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Smart™Kids Holiday Camp


2-days  Holiday Camp for P1 – P6

An innovative enrichment program designed to help smart & unique kids, like “You” to overcome higher order challenges face during everyday learning. Using various techniques to increase overall intellectual ability and  self-esteem in problem solving.


Interactive, accelerated learning

  • Heuristic Maths Wiz- Heuristic Thinking skills using relevant
    models, examples, self-assessments, short assignments. Experiential
    learning through puzzles, games, hands-on
  • D-I-Y Science- Innovative hands on concept learning, using exciting experiments, self-discovery, concept application. Process skill building through investigation approach, short assignments
  • Magic Memory- Unleash the hidden powers of the brain, mental training, expands the use of both the right and left brain, to achieve optimum mental performance; good memory skills to register, retain, recall information, residing in the brain quickly and accurately
  • Powerful Creative Writing- Learn the 4 essentials of creative writing, fluency, flexibility, originality, expansive association; Introduction of literacy skills essential for writing creative essays.  Taught in a fun and interesting way to inspire the creative writer in you.

Workshop Details

Date: 10th March- 11st March 2008 (Monday – Tuesday)

Time: 9:00am – 3.30pm (13 hours for 2days) (Lunch, snacks, feedbacks and
certificate of achievement provided)

Venue: Simply Smart Education Centre Room 1 and 4 @ Blk 153, Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre #03-298, S(650153).

Learning Outcomes



Heuristics for problem solving
FOCUS of Maths


   1.Using a Model (diagram, picture)
   2.Make a systematic list
   3.Tabulation (Guess and check)
   4.Look for patterns
   5.Work backwards
   7.Using Set concepts


DIY Science for self discover science concept

FOCUS of Science

   1. Understanding of basic science concept through hands on 
       experiments. (5 Innovative experiments)
   2. Innovative application of basic science concept   
   3. Observing/ Comparing and classifying
   4. Communicating
   5. Analyzing/ Generating / Evaluation
   6. Investigating


 Magic Memory

FOCUS of Memory Power



Creative Writing

HIGHLIGHTS of Creative Writing








   1.Understanding the working of the brain.

   2.Learning how to remember lists permanently.

   3.How to recall information in any order.

   4.How to use creative imagination effectively.

   5.Developing a strong memory of numbers and words

   6.Increase imagination power.

   7.Enhance concentration and focusing skill.


(a) Produce interesting pieces of composition or essay from their own creativity, imagination and experiences.

(b) Develop the essential skills to think and write creatively.

(c) Fluency. The speed with which new ideas are generated.

(d) Flexibility. The ability to see things from different angles.  It also includes your ability to use all your senses when
      creating new ideas.

(e) Originality.  It represents the ability to produce ideas that are yours alone – that are unusual, unique and sometimes
      even ‘eccentric’!

(f) Radiant thinking. The good creative writer takes a central theme and builds on it in all directions, developing,
     expanding and generally elaborating the original thought.

(g) Association.  The brain is a giant ‘Association Machine’.  Having knowledge of how this Association Machine works, will enable you to tap
      into this infinite resource to improve all aspects of your creativity.

(h) Discuss the writing process and a guide to effective writing.

(i)  Learn through many practical examples and exercises to hone their creative writing skill.




















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