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Nice people that you encounter daily....

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:08 am

I have often come across nice people in my daily dealings and I find that generally we don't make enough effort to remember them as well as we remember the horrible people.

So I am going to start to share my experience of the nice people I met today here..........

Experience 1
I had a meeting at downtown Orchard area and I drove up the carpark to look for a parking lot. I saw a man standing next to a black car, but was not sure if he was leaving, but 2 other ladies came along and popped into a red car. So I drove to the left and signalled to wait for them to drive off. The red car immediately drove off, then I noticed that the black car was coming out, so I waited for him to reverse his car out first. Instead of reversing out and driving off, he reversed into the upward ram(which I came up from) and gave way to me to park my car first. Actually he could have reversed and drove off past me but his gentlemanly act impressed me. After I parked, I did not have a good look at the car plate and the car had driven off.

Experience 2
I was coming out from a side road into Bukit Timah Road and the traffic was very heavy at that hour. A dark blue merc stopped the car for me to enter the main road. I waved and thanked the driver although I could not see clearly who was behind the wheel. At that peak hour, I was really impressed to find such a kind soul. I kept to my left lane and when I signalled right to avoid the jam on the left due to cars turning into a left lane....the same dark blue merc gave way to me. It stunned me for a while.

And as I reflect on their behaviour, I realise that actually in my daily dealings I often come across such people that always make my day a lovely one. Hence I have decided to post a note of thanks here to all the kind souls out there who have put a smile on my face.

Please share your experiences and I believe the world can be like a rainbow everyday if we remember the "half-full" things.

Postby mintcc » Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:04 am

Great idea to start this thread ks2me!

Here's a nice Experience
I was at a food court with DS and he was playing with one of those cars that move when you put a dollar in. I left him with the maid to run some errands and when I came back the machine is moving even though I have not left any coins with them. it turns out that an old lady that we don't know just put in the coins for DS and she decline when I wanted to return the money to her.

And here's another one from more than 10 yeras ago while I am still in school in the states. The radiator pipe of my 10 yr old car broke and I was stuck in a car park on a rainy night. A stranger helped me look at the car and find out what's wrong, drove me to an automobile supply store 15 mins away, tell me which part to buy and fixed it back for me! And I don't even have his name!

One thing about having good experiences from kind act from strangers After the experience I try to "pay it forward" whenever I can...
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Postby Guest » Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:15 pm

Yes Mincy, indeed it is a good thought to "pay it forward"....

I find these kind souls delightful but often things happen so fast we have no chance to express our gratitude.

By sharing their good deeds, I also feel that it makes me appreciate people better.

Your experience in USA was amazing! Good Samaritian indeed! and yes some of the old aunties are very giving in their ways. So nice hor? :)

The other experience I want to share is about MRT rides. I don't ride on MRT locally but I often hear bad experiences on MRT. I ride on , with or without my hubby around, MRT often overseas and so far my experiences have been delightful. I often get more than one party offering their seats to my kid and I. I don't think we look like damsels in distress but I am just curious in SG, are MRT commuters really so lack in grace? I may take a day off from the car to try commuting in SG on MRT. I am really curious..... :|

Postby mintcc » Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:26 pm

yes, I was very pleasantly suprised by that encounter.

As for MRT rides in Singapore, We usually get people giving up their sits for us when we go on the train. But it depends on where we are standing too. If we are near the long row of sits, people usually stand up and invite us to sit. If we are near the door then usually not, there are stilll times when people who came over to invite us to sit or alert me when a sit becomes available. Some times I am quite paiseh because we usually alight one or two stops away but I think people were very nice especially when DS insist on being carried inside the train. But that does not happens all the time, we do have trips where people just bo chap or pretend to zzzzz...

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Postby Guest » Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:20 pm

Sounds like MRT is not so bad afterall. So people basically need to know the "strategic" position to stand in order to get an invitation to sit. :wink:

Another 2 experiences to share....because I do come across many nice people so I am trying to pull them off my memory one by one.

