are equally good,the only
issue is the distance.
West Grove is well surrounded by many HDBs,that is one reason
why the registration ratio are so high.

I think you can called up

I think you can called up the school to check. 

I also called them up this morning to chk for within 1km as my gal is also registered in beacon under phase 2C and i am staying within 1km.

Beacon Primary School

Anyone knows how many vacancy is left for 1-2km balloting on 13Aug 2010???

Pray hard to get in to Beacon…


Nan Hua

kenlew73, best of luck to you!!! i really hope u secured a place. 🙂 btw u were saying that for phase 1-2a2 is abit weird? why is it so? cuz in 3yrs to come, i may just need to registered under phase 2a2 – parent alumni.

West Grove Primary school

which school to select if fail d 2C balloting …….d more vacancies only left Corp, BL & Juying…. how…..?????? 


west grove primary school

Hello Chief,

What is so special about this school that hit the highest application 266 as compare to other schools???


Nan Hua

hi ADave, i registered my DD under Phase 2C. Will be balloting on the 13th next week. Wish me luck! 🙂

What working_cow said is

What working_cow said is not true, phase 2B is transparent in itself. There is no such thing as basing on relationship to get the phase 2B status. We all have to sacrifice time and effort to get it. As long as you’re a GRL, PV (having done the min. hrs) and members associated with church/clan (having met their criteria too), you are eligible for it, nothing of the sort of relationship said.

What you proposed also doesn’t make sense, ultimately, if the number of applicants from the same block of flat (they must be of same dist to sch right?) exceed the vacacies, balloting still required. Isn’t it a more tedious admin task to do so until so micro? So the 3 distance categories are just nice. The high paid admin service officers are not so dumb as you claimed.

Beacon Primary


I am a newbies to kiasuparents.  I’ve just registered my gal for the 2C intake with beacon and would like to hear more infos from all parents about the balloting this year? I heard from other that balloting will be required for Beacon this year for those within 1km?

As i am a newbies, i am still getting myself familiarise with using kiasuparents and hope any parents can guide me thru to check out more details.

Thank you.


ACS Jr School

Thanks! Tankee. Good suggestion… anyone who has a boy going to ACS Jr next year? Happy to keep in touch.

Re: demographics have changed

Hi wyslim

You are right!

It is very obvious to anyone staying in marine parade area that in recent years the condos and apartments within 1km to TNS and NAPS are sprouting up like mushrooms.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Re: what's next after successful registration

Hi mummypumkin,


your child is already registered, there is no more registration.

At the school orientation, beside all the tours and briefings, you will be asked to fill in some more forms, eg contact person in case of emergency, dental treatment, etc. And you will be able to buy textbooks and school uniform then.

Meanwhile, you could

– network with other parents whose kids are with that same primary school in the forum here
– find out about the school’s parent support group and consider volunteering your service
– prepare your child for primary one, eg buying things on his or her own, etc


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

What next after application successful

With Phase 2C coming to an end, as my son successfully registered into his school of choice, what do us parents do next? The school said a letter will be sent to the parents within 1 to 2 weeks advising on the orientation and actual registration of the child, is that correct or is there more that the school may have not inform?

Fair or not, the rules have

Fair or not, the rules have been laid out for years.  Whilst MOE may not have predicted the increase in the amount of balloting in 2B and 2C this year, parents should consider whether they have done enough themselves for their children. 

If other parents (Singaporean or PR – that’s another debate) have taken the effort to plan early – move house, do PV, become a community leader, join a clan etc, surely that parent deserves priority (but if the stupid school accepts more PV than places, the principal ought to be replaced)? 

I have no part in this year’s registration exercise but it will be my turn next year.  I do not sit around and moan and groan about MOE’s lack of foresight and the current rules.  Whatever the outcome, i know that I am currently doing my best to secure my child’s future in a good school.  I will and should not blame no one else except my luck if I get balloted out or not stand a chance in balloting.

To do your best, with effort and plan ahead is something that I want my DD and DS to understand, experience and learn.  I do not want my DD and DS to grow up expecting things to be given to them on a platter or be caught unawares.  I want them to know how much I love them by taking this amount of effort to get them into a school.  If I risk being labelled kiasu, so be it. 



Demographics have changed

I suspect the demographics have changed in SGP over the years. For eg. Marine Parade area all the enblocs, higher plot ratios, recent TOPs over past years, plus influx of new residents etc.. its a higher density area fuelling over demand then what the same number of schools can supply.. just an observation.

Should withdrawl out Phase 2B

I thought that Singapore is promoting racial/religious harmony, however phase 2B (those endorse by Churches/Clans ) seems to be a contradiction of it. It is obviously religious/racial bias.

Revamp the system

There is something wrong with the system if at Phase 2C, you can only ballot if you stay within one km. I live within 2 km of Henry Park, Nanyang and Fairfield. I don’t even stand a chance to ballot for Nanyang (70 registrations for 36 places for within one km) and Fairfield (58 registrations for 55 places, within one km). The statistics at Henry Park? 48 balloting for 12 places for within 2 km. What kind of probability is that? If the MOE is serious about distance being a priority, should there not be a system for ensuring that there be sufficient places left in Phase 2C so that students within the 2km radius have a shot at getting into school? I would like to know how many pp scrambled to rent condos, flats within the last 2 weeks. How many genuinely stay within 2 km of a school??

Phase 2C Ballot for staying <1 Km

I’m staying in Bedok & staying within 1 km of RSS, YNPS & FSPS. My situation is equally bad too.

For RSS, it is forever a popular choice. This year for phase 2c, 99 app vs 43 vacc. And for YNPS, 71 app vs 27 vacc. I hv called both the schools and they told me that they only accept app w/i 1 km. But I knew very well my chances quite slim. So left with no other choice, I registered my child w/ FSPS. Can you imagine, still need to go for ballot!!! 91 app vs 85 vacc (all app are <1 km).  Past year history, FSPS, they still have vacc in phase 2c supp. This year no longer the case anymore…….

