Regarding the purchase of school books

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Regarding the purchase of school books

Postby jsel » Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:01 pm

:shrug: I had purchased text books from school's bookshop and was given the wrong 1 even after i saw the word basic chinese. Thus,I double checked with the sales assist. So before sch re-open, I wraped and wrote names on it. Once the sch re open, I was told that it was a wrong book and tried to clean it clean. I asked my son to ask for an exchange but was rejected because they said names had been written. I hereby wish to HIGHLIGHT to parents to beware, even buying books from school, too must be carefull.I hope that you understand my exasperation towards being a victim of such situation.

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Re: Regarding the purchase of school books

Postby janet88 » Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:07 am

I had the horrible experience of having to look out for an Eng title which never even existed!!! The title was wrongly printed on the book list...i called popular but was told no such title...then called publisher and was asked to repeat the title several times and which publisher :yikes: this happened during the second week when school reopened...Person in charge in school told me no more stock and don't know when it will reprinted.

Meanwhile, son's teacher kept pressing them to bring it to school. Was so fed-up bcos it was the last one left to get...not avail when pre-ordered online in dec. Damn stupid of vendor not to order more.

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