Solar Eclipse Viewing @ Singapore Science Centre


Solar Eclipse Viewing
Date:  26th Jan (Mon)
Time:  4pm – 6pm
Venue: Omni-Theatre, Observatory 
Fee:   Free admission ( No pre-registration required)

Celebrate Chinese New Year with a difference this year by catching 2009’s first Solar Eclipse @ Science Centre!
Join us for an audio and visual treat with live commentary and telescopic views. Get your pair of free solar glasses @ the Observatory from 4pm. Limited quantities available on a first-come-first-serve basis only.
*WARNING: Do not look directly at the Sun! This can cause serious eye damage. Use only special solar glasses/viewing filters.

More information on Solar eclipse in Singapore can be found here.

Solar Eclipses Visible in Singapore between 1999 and 2031

Date Type Mid-Eclipse Local Time Magnitude*
16 Feb 1999 Annular 16h 05m 0.08
26 Jan 2009 Annular 18h 02m 0.85
22 Jul 2009 Total 09h 17m 0.06
15 Jan 2010 Annular 16h 29m 0.31
9 Mar 2016 Total 08h 20m 0.85
26 Dec 2019 Annular 13h 24m 0.97
21 Jun 2010 Annular 15h 58m 0.15
20 Apr 2023 Annular/Total 11h 57m 0.26
22 Jul 2028 Total 09h 41m 0.69
21 May 2031 Annular 16h 59m 0.85