Last weekend, at a very busy mall..I saw some helpers sitting on a bench to wait for the kids attending enrichment classes. As I needed a seat to do my work, I walked up to one thinking she was seated there for a while only just to pick a kid. Then she told me no...it would be a 2-hr wait...but because she saw that I was planning to do some work, she offered to let me have her seat and was quite insistent. However I was more insistent as I truly appreciated her kindness to offer me her seat and then would end up standing for 2 hours herself. Later I found another place to dock myself.

Today again at peak and rush hour, I was turning out from a side road into another side road with a long queue of cars waiting to get into the main road. This time a blue taxi gave way to me to enter the road. To me, taxis are always in a hurry and especially at peak hours so I do appreciate the gracious behaviour.

Postby Guest » Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:56 am

We were dining at a ramen place and my child needed a cup of warm water.
So I asked the waiter for it... He hesitated for a while and then he said, ok would be right back.

It took quite a while and my child badly needed a cup of warm water (usually she had her own in her bag but she ran out of water), so when a waitress served us the food, I reminded her. Her reply was however, "Do you mean mineral water? We do not serve water here." Just as she finished her sentence, the waiter came with a glass of hot water with ice in it and handed over to my child. Then I realised the waiter was really nice to do us this favour. This was good customer service as he was kind enough to help my poor child who needed water badly compared to the waitress who went by the book. I had sent in a formal feedback to the management to compliment the waiter.

Here are some of our other "water" experience:

Toastbox charges $0.30 for a cup of warm water whether you patronise them or not.

Ah Kun, if you are patronising them, no charges for warm water but if you are just asking for a cup of water(had a crisis before), then they would charge $0.30 as well.

Postby Guest » Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:07 pm

No...not off topic...Wow insider, your story is not trivial as it prolongs a life. :D It was great the man shared his survival story to inspire your dad. One never knows what simple words/actions can do to change a person's life.

I believe some people do good because it makes them feel good, some people do good because there is a form of return.

However, I also believe when good is done with sincerity, it can be felt deeper. So far all the encounters here are with strangers and there have been no expectation, so the feeling is definitely a sincere one.

Unfortunately, if I need to write about nice people daily, it is always related to driving. Today, I was driving to get into a place but the rain was super heavy at that hour. So I could not see if I could turn into a road and by the time I reached the turning, I realised I was on the outer lane which could not turn. I felt blood gushing to my face :oops: ...oh oh... and I signalled and lucky for me, a white car behind just let me turned into the lane first. Again I waved thanks...but not sure if the driver could see as the torrent rain was overwhelming. I felt like a bad driver :stupid: but I thanked the driver behind for his/her patience with my blurness. I am always grateful to people who never horn at others at first opportunity. :celebrate:

Postby Guest » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:55 pm

2 more recent encounters to share. It is surprising that not many has pleasant experiences to share.... I have it almost daily that I feel compelled to share.....otherwise these kind souls' work has done in vain.

I was busy preparing food for my child and then I realised my MIL had something urgent for me to do which required me to drop everything and rushed to the mgt office to settle.

After a few phone calls where I explained my difficulties in getting to the office as I could not leave the cooking half way, they offered to send someone to me instead to get a document signed. I had requested for an exception to assist me to clear the issue over the phone and they went one more step to offer someone to come to me instead.

I am happy that at least they think of solutions instead of putting road blocks in my way in a crisis situation like that.

Today, I again have graciousness shown to me at peak hour. Now is by a BUS! Bus # 157 driven by an uncle. There was no junction box but he was patient enough to give way to me to get out of the slip road. Having driven for over 15 years, such gestures still never fail to impress me. :D

Postby Guest » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:17 pm

I have 2 very pleasant experiences to share today, in fact 3, one happened last weekend.

Experience 1:
At lunch, we bought from Macdonalds today as take-away. While getting the straw and napkins, my ever-so-excited dd accidentally spilled the entire cup of green tea on the floor. While I was still in obvious shock and reprimanding my kid for her carelessness, a manager shouted quickly, "Nevermind, nevermind, no worries, quick get another cup of green tea for this lady." Then in a swift he came back with a signboard to put against the spot reading "Caution: wet floor" and scooted off again to get someone to mop the floor. All this within a minute's work.

