Music at 12pm

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Music at 12pm

Postby A better tomorrow » Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:24 pm

I have heard and know that there is music being played at 12 pm on the first day of each month
eg(1 July 2014 , 1 august 2014 , 1 September 2014 )
But why is this so ? Didn't really know or cared about it until I heard it a few times . :shrug:

A better tomorrow
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Re: Music at 12pm

Postby jollyme » Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:11 am

Hi A better tomorrow,

The PWS Chime Test signal which you heard every 1st day of the month at 12noon is to ensure that the Public Warning System (PWS) is ready to alert the public in an emergency.

Besides the PWS monthly sounding, there's two other days in a year that PWS is sounded islandwide.

One on 15 February (Total Defence Day) and another on
15 September (Civil Defence Day) each year.

Other public warning signals are:

"Alarm" Signal - these are wailing blasts that are sounded when an air raid or danger is approaching. You should move to a shelter immediately.
"All Clear" Signal - these are continuous blasts that are sounded when the threat is over. You can leave the shelter in an orderly manner.
"Important Message" Signal - these are pulsating blasts that are sounded to alert the population to an important broadcast on the radio. You should tune in to any local FM radio station immediately.

:smile: :smile:

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