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Information on Group Tuiton

Postby millbear » Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:27 pm

recently, i had a dispute with my kid's tutor who is a MOE teacher for 10 years over the term & condition.

In the term & condition, the deposit and the remaining unused tuiton fee (if he attends the tuition less in a month) won't be refunded if the student misbehaves or fights in the tutor's home and sends back home immediately.

My kid is sometimes naughty and not paying attention to his tutoring. His tutor dares to inform me that he wanted to terminate my kid from the group tuition till the end of this month as he could not handle him to behave well. But when i teach him at home, he is not so bad. On one fine sat evening, he is enraged with my son and suddenly sms me, saying that he is terminated immediately.

When I asked him what was going on between him and his tutor, he could not take the tutor's overbragging and swear languages when he could not get the answer right for nearly 3 months. He was not feeling good when there is a Primary 5 who is sitting together with all 2 primary 6 students in the same session.. Too much comparison are made.

I demanded to know why he didnt inform me of the intake of primary 5 beforehand. But he denied everything and made bad comments about my son after he heard from other school mates' mothers. oh gosh! he did nothing to offend them in the school...

Wish to know if it is standard practice for the moe teacher to draft a such agreement before the group tuition at his home starts? Any advise that I should take a step to prevent this from happening for future in-take?

I find him ridicious! :mad:

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Re: Information on Group Tuiton

Postby 365psych » Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:36 pm

Next time speak to tutors. Ask about their teaching style. Ask how they handle discipline matters or when homework is not done. MOE teacher does not mean they can teach. They have gone through a course, but it does not mean they can teach.

Parents have to take a proactive role in finding tutors. Role of tutors is to close the gap in a topic/subject. Role of tutors is not to teach, but the system in Singapore is such that tutors end up teaching as well.

Just learn from experience and move on. All the best.

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