Registration for 2011 P1 – Phase 3


Phase 3

For a child who is neither a Singapore Citizen nor a Singapore Permanent Resident.

Registration and Announcement of Result: Monday 30th August 2010


any good student care and childcare in Seng Kang?

Hi, is there any good student care and childcare  in Seng Kang?  I have been trying to look for student care in Seng kang but in vain. Most of them are full.

Distressing, distressing ...

This is really distressing,  Had applied to Mee Toh, Rivervale and Compassvale Pri for parents volunteer.  None successful.  One of them told me I was too late for application.  The other one  sent me an email to say I’m successful but the next day, I received another one to tell me that I’m not eligible because the application form somehow got mixed up with the new batch of volunteers for those born 2006 batch …. Very sad  :(.  Mine is the first one.  Not familiar with the "SYSTEM".  ***Sigh***  had tried to call the schools many times but the teachers are super busy.   Tried to call the third school for a second hope.  But they say it’s on "queue" system.  Got call up means got volunteer.  Many on queue now….  Very bad feeling,  don’t think I can get into one now.  All the schools I selected are within 1km.  Really can’t imagine, if my boy can’t get into one.  And high chances of not getting any.  They are ever so popluar.     *** Anxious N disappointing ***. 


RE: Correction: my home is within 1km from mee Toh..

Hi GG_TG_primaryONE,

Living within 1km does not qualify you for phase 1, nor phase 2A, nor 2B. Those are phases for parents who are "related" to the schools. You only qualify for phase 2C, which is the phase opened to all citizens and PRs. So competition will be intensed.

Suggest you read up the MOE website: to better understand the different phases.

And like tankee said, you are too late to get yourself into phase 2B, so it’s best you start searching for alternatives in case you are not successful in balloting.

Hi GG_TG_primaryONE It is

Hi GG_TG_primaryONE

It is not that you need not join but you are too late to join PV or RC.

If you are within 1km, you will be able to join the balloting but the odds will not be good, see past years’ statistic for reference.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Correction: my home is within 1km from mee Toh..

Hi! Great to hear so many advise Fr others, my concern if is within1km, then I will still hv the chance to go in phase 1? Meaning I need not to join any of the volunteer work? How is the birth rate in 2005? Or rather those who born in 2005 to apply for mee Toh pri school is high or low? Is there a calculation on this issue?

Hi GG_TG_primaryONE Since

Hi GG_TG_primaryONE

Since your first child is borned in 2005, you are too late for PV or RC route.

And Mee Toh has been balloting in phase 2C for within 1km for the past few years, and since you are staying > 1 km away, your child has no chance for Mee Toh.

You can check the past years registration statistics here


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Register mee Toh primary school for my girl

Any advise or information about going through this registration for mee Toh primary school? I m staying about 1km away Fr the school, will I need to do Volunteer work for balloting for a seat?

Pri Sch@jurong west

hi,  Parents,

Any good/bad feedback about Pri Sch @jurong west ?

for example, lakeside,pioneer, Corporation,juying,Boon Lay Garden,etc.

tks a lot.


 hi pipi
There are a lot of discussions from many parents about primary schools in the forum here.
Why not check for the information you seek there?

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Beacon Pri Sch @ Bt Panjang

Hi Parents,

Any good or bad feedback about Beacon Pri Sch @ Bt Panjang ?

Thank you 🙂