Has MOE underestimate for my area??? Hello…. I’m walking my child to school.

Wish me good luck on 13 Aug for the balloting.

Ihoste's comments

I agree that some things should done to phase 2B. It’s not transparent. It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS in this phase. Whether you have establish good relationship with the schools/principals (successful PVs), church pastor/clan head (endorsed member), RCs/NCs chairperson (endorsed exec member). If these pple like you, then good for you, you get to join phase 2B. Why they like you, we don’t know.

Another issue i would like to bring out is the distance categorisation. I wonder who came out with the 3 categories. Just arbitrary ‘hum-tum’ or what? Why can’t they just use the raw distance of the applicants and rank in ascending order. The nearest gets in first. By using this, they can avoid the issue of balloting. 

Nan Hua

Dear kenlew73, may i know which phase u registered ur child in? what are the chances for those in 2A – parents alumni?

    The whole process of



The whole process of P1 registration is making parents more kiasu in order to get the best for their children. I regretted for not joining earlier to know the tips in enhancing my daughter’s chances this year.
I agreed with you that MOE should revamp the system for phase 2B in order to reduce the competition in 2C. If DISTANT is the priority in the deciding factor, then 2A should be totally removed!! Past data showed that schools with long history also resulted in higher take up rate in 2A, which left almost nothing for 2C, eg Catholic High. I don’t think most of the students are staying within 1km from the school!
I have been staying in SK for the past 10 years and our place is within 1 km from Nan Chiau. I applied to be a PV last year but was unsuccessful. So being one of the pioneers in my estate has entitled us in registering my daughter in NC in phase 2C and a chance to witness an exclusive balloting exercise ‘only for those staying 1km within NCPS’.

Balloting for those within 1km at Shuqun Primary School

Just got the message sent via sms

Well done lhoste. Believe

Well done lhoste. Believe your comments will strike a chord with a group of parents. Am totally in agreement with your statement that the paramount interest in primary one registration should be the child. Why bring parent’s involvement into the equation as a important component.

Well-said lhoste. I totally

Well-said lhoste. I totally agree with you. I feel really sorry for those who live <1km of the school and still get balloted out. The whole system is so flawed. But for your recommendations to be even considered, you may want to consider writing to the ST Forum or directly to MOE?

This is sound and i totally

This is sound and i totally agree with you.

In the end, everything should be transparent and withstand able to audit.

who set the selection criteria for PV?

who determines that the parents is from the clan/church?

who give the grassroot endorsement?

are this transparent to us? who verifies them?





MOE sould make changes to primary one registration

1.   I start off by saying that the main premise for primary one registration should be distance from a school.   This makes sense because young children should go to the school nearest to the home.

2.   Then, I consider the argument that those with siblings, or whose parents are ex students, should get priority.  That makes sense, because we do want to build a school’s alumni and history.

3.   So, MOE should retain phases 1 and 2.  But it is my firm opinion that it should do completely away with phase 2B and make some changes to phase 2C.  My reasons below.

4.   First, Phase 2B is open to interpretation and possible abuse.  It may not be entirely transparent.   What are the factors, and who gets to decide, who can be a PV, who has served in clan, who has been an active member of an affiliated church, who is an active grassroots leader, etc?   Why should a child be discriminated against just because his/her parent offers to be a traffic warden but the school is looking for a PV who can teach ballet?  What has that got to do with the poor child?  Who is to say that once the child gets into the school, the parent will stop going to church, or become less active in the clan?

5.   Second, the name Parental Volunteer is a misnomer.  You should only be called  a PV if your child is a student in that school.  I find it strange that parents have to volunteer BEFORE their child is even a student in that school.  

6.   Third, if phase 2B is abolished, it opens up phase 2C to more vacancies.   I will change phase 2C so that::

a.   if there are more applicants than vacancies in, for example < 1km, those who have stayed in that area longest gets priority.  This is to weed out parents who buy or rent places near a school just to get within 1 km (and who may not even live there) and so that the whole system is more predictable.   This is a more level playing field.   So, if you want to buy a house or rent one near a popular school, by all means – but the kid who has lived there longer gets priority.  

7.    If you look at my proposals carefully, you will understand my message – primary one registration  should all be about distance and transparency.   At the moment, it pays lip service to distance (because phase 2B takes up a big chunk of the places available) and it does not protect those who are genuinely living near the school. 

8.   At the end of the day, the PARAMOUNT interest in primary one registration should be about the CHILD.  This means distance and fair play.

9.   MOE probably had good intentions when they devised phase 2B.  However, now is the time for them to refine the system.   Primary one registration should be just about the interest of the child – and this means the shorter the distance, the better.   It should never be about the parent.


ACS (P) - Balloting for those within 1 km for Phase 2C

If one takes a look at the ACS(P) school web-site, it is clearly stated that 30 applicants staying within 1 km of the school will be balloting for 19 vacancies.

Marymount Convent

Hi Cantbearit!,

YIPEE YIPEE YIPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! You are right! I think we can safely say that our gals got a place at Marymount Convent….PHEW!

What a relief! Will you be sending your gal to school yourself or by school bus?


Hello Chief,

THKS for reply..

No I am not refering to the whole table, From the Marine Parade Zone, as what one parent mentioned all school like st stephen, CHIJ katong, tao nan, ngee ann all will not have places in phase 2C supp.

That means all parents will have to cast the circle wider than 2km and above to look for a school. Also could be a few circles overlap to get the school available is possible.

