What kind of childhood?

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What kind of childhood?

Postby rocklee » Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:55 pm

Hi parents, what kind of childhood did you have and what kind of childhood would you like your children to have?

I came from a poor family. Our electricity and telephone line got cut off almost every month. My siblings and I could only study under the "romantic" lit candles. Every year, we had no money to buy textbooks, only got secondhand books passed down from cousins or neighbours. We never ever had a set of new uniform or school shoes before, all passed down from relatives. We didn;t get to keep any ang pow money, all given to mum so that she could give out to our relatives. Despite not having any material wealth, I had many fond memories of childhood. It was a happy and carefree one. We played with games that were either free or very cheap. I enjoyed catching guppies at the longkang, playing five stones made by mum and zero points that were made of rubber bands. I also enjoyed playing the one-leg catching and got rough with the boys. I had never played with a barbie doll before, only paperdolls. My sis and I would draw and make clothes for our paper dolls. We would save our pocket money and rent a bicycle from the kiosk and run wild at the void deck. We would borrow rackets and play badminton with our neighbours. Although my father was the sole breadwinner, he would find time to bring us to the east coast lagoon for a swim. My childhood was filled with plenty of family picnics and free movies (cos dad knew the operator of the cinema). Honestly speaking, I remember absolutely nothing about studying and homework during my childhood days. I didn't even know whether I prepared for my PSLE. Even though dad was not able to provide us with good living conditions, he never failed to put the bread and butter on the table. Even if he had to borrow money, he would ensure that none of us would go hungry. Our parents showered us with nothing but all their unconditional LOVE. For that I am grateful to them and if ever there is a next life, I would still want to be their daughter.

So for my children, I strive to be a good and understanding mummy who will give them the memorable and carefree childhood that they deserve. Times have changed, society has changed, our school education system has changed but my love for them will not change. I will constantly remind myself to find ways to make their learning journey a happy and enjoyable one and give them sufficient play time that they need to do what they enjoy doing. I hope I can fulfil that and some years down the road, my sons can tell me that they love their childhood very much.

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Postby daisyt » Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:44 am

hi rocklee, you are fortunate to have such loving family. To me, its like a fairy tale story, happy family story because mine was totally opposite of yours.

Nowadays, peoples change. More and more children are living in this compeititve world that makes them change. Sometimes, friendship can be very complicated matters. I was discussing with hubby recently, during our childhood or teenage time, we could not remember having friends of complicated mindset and competitive challenge. Sometimes, its very difficult for parents to teach our children how to handle situations, challenges and the complicated mindset of others. On one hand, they cannot live in their own naive world and get arrowed or hurt. On the other hand, we do not want them to end up being cunning and scheme. So what type of childhood they have, also depends a lot on the environment. We can only try our best to balance things up for them. :D

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Postby UncleLim » Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:07 pm

Yes, our kids do have almost everything they want these days. I do look back sometimes and wonder how our generation grew up on so little. Like I never had a studying desk until I moved into university hostel !!

But that said, I hope there will be opportunities for my kids to experience some hardship so that they will mature in a sensible way and not become brats.

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