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Re: Amazing and Amusing Parental Love

Postby Luvkid » Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:03 pm

insider wrote:Really find this amusing...

(talk about some parents may engage a body guard to send and pick their secondary school students to and from schools and supervise homework to prevent them from mixing with bad company or got bullied in schools. Hope this service will not get to be too popular else really just reflect the 'quality' of parenting skills of KS Singaporeans. Sigh...want to babysit until what age then is enough???)

Cos secondary school no student care service liao..... In fact, i have this kind of worries, but that will be a few more years to come. Ds is only in P1, but he already started asking when he will have to stop going to student care.I will have to let go, but still dun know when. This parent (from the news) is not showing parental love, but is being over protective.....There is not really a right or wrong in doing this as i ever met a pair of secondary school students, dressed in their school uniform, heading to the unit where 1 of them was staying, dun think i have to elaborate what happen next. That time of incident was 8am when everyone already at school/work or heading to school/work. So why were that 2 youngsters....???? So it could be better to hire body guard for them?? :?

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