Marine Parade

It does seem that there are insufficient places in Marine Parade area. All schools in the area are balloting, including CHIJ Katong and St Stephen.

Tanjong Katong will have limited places after phase 2c, insufficient for the unsuccessful applicants from Tao Nan, Ngee Ann, CHIJ and St Stephen.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!


Hi Ariel_belle


Your child is closed to 100% confirmed in, the only thing that could potentially stand in the way is the eligibility. If you are sure about the eligibility portion, then it is time to celebrate!

School will send out the confirmation via snail mail.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!


If you are referring to the table in this article, please note that it does NOT list ALL schools.  It only lists the schools with an application rate of above 95% or that have a history of balloting.  In truth, about 84 out of 179 schools may require balloting this year in Phase 2C

P1 Registration Exercise

To ensure demand exceeds supply seems to be the way things are managed in this country.


Hello All,

By looking at the number of registered applicant at various school, almost all the school excceed the number, which mean that ballot cannot be avoid.

We are actually balloting for school that is less than 1km and that defeat the purpose of having <1km, 1-2km and > 1km category. After the ballot, all of us will meet in school more than 2KM away… 

It have should built bigger school for that area eg Marine Parade and solve the ballot issue that stuck in the parent mind every year.

We choose to go for popular school and that give chance to parent from 1-2km or >1km  to go into neighbourhood of my location.

As a Singaporean, I might lose my previlege in phase 2C supp.

To go into phase3 will be night mare, IT IS LIKE QUEUE FOR IPHONE 4 OR IPAD.

The worst situation now is to look for school more than 2km…..




Hi Funky Monkey, I have

Hi Funky Monkey,

I have also registered my gal in Marymount Convent today.  Looks like there is no balloting.  Yipee….!!!!  IM also staying more than 2KM (Hougang).

same question here too

same question here too …

118 vacancies 92children registered. So it’s a confirmed in right?

Does the school call us up on the 13 Aug to confirm?

Confirmed Balloting??

Thanks for the reply kenlew73. I’m jus hoping against hope they’ll do tht as I live more than 2km away…I’ll hv to go thru balloting otherwise 🙁 this is really stressful…..

Confirmed balloting??

Hi truffles, i doubt the school will do that as they will still need to answer to MOE. I believe they can’t suka suka increase the no. of places without MOE approval or acknowledgement. Anyway if you are staying within 1 km shouldn’t worry too much i guess.

Confirmed balloting??

St gab’s has 84 applicants vs 80 places. Has it ever happened tht schs accomodate the extra 4 students instead of putting everyone thru balloting? They jus need to add an extra student to each class? 🙂 Never knew P1 registration could be this stressful!! Yikes!!

 hi darlinte   don't give

 hi darlinte
don’t give up hope just yet. It may happen. That’s why MOE has yet to publish the balloting list. A school well known to do this is ACPS.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

 hi limhowping   no.

 hi limhowping
no. nothing wrong with the figures. 266 applicants fighting for 75 places.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Hello fruiteller!, I

Hello fruiteller!,

I registered on the first day of the 2C phase.Today,i checked MOE website,112 out of the 152 places have been taken up.Does that mean we GOT IN???????

When did u register? I’m staying in sembawang.

OMG!!!! Do we really have to wait till the 13th to get results????I’m hyperventilating every time i think about this P1 registration thing its driving me BONKERS!!!!!

West Grove Primary

Is there something wrong with West Grove numbers? In MOE website, vacancy for 2C is 75, the number registered is 266.

avoid balloting for raffles girls primary school?

There are extra 2 applicants for the within 1 km applicants for Raffes Girls Primary School .  Is it possible for the school to accommodate everyone and avoid balloting? 

Hi there chief and to

Hi there chief and to all,

after so many months of planning and considerations, we decided to register our girl to a nearby school(which is an average school). which parent doesn’t want whats best for their children? i’m sure everyone here does.however whats important is our childs capabalities and their happiness in self belonging towards achieving a goal academically. we just wish that our child will be given the best enjoyable education that one can never forgets.

p.s…being a parent, i just hope she won’t blame me for being so stressfull one day.. as how my mum used to stressed me like mad!! but thanks to mom that i am what i am today!  ;)) T-Shirt

I am thinking that the web-owner should seriously think about coming out with surveniors such as T-Shirt, jacket, cap and stuffs. I am sure the response will be great. Not only that the surveniors can also be used as gift to KiasuParent of the Year ( with the highest Kiasu Points).

Kiasu Parents

Hi5 to Kanyaramesh!!
me too so proud to be 1 of the Kiasu Member here ^_^

Utter Madness

Hi Kanyaramesh, this is so true. I concur with you, and we wear our Kiasu Parents badge proundly on our sleeves. And now, my brother in law is getting ready for his daughter’s registration for next year…..talking about kiasuism…Ya, go Singapore!


Me 2 !

Me 2 !

Thanks, Sikang. I already

Thanks, Sikang. I already registered my girl at Fuhua. Seems no other choices.

Embracing the utter madness of the P1 registration process

When I finally became a parent in 2004 I told myself that I would be different from the kiasu parents around me. I would ensure that my son would be brought up holistically and enjoy his childhood. I prided myself it sticking to these principles until it was time for me to consider his primary school education.

Being a 5th/6th generation Singaporean married to a 3rd generation Singaporean the option of putting my son in a foreign school was not open to me. So what did I do? Became the true Singaporean that I am. I applied to be PV by year 2008 and completed my 40 hours by 2009. I chanced upon this website and got caught up in the frenzy like all "normal" Singaporean parents!

As I look at myself in the mirror, I now proudly see myself as a "kiasu parent" , something I used to dread becoming. I now realise that it is ok and normal to be a kiasu parent; it just emphasises how much we love our children and how we want the best for them. How we wish for them to be better off than us and have the best of everything in life.

