Speak up or hold back - what would you do?

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Speak up or hold back - what would you do?

Postby Angelight » Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:30 pm

Hubby and I brought our little girl to a Bintan resort over the long weekend for a short getaway, and witnessed an ugly incident which set me thinking...a lot.

We were having breakfast at the resort's coffee house and suddenly, a Japanese guy who was at the table next to us was raising his voice at a waiter and demanded to speak to a manager. I knew he is Japanese cos he was conversing to his wife and 2 young kids in Japanese. The hoo-haa came about when he found out he had to pay half price for breakfast for his 2 kids. According to the restaurant's policy, all kids aged 3-11 have to pay half price for breakfast unless you have booked extra bed for your kid. We also had to pay half price for our child's breakfast even though our girl eats very little.

When the manager came over to the table, the Jap guy banged his fist on the table several times and started lashing out at the manager, saying that he wasn't told about this rule when he booked on the Internet blah...blah...blah. Other guests who were having breakfast turned to look what the commotion was. The restaurant manager was very patient and kept asking the Jap guy to calm down but he continued ranting at the poor manager for almost 10 mins before throwing the billing receipt on the table towards the manager.

I did not know whether he managed to intimidate the manager to give him a waiver or discount. But his behavior was definitely undesirable as he was trying to use aggression to get his way. What kind of example is he setting for his 2 young kids who were watching him when he was ranting at the waiter and manager?

After all, we are all on vacation, is there a need to make such an ugly scene over some half priced breakfast? Besides, he had also taken more food than he and his family of 4 could eat. There were 8 hard boiled eggs, several pastries, rice, and more on his table. I seriously doubt they could finish them all.

I regretted not speaking up for the poor manager who continued to keep a calm and smiling composure despite the aggressive treatment from the Jap guest. Now thinking back, I feel that we should not let such bully think that he can use aggression any time to get his way. What would you do, if you were there and witnessed such a scene?

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Re: Speak up or hold back - what would you do?

Postby Mawar » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:11 pm

If I see someone being bullied or an act of injustice, I would speak up.

However, in this case, I might hold or rather bite my tongue. Reason being, there is no victim, the staff are likely well trained to handle rude & irate customers, there might be a misunderstanding in billing, and the whole team is there to handle it.

But very unusual for a Japanese to behave in this manner.

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