Meanwhile another manager did not see the green tea shouted again.."Where's the green tea?" I must have shock-rooted to the floor for that brief 2 minutes watching all these actions taking place.

Then one of the staff brought the drink to me. I thanked her and asked I have to pay then she shook her head and beamed pleasantly. I did not see the 2 managers around..so I went back to the counter to ask a staff to convey the message and that staff gave me another bright smile. Btw, that outlet had all the senior ladies working at the counter and the first manager was a bright-looking young man and the other manager a confident, stoic-looking lady.

I just want to say "Thank you Macdonalds, even though you do not have the food that I will die for(too old to eat such a diet la), you have service that I will return for" :D I must say that this is not the first time Macdonalds have given me good service but they still never fail to surprise me.

Experience 2
At dinner, I was buying fishball noodles for my child. While picking up the bowl of noodles, I notice a strand of hair on one piece of vegetables. While I highlighted to the stall-keeper, I was prepared to just remove that piece of vegetable, then he quickly took away the whole bowl from me and said that he would replace the entire bowl. I suppose it was only the right thing to do but because this was not a restuarant, I had lower expectations, so to me it made the experience pleasant. However, what really made the whole experience so pleasant was not this!!! :D
Last weekend I was also there for the same noodles as it was the first time I took my dh there so I made a whole intro of dialogue with him about the food and all for a quick dinner. I reckon :? they heard me? I was softly pointing out to him that I would not go for such stalls frequently because......
1. The bowls were so overused that we could see a dark ring around the bowl where the soup line was..arggghhh
2. The chopsticks were the wood ones and they felt so soiled at the tip...quite disgusting using it. I could imagine the germs... :tongue:
3. The display panel was next to a table we sat at and the dust on it looked like pecks of pork floss hanging from it... so I mentioned softly to dh, if we sat too close, it would be "加料"(in Hokkien)
Well, whether they really heard or not, the surprise element for me today was:
1. Most of the bowls were changed, ie, the dark shades ones were gone!!
2. The chopsticks were changed to dark ivory ones completely, no more the wood ones at all!!
3. I stared so hard on the display panels, the "pork floss dust" was completely gone!!

I don't believe they heard me even though I felt that there were eyes on our backs when we were dining there....it must be their spring-cleaning time coinciding with my dialogue with my hubby...so hilarious. :lol: So now there is a higher chance that I would be visiting it once every week.

Experience 3
I was frantic on a late Sunday night looking for mini packing bags to pack some candies. I slammed into many "closed doors" because no one was selling what I wanted. Finally someone directed me to an accessories store which might carry such packaging, I was hoping, at least small organza bags. To my disappointment, they were sold out, what hard luck! Then I realised they had some small packing bags for their accessories so I asked the lady boss to sell them to me. She agreed and counted the quantity for me. Meanwhile we chatted about other things and when she was done and I wanted to pay her, she decided to give them to me!! Well, this was quite an unexpected gesture as this was the first time I had been to the place and I might not even return again. Perhaps the lady boss knew her kindness would be repaid and she was not wrong as I planned to pop by again one of these days and purchase something from her. She really made my day that day.

Bottomline is good service can really make a difference.

Postby autumnbronze » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:33 pm

This happened 11 yrs ago.

I did not encounter the nice pple, so to speak ... but this is what happened...

My dad was involved in a hit and run in the middle of a busy KL street, which later turned fatal.

He was left lying there for don't know how long.

Somehow, two samaritans stopped their car and I don't know how they managed to put my Dad in their car, but they transported him to the nearest hospital.

All his belongings were untouched, ie expensive watch, wallet...

When I went to KL, the staff at the hospital told me how lucky my Dad/We were cuz usually in this busy street, loads of traffic and pple would not bother to help, also it was a miracle that no one stole his things.

Although the outcome was sad, I tell myself that it could have been much worse w/o the help of the two samaritans.

I am so forever GREATFUL to the samaritans.

God Bless Them :D :D

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