Tai Chi for Strong Bones(Osteoporosis)


Tai Chi for Strong Bones(Osteoporosis)
27th Nov 2009


Tai Chi for Strong Bones - Osteoporosis

Botanic Garden
8am – 9.30am
Fee $15 per pax
Min to start 10
Age Group




There are many ways that Tai Chi works well for people with osteoporosis and other conditions. Listed below are the important factors supported by medical studies.

Bone Loss
An excellent study showed Tai Chi slowed down the loss of bone mineral density approximately three fold. Another study indicated that people who practice Tai Chi regularly have higher bone mineral density and better flexibility, muscle strength and balance.
Falls Prevention
Many studies have shown that Tai Chi reduces falls. This is especially important because when people with osteoporosis fall they are more likely to sustain a fracture. A fracture can be a very serious problem; for example hip fractures have a mortality rate of approximately 50%. It also seriously affects your quality of life. Tai Chi has also been shown to improve balance and strength so even if you fall, your have a lesser chance of serious injury.


* Fee include: Course material, goodie bag, fitness assessment.
* Class will commence with a minimal of 10 participants.
* In the case of wet weather, respective courses will postpone to another date upon   further notice.
* An email notification will be sent upon confirmation of course
* Contact: 9138 4451 / 9731 6687