So to all those out there who still have not joined the fold, welcome! Be proud of yourself. You are a Kiasu Parent!!

RMPS within 1km

anyone knote now how many app within 1km?
any update?

Keming & JPS

Latest updates at this moment:

Keming: 97 applicants from those staying within 1km with 78 vacancies available;

JPS: 91 vs 90.

No chance at all for those staying beyond 1km.

re: withdrawal

 hi YYLazymom
You may and there is no penalty.
You must withdraw from school A first then register at school B.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!


Already reg my kid under 2C, can i withdraw from the school and reg her to another school before 4.30pm tml? any penalty?

Marymount Convent

Hi Funky Monkey,

Will be going to Mary Mount tomorrow, I am also outside 2 km.
Where do you live? are you very far away from the school like me?


Tao Nan & Ngee Ann Phase 2C Day 2 update


Tao Nan :

within 1km – 81 registered for 62 vacancies <balloting as expected>

Ngee Ann:

within 1km – 36, 1-2km – 24, >2km – 37, for a total of 97 registered for 126 vacancies <those who stay within 2km should stand a good chance?>

Hi marmum, thanks for

Hi marmum, thanks for sharing. So it is standard practice of peichun. Not that they forgot or something like that.


Keming Primary School

Thank you for the updates

Today will be a better indicator for Poi Ching

Dear Jonathan,

As of yesterday, Poi Ching was 89% filled. I think tonight will give you a better indication on Poi Ching.

Even base on past year’s statistics, there is no certainty for Poi Ching, My guess is that there is still a chance for 1-2KM balleting. Chances for more than 2KM is very slim.

Beacon primary


Have not decided whether should register my son in Beacon Primary (1-2km) or Bukit panjang Primary (within 1km).. tomorrow.. Any comments..

Anyone knows the breakdowns of applicants…

Will monitor the situation teletext



Hi tines28, I applied at

Hi tines28, I applied at Pei Chun for my child too and was not given a registration number either.  They just gave me a dulplicate copy of the registration form I filled up, a notice on the ballot on 13th, 9am and a book on Chinese schools in Singapore.

Marymount Convent

We went for registration yesterday….hopefully we get a place there as we live outside the 2km range…..eeeekssss so nerve wrecking!!! Anyone else outthere registered tat Marymount Convent?

Registration Number

I registered my son for peichun yesterday. I realised they didn’t give me a registration number on the acknowledgement slip only when I reach home. Called the school and they said it is ok as they will only put my son’s name in the ballot slip. Anyone doesn’t have the number also? Should I call the school and insist that they confirm my registration?

Re: For phase 2c supplementary

Hi marmum,

Yes. As long as there’s balloting, Singaporeans will get 2 slips.

Nan Hua

Finally registered my girl for Nan Hua. This year the registration rate for priority Phase 1, 2A & 2B seems to be rather strange as compared to the previous 3 years…

For phase 2c supplementary,

For phase 2c supplementary, does Singapore have 2 lots too if balloting is required?


Procedure for withdrawal

One has to go down personally to the school to withdraw during the operational hours – cannot do over phone etc for security reasons.

RGPS Breakdown as of Aug 3, 2010 11:00am

Vacancies for Phase 2C (61)
Within 1 km 47
Between 1 -2 km 5
More than 2 km 34

Hong Wen & St Margaret breakdown

Hi anyone called HW or ST to find out the breakdown of <1km, 1-2km? So little vacancies this year… the other nearby schools not very appealing, Stamford, Balestier Hill, Farrer Park, Bendemeer… sigh!!

Anyone knows what is the

Anyone knows what is the procedure to withdraw from a school I have registered yesterday?  Do I visit the school again?

balloting for Poi Ching

Hi parents,

We plan to send child to Poi Ching Primary. Is there balloting for parents stay beyond 2 km?  What is chance to enrol a child?

Well, it is long journey. children have to study for more than 12 years.

I see it as marathon and not 100 m race. As parents, we are her best mentor and cheer leader.

To our children success, Jonathan

Raffles Girls Primary School


Anybody knows the breakdown for RGPS?

Keming Primary School

Hi. I called the school this morning.  As of yesterday, 77 applicants staying within 1km have applied under phase 2C.  Only 78 vacancies were available for this phase.

Balloting for Phase 2C

This year application is growing in all popular schools. For PR with only one ballot slip are now more careful, they wan to put it right the first time. If second time under phase 2C supp, the chance is even lower as before…..

The Phase 2C 2nd day is also day whereby parent decide to withdraw to school with higher chance after familiarise the situation as of date.


What does grey mean?

> Does it mean that the schools marked by grey have all the students that have applied within 1km are accepted???

@love_moon, no, grey only means that if no one pulls out from the school within the next 2 days, the school will have to conduct balloting (except for those at exactly 100%).  The only question that remains is at which distance bucket that the balloting will happen.

You may wish to monitor the P1 Registration Forum to see if anyone posted any info pertaining to the school you are targeting with regards to the distance.  If all the registrants for the school is under 1km, it means there will be balloting even for the people who stay within 1km of the school

how many is within 1km?

how many is within 1km?

FYI - ACSP total vacancy 19, phase 2C application 28 now

out of which, 24 within 1km (balloting expected unless there are withdrawals), 0 within 1-2km (was 2 in the morning, but they pulled out in the afternoon), 4 out of 2km (no chance at all…)

Asked how many citizens and how many PRs, they refused to give numbers but said it’s a mixture.

As at 4pm on the first day, 2 Aug 2010.

Nan Chiau

Any idea is it all < 1km.



what does grey mean?

Does it mean that the schools marked by grey have all the students that have applied within 1km are accepted???

Nan Chiau

151 applicants vs 65 places

Nan Chiau

Anybody know the breakdown for nan chiau?

