Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 :(

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Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 :(

Postby cluelessmom » Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:48 am

Anyone got the queue tags for the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010? Wanted to go HMV to get the cat 1 or 2 tixs for the concert early tis morning only to find out that there was a queue frenzy last nite and apparantly tags have been given out for all the cat 1 and 2 tixs. Called HMV and they say can still try to queue for the tags when I heard the tags oredy exceed the tix numbers....WTH???? Now dunno when to start to queue for cat 3 or 4 tixs liao :x :rant: My dd and I were so looking forward to the concert....looks like :(

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Postby MeiZi » Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:02 pm

insider wrote:"I just couldn't leave them here. My daughter's still in the crowd somewhere."
- Mrs Lim, 48, who queued with her 19 yo old son and 18 yo daughter. She had initially planned to drop them off at the mall, but was worried about their safety after seeing the crowd.

New Paper, 5 Sep 10


Was reading this old New Paper left over by my son while doing business in the toilet...

Why so big oredi still have to worry for their safety about queuing for some tickets for a fun event? At that age, they still don't know whether to take 'good' or 'bad' risks? (for me quite incredible).

Will you do that for your kids who are close to 20 years old? Don't the kids feel 'embarrassed' (so 'lame' as what kids will normally say) about still having mummy to queue together with them for such an event? Thot usually kids such as mine will have 'gangs' of friends to 'strategise' together to secure such hard-to-get tickets, brainstorming together which is part of the 'fun'? No??

If I am the kid, yes I will be embarassed to have my mum around. I will assure my mum with all my might on how we have strategised to get the tickets. Having a mother around is embarassing ...

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Postby KoalaMummy » Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:07 pm

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