Interesting read on NYTIMES

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Interesting read on NYTIMES

Postby duriz » Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:12 pm

I came across this article today, thought I'd share it with my fellow KSPers. ... ral&src=me

Mind you though, it's a 10-page article. So you may need to set aside some time during lunch or at night when the kiddies are asleep to read this.
Yes, it's mostly US-based, but IMHO: parenting and growing up issues are universal.
Some or most of our children are young now, but they too shall grow into 20-something.
The one part in the whole article that really struck me is:

[quote/] Nor do parents expect their children to grow up right away — and they might not even want them to. Parents might regret having themselves jumped into marriage or a career and hope for more considered choices for their children. Or they might want to hold on to a reassuring connection with their children as the kids leave home. If they were “helicopter parents” — a term that describes heavily invested parents who hover over their children, swooping down to take charge and solve problems at a moment’s notice — they might keep hovering and problem-solving long past the time when their children should be solving problems on their own. This might, in a strange way, be part of what keeps their grown children in the limbo between adolescence and adulthood. It can be hard sometimes to tease out to what extent a child doesn’t quite want to grow up and to what extent a parent doesn’t quite want to let go. [quote/]

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