Keming pri Sch

90 applicants vs 78 places

RMPS at bukit merah

105 applicants vs 88 places

Latest Stats

 And at the forums here
And on MOE website

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!


61 applicants vs 62 places

Latest stats

The latest stats hv been updated on teletext ch 8, pg 727

SJI Junior


Anyone knows what is the latest status for 2C Registration In SJI Junior?

RMPS at Bukit merah

Anyone got any update of RMPS?

FuHua & Bukit View


If you have to select a school between Fuhua and Bukit View, which one you will choose?

Many Thanks.

Keming Primary School

Dear all,

May I know if anyboy has the updates on how many applicants in Keming on the first day under 2C phase. I would like to know if anyone staying 1-2km like me still has the chance for the balloting.

Many thanks.

Kong Hwa Latest Update

Hi limhowping.  Thks for the valuable information. That means from tomorrow onwards only within1km can consider.

St Anthony’s Canossian Primary


I just registered my daughter for Red Swastika under phase 2C this morning.

Will need to go for the balloting next week.

Anyone can advice if we failed, what are the chances to get into St Anthony’s Canossian Primary under Phase 2C Supplementary ???




Pei Chun updates

Hi, I called pei Chun n they no longer accepts application >1km. All 72 registrations today are all staying within 1km. They hv only 47 for this phase.

Taonan latest update


as of today, the TNS staff I spoke to told me 58 within 1km, 5 for 1-2km and 1 for >1km for the 62 vacancies… i think many people are still holding out to check status of other backup schools before registering on last day

Kong Hwa Latest Update

Hi, hot from the press, I just called the office, their registration status for phase 2C on day 1:

70 applicants, out of this 70, 58 stays within 1km.

Kong Hwa has 49 vacancies for phase 2C.



2C registration

Hi BigDevil,
Thanks for yr info! >_<

2C registration operation hr

Anyone Know the registration start from what time to what time?

Phase 2C - How Long

 hi Belle
The process is takes about 5-10 minutes. You would need to fill in a registration form, allow the registration officers to verifty your documents and form, and key into the computer.
The queue at the registration station is undeterministic, as it depends on how popular the school is and when each parent choose to go. Usually, the peak periods are on the first day morning and last day afternoon.
As you would need to submit photocopied of the documents, it would save time & possibily avoid having to queue at the photocopy station. You still need to bring the original documents.
Half a day leave is more than enough.
Good luck !

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Phase 2C registration

Hi, i would like to know how long does the registration process take? Are we given numbers if there is a long queue of people registrating? 

I intend to take half day leave in the afternoon.


Thanks Chief!

Thanks Chief!

Meaning of the "probability" number

The "probability" factor is not a true probability figure.  It is based on the number of times and type of balloting that a school has actually undergone in the last 4 years.  It does not take into account the TUR up to Phase 2B.  You will need to look at the ranking in the table to get a feel of the true probability.

If the school has balloting in Phase 2C for under 1km for the last 4 years CONSECUTIVELY, it is rated as "1.0".

Phase 2c balloting date

Hi Ming_mama

Likely to be on the result day, Friday the 13th.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

P1 Registration


May i know when will they conduct balloting?



GOOD change for this TABLE

very clear table…. seem very high % facing ballot at PMPS !

From 0.75 – 0.96 (MAGENTA)
wat the no. [0-75] mean?

facing ballot but higher chance?

Canossa Convent


I have heard that the school eventually may close down in a few years time, it is best to check with the school for more accurate information.


Fair Field Methodist Primary School @ 2C

From 0.75 – 0.96 (MAGENTA)
Chance of balloting in Phase 2C for under 1km is HIGH.  Small chance for anyone who is between 1-2km.  No chance for anyone staying beyond 2km to participate in the balloting.

As you are staying more than 2Km, it is best to look at alternative school instead of head on at FMPS.


Nan Hua

I bet Nan Hua would have balloting for those staying at 1Km. You may want to try your luck & have some backup plan. 

Hi gummyelp We can only

Hi gummyelp

We can only register at 1 school only. If we want to register at another school, we need to go back to the school that we had registered with, to withdraw our earlier application.

Phase 2c is allocated with 3 days as this phase has the most number of applicants.

We can register anytime within the 3days. It does not matter which day we register.

Good luck!


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Phase 2C

I guess it was being set 3 days as this is the biggest group that would come in the P1 registration. You can only register 1 school as the computer does not allow multiple registration. 

hi im sooo stressed by all

hi im sooo stressed by all this.

why are we given 3 days to register? can we register more than 1 school.

please advise. :((


1-2km from Poi Ching

Same thought. Last year balloting for 1-2km.



TO ymei26 : which CHIJ ?

Hi there,

 may l know which CHIJ sch r u referring to which u intend to register for your gal ?

my husband plays tennis

my husband plays tennis very well and would like our son to play tennis in school. i know ACSJ and SJIJ offer tennis as CCA. but not SAJ. that is why we are thinking if we should try our luck at phase 2C

Hi, Staying 1-2km from


Staying 1-2km from Poi Ching is slim, may I know how did u derive the %? Past trend?

Thanks for the Info


Thks for the info. I will still put my ALL MY bets on it and wish for the BEST.




ACS Junior or ACS Primary

We are within 1km to both schools, under Phase 2C, not sure which one to go… but ultimately we will go to the school which does not require balloting…

anyone can advise/feedback any differences between ACS Jnr and ACS Pri?

Many thanks for your advices and feedback!

Kuo Chuan or St Gabriel

hi, any feedback on these 2 schools?  I live in Bishan & its impossible to get into Catholic High under Phase 2C.  Which is better Kuo Chuan or St Gabriel?

