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Wushu Self Defense


Wushu Self Defense
29th Nov 2009


Wushu Self  Defense

West Coast Park
8am – 9.30am
Fee $15 per pax
Min to start 10
Age Group




This workshop introduces the participants on the different techniques of basic Wushu self defense. Understand that Wushu is not only to be used for fighting purposes but to defend and protect ourselves in times of danger.

Participants will learn simple break fall technique and how to break away from opponent’s attack/grip effectively without injuring the opponent using their own body momentum and weight transfer.

It is the individual responsibility to effectively protect yourselves in life threatening situations. Learn how to Detect, Defuse, and Defend against different common types of attacks and take precautions. Based on emotional, physiological and psychological training model which are commonly neglected by many individuals, you will learn and be equipped with simple drills and tactics to defend yourself and become more confidence in handling situational awareness.



* Fee include: Course material, goodie bag, fitness assessment.
* Class will commence with a minimal of 10 participants.
* In the case of wet weather, respective courses will postpone to another date upon   further notice.
* An email notification will be sent upon confirmation of course
* Contact: 9138 4451 / 9731 6687 
* Email:
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