health and medical insurance

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health and medical insurance

Postby raysusan » Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:44 pm

what kind of plan do u guys buy?
kindly share some advises here please

currently i a notice there was a big increment on ntuc incomeshield premium. It was about 3x more than what i use to pay..
I need some advise here please on what kind of medical insurance i should get and what are really unnecessary

i am very bad at this :sweat:

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Re: health and medical insurance

Postby InvestSavvy » Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:15 pm

Aviva MyShield is a good plan to get if you have children.

It has free coverage for up to 4 children which makes it the cheapest plan around for a family cluster.

It also has an additional $150,000 coverage for 5 critical illnesses.

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