Be careful of where you park your car this month

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Be careful of where you park your car this month

Postby atrecord » Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:12 pm

Came across this…
For those who have a car at home, must take extra care this month...

Dear The Real Singapore,

I see that your friend have shared with me a photo of a Toyota car that got partly burnt near a IMM carpark in Jurong East.

The car belongs to me and that I am extremely pissed by the people burning the incense. Many of your readers speculated and say that my deserves to get burnt because I park near a Incense burner.

For your info, when I parked my car beside it no one was burning incense. Secondly, it should not my responsiblity to make sure that the incense paper does not fly onto my cars and catch fire. It should be the responsiblity of the people burning the incense.

I understand that it is Hungry Ghost festival now and my parents also burn incense paper during this period but they always make sure that the burning is controlled and they do not leave the area until all the papers were burnt and that there isn't any fire left in the incense burner.

This is an extremely unlucky incident for me as my car is now resembled as an offering for the dead and I am considering scraping my car because of this incident.

Just look at the mess left behind by the people burning the incense. Hopeless!

I hope this picture serves as a warning to all of you out there burning incense paper to make sure to be extremely careful with the incense burning because you are dealing with fire and papers and things can get very scary when the wind blows.

Angry TRS reader

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