Think Back....What is the best or worst choice u have make..

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Think Back....What is the best or worst choice u have make..

Postby Bowie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:41 pm


Care to share what is the best or worst decision or investment you have make for ur ds or dd?

Wan to learn from ur experience and mistakes.

Do contribute.

Thanx. :D

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Postby csc » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:17 pm

Investment with the best returns (never need to worry abt their math results) : Abacus Lessons :wink:

Investment which is put into the best use (snorkling in south china sea & great barrier reef) : Swimming classes :D

Worst investment : The microscope set I bought years ago from Science centre - still untouched today (lack of interest in science by both mum and kids) :(

Best Decision : Quit my job to be a SAHM :D

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Postby jedamum » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:29 pm

Investment with the best returns : Week-daily fixed homework slot enforced since last year; while he still whines occasionally, he is used to the routine.

Investment which is put into the best use : Berries chinese; while not 100% can speak in mandarin, at least he can now converse with my parents in mandarin.

Worst investment - enrichment wise : XXX K2 math enrichment; sorry, i do a better job than the teacher.

Best Decision : Made the first move to get my husband-then-boyfriend to notice me!!! wahahahaha :lol: :idea: this should be considered as a choice for the kids ba? :wink:

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Postby luvmum » Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:50 am

Best Decision : To have babies and deliver my 2 lovely ones. :ugogirl:

Worst Decision : To throw my money down to those enrichment center which don't produce results which I expect despite the high fees and my hesitation and impulsion which resulted in a total of $100 bor liao lor. :stupid:

Now still thinking if I shld sign my girl up for the piano class. Afraid it might be a 'no results' investment if she after a term tells me she has no interest...then my few hundreds worth of keyboard how???? :rotflmao:

But in life, no venture no gain right! We learn from our mistakes, we smile at our achievements. :celebrate:

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Postby Bowie » Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:56 am

Dear ALL,

Nice to hear from all of u....

Here's mine

Best Decision: Having my gal. My hubby and I are never kids lovers but after having my gal, we both feel that our families (extended families) have become closer and more complete. The joy she brings is definitely worth all the hardships and sacrifices we all have make. :love:

Worst Investment

Bought Twindlewink DVDs.... its still in lies in my CD rack after 1 view.

Best find

Never been a great fan of the National Library, but after some exploration last year... realized that today libraries are very different from the past. With big pool of books that satisfy my ever changing interest and many DVD and Cds available for loan to first test out before investment. :lol:

Potential good investment

Bought Logico (chinese version) last week. I like it very much. hope my gal will enjoy it. :pray:
she tried a few excerises so far.... current preference Neutral.

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Postby winth » Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:02 pm

Best Investment:
1) Full-time involvement in my DS1 to make sure he reads + do nightly flashcards + going through all the homework at a very tender age. Everything paid off when he hit 3 years old. Now into DS2.
2) Throwing away our home TV. We've got no other forms of entertainment, so ended up talking to each other, having tea and playing more games together. More bonding time for me and hubby too. No need to watch late night D Gray Man series or spookey Ghost Whisperer shows. Only thing is those DVD/VCDs that we bought are still in the storeroom collecting dust. We can't bear to throw those away.
3) My winning collection of all the books I've bought during popular/cheap book sales. The prices range from $1-5 except those Kumon series that I buy via internet.
4) We invested in buying water guns, baseball sets, badminton and flying saucers and boomerangs. Had much more fun playing outdoors than cramping ourselves indoors during those warm evenings.

Worst Investment:
1) Signing up for some Chinese enrichment lesson provided by his school. Other than the fact that they communicate in mandarin versus the dominating English language, I don't know how it value-added to DS1's knowledge in Chinese. Stop after 1 term.
2) Signing for swimming lessons. Never fails to tell his coach that he needs to go to the toilet for 10 mins. By the time he returns, he would quietly hide behind the children who had done their rounds so that the coach will miss him out. And never did master swimming in the end.
3) His storeroom of toys. He doesn't play with them. Basically the boys just throw them around. Have since told relatives not to buy us Christmas presents which are usually toys for we basically just throw them away. They got our hint and starting giving us bags/word games/board games.

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Postby ttyh » Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:02 am

best investment -
1) abacus class every Saturday. Me kiddo has solid foudnations and foundamentals now
2) Time...never fail to start a mathematics or english game while on the move, while waiting, while shopping for goceries....

worst investment -
1) Toys - useless but can't bear to throw

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