World Book Fair 2008


World Book Fair is an annual event for book lovers. There are over 300,000 book titles on sale on every conceivable subject. Organised by leading publishers Marshall Cavendish Business Information and the Singapore Press Holdings, the WBF also offers a wealth of self-help books and CDs, enrichment programmes and electronic books not generally available in retail stores.

Venue : Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition
Level 4 Hall 401-404

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winktolearn looks good

Hmmm… I guess I missed the winktolearn thing.  I just hopped over the their site and previewed their sample videos.  Looks exactly like something I have been looking for!  Guess I have to go back tomorrow and check it out again.  Thanks, mincy!

Worth a look

Well, I was kinda wondering to go or not after the luke warm reviews but I am glad I went.  

Like ChiefKiasu says, there is not many people.  However some stuff are selling at a good deal. There are also quite a number of multimedia and brain training companies and education products so its a place where you can compare/ see some of these products demo at one place if you are thinking of purchasing. There are a few education centers with booths and presenters who are eager to answer any question you might have on their schools. 

General Books/ Magazines 

The bigger Chinese Books stores like You Lian, Shan Wu and You yi have books at quite a good discount.  Most have 20 % on top of discounted prices. Some preschool/elementary chinese books and flash cards are selling at prices like $2 each which is quite a deal as they go for 4 – 5 bucks usually.
Also saw National Geographic &  Reader Digest there. 

Brain Training/ Education Products/Companies

– Maha Yu yi (Book Store) have a space selling Tweedle Wink and Wink  Products(Flash Cards / Right brain training on DVDs, Photographic memory and speed reading system ) They are having a talk at 1-2 pm and 5-6pm Saturday and Sunday.

– Grolier International (The Encyclopedia sellers and seller of Logico Products )

– Saw Mind Champs there. The exhibitor claims that their new preschool combines all the brain training enrichment into the curriculum. 

The Cami (They claim their software is the best English and Math learning system )

– A singapore product call winktolearn – incorporate Chinese learning into a DVD flash card system.

Other stuffs
There is a booth selling stationaries at $10 for 10 items. There is also a Chinese language center call Eduplus over there. 

World Book Fair

Just went there and came back.  Didn’t encounter any of those pesky encyclopedia vendors.  Not many people.  Muted affair.  I guess it’s because the event has been ongoing for the past 8 days.  Not much to see.  I guess kaitynangelica is right after all. 

World Book Fair

I’ve been a faithful attendee of the World Book Fair.  Can’t wait to go again this year.  And yes, I’ve never bought any of those overpriced encyclopedias.

HI, just came back from the

HI, just came back from the fair and foundit rather disappointing. For one thing, there were many " salesmen" that kept hounding you and kept asking you to sign up for their encyclopedia packages tha cost as much as $3K!