Hi absolutwild, My advice

Hi absolutwild,

My advice is not to do it. Both ACSJ and SJIJ had required balloting for 1-2km in the past few years. You being outside 2km wouldn’t stand a chance at all.

Even if there are places for those outside 2km, it will be very few places.

Hi Choon Seng, Past ballot

Hi Choon Seng,

Past ballot history is just that….history. It is an aid to help you gauge the likelihood the school will be in the same situation as before. But a lot of things can change. For instance, Tao Nan had never required balloting for under 1km in 2B in previous years, but it did this year. Nanyang had never required balloting in 2B at all, but it did this year.

Use the charts to help you gauge your chances, but it doesn’t mean history will repeat itself.

Any reason for considering

Any reason for considering giving up the seat at SAJ to try for ACSJ or SJIJ as it is traditionally well-known that these 2 schools are ‘hot’ in Phase 2C?  As the saying goes, ‘A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush’.

give up seat gotten at Phase 2B to try ACSJ or SJIJ?

so vex! already have a seat at SAJ but have the urge to try phase 2C for ACSJ or SJIJ. what are the chances? we stay slightly outside 2km… what if we gave up SAJ and did not get in one of the other 2 schools?

Ballot in Phase 2C



From 0.75 – 0.96 (MAGENTA)
Chance of balloting in Phase 2C for under 1km is HIGH.  Small chance for anyone who is between 1-2km.  No chance for anyone staying beyond 2km to participate in the balloting.

From 0.75 to 0.96(Magenta)…Can I say the chance to ballot could be less in "under 1km" as compare to "1-2km" ? It could be "1-2km" will escape balloting probably.

Can I use last year ballot history as my reference to make a decision?


— Choon Seng





Re: Nan Hua

Hi kenlew73

If you have a good alternate school that would most likely have balanced vacancies for phase 2c, then there is no harm trying your luck in the balloting. If you don’t, then better not take the risk.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Hi weekern You need to

Hi weekern

You need to change the address on your nric.

You might want to verify with HDB on the requirement that your Nric must show the address that you are selling. Personally, I could not recall any such requirement. The seller that I bought my current flat from used his passport to proof his identity and the joint owner’s NRIC had a different address as the latter had shifted out long ago.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

what proof i need to show

what proof i need to show that i shifted into my parent’s address?

Problem is that school only

Problem is that school only accept what is on the parent NRIC.  I would probably bring my signed OTP to appeal during registration but chances are slim, they go by the book.

Nan Hua

I’m going to register my girl for Nan Hua Pri under Phase 2C and i wonder should i or should i not go for it based on the current stat. I am staying within 1 km from the school.

i've checked with MOE, they

i’ve checked with MOE, they only accept the address in my NRIC.  I cant change my NRIC address because HDB need it to be my current house to process the selling.  Kind of stuck.

Re: HDB 1km

Hi weekern

IMO you can’t use any of the sales documents as they only show that you are selling your existing place but not where you will be shifting to. Schools will not accept any form of promises of shifting without the relevant documents.

Why not shift in to your parents’ place now?


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

if you buy a private

if you buy a private property where it hasn’t attain its TOP yet, you can use documents to prove that. it allows base on certain period (e.g. 1yr or 2yrs) after your child is registered/started school, you’ll move into that property.

though in your current case, you’re talking abt moving to your parents’ hdb flat, i feel that it shd not be based on the 1-2km criteria because in your case, you are MOVING INTO their house and not just using their caregiver’s status to apply for the school. if i am you, i will use the non-TOP pte pty scenario to appeal the case to register within 1km because you  are physically moving in. upon moving in and your NRIC addr changed, you can follow up with the new documents to prove you’ve moved in.

HDB 1 km

In the process of selling my current house (OTP signed, first appt in late Aug).  Moving to my parent’s house within 1km of the school of my choice.  I cant change my NRIC address yet because have yet to complete the transaction.  I’ve done the satutory declaration, but it would be 1-2km.  What other means to register my child for the <1km category?

Fair Field Methodist Primary School @ 2C

Hi, as can be seen from the chart, there is a high chance of FMPS balloting for those within 1km. If you are outside 2km, then there is no chance for you at all.

Do look for other schools for your 2C registration.

Good luck!

Fair Field Methodist Primary School @ 2C

Hi folks,

I would to know what are the chances of balloting in 2C for distance of 2Km from FFMPS.

Any advice and comments and are welcome.

: )

HI, as you mentioned 'to


as you mentioned ‘to monitor till the last day’, is there any way to monitor or check the balance left for 1-2km range?


Any data on SG-reans vs PR?

Is there any data of the number of Singaporeans and PR applicantions for phase 2B?

This will really help to determine the next move.

@gummyelp: Chongfu Pri

Yes, it does appear that way.  Chongfu has a consistent history of balloting in the last 4 years in Phase 2C for under 1km even when the Phase 2B TUR was as low as 73%.  This year, it is slightly higher at 74%.  I see little reason for any deviation from past history in this case.  The best case for you would be if it requires balloting at 1-2km.  You will still need to ballot assuming that there are places left after allocation to those staying within 1km.

You might just want to monitor the situation till the last day before making your decision with your backup school.

Phase 2C for Pei Chun

Hi ~ yes, just living opposite Pei Chun, will be going next week…

to ymei29 - indication b/f registration

No indication, if u mean by the school will print out a list telling u how many singaporeans or PRs have registered. U can try asking by calling them. Ask them how many are within 1km, how many are within 1-2km.

Yes, singaporean has two balloting chances (or balloting slips) vs PR only one.


My flat and Chongfu Pri is within 1-2km range. so based on your chart, i shouldn’t  waste my time register my girl into this school?

headache man… : p

Tanjong Katong Primary

oh, don’t have to worry, i don’t think you need to ballot for TKPS. This is one school that has excess after 2C.

