Huge bees at block 708 CCK St53

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Huge bees at block 708 CCK St53

Postby wyx03_2002 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:25 pm


Did anyone here encounter the same problem in the past?
There are plenty of large sized bees flying along the corridors and lift lobby at multiple levels. Contacted HDB through emails and phone calls since 2 weeks ago, but still seeing bees in the early morning before 630am. Was told by HDB that the pets control couldn't find the hive and hence probably got to wait for the 'seasonal' bees to fly away by themselves. The same problem happened at other HDB blocks, and HDB used the same 'strategy' to 'fix' the problem.
So, if anyone here heard about children being attacked by bees, please share your experience and we should request HDB for compensation on all damages involved.

PS: HDB couldn't fix the life-threatening issue but ranted at me for pushing them. Very bad attitude from their customer service staff ..... :rant:

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