Recommend Dentist! (For crowning and veneers)

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Recommend Dentist! (For crowning and veneers)

Postby butterwaffles » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:30 am

Dear parents

I have a broken molar and was told i needed to do crowning. But i had been considering to do veneers as well, as 1 of my front tooth has a permanent stain that cannot be removed by a mere whitening procedure. They explained that it's because the stain is 'in' the tooth. Below the uppermost layer.

Can anyone here recommend their dentist for crowning and veneers? The usual dentist i go to, is too far from my new place. I know it will take a few visits and follow-ups so i hope to visit one that is nearer to Sengkang. Thank you!

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