Would you want/choose to be a school teacher

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If given a choice, would you choose/want to be a school teacher?

Poll ended at Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:09 am

May consider if I can't find a better job
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Would you want/choose to be a school teacher

Postby BeContented » Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:09 am

As I read through the many threads, it seems to me that there are many complaints about school teachers not doing their job well, not passionate about about their work, unable to cope etc etc etc. and it seems also that there are many parents out here who seems to be doing a better job in teaching the kids. This caused me to wonder & hence the poll.

If you are looking for a job/career change etc.....would you consider being a school teacher? If yes, why? If no, why?

I'll start the ball rolling. I do not forsee being one. Years ago I tried giving tuition & also helping a friend in her tuition class .... I felt overwhelmed. The responsibility of a teacher is huge, I felt myself not up to standard & afraid that I was not able to guide the kids well. During those days, parents are not as 'demanding' but yet I felt so 'heavy' being a 'teacher'. I din last long as I felt I'm 'cheating' - mainly cos I felt I was not up to standard (only teaching P2 @ 20years ago). Personally I do find the role of a teacher very 'challenging'.

Do share your view & perhaps how has the experience been in teaching your own child.

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Re: Would you want/choose to be a school teacher

Postby limlim » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:06 am

Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!

But hor.. MOE don't want me.... :cry:

The benefits and remuneration far exceed many engineering jobs out there in the industry..

Engineer starting at MNC, maybe $2400 ~ $2800.. Teachers, $3100~$3200 While on course at NIE.. and further revision on completing MOE course.

And.. 1 year approx 10 weeks or more school holidays? Subtract those days when they need to go back to school, the rest and off days far exceed the standard 14 Annual leave given by many companies..

Job difficulties.. every job have difficulties.. It's just whether one wants to face up the challenges associated with it or choose to rant/whine about it. Imagine the factory production line down due to machine fault and money tickling away while you troubleshoot.. is it less stressful than handling kids/parents instead of production managers going after you?

Somemore.. As a teacher, you get this pension scheme or similar where if you work x numbers of years, there is retention rewards.. As for other jobs.. probably the employers can't wait to replace you with cheaper FTs..

To me, teaching is a very attractive job..

An iron rice bowl.. recession or not.. school need teachers..

education industry, together with biomedical/aerospace and service industry.. is more secured then manufacturing generally..

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Re: Would you want/choose to be a school teacher

Postby jane84 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:11 am

15 years ago, when I first graduated and was looking for a job.
Pay and career path of a teacher doesn't seemed that attractive.
It seemed different now. I possibly would now!

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