KongHwa Phase 2B

sorry to hear that you have done 50 hrs of volunteering and didn’t get it. i just came back from there too but was not the lucky one either. what will be your next choice?

Any indication before registration?


i will be registing my girl next week. when registor did they highlight how many wihtin 1 km, 2km are SG/PR?

i praying for CHIJ but my house is < 2km …. so i believe may need to ballot but as SG i got two chances.. . please advise

Just came back from Kong Hwa Phase 2B balloting.

Just came back from Kong Hwa Phase 2B balloting for 1-2km. 23 vying for 8 places. I was not the lucky one. 50 hours plus of volunteering gone to waste. There are more applicants for < 1km than I have expected. 50 places for phase 2B, and 41 are taken by those staying <1km. Proximity to school IS VERY important. Thanks for your table. This help me to decide my next move.

Phase 2C for Pei Chun

Anyone going for Pei Chun in Phase 2C and lives below 1km?

Tanjong Katong Primary

My phase 2C chioce of school is Tanjong Katong Primary. I am staying within 1-2km. Looking at all th new condos that have sprung up around the school, I hope that I will not have to go thru another torturing round of balloting

Is my chance high for Fairfield Methodist in Phase 2C?

I residing in Holland Drive area. Primary schools  that are range between 1 to 2km  around my area is Henry Park, Fairfield Methodist and New Town. I would like to know is my chances high if i go for Fairfield in Phase 2C? Please advise.

nice summary. thanks for

nice summary. thanks for sharing

This year results is a bit

This year results is a bit unexpected for many schools, not the normal range of result you see in the past three years. So u have to analysis carefully this year for the particular school u are eyeing. Please take note and all the best to all parents going for phase 2 c next week


Thought the explanation is clear.  may not need to ballot if you are within 1km.

From 0.38 and 0.67 (YELLOW)
Chance of balloting in Phase 2C for between 1km-2km is HIGH.  Great for those staying within 1km because they may not need to ballot.  A little chance for those staying outside of 2km to participate in the balloting.

I think it meant high

I think it meant high probability of balloting for less than 1km.

RGPS- Confused

I am confused about the table for RGPS, For phase 2C, how can <1 km be Hi Risk but 1-2 km is Medium risk?

Table–another perspective

Hi Chief,
If I may be so bold, let me share my interpretation of your fabulous table, which I think is tremendously helpful but may be confusing to newbies 🙂

Let’s see if I can simply it:

Vhi: Definite balloting (Do it only if you have a strong heart or pace-maker LOL)
Hi: Balloting (Do it for the thrill)
Med: Maybe balloting (Like buying Toto, you’d never know if you don’t try)
Lo: No balloting ‘cos there’s no chance (Better go for plan B)

Does that help?

Table is ok

In a thorough analysis of the table it is fine. When haven’t got a chance to check the legend then readers might view in reversed probability status. Consider revising the table.

Interesting perspective

LOLz.  That is indeed an interesting perspective.  What the table is trying to show is the probability of balloting happening for each of the 3 distance buckets.  If balloting is going to happen in the closest <1km bucket, then obviously people in the further buckets will not even get a chance to ballot.

The reason you came to that conclusion is because we did not list down the schools where the probability of balloting in ANY distance bucket is LOW.

We’ll fine-tune the table to make it less confusing.

I think there is a mix up

I think there is a mix up on the risk l
evel. The table is telling that the further you stay the lower the risk.

Hong Wen

After they move to new building, it seems that Hong Wen Phase 2C require balloting under 1km. There seems to be more vacancies this year, I’m kinda expecting balloting within 1-2km. But don’t lose heart, monitor and wait till last day to make your move. Just don’t go down 5 min before closing time (in case system breakdown or what).

Good luck!

"Hi" refers to "high risk"

"Hi" refers to "high risk" that balloting may occur in that phase? 

Choices - SJIJ vs Hong Wen


Registering my son for Phase 2C but deciding between SJIJ (< 1km) and Hong Wen (< 2km). Any comments? Would prefer Hong Wen since it’s a mixed school and I will not have this headache when my daughter next registers for Primary 1. Thinking of going to Hong Wen on the 3rd day afternoon and see if the school has latest information on the applicants and whether chances are high. If not, thinking of choosing SJIJ instead.

Hong Wen

Do i hv a chance for more than 1km – 2km under phase 2C?

In what way are they going to Announce the Results for P1 reg?

Dear Parents,

How are they going to announce the results for P1 registration? In what way am I going to know?

Please advise, thank you!

Hi Shirley, Glad to be able

Hi Shirley,

Glad to be able to help!  

Dear BigDevil, Thanks for

Dear BigDevil,

Thanks for the info!

You are very welcome,

You are very welcome, SumikoLt!  

All the best to you!


Hi! Big Devil

thank you for your reference to the CF forum for my doubt. Now i got a clearer pix of the school n better for my decision.



Chong Fu Primary School


Anyone got any feedback on the Chong Fu Primary School in term of education system n moral education?



I had also considered the distance that my child will have to travel to n fro …. as a kiasuparents, we had decided to let my child to the school within my place within 1km.

Thank you for your advise.



CCK Primary School vs CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

Hi Shirley,

You are allowed to be registered at only one school at any time. So if you are already registered at CCK, you can only register again at CHIJ after giving up your place in CCK. This is only fair to other parents.

In any case, CHIJ OLQP normally fills all its places by the end of phase 2C, so it won’t be opened for registration during phase 2C supp.

CCK Primary School vs CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace


I will need to register for my girl under Phase 2C at CCK primary sch which is within 1km from where we reside but my preferred choice is CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace which is at Bt. Panjang (Approx. 4.8km).

