A story to share : Television

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A story to share : Television

Postby Pangyx » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:05 am

If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things.
Norman Douglas

This is based on a true story.
In those days, there was no internet access, facebook, Ipads or any sophisticated games. As a kid, i love watching television as it`s a form of entertainment for me. Although there was only SBC at that time, i simply enjoy watching it. However, my parents were strict on me and would restrict me from watching and only allow me to watch during my school holidays. I would wail, cry and beg them to let me watch my show but to no avail. I remembered being very upset when my favorite television program was running while all i could do was to stare at the clock, watched every second ticked by, as the show ends.

During school days, my father would be out to work while my mother stays at home as a housewife. I stayed in a Terrence house , i would sneak into their master bed room at level 2 and watch television. During this period, i will lower the volume to be "optimal" for me to hear from the television and my mother`s footsteps in case she decided to "spot check" on me. Upon hearing suspicious footsteps, i would use my lightning reflexes to off the television and pretend i was sleeping. this atrocious act was found out by my mother and she told my dad about it. I was only Primary 1 or 2 back then.

I would lie about my acts and but my father was so sure i lied because he said the remote control was on the TV previously, now its on the bed. I was punished. The next few occasions, as i step into the room, i would observe little details, ensuring that when i leave the room, the position of the TV and remote remain the same. I learnt to be meticulous

In order to prevent me from watching when my dad was not around, he hid the television remote control.
This did not stop me from watching TV. I would ransack the house, climb high and low to locate the remote control. It took me a while to figured out that if he were to hide. I learnt how to find hidden things.

So he found new spots to hide the remote control. This time, it is unreachable for me at that time due to my height.

Then, it took me a while to realized that i do not need a remote control to switch on the television. There were buttons on the TV that allows me to switch on it. I learnt another way to operate TV.

Next, he off the main switch to the master bed room from the electrical box. Again, it took me a while to observe and realize that this is the reason why the TV could not be switched on. I learnt about main switch and their connection around the house

He did not give up. The next day. Remote was there. Electrical box switch was normal but the TV could not be on! No one would thought that he had removed the fuse from the 3 pin plug. I don`t know what is a fuse back then, but i know using a screw driver and put that tiny white cylinder back into the plug can power on the TV. I learnt that fuse is needed in every 3 pin plug to work.

This time, instead of stopping me from watching, he will catch me with facts. I remembered, at 6.30pm everyday, he will be home. So i`ll switch it off before he returned home. He told me he saw light reflected in the white ceiling because TV was switched on. I learnt that light reflect

Then, i decided to off the TV at 6.25pm. He anticipated that and was very sure i watched the TV because it was still hot when he touched it. I learnt that TV emits both light and heat

So, i decided to on the air con and place a fan beside the TV as i watched the shows. Switching it off half an hour earlier to let it cool down. Finally this time....i wasn`t caught :)

Looking back, it was funny to see that my dad tried so hard to stop me from watching TV. I dont know what is his real intention but if he was trying to train me to think, he did a very good job.

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Re: A story to share : Television

Postby limlim » Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:51 am

This wouldn't work on my kids as they are trained not to lie or misbehave.. If I say No TV, means no TV.

However, I could give them permission, like, if you can figure out how to on the TV, you can watch it.

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