Need help-Creating Languages Material to teach my kid

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Need help-Creating Languages Material to teach my kid

Postby General99all » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:44 am

Everyday too much wrong gramma and phrases been taught to my 1.5yr old kid. I am making lamination with correct information and appreciate to receive correct input. I could share my softcopy to benefit people who have helped me.

Here are something to start with, anyone knows the correct words to be used by the followings:
Eg. Discription English: Mandarin:
Temper: Bad/ Good 大 / 小
Rain: Heavy/ Light 大 / 小
Milk/ Soup: Hot/ Warm / Cold 热 / 冻
Phone Number: What number 多少号

Speed: High/ Low or Great / Fast / Slow? ?
Weather: ? ?
Time: ? ?
Colour: Heavy/ Light ?
Make-up: Heavy/ Light ?

Welcome more people to contribute if you are sure.
It makes sense for me to teach and use correct grammar and phrases at all times to benefits my kid picking up all the correct ones. (Free from tutions). I didn't want my kid to suffer like other kids who were been taught 80% of sentences filled with mistakes and spend their rest time in tution centers.

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