Assuming i have secure a place for my girl at CCKPS under phase 2C, can i still try my luck again at CHIJ OLQP at phase 2C Supplementary without first withdraw from CCKPS?

Which will be a better choice, CCKPS or CHIJ OLQP?

Thank you!

hi ariel_belle   Below is

hi ariel_belle
Below is from MOE’s website
" .. The new home address can be used provided that you are able to produce evidence from the relevant authority that you have committed to the purchase of this property. In the case of private property, parents must produce the original copy of the Sales and Purchase Agreement. The date of commitment by the developer in T.O.P (Temporary Occupation Permit) must not be later than 31 Dec 2012. In the case of HDB flat, the document issued by the HDB. Parents must move into the new property within two years of the child’s entry into Primary One otherwise the child will be transferred out of the school…"

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Phase 2C registration

We bought a property that’s within 1km of the choice school but will only TOP end next yr. Do we need to provide copies of the property documentations for phase 2C registration to prove that we will be within the 1 km? Anyone know? Any advice appreciated.

St. Margaret Primary School

Hello All,


Anyone know anything about St. Margaret Primary School.  I’m thinking of registering my girl there for primary one next year.


 hi luckycow   you may

 hi luckycow
you may want to read what the other parents are saying about these schools in the forum discussion threads here
Hope you will be able to find the information you need to make an informed decision.
Good Luck !

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!



Thks for the clarifications…I may hv confused…haha too stress up on the registration. Btw, other than Ellias Park, Pasir Ris Pri and White Sands, any other avg good neighbour schools in pasir ris? Hv u heard on Park View? From the web seems not too bad…

 hi luckycow   Phase 3 is

 hi luckycow
Phase 3 is Phase 3 and Phase 2C is Phase 2C, they are not the same phase.
All phases prior to Phase 3 are subjected to balloting should there be more than eligible applicants versus vacancies for that phase. We can register anytime within the allocated registration dates & time, it do not make any difference to the chance in getting in.
Only phase 3 is allocation based on first come first serve.

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Really True?


Is it really true for Phase 3- ie, 2C, will be based on 1st-come-1st serve basis? I was told still depends on the distance and applicants? My cousin whom stayed near Mee Toh, she went on the last day and she got it via balloting!

 hi SumikoLt   If you

 hi SumikoLt
If you want to try your luck in balloting, do have a backup plan, ie, a school that would have balanced vacancies after your current phase and has almost a sure chance of getting in. If you don’t mind your backup plan school over the current selected neighbourhood school, then ballot, if otherwise then register at your selected neighbourhood school.
Another factor to consider is the logistic issue of your child travelling to and fro a school that is > 2km away.
Good Luck !

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Headache! STress

Any advise from past experience parent….

should i try my luck to balloting for school that is more than 2km or should I secure a higher chance vancany in the neighbourhood school??



Oh thank you for your

Oh thank you for your prompt reply. glad i found this website.. 😉



P1 Regn - No need to be early except for Phase 3

 hi Yenni
for phases before phase 3, you can register anytime within the registration days / hours. All eligible applicants will be considered. And should there be more applicants than available vacancies, balloting will occur accordingly to distance between home & school.
Only for Phase 3 it is allocation on first-come-first-serve, thus need to be early & queue.
Good Luck !

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

P1 Regn


I’m really anxious to know, if its true that we have to be very early to be in the school of choice for the registration to be done. my daughter will be registered under phase 2c.i understand that regn starts at 8am. i heard 1 of my friend went down as early as 5am to queue for the form!. and her child got her seat to be in that this true?

i know i’m being very kiasu but it’s my 1st time..


P1 registration procedures

Hi, Sorry I am a blur mommy.

There are 3 days to the Phase 2C registration, izit that we can go to any of the day?

What will be the procedures? I just need to bring along the birthcert and the immunisation booklet, right?

Any help will be much appreciated.





 hi mummypumpkin   No,

 hi mummypumpkin
No, you can’t. Only 1 school. You need to withdraw from a school that you had registered before registering at another.

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Phase 2C

Can anyone validate if we can register 2 schools concurrently during the 2C registration period until the last day to decide which one to withdraw depending on the chances?

P1 Registration


I am planning to put my girl into Canossa Convent. However, I am concerned as it seems that every year there are quite a number of unfilled vacancies even after the whole registration. Am i missing something? Is it a good school?

TNS - johnx

hi johnx
You can try your luck under Phase 2C. Based on past years’ statistics, balloting for this phase is likely to be for within 1km and the odds would be small. No harm trying your luck, but do have a backup plan.
Are you registering this year for P1 in 2011 or next year for P1 in 2012?

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Whatelse i can do ... Suggestions needed!

My daughter will register to P1 for 2011.  We are not selected from balloting for PV for Tao Nan. We live there within 1KM since one year. Might have one more choice to ballot for Phase 2C ?? Any suggestion for some grassroot strategy?? Thanks in advance!



Thanks …. are you also a SHHK member? I did have a backup plan but juz wonder if anyone have the same experience before that can share ….

 hi SumikoLt   I would

 hi SumikoLt
I would suggest you have a backup plan, just in case.
good luck !

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

P1 Registration 2010


I will be registering my son in his P1 this year under Phase 2B and i have no clue what are the chances of going into Ai Tong School. I am very worried because we had joined the SHHK but less than a year and had been told by lot of people that chance are very low now i dont even know what is the chances of getting in?

hi, u can check out the

hi, u can check out the ballot history here:

based on past years history, the school only conducts balloting for those within 1km… # of applications for below 1km seems pretty high..

P1 Registration


I will be registering my son in his P1 this year under Phase 2C and i have no clue what are the chances of going into De La Salle School. I am very worried because we shifted here for the school and now i dont even know what is the chances of getting in?