73% Top tax rate

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73% Top tax rate

Postby 3Boys » Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:36 pm

An interesting article from a Nobel laureate economist, and a noted liberal.

http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/0 ... -tax-rate/

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Re: 73% Top tax rate

Postby WeiHan » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:34 pm

These politicians in western countries are now hunting rich people down all over the world to pay off for the mistakes that they have made over the years. Banks can now even tax depositors to pay for the mistakes that politicians and financial institutions have done. these are all deflationary. These destroy jobs, destroy capitals...ruin future of the younger generations (youth unemployment rate is as high as 60% in some countries).

The label "liberals" is ambiguous too...usually high tax come with the idea of a big government and there is nothing liberal about touting big government.

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